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10 Minute Guide To Finding Your New Home Liverpool Student Homes Finding Your Home With Lsh House Hunting Living In Harmony WIth Your Neighbours The Community Rep Scheme Where Is Your Campus? Finding Your Dream Home Viewing Your Accommodation Fire Safety Emergency Planning Home Security Healthy Homes Landlords Properties To Let



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1O MINUTE GUIDE TO FINDING A NEW HOME Over the next three pages we are going to give you a handy, ten minute guide to finding your new student home. 5

Use The Liverpool Student Homes Free Service. Probably the best and easiest way to start your house hunt. LSH have over 15,500 registered bed spaces available every year in a wide-ranging mixture of properties. All registered landlords adhere to a Code of Practise Standard, which means that accommodation on offer will be safe, good quality, and managed appropriately. You can log on to the website www.lsh.liv. to view all vacant accommodation or you can call in to the office.

Numbers Of Properties In Liverpool There is an abundance of student properties in Liverpool. There are far more properties than students so you will always find a place to live. Never jump in and take the first property on offer because you believe you will be left homeless.

Types Of Property Liverpool offers a wide range of properties from large city centre developments to student halls and smaller private houses. Consider what type of property interests you before you start your search.

What Do You Want? Work out what you want. What do you want to spend? Where do you want to live? Bills included? Parking? Then try to match properties that fit closely with your criteria.

When On Your House-Hunt Take a pen and paper – don’t try to remember all the details especially if you are viewing several properties. Make sure you view properties during the day and never go alone.

Areas The majority of student accommodation is situated in Liverpool city centre or in the south of the city in L7, L8, L15, L17 and L18. Consider where you would like to live before you start your search.

LSH Have Over 15,500 Registered Bed Spaces Available Every Year


Landlords Choosing a property through LSH means your landlord has signed our code of practice. The Code covers a wide variety of matters including the provision of adequate space and equipment, as well as repairs and retention of deposits. If your landlord breaches any aspect of the Code during the course of your tenancy, then your complaint can be investigated by us, and if necessary pursued formally through an agreed complaints procedure. Landlords who breach the Code risk being removed from the LSH register.

Tenancy Agreements It is important to remember that a tenancy agreement is a legal document so ensure you are fully satisfied with the accommodation and conditions of the agreement before you sign it.

Shared House, Shared Decision If you are sharing a house with others make sure everyone views it and agrees before signing the agreement.

Retainers A retainer is a non-refundable charge a landlord may request over the summer. Sometimes a landlord may request this for the summer before you even move in especially if you have booked well in advance.

I Don’t Want To Pay A Retainer Not all landlords charge retainers. The only way around retainers is to choose one that doesn’t charge or arrange your accommodation in late August.

Deposits A deposit is an up front payment you may pay at the start of a tenancy agreement.


Bills Some landlords offer an all-inclusive price, which will include all bills and maybe even Internet. If it isn’t all-inclusive and you are sharing with others make sure that all the utility bills don’t end up in your name. Make sure the property is well insulated (double glazing etc) and contains a modern efficient boiler (if possible). These will help keep bills to a minimum.

Healthy Homes The condition of your home plays a big part in your health and wellbeing. Visit www.liverpool. for more information on the standards landlords need to adhere to.

Surrounding Streets Make sure the area is well lit. Maybe visit the property at night to get a feel for the area – check that you would feel comfortable walking alone. Home Security It’s a sad but not entirely surprising fact that student homes are some of the commonest targets for burglars. Consider security when you view your potential new home. Are the front and back doors solid – do they have good locks? Is the property alarmed? Does it have alley gates?

Fire Safety Every year 400 people in the UK die from fire. Make sure the property you view has smoke alarms. All LSH registered properties not only have smoke alarms but are required to have a hand held fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the kitchen.

Home Safety Make sure your property has a gas safety certificate and an electrical periodic inspection report. In addition to the obvious smoke alarms it would be sensible to check whether the property has a carbon monoxide detector.



Premium Student Accommodation at OPAL COURT AND GREAT NEWTON HALL

Walking distance to University

Swimming pool and gym* Rents include utility bills No deposit to pay 24/7 on site team

Free broadband internet in rooms

*Extra charge applies

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No Deposit to Pay

[Beware - some landlords take a deposit but will you get it back ?]

Unlimited Gas, Electric & Water

Rent Includes :

[Beware - some landlords offer inclusive rents but with a limit on how much heat you can use !!]

No letting fees to pay

Also included : DOUBLE BEDS & Washing Machine Street Lawrence Rd

Area ........... L15

No. of Beds ........... Studio Flats

Rent pw .................. £ 85.00 .........

per studio

Lawrence Rd Langdale Rd

........... L15 ........... L15

........... 1 Bed Flats ........... 1 Bed Flats

.......... ..........

per flat per flat

Lawrence Rd

........... L15

........... 2 Bed Flats

.................. £ 73.00 .........

per person

Ingrow Rd Lawrence Rd

........... L7 ........... L15

........... 3 Bed Houses ........... 3 Bed Houses

.................. £ 68.00 ......... .................. £ 73.00 .........

per person per person

Adelaide Rd Edinburgh Rd Guelph St Hall Lane Hall Lane Saxony Rd Avondale Rd Brookdale Rd Lawrence Rd Lawrence Rd Pilgrim Street

........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ...........

