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Garden Route: Angela van Vuuren

Today the trend is to sit at home and watch TV play video games or simply send text messages to friends.

Pretoria / Centurion: Esmarie Cilliers

So the challenge for the parents of today is to create an environment where children can still be active - and a little gentle persuasion isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Gauteng: Hayley-Ann Rodgers

I increase my kids’ pocket money if they play 2 sports/physical activities per week, and the more they do, the greater is the increase in their basic pocket money. So my daughter, being driven by designer branded clothes, suddenly found an added interest in dancing, and has loved every minute of it and had so much fun with the social evenings! My son has taken up BMX biking in a big way, and he absolutely loves it. In both cases, my kids have not only had fun, but have excelled in their activities, and this has boosted their self confidence.

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It’s worth the lifts during the week and trips to play games on weekends, better that than dealing with violence, drugs and other nasty activities that can fill the void left in the absence of physical activities.’

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Gary Richard Bailey is a well-known TV persona in South Africa, presenting football on Mnet’s SuperSport. He enjoyed a successful playing career in both England and South Africa. ne of my major concerns with our children today is their lack O of daily physical exercise. In years gone by, kids spent their days in parks, playing at friends houses or staying late for sport at school.

Area Managers


In the spirit of the FIFA World Cup 2010, soccer legend Gary Bailey introduces our Active Bodies & Minds Edition with a bit of advice for our readers…

Have a healthy, happy winter holiday! Mia, Jacqui & the SG team


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-An inspirational story! itta-Patta is a business that provides kiddies from birth to about age 4 with soft, healthy and beautiful leather P shoes. My wife and I started this business in Cape Town - and this is our story…

In the year of 2005 we went through a very rough patch financially. Our family of three, I (Konrad), my wife (Marjolein) and our precious little girl (Amande-Leigh) lived in peace and harmony despite the huge lack of finance. Amande-Leigh at that time crawled vigorously and her shoes chafed through. Needless to say, she needed new shoes. You might think it strange that someone in our day and age with hardly any money to buy his kid shoes, but it is true. I went for many job interviews, but to no avail. My wife had a strong desire to stay at home with AmandeLeigh and bring her up herself. Many times it looked like a suicidal choice, but we stuck to our guns, and we are so glad we did. One day we went to Tygervalley shopping centre to visit a leather shop and asked them for an off cut piece of leather. They gave us a green piece. Filled with excitement… we went home and my wife made Amande-Leigh a pair of shoes. When I saw what she had crafted for our little girl, the excitement in my heart grew so strong that I showed them to all our friends saying, “We are going to have a business from this!” They all looked at the green pair of shoes I was holding up, but I saw that no one had any faith in what I just said. Even my wife looked at me in disbelief.


No More Holes!

in Cape Town and they placed an order. Our first order from them was for 300 pairs. That means there were 600 shoes. Every shoe had 8 pieces to it. 4800 pieces my wife and I cut with our own hands, day and night. All of it had to be glued then be stitched, every shoe had to be elasticized and then we had to make 300 boxes and brand them. It took a miracle to get us to deliver the order on time. Marjolein was our only seamstress and we had one domestic machine, and we made it. It really was a miracle! Today we supply some amazing stores around our country. We are still looking for the international market to open up for us. (Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas!) This business is summarized in one word “MIRACLE’. This is how we started and that is what we live every day. My wife has her desire, she is a mommy at home with Amande-Leigh (4 and a half) and Keanu (23 months) and I have a job and our kids don’t have any holes in their shoes. Hope you enjoyed reading about our journey and we trust that you were inspired by it.

Our neighbours shared my excitement and they placed an order for two pairs. That meant BIG bucks! I mean R100.00! Wow, now I just saw dollar signs. We made the two pairs and took a picture of Marjolein standing with the money. (We still have the picture)


Then we heard about a craft market in Durbanville. With 35 pairs of shoes, lots of faith and an ironing board for a table we were off to make our ‘millions’. Our packaging was wrong, the leather hard and the sun very hot, but we sold 5 pairs. This was a major breakthrough. We then showed our shoes to a very reputable company




fees if you enrol before the end of july 2010

We now take children from 18 months and we still have a few places left.


5 The Oval, Irene, PO Box 777, Irene, 0062 Tel/fax: (012) 667-2426 E-mail: l



Spring 2010


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Conscious Choices for Conscious Parents.

Organic and natural alternatives from bump to birth and beyond... For parents who want the best for their children and the world in which they live.


