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Pipeline Keywords Valve Pressure Blue print Planning Architecture Development

Water Supply



Tuc Tuc

Pipeline Keywords Building Cranes Framework Pipeline Corrosion

Construction Site At Dusk

Old Rusty Pipeline With Instruments To Control And Distribute Liquid

Pipeline Keywords Wires Cables Hooks

Wire Crane Cables And Hooks In A Pile

Pipeline Keywords Urban Environment Deteriorate

Colorful Houses In Guanajuato

Pipeline Keywords Demolition Construction Rust Pipes Decay

Demolished Building

Aged Rusty Grunge Industrial Pipes

Pipeline Keywords Tractor Mover Skyline Modern

Tractor With Mounted Hydraulic Lift

Modern Cityscape

Pipeline Keywords Excavation Digger Dirt Earth Tube Fuel Petroleum

Constrution Site Viewed Through A Pipe

Fuel Filters, Hoses And Engine

Pipeline Keywords Bulldozer Shovel Quarry Scoop Soil Dump truck Loader

Orange Bulldozer On Bridge Road Construction Site

Excavator And Dumper

Pipeline is a fun illustration of the forever-changing construction industry. Our visual report showcases all things demolished, built anew and modern. Construction plays a significant role in our everyday lives and shows no sign of slowing down. Construction industry trends all over the world show a rise in its rate of growth. This industry is composed of many components, including construction of heavy and civil engineering (highways, bridges, railway tracks, airports, etc.), real estate development (both residential and commercial) and specialized construction products, such as architectural products, electrical connections, decorative items, etc. Most of these components are fascinating to young boys, and a large segment of the toy industry has been built to accommodate this attraction. For many decades construction and building toys have been some of the most popular and versatile toys on the market. In most recent times with the major influence of technology, the construction toy industry is making some adjustments to maintain relevance in the lives of children. Older children are trading in their construction toys for video game systems and iPads. Research carried out by energy firm E.ON found that the move towards electronic toys started in the 1980s with the Nintendo Game Boy. Kids like things that are considered trendy and cool. In fact, electronic toys have jumped from the fifth most popular play thing in the 1980s to the toy of choice for the 21st century kid, the study found. However, construction toys still cling to the second spot, with 18 percent of children naming them as their favorite. This continued success of construction and building toys is due to the fact that toddler boys typically develop a fascination for anything that moves: cars, trucks, trains and dinosaurs. Construction toys are becoming more of a novelty item, however, with the growth of simplistic modern wooden toys from companies like Ikea and Imagine Toys. Boys tend to hold on to their fascination with moving things as grownups. The toy and video game industry needed to seek ways to bridge construction toy and technology. Video games like Mario Brothers, developed by Nintendo in 1983 seemed to be a significant compromise for older children who may still have a fascination with this construction but want all things electronic. More Mario Brothers-like video games may need to be developed to maintain interest in construction as children mature and replace construction toys with dynamic technological devices. The construction toy industry will be around for years to come, and it will be interesting to see how it will evolve and capitalize on technology.


Pipeline Keywords Site Caution Heavy lift Power Roadwork

Cars Working On The Building Site

Wire Rope

Graphic City, Colorful Cars And Buildings

Pipeline Keywords Cityscape Engineering

Cityscape. Abstract Building With Car. Environtment Concept.

Autumn 2013 Boys Trend Forecast-Pipeline  
Autumn 2013 Boys Trend Forecast-Pipeline  

Autumn 2013 Boys Trend Forecast-Pipeline