L7 L7 L7 L7 L7 L7 L15 L15 L15 L15 City

........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ...........

4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Houses 4 Bed Flats 4 Bed Flats 4 Bed Houses

.................. £ 68.00 ......... x large rooms £ 70.00 ......... .................. £ 68.00 ......... .................. £ 68.00 ......... 2 bathrooms £ 70.00 ......... .................. £ 68.00 ......... .................. £ 73.00 ......... .................. £ 73.00 ......... .................. £ 70.00 ......... 2 bathrooms £ 72.00 ......... .................. £102.00 .........

per person per person per person per person per person per person per person per person per person per person per person

Adelaide Rd Adelaide Rd Connaught Rd Edinburgh Rd Edinburgh Rd Leopold Rd Borrowdale Rd Langdale Rd

........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ...........

L7 L7 L7 L7 L7 L7 L15 L15

........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ........... ...........

5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses 5 Bed Houses

2 bathrooms

£ £ £ £ £ £ £ £

per person per person per person per person per person per person per person per person

Falkner St

........... City

2 bathrooms

£90.00 ........... per person

........... 9 Bed Houses

£110.00 - £115.00 £117.00 - £122.00

2 wc's 2 bathrooms 2 bathrooms x large rooms x large rooms 2 bathrooms

68.00 ......... 69.00 ......... 68.00 ......... 70.00 ......... 70.00 ......... 70.00 ......... 73.00 ......... 73.00 .........

Plus : many more houses of all sizes, in all the popular areas All houses have : burglar alarms; gas central heating; lounges; fitted kitchens; smoke alarms; showers; Gas & Elec safety certificates; half rent in July & Aug; well decorated rooms; great security The landlords :

Contact :

registered with University (LSH) ;

25 years experience ; full time repair staff

Brownlow Property Management on 0151 - 733 - 3706 or text "house" to 07624-806-111 and we will phone you back


What Is It And How Do I Use It?

Tenancy Agreements

You may or may not have heard of LSH (Liverpool Student Homes). It’s not to be mistaken with any other organisations with similar names! LSH is the only official university department which deals with private sector housing in Liverpool. LSH is a not for profit organisation and provides a service helping you to find suitable accommodation in the private sector with the reassurance that you can have a means of redress if you have a complaint or problem with the property you are in. LSH registers in excess of 14,500 bedspaces every year in a mixture of property types ranging from private halls in the city centre with en-suite bathrooms to traditional houses 3 beds and larger. LSH has been the driving force in improving standards in student accommodation over the past 12 years. In doing so all landlords who apply to become registered with LSH agree to comply with a Code of Practice which sets out a number of common sense undertakings on how they will do business throughout the tenancy.

How Does It Work? You can find the property you want in two easy ways. Firstly you can log onto the website and view all the vacant accommodation. The properties are listed in different categories or you can custom search for your individual needs. It is useful to know

which areas you want to live in as you can search under postal districts. Secondly you can visit the office and view the adverts on display boards and take the details down. The boards are split into different property sizes so again it is useful to know what size of property you want to live in. Each property has to provide LSH with a copy of the current gas certificate and the latest electrical periodic report. It would be impossible to inspect the thousands of properties occupied by students and therefore relies on students being pro-active in notifying LSH if they have problems in their registered house/flat.

How Do I Use It? Decide what you are looking for before going to LSH (i.e. type of property, number of bedrooms, facilities and what you can afford). Make sure that if you are sharing a property you all agree on what you require and things you’re willing to compromise on and things you definitely want. Set a budget for your rent levels and try to stick to it. Once you have the properties that tick all your boxes, take down the owner details and give them a call to arrange a viewing. Again if you are looking with a group try and make sure all the group see the property and are happy to live there in September. It’s best to look at as many different properties with different landlords that time will permit. 11

FINDING YOUR HOME THROUGH LIVERPOOL STUDENT HOMES Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) was established in 1992 by Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool to assist students wishing to rent accommodation in the private sector. Since then support for LSH has widened to include Hope University, Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and Liverpool Community College. The service is unique in that it is the only official university department designated to help raise standards in student accommodation and provide a centralised location for students to find a suitable home. The choice and variety of accommodation advertised through the service is unbeaten in the city and allows students to have the best informed choice in respect of price, location and standards. All landlords/owners registering with LSH have given an undertaking to manage their accommodation and tenancies in accordance with the Liverpool Student Homes Code of Practice for Liverpool Student Landlords.

By Using This FREE Service To Students You Will: Gain access to the largest source of information about available student accommodation in Liverpool Search for your next home using information presented in a user friendly way Make ready comparisons between a wide variety of student accommodation Be able to give feedback on your landlord’s performance Have the reassurance of support if you are unhappy in your tenancy 12

How To Look For Your Accommodation: The best way to get started when looking for accommodation is to view the LSH website at or The website provides you with an opportunity to search for the type of accommodation that you want. You can look for accommodation in the areas that suit you most and search for those that meet your budget.