+27 (0)767 213 223

ll women want to look and feel great in their clothing – pregnant or not. You want to wear the same trends, feel inspired, and still be attractive to your partner, no matter how many ‘weeks’ you’ve put on. Petra Laranjo

You’ve heard the term, “Yummy mummies” and why shouldn’t you be one of those admired few? Allow me to help you shift your paradigms when it comes to donning a tummy…stylishly. No matter what your shape or size, slip on those killer pumps (especially if you’re in your third trimester), and read on… 10 Steps to being a ‘Yummy Mummy’: 1. Empire Waistlines: This is a raised waistline that cuts across and just under your bust. Besides being comfortable for mom and baby, it’s also a flattering silhouette in the form of dresses, for larger tummies. 2. Wrap dresses & tops: The diagonal cross-over forms an appealing line which dissect the larger bust area into a flattering shape that defines your, now ample, bosom as-well-as adding a touch of support. 3. Plunging necklines:Yay! If you didn’t before, you now have cleavage! Make the most of it over these next few months – in a classy way of course. A deep V neckline or cross-over wrap dress will keep it elegant yet allow you to bring sexy back. 4. Create balance: As the tum increases, it’s important to create balance within your overall silhouette (body outline) or at least distract the eye with… • Statement jewelry: One bold piece of jewelry i.e. an eye-catching necklace or pendant will again draw the eye upwards to your radiant and glowing face. Chunkier bracelets and rings will reinforce this… although not necessarily worn together.

This is also a great way to cinch in the excess fabric in baby-doll style dresses. 6. Oversized bags or satchels – from classic leather to colourful & detailed styles. Have some fun with these if you aren’t brave enough to play with your wardrobe yet. 7. Mix it up & keep up with the trends: It’s a perfect time for change. As your body changes, so your wardrobe should too! Even if you’re not a dedicated fashionista, there are subtle ways in which you can adopt some of the trends i.e. Maternity Skinny jeans & leggings are current, comfortable and fun. Team up a pair of coloured leggings with flat boots for winter. 8. Stick with lipstick: Invest in a lipstick or lipgloss that makes you feel wonderful. A good lipstick CAN do that ;) Also, look after ‘you’ and enjoy a salon or home mani & pedi. It’s not all about the baby.You count too. 9. Ohmmm… exercise, enjoy healthy & nourishing meals and laugh a lot. Be it with pilates, dancing, golf…just keep your body moving –it’s rewarding to the body, mind (stress & mental well-being) & spirit. Preggy or not, this is a non-negotiable. 10. Love your tummy. Love your boobs. Love your bum. And make the most of them! “Here’s to enjoying the journey!“ Petra Should you wish to subscribe to my ‘Monday Style Tip’ mailer, please mail me on info@5quad. requesting so. It’s a light-hearted way to stay fashionably current and ‘Find Your Beautiful’. For information on Image and Personal Branding consultations & workshops, please email me on It’s time to “Revive. Refresh. Re-invent your life.”

5. Add a dash of colour with accessories: Belts – yip, belts. Not worn in the waist anymore but higher up, to create an empire line. Petra Laranjo I Image and Personal Brand Consultant I FIFTH QUADRANT PRODUCTIONS 082 497 3347 I I I




dressed up CANGetting be fun when you’re pregnant!


Today’s children ARE NOT MOVING ENOUGH! MODERN LIVING, easy access to FAST FOOD and TECHNOLOGY all contribute to passive lifestyles, increased body weight and in many cases obesity.

THE MAGIC OF MOVEMENT! Did you know? • There is a direct connection between the large body movements involved in climbing, running, walking, swimming and ball play, and the small movements necessary for reading and writing activities. • Babies and young children learn from the inside out. Their core muscle strength is vital to healthy overall development and for laying strong foundations for higher order learning. • Children need to repeat movements thousands of times in many different ways to master them and gain confidence. • When a child is moving he or she is not just working his or her body but the eye muscles too. The co-ordination between the eyes and hands and the eyes and feet is integral to overall development.


Good foundations Good movement education helps develop foundations for: • neater handwriting • the ability to sit comfortably in a chair and focus on desk work • improved concentration • eye strength for reading and copying from books, worksheets or the blackboard • the ability to follow movement demonstrations and auditory instructions • sequencing, memory and rhythm – for reading and writing • the acquisition of vocabulary that relates to movement eg. numbers, up, down, body parts, action words (in, behind), direction (left, right) etc. Research tells us • Children today are living in smaller environments eg. townhouses and clusters; • Children have increasingly limited access to large gardens and jungle gym equipment; • Children are at risk of spending too much time in front of a screen instead of moving • Security concerns limit the free exploration of the environment by children.

