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Behind the Cover A few weeks ago, the nice folks at the Webster & Company showroom at the Boston Design Center were kind enough to let photographer Michael J. Lee and me take over for a few hours to create our cover shot. The week before the shoot, I walked the showroom floor to gather together a collection of furnishings, art and accessories that would become our cover story. I believe that the dual themes of color and early springtime were captured in this beautiful collection. Webster & Co. was founded in 1991 by David Webster at the Boston Design Center in only 3,500 sq. ft. Today, the showroom has over 21,000 sq. ft. of some of the most luxurious furnishings, fabrics and accessories that you’re going to see all in one space.


Why Designers Love Webster & Company 2





“Simply stated, the best of the best is to be found at Webster & Co., all showcased in a stunning showroom. It's my personal dreamworld - a true source of design inspiration.The staff could not be more helpful or friendly. Always a bright spot in my day at the Design Center.” Beverly Rivkind, Beverly Rivkind Interior Design

“Webster & Co. showcases the perfect blend of traditional & contemporary. I love the furniture, fabrics, and lighting and I've always found the staff to be very pleasant & helpful.” Rebecca Wilson, RW Interiors

4 Get the look: 1. Oil on Canvas by Bill Fisher 2. Carlisle lampshade in Capri Silk by Vaughan 3. Biarritz Crystal Table Lamp by Vaughan 4. Root Table by J.F. Chen 5. Ceramic Pear by Dennis & Leen 6. Louis XVI Side Chair by Dennis & Leen 7. Gilded India Tea Paper by deGournay All items available to the trade through Webster & Company. Price upon request.

“I love Webster & Company’s many lines of furniture, lighting, accessories and fabrics. It is a delightful experience to use the showroom.The displays are elegant, and their customer service is top notch. I have used several pieces from Dakota Jackson in recent projects.” Leslie Fine, Leslie Fine Interiors, Inc. “Webster and Co. is always one of my “go to” showrooms.They have such depth of styles and trends, as well as the classics. I particularly love the depth of their wallpaper collections.When looking for something fun and unusual, such as Studio Printworks, I can always count on Webster.” Edwina Drummond Boose, Edwina Drummond Interiors

COVER CREDITS: photography by: MICHAEL J. LEE • design by: LINDA MERRILL • showroom: WEBSTER & CO. 2

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Linda Merrill and Michael Lee at an IFDA summer 2010 social.

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Talking Color at The Skirted Roundtable

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Photo shoot at Webster & Co.


The Artful Hand: The Artistry of Catherine Nolin

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The Color Toolbox: Trends, Ideas and Information

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What’s on Our Coffee Table: Colorful reads from Linda & Friends

Credits and Contacts Who, What, Where & When

The biggest honor, in my view, was when photographer Michael J. Lee agreed to come aboard as the cover shoot photographer for ::Surroundings::. Three of my past four covers were in fact his photography so it only made sense. (And it’s worth noting that the one issue that featured my photography on the cover has had the lowest readership!) But his proposal that we create vignettes using some of the area’s beautiful showrooms and stores was brilliant and one that I jumped on with alacrity. Along with this new change, I felt that the petite nature of the publication leant itself to having focused themes and this issue is all about color. Future issues will focus on kitchens, beach houses and outdoor living, upholstered furniture and holiday. I hope you enjoy!



::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


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For better or worse, I tend to be a seat of my pants kind of person. If I get the urge to try something new, then I go for it and figure it out as I go along without a lot of pre-planning. And so it’s been with this digital magazine. I felt the desire to amp up my standard company newsletter and in Summer 2010 I published my first issue. At only 12 pages, I was hardly expecting to compete with the new slate of digital shelter magazines that are popping up, some with upwards of 300 pages. However, over the last four issues, I’ve come to realize that it’s totally okay being the “small but mighty” publication. You can read it in one sitting and refer back as needed. I’ve also garnered fairly impressive reader stats along the way and have been honored by the mentions and attention I have received.






The Artful Hand

••••••• “I think about color all the time.” ••••••• The artistry of Catherine Nolin