What Can I Expect From Renting A ‘Registered Property’ Through LSH? All landlords who register their accommodation with Liverpool Student Homes are committed to our Code of Practice standards. This means that your landlord is offering accommodation which is safe, good quality and managed appropriately. New properties applying for registration are required to have a property assessment carried out to ensure that the standards contained in the Code of Practice are being met before the property is released for advertising. Each Property Registered To Advertise With LSH Is Required To Provide The Following As A Compulsory Requirement: Gas safety certification Electrical periodic inspection report HMO licence (if required for the property) Working smoke detection system Carbon monoxide detector Hand held fire extinguisher and fire blanket in kitchen

The Code of Practice which landlords agree to follow contains a wide variety of standards pertaining to the property and how they will manage the tenancy while you live there. Some of the contents of the Code relate to: Provision of adequate space and equipment Providing accurate information regarding the property Issuing tenants with a contract Carrying out repairs in a reasonable timescale Providing tenants with 24 hours notice if access is required Ensuring they behave in a professional and fair manner towards tenants

HOUSE HUNTING It’s that time of year when the seed has been planted about looking for a new house for next year. Is it best to look early or wait? This is the question posed by many. Those students who have been through the mill looking for accommodation in previous years and have the wisdom behind them of a couple of house hunting sessions will probably say wait. The key to finding a good house is to take your time and look at a number of houses before deciding upon which one to rent. Owners will be keen to show you round and the more houses you look at with a number of different owners, the better chance you will have of ticking all the boxes for your ideal property.

Facts About Finding Your Student Property In Liverpool Fact 1: Liverpool offers you one of the widest selection of choice in private student accommodation, so there is no need to worry about finding a suitable property. Fact 2: The number of traditional houses located in the city centre are limited. Have realistic expectations of what you are going to be able to find. Fact 3: The largest number of bedspaces in Liverpool are concentrated in halls type accommodation in the city centre. Fact 4: The next largest area outside of the city centre is L15, Smithdown Road. Fact 5: Pick your house mates carefully. The biggest reason for students dropping out of contracts is disputes with house mates before ever moving in!! Fact 6: Your university and student union will always encourage you to find a ‘REGISTERED’ property through LSH. LSH is the ONLY official department which deals with private sector accommodation. Fact 7: The contract you sign with your landlord is a legally binding document, which means if you sign it you are liable to pay rent on the property until a suitable replacement can be sought. Fact 8: When signing for a house you will be expected to hand over money to the landlord in the form of a deposit or retainer.


Larger Private Development The Larger Private Development sector has more than doubled in Liverpool over the past five years giving students from all years a fantastic amount of choice and range in rent levels. The developments are all city centre and campus based and offer students the choice of living in self catered accommodation with or without en-suite facilities. Most of the Larger Developments will offer a fully inclusive rent level with additional charges in some instances for car parking and broadband. The developments are split into cluster flats with between 3 & 5 bedrooms to each unit. You will share the living and kitchen area with the other tenants. In non-en-suite developments you will also share the bathroom facilities. To view the large selection of Larger Student Developments log onto the LSH website and click on the designated button to the right hand side.

Whole Shared Houses and Flats With the largest selection of advertised accommodation in traditional houses/flats you will be spoilt for choice. The traditional student housing sector consists of houses and flats to rent either individually or as a group of students. The location of properties vary across the city with the largest concentration of student accommodation in this sector located in the Smithdown Road area which is the postal district of L15. There is a limited amount of one and two bedroom flats advertised through the service and these are often charged at a higher premium.

Bedsits/Studio A bedsit consists of a single room in shared accommodation and usually will have some form of self contained amenity – usually a small kitchen. Students living in bedsits may share a bathroom and toilet with the other residents. Studio flats consist of one large room with the kitchen and bathroom facility incorporated into the living space. 14

Owner Occupied Properties/ Homestay This type of accommodation is often renting a bedroom in the owner’s property and sharing the other living facilities such as kitchen and bathroom. Offers international students the opportunity to live in an English speaking home, and experience home life in England, while practising their English language skills. In addition they will have the chance to live as part of a family, sharing mealtimes and taking part in home life. Homestay is not only a lot more cost effective for students, but also provides an onsite local expert, who can offer guidance and support throughout their stay in the UK.

Family Accommodation Family accommodation is limited in the city and can be quite expensive. These are properties where the landlord/lady has specified that they are willing to accept students who bring their partner and/or children and want to rent a whole house or flat. We recommend that where possible you do not bring your family to the city until you have successfully arranged suitable accommodation.

Before Choosing Your Accommodation Decide who you will be living with. If you are a student and wish to find accommodation with your partner, who is not a student, you will liable to pay a reduced Council Tax charge. Council Tax is a Local Authority Tax levied on a property. Full time registered students can apply for full exemption from the tax, however if a non student is sharing the accommodation 75% of the charge will be payable. It always advisable to enquire with your prospective landlord if they are willing to accept non students into a student dwelling. Research the area you want to live in well. There are benefits to be gained from living in the city centre and on the outskirts.

Deciding Where to Live Liverpool is a large city with a large selection of student accommodation dispersed in various locations across the city. The areas are classed by postal district for example the city centre postal districts are: L1, L2, L3 some other postal districts such as L5, L6, L7 and L8 encroach onto the city centre borders. Many of the Larger Private Developments are located within a short walk to the city centre based Universities. City centre accommodation is in high demand and rents levels are often higher than

accommodation on the outskirts of the city. There are very few traditional houses available to rent in the city centre and again these tend to be offered at a higher premium. The largest student location outside of the city centre is situated in the Smithdown Road area of Liverpool which is covered by the L15 postal districts. This area borders two other postal areas of L18, Mossley Hill /Allerton and L17, Aigburth and around Sefton Park.