The Monkeynastix fun and creative approach to movement allows children to be children again. It is a broad-based, holistic programme that combines creativity, music and storytelling with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination and body awareness. Your child will love each energy-packed lesson. How does Monkeynastix work? • A qualified instructor will come to your child’s school or public venue to run a class once a week. • Lessons run for 30 minutes. • Lessons include a warm up to music, stretch and tone and working with specialised equipment. • We believe in rewarding children to build their self esteem - each child receives a sticker or special hand out at the end of every class. • A certificate will be given to your child at the end of each term. • At the end of each year your child will receive a special Monkeynastix medal. Healthy living habits Get your child into healthy living habits from an early age. At Monkeynastix we reinforce what you are doing at home by incorporating some of the following into our lessons: • Emotional intelligence (e.g. respect yourself and others); • Social skills (e.g. please and thank you); • Environmental awareness (e.g. conserve water); • Moral standards (e.g. waiting your turn); • Healthy habits (e.g. Like brushing teeth, sun protection, hygiene); Let Monkeynastix take your child on a journey of discovery that will not only shape the body, but wire the mind for academic success. Children are born to move and through Monkeynastix we encourage them to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with our fun and exciting movement education programme - designed by specialists, endorsed by therapists and teachers, and loved by kids!




Makes learning to swim fun!


Contact Sarah: 033 330 4931




PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Good for the Body, Good for the Mind! Hiking

– Fred Orban Many parents today realise that it is not the fault of the child that they are losing touch with the reality of the universe. There is now a trend towards parents taking their children on hikes in the parks, along the beaches or in the mountains, also letting them listen and identify the sound of birds singing their songs or little frogs croaking in a stream. Several schools all over the country are now organising tours for their pupils. They learn again to walk barefoot in the sand on remote beaches, watch dolphins dancing in the waves, follow ghost crabs scuttling for cover and fall asleep with the whisper of the wind outside their tents. No cell phones or other communication equipment are allowed during these adventures. This puts the balance of nature and the value of life back into the minds of both parents and children. The essential bonding between parent and child is now once again formed and the family can once again act as a unit under the leadership of the parents. Roy Frazer-Mackenzie & Heath Baldwin “Where do they get the energy?” parents ask as they watch their little ones on the go from the moment they wake up to the second the bedroom light is switched off.


The good news is that physical activity isn’t just helping their bodies get a good workout; it’s also helping their minds develop. Studies show that physically active kids find learning easier. They get more out of their time in the classroom and cope more easily with the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Unfortunately children get less active as they get older, so it is vital that a healthy, active lifestyle is established early in life. • Start early and start easy. • See what’s working, and build on it. If there’s an activity your child is already enjoying, encourage them to explore it further. • Offer your child new opportunities for activity and stress the fun rather than the fitness. • Everyone has their own tastes, from dancing to running to cycling to soccer- let your children choose for themselves! Some experts share insights into what makes their activity great for children over the next few pages…


-Gordon Buchalter We are all aware that a child is able to master a language by the age of 2 or 3. If that is the case, one might easily conclude that co-ordination can also be learned early, and I say “learned” and not “taught” because many of the actions required, come naturally to children who copy with ease. I personally encourage learning both fine and gross motor co-ordination as early as possible. A huge advantage of tennis as a precursor to other sports is that the demands of tennis requires a full repertoire of movements that are used in other sports: Footwork as in soccer, hip pivot as in golf, baseball, and cricket; serve as in the throwing action of cricket or baseball and smash as in badminton and squash, just to name a few. Hand eye co-ordination, balance, poise and core strength also get thrown into the mix. Tennis, in many respects, requires a degree of finesse and control that makes it easier to branch into other racquet ball sports rather than vice versa. Then there is the general wellness aspect. Tennis has a low injury rate and is a sport that lends itself to general fitness while enjoying the company of friends. Tennis can remain a competitive or social activity long after our schooling days are over. It affords the player the opportunity to develop independence and decision making skills in

Start early, become used to tennis and sports in general to make it something of a lifelong habit and one of the sports you can play into your 80’s!

