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+ SMPL TEA PULVERISER Introduction TEA PULVERISER is an integrated compact unit which executes three operations, Pulversing, sieving and collecting with a high degree of precision. It grinds the tea to a specified degree of fitness in a single operation, using less power than a frictional type grinder. It is designed for high output, reliable performance and minimum wear and tear.

Working Principle

The tea is fed into the grinding chamber of the pulveriser where it is reduced in size by mechanical hammers. The material is immediately reduced in size and is drawn out by a suction fan to a sieve located at the base of grinding chamber. The ground material is conveyed to a cyclone where it is collected. Construction TEA PULVERISER are robust in design and is fabricated from heavy plates. The rotor assembly is housed in a grinding chamber and is supported by a heavy bearing housing. The rotor assembly is dynamically balanced. Hinged typed hood with lifting cover arrangement helps in the easy opening of the pulveriser, removal of rotor assembly for changing of hammers, screen and bearings. TEA PULVERISER is driven by a Pulley-belt Drive arrangement and has a Sturdy Base Frame. The pulveriser has a Rigid Base Frame which is put on a R.C.C Foundation or Anti Vibrations Pads. It is available in Mild Steel as well as Stainless Steel Construction.

HAMMERS: A unique design consisting of press – hardened steel maces which have several working edges. Hence the hammers have longer working lives. SCREENS: The product is removed by the suction fan immediately after it is reduced to a specified fineness. The degree of fineness is determined solely by the size of screen used. By changing the screen, material can be ground to the desired fineness. The hood is provided with special arrangement. The screen can be changed in less than a minute.

HAMMERS AND MILL: The material is reduced to size on contact with an array of hammers. The mill is self protective. The hammers are hinged and fly backwards when foreign material accidentally enters into the mills. There are four rows of hammers mounted on a shaft.

DUST COLLECTOR: the dust collector works on the principle of passing the air through a fabric at a low velocity to clean the air while removal appears to take place by a straining action of the media. CYCLONE: The cyclone is fabricated from steel sheets. The ground material is separated and collected from the cyclone collector.

ROTARY AIR LOCK VALVE: For uniform and dust free collection Rotary Airlock valve is fitted at the outlet of the Cyclone Collector. The close clearance between the vanes and housing prevents air – leakage. Rotary Airlock valves are used as rotary feeders for uniform feeding. “Y” PIECE: “Y” piece is fabricated out of mild steel sheets and is convenient for bagging continuously. The “Y” piece is fitted below the cyclone separator.

MAGNETS: The magnets are provided on feed tray to prevent accidental iron particle, washers, bolts, etc.From entering into the grinding chamber.

CONTROL PANEL (OPTIONAL) A centralized control console facilitates easy starting and monitors the Voltage and Amps taken by pulveriser. The panel consists of a Star-Delta Starter fuses, rotary switch, Voltmeter and Ammeter.

















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Tea Pulveriser  

Tea Pulveriser

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