Above: Smithdown Road, L15 Above Right: Allerton Road, L18 Right: Lark Lane, L17 15

Property Link

3 Beds Croxteth Road, L8


avertree property link has been established for 19 years and is situated in the popular vibrant student area of Wavertree, Liverpool. Our company benefits from an ideal location and a wealth of experience in the student letting market. We are specialists in student property and offer the widest range of student properties in all of Liverpool with competitive rents starting at ÂŁ40 per room per week. Deposits are frozen at ÂŁ125 per student per property and are registered with the Deposit Protection Service. Please check on our current availability at:

4 Beds Claremont Road, L15

7 Beds Rossett Avenue, L17

All of our wide range of student accomodation is furnished to a high standard and most are CLASS accredited and include: Washing machines Fridge Freezers Microwaves Vacuum Cleaners Central Heating Double Glazing Security Accredited door locks and window locks Intruder alarms and security lighting Wavertree Property Link is registered with the National Approved Letting Scheme.

6 Beds Langdale Road, L15

5 Beds Smithdown Road, L15

Tel: 0151 475 2800

Web: Email: 405 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JJ

4 Beds Calton Avenue, L18

4 Beds £65 per week Blantyre Road, L17

7 Beds £50 per week Borrowdale Road, L15

4 Beds £60 per week Ferndale Rd, L15

5 Beds £60 per week Ferndale Road, L15

4 Beds £60 per week Kenmare Road, L15

5 Beds £60 per week Grant Avenue, L15

4 Beds £55 per week Mulberry Court, L7

9 Beds £55 per week Garmoyle Road, L15

4 Beds £50 per week Ferndale Road, L15

5 Bed £50 per week Grant Avenue, L15

6 Beds £55 per week The Salisbury, L15

7 Beds £65 per week Lawrence Road, L15

4 Beds £52 per week Egerton Road, L15

We have a wide variety of other accommodation available, ranging from 1 bedroom to 9 bedroom properties. All prices are without bills included though this can be arranged. For more information, please contact us:

Tel: 0151 475 2800

8 Beds £58.50 per week Ferndale Road, L15

Web: Email: 405 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JJ



For many students this may be the first time that you have lived independently in a shared house. There are lots of new experiences to get to grips with, including doing the washing up and making sure you lock up at night! Some of the important aspects of living in a community are common sense. Remember you are living in a mixed community of both rented and home owner properties with families and elderly residents. The majority of students will recognise that building up a good rapport with your neighbours and community is essential for all of you to live in harmony. Remember to give consideration to the level of noise you make both when you’re in your house and outside. If you are planning to have a party let your neighbours know they won’t want an invite but would welcome the prior notice! Take the time to speak to your neighbours and introduce yourself, this will be a good ice breaker for both parties and will give your neighbours the reassurance that you’re willing to communicate, you could even ask them what day your bins are collected! One of the biggest issues raised in our communities surrounds the use of rubbish and recycle bins and knowing where and when to put your wheelie bins out. If you’re unsure about when your collection day is you can either contact your landlord or Liverpool Direct to find out when your bins are due for collection.

The Community Rep Scheme is now entering into its fourth year, working to bring some real change to Liverpool and really make a difference. The role of a Community Rep is to help improve the local environment and community by providing all residents with information, direction, advice and key contacts that may be useful should you need to resolve community issues. They can help with recycling and refuse removal, housing advice, neighbourhood issues, anti-social behaviour, safety and security at home as well as much, much, more. The Community Rep Scheme is run by Liverpool Students’ Union and Liverpool Guild of Students. The Community Reps aim to build stronger relations between students and the wider community. Through their ‘Give Kensington, Smithdown, Marybone, and Aigburth some Love’ campaigns, they encourage students to get involved in, look after and feel proud of their local community. The reps work with residents, students, local councillors as well as with local organisations like the council, police, and fire services to help resolve any issues and make your street a cleaner, safer place to live. Reps can help to improve your local environment and community by providing you with the information, direction and advice and contacts that you need to resolve community-based issues. They will also attend local residents meetings and Your Community Matter events, and may organise other community events too. Student Community Reps are in place to facilitate improvements by empowering local residents to make a change. If you have questions or feedback about the scheme, please contact Nathan Selby, the Liverpool Students’ Union Community Co-ordinator, by email (, by phone (0151 231 4923) or through Twitter: @CommunityReps

Liverpool Student Homes – Gold Standard Property Mark

The Liverpool Student Homes ‘Gold Standard Property Mark’ was introduced to recognise properties which are registered with LSH and offer a higher standard of interior decoration and furnishings. All the ‘Gold Standard’ properties have been assessed and inspected as offering a higher standard of accommodation in the market. A property will be award the ‘Gold Standard’ mark for a period of 3 years after which the landlord can re-apply to have the property assessed again. 18

WHERE IS YOUR CAMPUS? The two larger universities in Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores and The University of Liverpool have the bulk of their campus centralised in Liverpool city centre. LIPA are based in the city centre and Hope has a campus on the cusp of the city centre. Other campus location include:

LJMU – IM Marsh: This campus is located in L18 Mossley Hill. The campus in situated in a leafy residential area and serviced by many bus routes a short distance away. Students based at I M Marsh either live in city centre Halls and commute every day or else look for houses in L17, L18 and parts of L19.

UofL – Leahurst This is the Veterinary School of the UofL which is based on the Wirral approximately 40 mins drive from the city centre. The school facilitates accommodation for students on campus and in the local community.