Horse Riding -Philippa Johnson

From the outside riding may look incredibly simple – it is only once you get the chance to experience horse riding that you realize that every riding lesson is a lesson in how to deal with life. Children very soon come to understand that there is always more than one way to solve a problem and that nine out of ten times force does not work. When you are working with something that is a good eight to ten times your body weight with no spoken language – you have to find a way

Martial Arts - Maria Markides

Martial Arts for me is more of a life skill than a child sport programme for boys and girls. Children need to play. They need to socialize. They need to feel worthy. The principles of martial arts align themselves with the sound educational principle of teaching children well within the boundaries of their age profile. All classes are taught in a fun-filled, energetic positive, environment. Instructors take into account the difference in the cognitive, emotional, social and motor development of the children in each age group. Classes are taught in an organized and structured manner similar to a classroom situation. Children are taught to listen to instructions, to observe demonstrations attentively, to concentrate while attempting the skills. Healthy values are also instilled like treating other students with respect, co-operating well, taking turns, being flexible and being a good sport that one can win and lose with dignity.


a one on one adversary situation. Children then aspire to achieve recognition and success which feeds on itself encouraging them to stay healthy, opting for fitness and natural endorphins highs rather than the synthetic stimulants too readily available today. Tennis is for all ages, all levels and all seasons.

The classes focus on motor development (muscle tone, dominancy, bilateral symmetry and mid-line crossing) and motor skills (co-ordination, balance, timing, spatial orientation). They will then be able to play any of the following sports: tennis, hockey, cricket, soccer, volleyball, basketball and netball.) Gross Motor Development provides the basis of all other forms of development - including intellectual and perceptual development. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a profound influence on academic performance. If certain development milestones have not been achieved by school-going age, children will find it difficult to cope in the classroom. Maria has full Protea colours and was part of the SA Wushu team at the Beijing World Champs.

Cycling to get across what you want. The other lesson horses teach you is tenacity, you have to keep going back and do something again and again until you get it right - nobody else can fix it for you. Horses, like most animals, also have the gift of unconditional love –they will keep trying to understand us and give us their heart. More important than all these things is that children today that are interested in horses are able to enjoy their childhood, they run around in the open air, get dirty and have fun away from the influences of shopping malls and clubs. For me personally my horses have always been the centre of my universe and my passion. When I was a child they enriched my childhood, as a teenager they taught me work ethics and responsibility and when I became an adult and my life was destroyed they gave me a reason to live. Philippa did South Africa proud when she brought home two gold medals in the Paralympics in Beijing in 2008

Cycling is for anyone and everyone. It is a non impact sport. ie it doesn’t damage ones hips, knees or back as it is non weight bearing. These means it is particularly good for growing children and older people. And it’s enjoyable! Whether cycling through a peaceful Nature Reserve, zig zagging through a lush forest, meandering along a river or riding through some fields with hills on either side, the scenery and being amongst nature at its best is excellent for ones spirit and well being. It is a perfect excursion for a family day out too. Mum and Dad, on their own bikes, can help their little ones with a push here and there and can teach them how to go over obstacles and face any challenges.


– Sarah Wielopolska






Fred Orban

Tel: +27 (0)44 699 1204 • Cell: + 27(0)82 550 4788 Email: • Website:


ur lives are driven by day-planners, to-do lists and a variety of demands – it seems as though we will never have enough time to do

Yet it is so important to be present and to drink in the moment, not to miss out on the beauty that is life. The reality is that we are not humans with spiritual experiences, but rather spirits with human experiences...isn’t it time to transform ourselves? Instead of succumbing to the “hurry up” syndrome, take charge of body and mind. To live life to the fullest and to experience love, patience, peace and joy, we need to tap into our own higher energy. Only once our personal cup is full can it overflow to others.


MOMS, Transform Yourselves…

Dr Wayne W Dyer writes that a person will experience in life what he keeps his thoughts busy with. If one believes in scarcity, think of it often, talk about it to others, you will experience it in your life; but if you believe in happiness and abundance, you will experience what you believe. Now is the time to be true to your own authenticity. The key lies in the balance that we establish in our lives. Tapping into the inner energy that is our Self with an accepting attitude contributes to a personal sense of balance and harmony.

Article with compliments Michelle de Lange Equal Zeal Training® Inspiring growth, motivating living what needs to get done. Maybe you,like me, have learned to do more than one thing at a time. As a mom, I find that I steam ahead to be everything for everyone and in the process I lose my focus.


HD Thoreau said: “If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life you have imagined, you will meet with success”...

Creative Orbit 0656


Improve your child’s development

• Interactive audiovisual stimulation • Give your child a learning advantage • Developed in conjunction with educational specialists • Complete FREE e-books from website: “Donkey, dolphin and dragonfly” / “Donkie, dolfyn en duisendpoot”


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STIMULATE your Child’s Imagination To SUCCESS!

online support

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WIN 2 SoyLites travel tin packs, worth R350 each!

