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We are going to be talking about everything from surviving cancer to how to survive gun violence, bullyingREAD MORE INSIDE violence, domestic violence and all other violence plaguing our lives.

Without My Child: Aleah Holland's Plight to Expedite Justice by Fran Briggs (New York, NY)-- Attorney and co-author of the book, 'From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers Are Running from the Family Courts--And What Can Be Done About It', Michael Lesher, says there's a major crisis as it pertains to 'fit' mothers unjustifiably losing custody of their children. "Many judges and court-appointed guardians act above the law with apparent impunity," he argues. Aleah Holland knows exactly what he means. In a recent interview, she shines the light on judicial corruption and social injustice-especially as it pertains to her toddler son.

Fran Briggs: Two years later-working to come to terms with a 'by default' judgment which led to you not being able to protect your own child. Please share why your demand for a different outcome for yourself and other parents in your situation will not wane.

Aleah Holland: We expose the 'Jerry Sanduskys' in our criminal courts, but we award full custody to fathers that are doing the same abusive things to their own children. Then, we award 'no contact' rulings to good and fit mothers. It's an inhumane, unconstitutional, dirty secret that needs to be revealed. The courts receive hundreds of millions of dollars to protect women and children from sexual and physical abusers, but they are betraying that purpose. The motive is a 'cash for kids' scheme which generates revenue for the courts, lawyers, firms and social juvenile facilities. In the meantime, children endure lifelong suffering, and mom is left beat up, and beat down. I simply will not sit in silence while out-of-control family court officials destroy the very lives they swore to protect and serve.

Fran Briggs: You shared that your case includes faux court dates, unheard arguments that would substantially help your case, and court papers being sent to a previous address of yours'. You have viable reasons to believe that this was done to sabotage your case. What is the court's response?

A. H: The court and child lawyer refused to explain anything to me. In a complaint, I stated that the NYC Judicial committee acted more like a fraternity than a disciplining committee. Judge Esther Morgenstern responded by holding a fake trial and filing fraudulent charges against me while I was in the hospital. After I reported her, she retaliated by putting out a warrant out for my arrest. She gave my abuser/batterer a false order of protection against me. If he beat-or even killed me, conceivably, he would be protected by that order. My child was stolen from me. If I call or reach out to my third-born son, I will be arrested. I have not seen my son since August 15, 2012.

My abuser/batterer is a known illegal drug abuser and alcoholic with no permanent residence. He has an open criminal case for child abuse. And, he was denied social service benefits due to fraud. Yet, he was awarded full custody of our child. I went to 1015 agencies and could neither get help, nor answers. This was intentional. However, when I filed a pro-se lawsuit with the federal court, I got a few answers.

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Without My Child: Aleah Holland's Plight to Expedite Justice Continued F. B: As frustrating as the length of the administration of justice and due process has to be, it appears it hasn't stop you from stoking debate and standing your ground. Can you share another example that you know of where another woman who stood to unjustifiably lose her child chose to fight, instead of retreat?

A. H: No Way Out But One is a powerful documentary about how one mother name Holly Collins had to flee with her children to the Netherlands to escape the family court system who wanted to hand over her children to their abuser. The FBI branded her a kidnapper in spite of all of the evidence of abuse that she and her children suffered by her ex husband. We must bring awareness and change to the 11th amendment which gives judges the power to make malicious and outrageous decisions with impunity.

F. B: You filed a lawsuit with the aim of getting a federal judge to review. Could you speak about some of the hurdles involved with that process?

A. H: The defendants in my pro se lawsuit are corrupt. They include Judge, Esther Morgenstern, Children's Law Center, and Administration for Children Services, which is headed by Ronald Richter. This is public information. These 'legal demons' have lawyers representing them. At this juncture, I thought they would tell the truth; but it's actually gotten worse. There's been lies, obstructing the record, railroading, tampering with my son, covering up facts, retaliation, fraudulent statements, falsified documents, disappearing evidence, slander, defamation and misapplication of the law. This has been my biggest hurdle. It was only after I filed the federal lawsuit that I finally got some answers.

F. B: I read several pages of what I understand to be hundreds of pages of the court transcripts as objectively as I could. The justice appeared to communicate with hostility on several occasions. I also looked at your responses--albeit many of which were cut short by the judge's quip interruptions. Still, it appeared you were communicating calmly and kept your composure. Was that the impression those actually in the court room had?

A. H: My grandmother raised me to be prim and proper. She also enforced into me to never look for help from people who are out to hurt you. That is the reason I was able to keep it together on the outside. On the inside, I was falling apart. The impression of those in the court was one of mere bullies. I was 'shooed' away like a dog by the judge as she smirked and bragged about how she could take my child. I was terrorized. A corrupt judge who has 'cronies' is like dealing with the mob.