Hope – Childwall Hope University has two campuses with the main campus located approximately 4 miles from the city centre in Childwall L16.

Districts Of The City: City Centre: L1,L2,L3 City centre: walking distance There are many advantages to living in the city centre. Being close to your university campus and to the vibrant social scene can be the biggest draw into the city for students. The choice of Larger Private Developments located on campus has increased two fold over the past five years and students now have an abundance of choice. Rent levels are of a premium in the city centre in all types of accommodation. Car Parking is very limited and will incur additional costs. 20

Kensington/Tuebrook: L6, L7 City centre: walking distance - 1.5 miles These postal districts are located on the cusp of the city centre with some parts of L7 located on the University of Liverpool campus. Accommodation in this locality is largely traditional terraced houses and flats with mixed dwellings of local residents and students. The area is popular with students wishing to live within close proximity to the city centre at lower rent levels.

Toxteth: L8 City centre: walking distance - 1 mile This area of the city houses some of the finest Georgian terraces in the country. Accommodation for students in this area is limited and generally comprises of large shared dwellings and self contained flats. The Catherine Street/Falkner Street area remains popular with students wishing to live in a traditional house share within close proximity to the city centre universities.

Wavertree/Picton: L15 City centre: 1.5 – 2.5 miles This is one of the most popular student districts in the city outside of the city centre. The main corridor of Smithdown Road has a concentration of student properties. Properties located in this area tend to be traditional terraced dwellings with multiple rooms for occupation. There are limited number of self contained one and two bedroom flats in this area. The location is serviced by excellent local amenities and transport links into the city centre. L15 has good links to out of town campuses and to Hope University at Childwall. Rent levels in this area are often significantly lower in comparison to city centre dwellings.

Childwall: L16 City centre: 3 - 4 miles Childwall is largely a leafy residential suburb with limited student accommodation. Accommodation available in this postal district tends to be within walking distance of Hope University in Childwall. The area is within close proximity to Allerton Road and is serviced by numerous bus routes into the city centre.

Aigburth: L17 City centre: 2.5 - 3 miles This area remains popular for students studying at LJMU IM Marsh and Hope University. Traditionally

The Lark Lane area has attracted students with local amenities such as Sefton Park, rail links and shopping facilities. Some areas of Aigburth are within walking distance to IM Marsh campus and a regular bus link from Aigburth Vale takes students to Hope University in Childwall.

Allerton/Mossley Hill: L18 City centre: 2.5 - 3 miles Allerton and Mossely Hill are located close to the Smithdown Road area. A popular location with students the area offers a mix of residential and student dwellings. This area is serviced by excellent local amenities including shopping, cafes and bars, all close to the University of Liverpool halls and only walking distance from Liverpool John Moores Campus at IM Marsh. A short bus ride will take you Hope University at Childwall and some areas of L18 will be within walking distance.

FINDING YOUR DREAM HOME So, you’re thinking about where you’re going to live next year. Everyone’s talking houses. You’re starting to get a bit worried. Don’t Panic! There are two things you need to know about finding your dream house or flat. 1. There’s plenty of time to get a property – if you really think about it you’ve got the next nine months to look properly, its only early on in the year now and, to coin a phrase, ‘only fools rush in’! 2. There are plenty of properties to go round. Consider yourself to be in a very fortunate place living in Liverpool, where unlike most cities there is ample accommodation in the private sector.


VIEWING YOUR ACCOMMODATION Now that you have decided where you want to live the next stage is to arrange viewings of the properties you are interested in. We strongly recommend that you view all prospective accommodation to ensure you are happy with every aspect of the property. If you are searching with a group of friends try to make sure all are available to attend the viewings. Try not to be the only person who makes the final choice.

Take A Pen And Paper With You. Use This Checklist As A Guide: Always look at the property in daylight. Does the house look well maintained from the outside? Look for plenty of street lighting. Check front and back doors, make sure that all the locks work and the doors can open and close freely. Check window locks make sure they work and there are keys to allow them to be opened and secured. Try all the taps and flush the toilet Are there sufficient facilities for the number of people, cupboard space, cookers, fridges etc.

The Landlord: Have You . . . Met your prospective landlord? Got their full name, address and telephone number? Checked if they are registered with Liverpool Student Homes and or CLASS Accredited with Liverpool City Council


The Property: Have You Checked . . . The gas and electrical appliances, do they work? The heating system is working The emergency repairs process The walls, are they free from damp? Are there any outstanding repairs? Is the property clean? Are there suitable arrangements for rubbish disposal? Are the front and back doors solid? If there is a burglar alarm does it work? Are there enough bathrooms for occupants? If the property is to be let to 5 or more students and has 3 or more floors does the landlord have an HMO licence?

When You Have Made Your Choice . . . When you have decided on your perfect place to live there are still a number of things you should remember.

Tenancy Agreements: You will be given a tenancy agreement to sign. Read it carefully and make sure everyone who will be signing the agreement understands the full contents. Check that you are happy with the rent level and how it is paid. If bills are included in the rent ensure that this is included in the contract with the upper limit of costs clearly indicated on the tenancy before you sign.