SoyLites Moisturising soy candles are made from 100% natural and biodegradable soy bean oil. The oil is rich in nourishing Vitamin E & lecithin, and can be used as a moisturiser or massage oil.


SoyLites burn 50% longer than paraffin candles, and emit no toxins when burning. Each candle burns for up to 20 hours! The Travel-Lite candles come in assorted fragrances, including organic lavender and organic citronella.

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Making reading fun and accessible for children

Little Lucky Lolo is the smallest boy in school. He loves to play sport, especially soccer. Can the smallest boy help win the township’s biggest soccer competition?

Join Bongani and his friends as they kick, dribble and shoot their new football through the dust. Who will win the game? The players – or the bullies who come to stop them?


‘... this book is a gift for soccer fans and all families around the world’ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

This book tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s life, from his carefree days as an ordinary village boy, to his unflinching leadership of the ANC, the long years in prison and his eventual freedom and extraordinary elevation to President of South Africa.

Celebrating our vast cultural diversity, Giraffe Books picture books are available in South Africa’s eleven official languages.

Available at all good bookstores.



one individual at a time.

Courage, consciousness and a sense of humour eing an individual in a world that demands conformity can be scary. It is daunting for your child but it is equally frightening as an adult. You are subjected to fashion trends, rules about how you should raise your child and how you should relate, even to the point of why you should get married! Why the need to conform? It is a structure designed to keep you safe because if there is a formula to follow then there is no need to take any risks or, more accurately, any responsibility. Youget to blame the formula for failure and go on ignoring the core issue: your truth.

order. The reason is simple: you are the one thing that no one and nothing can take away from you, and your partner is who you are left with when your children have grown up…and you do not want him/her to be a stranger. So, everything starts with you. Looking after yourself as a parent is the greatest gift you can give your children. Couples often choose to stay in unhappy relationships “for the children” when a greater gift would be to give them your happiness. Children feel happiness and

Your child is subjected to this same formula merely by being a part of this world and so there is no point trying to protect them from it. However, you can give them the special gift of knowing who they are before they feel the need to fit in.

Lifeology provides support to individuals and families through tailored talks, courses and online resources.

Provide them with the environment and the guidelines; the basic tools of life, such as to put themselves first, have fun, and endeavour to never harm others, especially themselves. You should teach your child that a fire can burn but do not try to stop them getting burnt.

there is nothing more obvious to them than when it is not there. So, work on you. Get to know you. Seek out your own happiness and take responsibility for your life and your family.

This then teaches them to make their own choices responsibly. Give them the grounding and then allow them the freedom to explore. What about you – the parent? Life has become pressurised and serious. You are focussed on giving your child the best life you know how. Rest assured that that is what you will do so take the stress off yourself.

True selflessness is a selfish journey. In order for your cup to overflow to benefit those around you it needs to be full first. So fill it; fill it with the truth of everything that you are, including those aspects that you have avoided looking at. Be wary of false positivity because that hides the truth and whatever truth is hidden vies for your attention. Why hide any part of you? Love yourself unconditionally and the rest takes care of itself, including your family.

Check who your priority is in your life and make sure it is you, your partner and then your children, in that

“The truth will set you free” but you have to face it and acknowledge it first. | Greg Arthur 083 601 8147 | Jodene 0741 563363





You Can Be



was recently talking to a male friend of mine from France who was appalled at the South African male condition. We are very busy trying to convince everyone how masculine we are by putting on a macho façade and thinking that’s what chicks dig. Anything that’s pink, scented, soft, tender or romantic is “gay”… This is a huge problem for our guys, because the stuff that really appeals to the heart of a woman is going to require dropping the macho routine and embarking on a journey of feeling and articulation and tenderness! Here’s a short list of hot tips to elevate your rankings with the fairer sex: • Don’t lose your manners. Open the door for her; say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; offer to dish up for her at a party and get her a drink; introduce her to people properly; carry stuff for her; etc. • Look at stuff she likes when you go shopping. There will be times you drop her at a boutique while you move on to the cigar shop alone, but from time to time you need to shop with her for her benefit alone - just because it makes her happy! • Listen, and make her feel like you’re listening. Don’t try and “fix” all her problems the moment she raises them – mostly she just needs to

voice things to get them off her chest and settle emotions. • Physical touch. Touch your lady throughout the day, whether you’re a “physical touch” person or not – just do it. • Make sacred time for each other. Every week there should be specific appointments with each other that you simply don’t allow anything to interfere with. You wouldn’t allow anything to disrupt your business meeting, so don’t allow work or kids or family or friends to disrupt your special time together. • When it comes to intimacy, setting the scene is really important – the right atmosphere, the right lingerie (visit for inspiration), music, candle light… all that stuff DOES make a difference! Let the lead up be lingering and meaningful – take your time to really enjoy each other on all levels is the way forward to intimacy that will knock your socks off! So men, that’s it in a nutshell …. Why not turn on off the TV, ignore the sports channel, drop the mucho image and give it a go… you might find yourself a natural Don Juan in the making! Adapted from article by Deon Barnard ( Pinned -Up Lingerie Online Boutique


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High Quality affordable prices!

