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Prim and Proper Keywords Tulle Flowing Shimmery

Romantic White Dress

Silver Star Dust Texture

Prim and Proper Keywords Romantic Captivating

Woman In White

Crumpled Tulle

Drawn Bows Line Art

Prim and Proper Keywords Crystal Bedazzled Masculine vs feminine Plaids and tartans

Girl With Jeweled Necklace

Close-Up Of A Gray Checked Plaid On Bias

Prim and Proper Keywords Tasteful Luxurious Chunky Knits

Big Bed With High Headboard In Gray

Gray Wool Jersey Knit

Prim and Proper

Miss Grant

Prim and Proper Keywords Crown and jewels Subtle Simple

Crown And Jewels

Gray Wallpaper Pattern

Prim and Proper Keywords

Precious Opulent Heather

Scattered Sea Shells

Gray Heather Light Weight Jersey Knit

Back in the day—think 1950s—cardigan sweaters with pockets were just a style statement. Combined with a simple or patterned outfit and blouse, putting on the cardigan sweater suggested you were in fashion. Wearing the ”car coat” and the “Perry Como sweater,” you were instantly hip in the style section. Moving on to the ’60s, these styles soon faded. Perhaps the cardigan symbolized times past, a schoolgirl look that was no longer fashionable. But trends do sooner or later make their way back to be again popular. Prim and Proper: think classic and romantic with a glitzy feminine twist.

Prim and Proper Keywords Classy Elegant Pearls

Lauren Bacall source: photobucket

Lauren Bacall serves as inspiration for Prim and Proper trend forecast. She is known for her sultry looks and classy style. Her best display of classic style was showcased in the famous film Humphrey Bogart. According to, she chooses clothing with clean, elegant lines that compliment her personality, not overshadow it. In the same way, she uses accessories to tie her look together, rather than wearing a Spilled Pearls statement piece that commands sole attention. She often softens the look of a tailored suit by adding a flower or a bow to it. She is truly a master of the confident-feminine style.

Prim and Proper KEYWORDS Precious Opulent Heather

Jeweled Fashion Bracelets

All women are seeking ways to tie looks together for themselves and their daughters. Mix-and-match clothing collections offer flexibility in integrating outfits fashionably without a hefty price tag. The textile industry has provided us with a range of materials, from the traditional cottons and wools to synthetic mesh and tulle and from bedazzled jewels to blended fabrics that are economical. Prim and Proper takes it one step further by addressing this request with restrained modern looks by blending sparkle with classical, textured grays with subdued bright hues, glen checks with tossed prints. Little girls can enhance their traditional styles with fun tulle layers and pattern mixing without looking too busy or custom-like. Gems are one of nature’s ways of saying, “look how beautiful I can be”. For thousands of years humans have been adorning themselves with gems and jewels to stand out and wow an audience. Be it necklaces, brooches, pendants or bracelets, precious and rare gems have long since become one of the favored ways to express just how much wealth one has. In most recent times precious metals and jewels have been imitated for the masses and makes a statement for how fashionably creative one is in how they wear their “bling”. Little girls love to dazzle. Sparkle and shine is important in today’s apparel market

Prim and Proper


Prim and Proper Keywords Ornamental Textured Woolens

Silver Pearlized Dome Shaped Snap

High Pile Gray Wool Texture

Prim and Proper Keywords Victorian Lavish Avant garde Metallic

Luxurious Armchair

Seamless Retro Fabric

Prim and Proper Keywords Lace Ornate Intricate Winding

Ornamental Round Lace

Twisted Soft Ivory Tulle

Prim and Proper Keywords Angelic Modern Light canvas

Little Girl Resting In The Bed

Beige Fabric With Distressed Florets

Prim and Proper Keywords Nostalgic Glowing Lace

Ring Pillow

Woman Trying To Get Out Of The Cocoon Of Beige Fabric

Ancient Statue Of A Nude Venus In The Middle Of Perspective Pillars

Prim and Proper Keywords Delicate Layered Satin

Delicate And Multicolor Retro Floral Print

Beige Flowing Satin Fabric

Prim and Proper Keywords Brilliant Sequin Colorful

New Year’s Ball

Colorful Grungy Sequins.

Prim and Proper Keywords Innocent Feminine Sparkle

Tired Dachshund Wearing A Princess Crown

Little Girl’S Pink Sparkly Make Belief Princess Slippers

Autumn 2013 Girls Trend Forecast-Prim and Proper  

Autumn 2013 girls trend forecast Prim and Proper. Think classy glam.

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