Ensure you understand what your obligations are in the tenancy, what you will be paying for, how is the rent paid is it weekly or monthly, will there be any bills included in the charge? Does the contract require a deposit, if so which Tenancy Deposit scheme will it be held with? Have you identified any outstanding repairs that need to be attended to before you move in? If so make sure that these are written into the contract before you sign it. It is important to remember that a tenancy agreement is a legal document so ensure you are satisfied with the accommodation and conditions of the agreement before you sign it. Remember that you will become responsible for paying the rent for the full term of the agreement unless you can find a replacement to take your place in the tenancy. If your contract has joint liability each tenant can be held responsible for the entire property’s rent.

Retainers What is a retainer? A retainer is a non refundable charge a landlord may charge to hold the property over the summer months. The retainer can be a fixed amount or a reduced rent level. In some cases a landlord will allow the tenants to move in during the summer on the reduced retainer rent.

Do I Have To Pay A Retainer? No, if you do not wish to pay a summer retainer you can search for accommodation which does not charge one or alternatively find your new home towards the end of August. There is always property available at the commencement of term so you don’t need to worry about securing accommodation. It may be more difficult to find a city centre property but there is plenty of choice in the popular student locations.

Deposits A deposit is money you will pay over to landlord/agent at the creation of a tenancy agreement. The landlord/agent should make it clear what the deposit is for and which government associated Tenancy Deposit Scheme he is using. Legislation since 6th April 2007 means that all deposit taken in relation to damage to a property should be registered with a TDS within 14 days of payment being made to landlord/ agent. The landlord/agent should provide you with written details of where the deposit is held and its unique reference number. 23


House Hunting For Next Year? Here Are A Few Tips To Keep You Safe From Fire. It’s never going to happen? Every year over 400 people in the UK think that and subsequently die from fire. 10% of those became trapped before they had time to escape.

A Few Simple Things To Consider When Viewing Your Future Property. Smoke detectors should be provided. If you don’t have any call 0800731 5958 and quote 222 it won’t cost you anything and the fire service will give free advice on site. As most fires start due to the actions of people let’s look at the common factors and how to avoid them. Don’t use a chip pan. Buy a thermostatically controlled fat fryer. Don’t leave a pan or grill unattended when cooking. Never pour water onto a fat fire,or attempt to carry a hot or burning pan. Portable heaters should be at least 1 metre away from furnishings. If you suspect a faulty gas or electrical appliance don’t use it, contact National Grid for gas and your landlord for electrical. Always report faults to the landlord. Don’t cook after a night out, get a takeaway. Cigarettes cause more household fire deaths and injuries than any other cause. If you smoke, ensure your cigarettes are properly extinguished and disposed of. Never smoke in bed.

If You Do Have A Fire Don’t Panic! Rouse every one in the property, leave by the safest route closing the doors behind you, dial 999 ask for the fire service, speak clearly to the fire service operator, give your address and what is on fire, inform them if everyone is accounted for. If you don’t have immediate 24

access to a phone make as much noise as possible and get a neighbour to call. DO NOT re-enter the premises for any reason, the Fire service will attend in a matter of minutes.

Did You Know? People living in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to suffer a fire. Over half of home fires are caused by cooking accidents. Not having a working smoke alarm doubles your risk of death. Faulty electrics cause around 7,000 house fires a year.

What You Should Know… Landlords have an obligation to keep your home safe from fire. If you live in privately rented accommodation, your landlord has to meet certain safety obligations under the law, including ensuring all gas and electric appliances are safe and in good working order. Your landlord must show you safety certificates so you can see when gas and electrical appliances were last tested. Your Landlord Should Supply A Carbon Monoxide Detector And Test It Regularly. You Can’t See, Feel Or Smell Carbon Monoxide, But It Can Be Fatal If You Breathe Enough Of It. If you are worried your landlord isn’t doing enough to ensure your safety, contact the Environmental Health Officer at your local council.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives! Test your alarm once a week. Strobe light and vibrating pad alarms are available for those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Contact Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service for further details. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service will come to your accommodation free of charge and give you free fire awareness advice and where necessary, fit new alarms.

Plan An Escape Route Make sure everyone knows how to escape – it could save your life. Keep all fire exits clear and keep all fire doors closed. They help to slow down the spread of fire and will give you extra time to escape.

Call 0800 731 5958 or go to

EMERGENCY PLANNING Ensure that you have the appropriate household insurance, and that important documents are kept in a secure place - e.g. safe from fire and flood. Remember if you, or a member of your household have a medical condition which requires the permanent supply of a specific utility - i.e. electricity for dialysis purposes - you can contact the relevant utility company and register your special requirements.

Loss Of Power In an emergency, your gas, electricity, or water should keep you informed of any service disruptions. In addition to the general advice given so far about being prepared here are a few things to think about in case of a power cut.

Have Your Neighbours Lost Power And Have The Street Lights Gone Out, Too? If Not It May Be Just A Problem With Your Property Supply. Check the trip switch near the fuse box or meter in your house. Has it flicked down? Turn off all electrical equipment such as room heaters,ovens, computer equipment, tv, etc. Keep your freezer shut. Food should stay frozen for 12 hours. Do you have health related equipment which requires electricity. Can it work on a battery?

Listen to local radio to get updates on the situation: Radio Merseyside 95.8FM Radio City 96.7FM Juice FM 107.6FM If you have to evacuate your home remember your ‘grab & go’ bag! A good idea is to keep some key essentials in an easy to carry bag, in an accessible place, ready to go when you have to.