We also do: • Sexy Pin-Up Photoshoots • Kitchen Teas’s • Lingerie Parties


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Improve your child’s development

• Interactive audiovisual stimulation • Give your child a learning advantage • Developed in conjunction with educational specialists • Complete FREE e-books from website: “Donkey, dolphin and dragonfly” / “Donkie, dolfyn en duisendpoot”

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SISTER JENNY’S JEN-TIL CREAMS.THE CREAMS THAT HEAL THE NATION A unique range of healing creams which contain 100% Pure essential oils, PLANT EXTRACTS AND VEGETABLE OILS. NO animal products, synthetic colouring or perfumes.

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Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose cream: • Helps repair, regenerate and heal skin tissue, scars, chilblains, chafing, dry skin, wounds, burns, sunburn, sores, bruises, cracked heels. • Soothes eczema, itch, rash, insect bites, tired feet. • Helps circulation and prevents feet from cracking. • Daily Moisturizer, relieves stiff muscles, backache, neck and shoulder tension. Sister Jenny’s Multi Purpose Massage Cream is sold in jars for R99.95 and in tubes for R75.



HAPPY HOMES The fun & easy way to decorate a kids’ room. Popular American imported wall decals, Mirror appliquÊs & Mega Packs, peel & stick borders, growth charts & giant wall murals for babies, toddlers & tweens.(boys & girls)


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Spring 2010

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THE HOUSE WITH THE GREEN WAVES Do you want your kids to grow up in a safe and peaceful environment? Do you like the idea of living in a country village close to school and shop? Do you want to be very close to sea, lakes, rivers, forests and mountains and also close to town and airport?


This unique property with spacious timber house is set on a big plot and has one of the most amazing gardens of the Garden Route.

To see more of it go to: or contact owner 083 430 8296

You’ve hired the perfect au pair. Or at least it seems this way. What can you do to ensure that this person provides the type of support you and your family require, as opposed to disrupting your already chaotic life? What structure should you put in place to maximise the outcome of your hired help? And, more importantly, how do you ensure that you’ve made the right decision?

Keep good records Have a daily diary which you au pair must complete. Insist that all pertinent occurrences (such as homework issues, letters from the schools, disciplinary problems, achievements etc) are noted down for your attention. Use the diary to convey messages to your au pair if you are not going to see her regularly.

Get your legal framework in place Firstly, ensure that a firm contract of employment is in place. This guarantees that nobody is in for any surprises in terms of expectations and requirements. Be specific in salary specifications as well as job descriptions; ensuring to include all responsibilities which may fall within his/her scope of work.

Log all hours carefully. A duplicate book placed in a common area, and completed daily, is a great way to assist with this. Allow you au pair to complete her hours, as well as travel mileage daily – both sign it off at the end of each week. This way you are both up to speed with the bill which is accumulating for payment at month end.

Make sure that you have included a probationary period within your contract, or perhaps utilise a temporary, one month contract to start with. At the end of the first month, schedule some time with your au pair to decide your way forward.

Follow Through Give your au pair sufficient guidance on the discipline front, and assist him/her on following through with this. For your children’s sake, do not undermine the au pair’s authority. Follow through on discipline implemented by the au pair and demonstrate unified front for your children.

Too many au pair positions fall through due to ambiguity or misunderstandings in this first period. Take some time Use the first week of employment as time to get to know your au pair and show her the ropes – don’t just throw her and your children into the deep end. Introduce him/ her to your their teachers, coaches etc, and familiarise her with all pick up points, extra murals and timetables.


Where to from here – what to do after hiring an au pair.

Trust Above all else – trust your motherly instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, the likelihood is that it’s not. Ensure that you act on all gut feelings – these are after all your children, the most precious part of our being. Do what YOU feel is best for YOUR family!

