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Exploring the Divine II

Acrylics on canvas

On the cover: The tree of Knowledge

Oil on canvas

27" x 27"

84” x 84”

The Dance of Creation

Acrylics on canvas

48” x 48”

The Intricacies of Life

Oil on canvas

48” x 48”

The Ancient Design II

Oil on canvas

36” x 36”

Serenity I

Acrylics and oils on canvas

60” x 60”

Serenity II

Acrylics and oils on canvas


The Urn if Life

Acrylics on canvas

24” x 42”

Amidst History

Oil on canvas

24” x 42”

The Grand Welcome

Acrylics on canvas

27” x 60”

The Pillar of Strength

Oil and Acrylics on canvas

60” x 27”

In Awe of the Unknown

Acrylics on canvas

40” x 60”

Exploring the Divine III

Acrylics on canvas

24” x 36”

Beautiful Thoghts II

Acrylics on canvas

18" x 18"

Girl with a Yellow Turban

Acrylics on canvas

18" x 18"

Into the Evening

Acrylics on canvas

36” x 48”

Starry Night

Acrylics on canvas

48”x 48”

Resting Under the Stars

Acrylics on canvas

48” x 48”

A Game named Life

Acrylics on canvas

27”x 60”

A Game for three

Acrylics on canvas

48” x48”

My Existence

Acrylics on canvas

36” x 48”

SURUCHI JAMKAR Born 1980, Grew up in Nagpur and Mumbai, presently staying in Hyderabad, India.


Bachelor in Fine Arts (Sir JJ School of Fine Arts Mumbai) Masters in Fine Arts (Fine Arts Dept, Nagpur University) Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture (Bharat Bhawan Bhopal) Fresco and Tempera (under Late Devakinandan Sharma, Vanasthali)


Camlin Award (1995) Dolly Kersetjee Award (2001)

Nehru Cultural Award (1996) Rotary Club Award (2001)

All India South Central Zone Certificate for Sculpture (2004) Suruchi Andhare-Jamkar, has held several exhibitions in many cities of India in the last few years. An Explorer by nature has travelled extensively through Laddakh, Rajasthan, Europe, South and East Asia and India. Her 25 th solo show depicts the artist's journey into the human psyche and her relation with life. Her paintings embody images from the external world as well as real and surreal impressions and expressions from the mysterious realms of human imagination. In her own words the artist talks about her present series.

A Tale of Eternity and Tranquility I started work on this series in 2008. I was living in Rajasthan at that time. The aridity and the distinctly visible horizon of the desert, the clear skies and the colorful turbans worn by the men, are the elements which I used in my works. In my paintings though I made the women wear the turbans. The turban symbolizes the 'thinking mode of the mind'. My women take their own decisions; take on what life throws at them on their own terms. Their poses are relaxed, they are comfortable with their existence and are at peace. They indulge in small pleasures like playing marbles, or admiring the starry nights. A little message that finally happiness is amidst nature, is subtly conveyed to the viewer. I used to play a lot of marbles when I was a child. To me they symbolize 'little pleasures in life'. The Ancient Design I travel, I like to see places, especially my motherland, with its deserts, rainforests, Himalayas, fields, rocks and history and culture. There are subjects for an artist strewn all around. One just has to take notice! I have been to Hampi, Badami, Somnathpura. These inspired me to do this series which I titled 'The Ancient Design' th

I went to Hampi first and what captured my attention was the ambience of this 14 century place. It revolved around the Divine, there are temples with their weathered 'mandapas', adorned with gods and goddesses, deities and demi gods. The first works I did after coming were 'exploring the divine' where I have shown humanity exploring the concept of god. Then there where the little decorative patterns adorning the pillars of the temples, I found them really fascinating! And thus the series 'ancient design' took birth.


Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Delhi Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi Art Gallery Novotel Airport, Hyderabad Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, Delhi Kalaghoda Festival, Mumbai


The Taj Palace, Delhi Kalaghoda Festival, Mumbai Painted live on stage in fusion with classical vocal artists amidst a lac audience in the event “Lay Tarang�, Art Of Living


Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi Kalaghoda Festival, Mumbai


Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai


India International Centre, Delhi Pradarshak, Mumbai


Art Walk, The Hilton, Mumbai


Gallerie Leela, Andheri, Mumbai Pradarshak, Mumbai Fountain Sizzlers, Mumbai


GROUP EXHIBITIONS All India Art Exhibition South Central Zone, Nagpur (2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai

Art Access Week,

Welcom Art Gallery, Rajputana Sheraton, Jaipur

Birla Academy of Culture & Art Mumbai

live painting performance with Classical

Bombay Art Society,

(2001, 2002, 2003)


Vocal & Instrumental music, on 'Megh Mallhar'

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2005)

organized by 'Swarali' at Scientific hall, Nagpur Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur SCZCC, Kala Vithika, Nagpur


Art Walk, The Hilton, Mumbai


Nehru Centre, Mumbai

CONTACT Mail : Website : www.suruchimodernart .com


Art Plaza, Mumbai


JJ Diary, JJ School of Art, Mumbai

Tele :+91-( 9494988342/ 8897316398/712-2242096) Post : 5, Ambazari Hilltop , Nagpur , India 440010

Girl with a Red turban

Acrylics on canvas

18" x 18"

suruchi jamkar Catalogue 2012  

This is a suruchi jamkar Catalogue 2012