Here Are Just Some Things You Could Put In Your Bag Passport, Driving licence, Emergency contact list, Personal medication, Battery/wind-up torch/radio, First aid kit, Mobile phone/charger, Money & cash cards, Toiletries, Glasses/contact lenses, Spare keys.

Useful Contacts Liverpool Student Homes 140 Mount Pleasant Liverpool L3 5SR Telephone: 0151 794 3296 Email: Website: Liverpool Healthy Homes Telephone: 0151 225 4864 Website: healthyhomes Merseyside Fire Safety Information Telephone: 0800 731 5958 Website: hsa Merseytravel Telephone: 0871 200 22 33 Website: Oxfam Furniture Store 609 Smithdown Road Wavertree Liverpool LI5 5AG Telephone: 0151 733 6641


HOME SECURITY It’s a sad, though not entirely surprising, fact that student homes are some of the commonest targets for burglars. Here’s how to make sure yours isn’t one of them. Put simply, your home represents far richer pickings than a suburban family house even though you have less actual money. Students own more small, expensive and easily sold consumer items like phones, MP3 players, cameras and laptops and a student house of five is likely to contain five of each. If you’re careful you won’t be an easy target. For a start, you don’t have to bring everything to your new dwelling – leave some stuff behind. Keeping windows and doors secure is an absolute must. In 3 out of 10 burglaries, thieves don’t have to use force, they get in through an open door or window. If you live in halls lock your door whenever you leave your room, even if you’re only going down the corridor. It doesn’t take long to run in and pick up a mobile phone or MP3 player. If you live on the ground floor of student halls you have to be extra careful about windows, they might not have been planning a burglary but anyone walking past can casually climb in and help themselves to your stuff even if you’ve just gone to the kitchen for a snack. Friends and acquaintances will be coming and going at all hours of the day so don’t forget to check that all doors and windows are shut and locked, especially if you have been drinking or are going out. If your accommodation has shared access, be careful who you let in to the communal areas and always be wary of people following you in. Never let strangers in without checking they are who they say they are, reputable trades people will carry ID and won’t mind being asked to show it. If you are 26

in any doubt, don’t let them in. If renting a house check the locks before you move in. Pay equal attention to both front and back doors. A high percentage of break-ins are through back doors as they are often less secure. If you aren’t totally confident in their security, you’re within your rights to ask your landlord to install some deadbolts. If you don’t have adequate security, tell your landlord – you are entitled to decent home security. If you have outside space make sure fences and gates are secure before you move in.

Keep Expensive Stuff Out Of Sight And Shut Your Curtains When You Go Out. If you buy new expensive items break the packaging down and take it to the tip, don’t leave it in or by your bin and advertise to potential thieves. If you are buying expensive equipment make a note of serial numbers and keep receipts in case you need to make a claim. Expensive or valuable items should be kept well hidden in a safe place if you don’t want to risk losing them. If there are alleyways to the rear of your property make sure they are kept locked. You need to take extra care during holidays as student areas are often targeted during these times. If you can, take all of your valuables home with you and leave as little as possible in the house. It’s also worth leaving lights or a radio on a timer so it seems like you are in. Finally, always make sure your possessions are insured. If the worst happens you’ll need to replace your stuff. Many insurance companies offer student rates so shop around.


HEALTHY HOMES Living in a student house doesn’t mean that you have to be living in disrepair. You should be aware that there are certain standards that your landlord has to maintain. Here are a few hazards that can occur in your house. If you notice any of these, or similar hazards, Healthy Homes can assist you in getting your landlord to improve the quality of your housing conditions.

Excess Cold Is your house warm enough? If your rooms fall below 16 degrees celsius than its not warm enough and your home may need to be insulated.

Damp & Mould Have you noticed black markings on your walls? This could be a sign of damp and mould which can lead to various illnesses.

Falling On Stairs Carpet loose on your stairs, in need of repair? Falling on stairs is one of the most common accidents with most severe injuries.

Falling On Level Surfaces Have you noticed that floors in your home are uneven or there are loose wires causing you to trip. This can cause you to fall and result in serious injury.

Flames & Hot Surfaces Is your cooker positioned close to a door? If it is you should have this checked as the door opening and closing is a potential hazard. 12,000 people visit A & E with scalds and burns every year.

Visit healthyhomes or call 0151 225 4864 27

LANDLORDS The accommodation that you live in is not provided free of charge! It is important that you understand fully when and how your rent is paid. Remember you have signed a legally binding tenancy agreement which entitles the landlord to seek legal remedies for loss of rent. This may be after an eight week period of rent arrears where the landlord would be entitled to serve a Notice Requiring Possession of the dwelling. The correct procedure must be followed but you should be aware that landlords will often pursue loss of rent through a Small Claims Court if deemed necessary.


Make sure that if the landlord or landlords representative is going to collect rental cheques on a termly or monthly basis that everyone is sure who that person is and ensure that you have full details of the date and time when they will be visiting. You should always speak to your landlord if you are experiencing financial difficulties or your student loan is delayed.

Remember Your Landlord Or Agent Is There For You To Speak To.

Suite2, 42 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9HW 0151 7060323

Excellent location, large lounge, fitted kitchen, fully furnished, gas central heating, double glazing

6 Double bedrooms

per person per week

6 Double bedrooms

per person per week

£89 INC WiFi & Sky TV

Rutland Road, Aigburth L17

£75 INC WiFi & Sky TV

Aigburth Road, Aigburth L17

Popular location, large fitted kitchen with dining area, fully furnished, gas central heating,

5 Double bedrooms 4 &6 Double beds

per person per week

£75 INC WiFi & Sky TV

Great location, Reception room, fitted kitchen , fully furnished, gas central heating, double glazing.