Communication is key Make a time to sit down and go through the contract as well as your expectations in terms of safety, discipline, education or any other pertinent topics. Create a weekly or biweekly time to discuss this – it should be an ongoing topic of discussion, not a once off chat. Ensure that you create an open and safe channel of communication for both your au pair and children. It is imperative that all parties concerned feel comfortable enough to express any queries and concerns, as well as share any achievements and excitement.


Use this time to observe interactions with your children. This is an important transition, encourage your children to utilise this time to fully comprehend what is going on – they need to understand that this person is not replacing you.






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not all things nice! By Nutritional Therapist, Heidi du Preez


r William Martin was first to publicly label sucrose (sugar) a poison. Martin’s definition came about after he determined the classical definition of a poison as “… any substance applied to the body, which causes or may cause disease.”

• Obesity - cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity result from increased use of refined sugars. The huge worldwide increase in heart disease increases in rough proportion to the increase in sugar consumption, and not fat consumption!

Sugar contained in natural, wholefoods is easily metabolised and utilised by the body. Nature has ensured that fructose, for instance, obtained when we consume unprocessed fruits (wholefoods), has the necessary enzymes, vitamins and minerals accompanying it to allow this type of simple carbohydrate to be converted efficiently into glucose (blood sugar) and fully metabolised by our bodies for energy.

• Micro-organisms and cancer - all refined sugars are parasitic. Yeasts, moulds and other bacteria feeds on sugar and even cancer cells proliferate in a sugar rich environment!

Because refined sugar has no accompanying vitamins and minerals and no nutritive value, it leaches valuable vitamins and minerals from the body to complete the assimilation processes, resulting in the following conditions: • Immune system - sugar suppresses the immune system, making one more susceptible to infection, colds and flu. It is also mucous forming, so can exacerbate sinus infections, runny noses, ear infections and other respiratory or digestive problems. • Hyperactivity – sucrose robs minerals and the B-vitamins, impairs brain function, resulting in increased emotional instability, crankiness, concentration difficulties, hyperactivity and violence. ADD, ADHD, autism and other behavioural problems have been linked to excessive sugar consumption.

• Other diseases - sugar can cause appendicitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, increase the risk of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and can exacerbate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Excess sugar consumption has also been linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, varicose veins and don’t forget the rotten teeth! • Aging - free radicals, and thus sugar, are the most significant factor that accelerates ageing. Food companies have doubled the amount of sugar they add to many of their processed products. Processed meats, soups, yoghurts, breakfast cereals, and other foods have been heavily sweetened to attract more customers. Some breakfast cereals contain up to 14g of sugar per serving, which is 5g more than the sugar content of a jam doughnut. Read the labels! Also look out for hidden refined sugar like glucose or corn syrups, fructose, maltose, dextrose and starch. The best way to sweeten up your life is to use wholefoods, like raw honey, dates, raisins, fruits and natural sweeteners like Stevia, Xylitol or Agave. However, the best is still to trade in your sweet tooth for one that will appreciate only the delicate taste of natural wholefoods. For more detailed info on how important nutrition is in raising happy healthy kids, see infantfeeding.asp

Heidi du Preez Pr.Sci.Nat., MSc. Nutritional Therapist • Tel: 044 382 7100


To the contrary, refined sugar, or sucrose, is manufactured from cane and beet extract, which has had its enzymes , vitamins and minerals removed to leave a white, crystalline substance devoid of any nutritional content, only offering empty calories.


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our society is in the midst of an epidemic of childhood obesity… a state of affairs which we have Stheadly, power to change through making simple changes to every day life within our family environment.

What causes obesity? From a scientific point of view the cause of the problem is very simple. Our energy balance equation determines whether we gain, or lose weight. If a child consumes more energy through food and drink than he or she expends through exercise and general living, that extra energy is stored by the body as fat. Fat mass builds up in the abdomen, around the child’s internal organs, creating the so-called apple shaped obesity and leads to ill-health. What can we do about it? The key to managing the problem effectively is to change the environment - the way our children live, the way they are educated, the promotion of unhealthy foods, access to affordable healthy foods at school, and at home. It means making the streets safe for them to walk to school, improving their activity levels at school, increasing opportunity for sport, and general encouragement to get up off the couch, leave their computer games and TV, and be more active. Much of this lies well beyond a child’s control and so they are reliant on the adults in their world to take the lead and lead by example! A healthy lifestyle is for everyone in the family. Here are some helpful pointers: • Concentrate on health, not weight. • Talk to your children, agree on sensible, sustainable small changes and make them together. • Try and eat together as a family as often as possible; not only is it more fun it’s also been shown that children who eat with their parents eat more fruit and vegetables and are less likely to be overweight. • Make breakfast an important meal every day. Children who eat breakfast have been shown to be healthier, have less time off school, and have better