Aleah Holland is available for media inquiries, interviews, appearances and speaking engagements. For more information, please contact the Ms. Holland's publicist, Fran Briggs. Phone, 206.279.0818 or email

By J The Judge So Much For Secrets So on the 4 year anniversary of the death of the King Of Pop, we have the breaking front page news that Michael Jackson paid approximately $35 million dollars in settlements to nearly two dozen boys to hush up “alleged” molestation. If it sounds like I have a biased against the story it’s because I do! There are so many problems for a critical thinker opinion is the lowest of the low. Considering this did news publications such as the New York Daily News, DEAD! This isn’t Elvis nor 2PAC! He is really GONE to make anymore “payoffs”. I wonder how readers of respects to their deceased loved one only to see one about what a dirt bag your loved one really was. about this sensationalized tale. They could find no files. So secret are these files that it’s front page these very publications had nothing to say immedipage tribute articles. Funny the difference four years publications as a “TRAITOR” for honoring his oath to but reporters who leak secret FBI files are simply

such as myself with this kind of reporting, which in my not come from a tabloid but from supposedly reputable makes it all the more despicable. Michael Jackson is and is never coming back, neither to defend himself nor this article would feel to leave out of their house to pay of the local college professors handing out leaflets Well that is what fans, friends and family alike feel other day, no other year to reveal these “secret” FBI news years after the fact. I find it very interesting how ately following his death, but were full of front and back makes. Funny how Eric Snowden is billed in these protect the constitution against its domestic enemies, engaging in good, award winning journalism!

I say if Snowden is a traitor, then the reporter who broke this story is at least a thief as no FBI officer would ever betray his oath of office by handing over confidential files to a reporter…right? And while we’re throwing mud on a dead man, lets sling a little of that at the source. How about the secret files on pimp, batterer and outright degenerate Joe Jackson! Surely with the perversion and brutality he allegedly dished out to his world famous family there must be some “secret” files on him right? I would sure love to see them, I mean since the local news has become TMZ, why not? Give us all the drama, all the details, all the secrets. Since it’s now news worthy to tell me Jacko was wacko, then how about telling me WHY? It seems nothing is sacred anymore. Not in the CIA, not in the FBI, not at your local tribune publication and not at your gravesite. It’s the information age, and if you’re selling info someone will be buying that info. No more secret files, confidential documents nor top secret cables. No respect, no integrity, and certainly no moral fiber to speak of. This is the age of headlines at all costs, even if that cost is the soul of a nation.

By J The Judge When Evil Returns Home By now we’ve all heard of nefarious exploits of disgraced NFL star Aaron Rodriquez. For the benefit of those out of the loop, here’s a brief breakdown of the drama:

Rodriquez is questioned in a homicide while playing college football but was never charged with any crime

Rodriquez lands $40 million contract with NFL New England Patriots

Rodriquez lures his friend to Rodriquez’s own home where his security system catches him murder said friend execution style

Rodriquez dumps friends body and leaves vital dna evidence at the scene in the form of chewing gum that he spit out

Rodriquez is implicated in two prior murders during his college years

This article isn’t so much about how stupid Rodriquez is, or even about how criminals have flooded professional sports in recent years, but about how a culture which glorifies criminal behavior and sociopathic personalities has become a breeding ground for some of the most evil and vile individuals this generation has ever seen.

No one knows what prompted Rodriquez to do what he did, but what we do know is that an increasingly violent and narcissistic culture not only shields these individuals but rewards their behavior while intimidating others into silence.

The no snitch culture was originally aimed at keeping those involved in criminal activity from ratting on their fellow criminals. It did not incorporate the average, law abiding citizen as they had no stake in the criminal enterprise. Recently this culture has spread to include all of society. Anyone who tells about anything to any law enforcement entity is a snitch. In fact, anyone who tells on anyone to anyone who has committed any crime is now deemed a snitch. This means you don’t tell on rapists, pedophiles, human traffikers, NO ONE! The shame is no longer on the criminal, but on the victims and witnesses. Those who detest violent, degenerate behavior are lames, snitches and bitch ass niggas. It’s the perfect utopia for sociopaths, and homicidal maniacs. You’re a bitch if you snitch and a hater if you retaliate.

Aaron Rodriquez is not necessarily the product of an amoral culture, but the beneficiary; a culture where the criminals are the winners and the victims are the losers. This culture which feeds on the dysfunctional aspects of poverty and disenfranchisement is now turning in on itself. Todays elite now read like a who’s who of the criminal underworld. Drug dealers, pimps, cannibals, mobsters, now a celebrity hit man round out some of America’s wealthiest 2% and with so many aspiring to their ranks, what paths are the young entrepreneurial spirits being steered towards? We should be very concerned that Rodriquez felt so comfortable in his lifestyle that he didn’t give a second thought to using his own home to execute his friend then return to the ranks of the elite for more hero worship. Ray Carueth hid, O.J. Simpson ran, but Aaron Rodriquez defiantly smashed what he thought was a vital piece of evidence and handed it to the police. He’s so comfortable with his lifestyle that he doesn’t believe that any of it will negatively affect his legal standing in a court nor his social standing in a penitentiary. So the question I pose to you is this; what are peace loving citizens to do when the evil bred around them comes home to roost?