£75 INC WiFi & Sky TV

per person per week

5 Double bedrooms

Langdale Road, Aigburth L17

£89 INC WiFi & Sky TV

Hawarden Avenue, Aigburth L17

Good location, refurbished, all new furniture, kitchen with dining area, double glazing, gas central Heating.

Most popular student location, Open plan kitchen , fully furnished, gas central heating, double glazing.

per person per week

per person per week

6 Double bedrooms

Lawrence Road, Aigburth L17

£75 INC WiFi & Sky TV

Smithdown Road, Aigburth L17

Convenient location, fully furnished, Open plan kichen/diner, gas central heating, double glazing, Rear Garden

* Wide range of properties available (4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Beds Available)

* All bills included * Registered with Liverpool Student Homes * Committed to Health & Safety * 24 Emergency line * Voted First for customer care by our tenants

Call Kelly to view 0151 706 0323

TO LET: 2 X 4 bedroom flats available in Kensington. From £42.50 per room. Parking available, recently renovated, convenient location minutes away from universities and hospital as well as local amenities. Landlord will also provide a Sky Box. Brand new furniture will also be provided. Contact Providential Properties on 07941 202 285 TO LET: 5, 4, 3 and 2 Bed, Smithdown and Kensington Area L15 & L7, 2-5 bedroom, G.S.H, double glazed, separate lounge. Bills included up to £2,500pa. From £65pppw. CLASS Accredited Property. Tel: 0151 625 3344 / 07989 400 990 TO LET: 70 Thornycroft Road, L15, off Smithdown Road L15. Double and fully furnished 4 bedroom house, comprising lounge, GCH, DG, Combi boiler, fitted kitchen units, Security alarm, smoke detector, C02 detector and bathroom. Close to ASDA, Aldi, Co-op markets, other local amenities, buses and 2 miles from the City Centre. Rent: £51 pwpp, includes water rate. Contact: 07761 709 847 / 0151 734 1653 TO LET: 113 Salisbury Road, L15, off Smithdown Road. Double and fully furnished 5 bedroom house, comprising large lounge, GCH, DG, Combi boiler, fitted kitchen units, security alarm, smoke detector, C02 detector, bathroom and 2 toilets. Close to ASDA, Aldi, co-op markets, other local amenities, buses and 2 miles from City Centre. Rent: £51 pwpp, includes water rate. Contact: 07761 709 847 / 0151 734 1653


TO LET: Norwich Road, Liverpool 15, 7 beds, 10 mins from city centre close to Allerton Road shops. Prestigious double fronted property beautifully furnished and decorated throughout. No small bedrooms all bedrooms with quality double beds. Separate lounge with leather suite and French doors onto garden with BBQ area. White gloss kitchen with 2 6ft fridge freezers, new washing machine, new cooker and condenser tumble dryer. 3 beautiful bathrooms, 2 showers, 1 bath, 2 toilets. DG, alarmed, GCH combi instant hot water. Decorated throughout each year. Students may pick their own colour schemes. Rent £65pppw or £75pppw inc bills. Contact Sylvia on 07736 246 125 or 01704 568511

TO LET: Queens Drive, Liverpool 18, 7 beds, 10 minutes city centre. Magnificent property close to Allerton Road shops. HMO Licensed. Beautifully decorated and furnished throughout. Large lounge with leather suite. All large bedrooms with quality double beds. Wood floors, 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, 1 bath, 2 toilets, large white gloss kitchen, new large gas cooker with eight rings, two ovens and two grills, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, 2 6 ft fridge freezers, DG, alarmed, instant hot water, garden with BBQ area. Parking in drive. Decorated throughout each year. Students may pick their own colour schemes. Rent £65pppw or £75pppw inc bills. Contact Sylvia on 07736 246 125 or 01704 568511

TO LET: Wyndcote Road, Liverpool 18, 5 beds, close to Allerton Road shops 10 mins city centre. Beautiful property with stripped pine floors, beautifully furnished and decorated throughout. All quality double beds no small bedrooms. Separate lounge with leather suite, large fitted kitchen with new 6 ft 6 ins fridge freezer, dishwasher, separate utility room wish washing machine and tumble dryer. New GCH combi with instant hot water. Garden with BBQ area. Alarmed. Decorated throughout each year. Students may pick their own colour schemes. Rent £65pppw or £75pppw in bills. Contact Sylvia on 07736 246 125 or 01704 568511

TO LET: Heathfield Road, Liverpool 15, 6 beds, off Allerton Road, 10 mins city centre. Prestigious property with quality furnishings throughout. No small bedrooms all beautifully decorated and furnished with quality double beds. Large lounge, large fitted kitchen with 6ft freezer and sep large fridge, washing machine, condenser tumble drier. 2 bathrooms, new gch combi boiler instant hot water. Alarmed. DG and decorated throughout each year. Students may ask for their own colour schemes. Rent £65pppw or £75pppw inc bills. Contact Sylvia on 07736 246 125 or 01704 568511

 

  



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2011/12 Student Survival Property Guide  
2011/12 Student Survival Property Guide  

Find out everything you need to know about student property in this year's Student Survival Property Guide.