behaviour and improved concentration; their teacher will thank you! • Reduce sugary drinks and snacks. These empty calories have little nutrition but lots of unnecessary calories. • Make fruit and veg a priority. Only one in five of us achieve the recommended 5 portions each day so start by increasing your daily intake by one or two portions and build up from there. Not only are they better for you but they will fill your child up and make them less hungry for less healthy alternatives. Children, particularly under the age of seven, still need some fat in their diet, in milk and cheese for example, but where it’s not needed, keep it to a minimum. • Think about portion sizes; our plates have become bigger over the years and we heap them higher. Make sure vegetables fill over half the plate. For snacks try fresh fruit chopped-up, or a handful of nuts. Try not to associate food with reward or punishment. And don’t forget that the occasional treat is absolutely fine. • Get Active! Few children get the one hour of exercise they need every day to stay healthy. Any form of activity can be helpful. Walk with them to school, encourage them to take part in school activities, to join after school clubs. Limit the hours they spend watching TV and playing on computer games each week and encourage them to go out and play, but make sure they understand why; in my experience most children respect this kind of “contract”. Go for a family bike ride or walk at the weekend and in the evenings and spend time with them chatting as you walk; your kids will love it. There is so much we as parents can do to get our children off to the right start for a healthy active life. Make health a family priority. Concentrate on a healthy diet and active lifestyle, never on weight or dieting. Be active as a family. What’s good for the health of our children is good for mum and dad’s health too. Our children deserve nothing less.


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Fixing tummy problems for your family is as easy as adding a simple supplement to their diet every day. Diarrhoea, constipation, tummy aches and even allergies can be controlled and completely eliminated by adding probiotics to the diet. Although probiotics have been around for many years, it is quite astonishing how few people are aware of their benefits. What are probiotics? Quite simply, probiotics are good bacteria which are vital for good health by preserving and replenishing the healthy bacteria in the body which in turn helps to maintain a healthy digestive and urinary system. Probiotics are bacteria that occur naturally in the intestines and have many beneficial qualities. They are frequently referred to as the “friendly” bacteria. There are two main groups of these bacteria: Lactobacillus, which lives in the small intestine and Bifidobacterium, which lives in the large intestine (the colon). The term ‘probiotic’ originates from the Greek expression pro bios, meaning “for life”. Usually when we think about bacteria we associate them with having harmful effects on our health, causing numerous problems or diseases. However, only a relatively small group of bacteria actually cause diseases, while the remaining ones are either neutral (saprophytic) and can even be beneficial to our health. Probiotic bacteria belong to the latter group. Bioflora has developed a range of probiotic products to treat the whole family: • Infantiforte for babies and infants • Kiddieforte for toddlers and older children • Combiforte and Combi 15 for adults • Vagiforte Plus to treat bacterial infections and thrush By adding Infantiforte to baby’s formula or milk, or giving children delicious Kiddie-forte tablets, tummy ailments can be eliminated. Adults and older children can be given Combiforte and if anyone in the family has been on antibiotics, Combi 15 is the answer as it is a concentrated dosage of probiotics. It has been estimated that every year one billion women around the world suffer from urogenital infections which include bacterial vaginosis, yeast vaginitis (vaginal thrush) and lower urinary tract infections. Although the initial response of most patients to antibiotic treatment or anti-fungal therapies for these infections is positive, the recurrence rate is generally high. Vagiforte Plus taken as directed, has been shown to help with bacterial infections and thrush. Probiotics have also been shown to play a positive role in the regulation of the immune system and assist in the absorption of good nutrients. Probiotic supplementation added to the diet of babies and children has also been found to reduce the incidence of allergies, asthma and eczema. So keep your family healthy with the range of Bioflora probiotic supplement which treat : • Diarrhoea • Constipation • Irritable bowel syndrome • Intestinal, oral and vaginal thrush • Lactose intolerance • Spastic colon • Inflammatory bowel disease • Excessive gas and bloating. The colon plays an important part in general health and apart from its role in digestion, if it does not function properly, symptoms such as flatulence, fatigue and bloating can occur. Colon Food is a prebiotic that enhances the growth of friendly flora in the gut. Colon Food should be used in conjunction with probiotics.


All Bioflora products help to boost the immune system and are 100% safe as they are made under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Bioflora products are available from pharmacies.


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Gauteng - Winter 2010 - Survival Guide  

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