IS THE JUDGE ON DRUGS? IS THE JUDGE ON DRUGS? Judge screaming out she didn’t care still ring fresh in my brain today almost a year later. This is the opening Letter from Executive Editor Aleah Holland RN

On August 15, 2012 while pregnant with my 4th child, my 2nd son was stolen from my custody with an illegal and fake court order. My child was given to a known drug addict and alcoholic with a history of child violence and abuse. At the time my child was stolen away from me by a signed court order by Judge Esther Morgenstern the father had an open criminal case for Child abuse. She gave my abuser and batterer an order of protection against me which he could beat me, kill me and he was protected by her. This illegal fake order also barred me from having any contact at all with my child who was given full custody to his unemployed substance abusing dad. He could continue to buy and use drugs and alcohol in front of my child as he did on a daily basis.

This travesty of justice happened behind closed doors in a Kings County Supreme Courtroom, located in Brooklyn New York at the hands of Domestic Violence Judge Esther Morgenstern who had it out for me.

After 2 years tied up in court, more than 25 Administration of Children Services illegal shakedowns and biweekly court dates later that lead to 4 job terminations, my opposition of these demeaning circumstances on September 26, 2011 lead the court feeling slighted. Judge Esther Morgenstern was furious that I did not take these violations on my life and children’s lives seriously. Her favorite words “I DONT CARE IF YOU LOSE YOUR JOB. I DONT CARE how many times social services have been to your home. I will order more COI- court ordered investigations”. I don't care, I don't care, I don't care with a smirk on her face rang in my brain for weeks and months. Before and after every court date it was obvious she did not care about me or my children so why was I going there. Images of this

She said she didn’t care about the violations on my life. She wanted to show me she could traumatize my life even further and for as long as she liked. She showed me everyone she had in her pocket. Lawyers from The Children Law Center in Brooklyn; numerous child protective service agents, Forensic Psychologists willing to write whatever they pleased to make you appear coo-coo. She had various social service agencies willing to do what she wanted to she wanted in order to reverse fraud, or just whatever she ordered.

They were willing to shake me down all while making things appear legal. When my son was first stolen from me, yes the first time 3 days before Christmas, 2 days before courts went on a 2 week recess I was feeling it was a little racist but more like being a bullying victim of jealous women which has happened a few times before in my life. So I was familiar with it. I thought this was an isolated incident and a jealous personal attack. My son was returned 2 weeks later with more demeaning, nasty, and trashy talk by the judge but he was returned that is all I cared about at that time. Although I clearly remembered I didn’t care what she said.

After my son was stolen the second time August 15, 2012 I decided to file a lawsuit against all the criminals involved. Holland vs. Morgenstern a 999 trillion dollar lawsuit I filed prose September 26, 2012. Wasting billions every year might as well give it to someone that cares. What is my son worth?

During the lawsuit preparation phase I started googgling judicial corruption. I started googgling Child Protective Services. I asked for permission to access the federal courts lawsuit database and discovered corruption in family courts beyond humane belief. I discovered a whole new world burying children and families alive with the smoke and mirror pretense of family/ domestic violence court being a safe haven.

I read story after story of court ordered sex abuse. I read stories about court ordered sex abuse reported by Robin Sax, a legal analyst explaining the Court-Ordered Child sexual abuse, and severe demons in the Family Court System. I read about Damon going underground and watched his YouTube videos talking about his sexual abuse by

My "Black is Beauty " My "Black is Beauty "

Hi : My name is Esha Jay. I'm a African American ,Brooklyn , New York native. Born in Queens , but raised in Brooklyn. I'm a Parent, Entrepreneur , motivational speaker , daughter , friend ,sister , and most of all a child of God.

My Black is Beauty means ;Defining the greatest love of all "Yourself" ! Being comfortable in our skin makes us proud to be a natural beauty. understanding that you can sport your natural hair , be proud of your big lips , proud of your big nose , and respecting your body for what God has blessed you with. In our day and time , majority of females tend to use fatal procedures to enhance their beauty. Or feel they have to fit a certain look in order to fit with the "IN" crowd. The reality is the superficial look soon fades away, later on in life it becomes an addiction to wear and tear on the body. some rather walk around looking like "The Bride of Chucky". Then to learn yourself, know yourself , build confidence and be true to yourself. define your destiny , walk with your head up, and fly high.

It's sad that as a sister we walk into these exclusive night clubs stand in line for hours waiting to get in. And our "Brother Bouncers" are the ones to disrespect us , over look us , and humiliate us . Then here comes a snow bunny, a Nicki menaj , the video looking chick or some regular ole plastic looking groupie and they are privilege , VIP , and honored. For woman that are insecure that must be devastating. however for me I give the "disrespectful brother bouncer" a look like remember my face, you will see me again and I'm sure you will need me. and off the strength of the confident , sharp vibe that I let off "I get in". And that's sad , that will make one turn to plastic surgery , damage our natural hair by over processing it with weave , bleach the skin, re shape the nose, suction the lips, silicon the breast and butt . Because we don't fee " good enough". it's not personal , it's what the system teach . at some point we must stand and take control of our lives and our children because what ever is in our head as a

JULY 2013 contents OUR AMERICA




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