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Fallout New Las vegas: Desert survivalist (15g) For more information about Urban Survival and Emergency Preparedness please visit . . . Desert survivalist: Heal 10000 damage with food alotted time: half an hour -In case your unlucky using the vendor not re-filling every a few days then around an hour For those who are a new comer to the overall game: The ultra-luxe is among the hotels around the strip it is incorporated in the area where you apply the gate through the lucky 38 to go in its next door in the tops. Some stuff I didn’t remember to say: -Sometimes the food supplier wont restock in 48 or 72 hrs so just keep waiting 24 hrs and checking his inventory -when choosing your food dont close your pip-boy among! this will be relevant because should you choose the achievment is only going to register the part that heals explore just how much you ate! -I acquired 2200 hit points cured just carrying this out once (with my survival skill at 72) if you possess a greater survival skill it shouldn’t get you long -For those who have a minimal survival skill go search for the magazine lads existence (it boosts your survival skill by 10 temporarily) a great guide for a number of of the locations are available here: For those who have any queries just leave a comment and that i will attempt my favorite to locate a solution remember a subscription because we’ll convey more achievment guides soon as-well as reviews, Mega pixel tips and trailers! -JUGGE12NOG connect to the brand new site here inform us that which you consider it to date Exactly what do you consider this video presentation? Could it be accurate? You can inform us that which you think below!Thank you for your support. For more information on Emergency Survival, please visit

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Fallout New Las vegas: Desert survivalist (15g)  
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