::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Andover, Massachusetts native Catherine Nolin has the t-shirt, her designs began to expand and incorporate always been fascinated with color. Even as a young girl, chairs and other furnishings and details. This artistic she would think expansion made her realize that she should be working about how colors on canvas and over time she basically taught herself how worked together to paint and developed methods and techniques that and come up worked for her. With the help and support of her large with interesting extended family (Catherine is the youngest daughter in a color family of six girls and one boy) supporting her on the combinations in home front, she was able to start doing a few shows and her head. As a get her work into some galleries. Over time, her son was young adult, she placed in an excellent program that supported his needs worked in the and allowed Catherine the time to once again focus on fashion industry her art. It’s not a new concept that art can be an for an upscale boutique as a buyer. She was inspired by amazingly therapeutic endeavor and Catherine was able the beautiful clothes she came across, especially the to use her work to create rooms, spaces and worlds where colors and textures of the textiles themselves. After a few she was fully in control. And clearly, she has the talent to years in this world, Catherine married and began her render her vision in a remarkably bold, yet accessible, family. At this point, she became a full time stay-at-home manner. mother to a growing Catherine’s love of household of art is deep and she young boys. likes so many As with any different styles creative that she regularly personality, incorporates “The Writer’s Room” however, her references to need to artists such as express her Picasso, Gauguin, artistic side Van Gogh and did not Magritte in her diminish stylized room under the pile settings. Vistas of of diapers far off places and and play gorgeous dates. botanicals are Catherine regular features as began to well as hints of a create custom passion for music New Year’s in Manhattan by Catherine Nolin t-shirts for and spirituality. children with fabric paints that featured her love of a She gathers inspiration from everywhere such as a vibrant and bold palette. Soon, she was receiving robin’s egg found on a walk that inspired a series of requests for her hand painted, custom designed t-shirts paintings to the color of leaves and other natural and was selling them through a growing network of elements. Never at a loss for inspiration, Catherine has boutique shops. more ideas than time to render them. [Continued on next page] In the midst of all this, Catherine’s youngest son was ARTWORK ON PREVIOUS PAGE: diagnosed with Autism, which required all her strength (top) “The Italian Job” and focus. The t-shirt business was set aside, but not her (bottom, L-R) “Sunflowers and Blue Moods” need to create. She continued to receive special requests “Story of a Flower” for her t-shirt art and eventually there came orders for “Reflections in the Key of Gray” work that could be framed. As her work moved beyond

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


The Writer’s Room by Catherine Nolin [Continued]

Over the last twenty years as her three sons have grown, Catherine has been able to hone her craft and branch out in her marketing. She sells her work at various art shows (where her husband often acts as her more gregarious sales agent) and online through her very successful Etsy shop. As she looks to her bright and colorful future, Catherine is hoping to return to her early days working with textiles to create designs for a line of fabrics or wallpapers. A rosy future indeed. ARTIST INFORMATION: Catherine Nolin, Andover, MA

WEB: www.catherinenolin.org BLOG: www.catherinenolinfineart.blogspot.com ETSY: www.etsy.com/shop/catherine47? ref=top_trail

••••••• 6

Prudence’s Calling by Catherine Nolin

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Talking Color Tobi Fairley

Mary Douglas Drysdale

Design podcasts In 2009, I partnered up with Megan Arquette of the blog Beach Bungalow 8 and Joni Webb of Cote de Texas and created a “radio” podcast chat series that we called “The Skirted Roundtable” (with a little nod towards The Algonquin Roundtable). We fashioned ourselves after “The View” (only nicer) with conversation about design and blogging. Sometimes its just the three of us and sometimes we’ve invited other interesting people to join us. Since we began, we’ve been lucky to have hosted some of the biggest names in the design field today and these episodes have become something akin to a “masterclass” in interior design.

Alessandra Branca


Tobi Fairley, Mary Douglas Drysdale and Alessandra Branca are but three of a stellar group of design stars we’ve chatted with over the last nearly two years. For a complete list of our recordings, you can visit our website at www.skirtedroundtable.blogspot.com.


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::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

info@kpowers.com 7

It sometimes seems that the single biggest source of fear and angst for homeowners when they are decorating is how to select paint colors. It’s a reason why so many homes are painted white or off white there’s a fear of getting it wrong and having to live with the mistake. Pity, because paint really is the least expensive part of a home’s interior, especially for DIY types. In fact, the biggest mistake people make is not the actual color selection, it’s starting with the paint color first. Perhaps that sounds a little counterintuitive, but it’s not.

Our homes are made up of a lot more than the color on our walls. There are floors, furniture and window treatments to consider. And, of course, in the kitchen and bath, we have cabinetry, counter surfaces and appliances that play an important role. The most successful color schemes require that we consider the whole and then determine the details.


COLOR Toolbox

Color is fun and nourishing for the soul. And the best part? It’s easy to figure out a great color combination, if you have the tools.

The Takeaway on Color Trends Following trends can be a tricky business. Each year, the color forecasting experts at 2011 Pantone release their “color of year” pick. This is the color that they’ve predicted will be the hot color in products, fashion or home interiors. Lots of time, effort and money goes into these predictions and major manufacturers spend top dollar gaining access to this information so that when the time comes, their products will be right “on trend” to catch the consumer’s eye. And so, each year with great fanfare, the color of the year is announced. If 2010 you follow fashion news and trends, you might be well aware of all of this. But, does it mean you should run out and re-paint your living room to be on trend? Clearly, the answer is no. Unless the color of the year is one you love, in which case, paint away. But, it’s never a 8

good idea to slavishly follow a trend in home decor - it’s simply too expensive. Naturally, a 2009 throw pillow here or a new area rug there can spice things up, but in general, it’s always best to stick with what you love and ignore what you don’t. It’s also important to note that these color predictions are just that - predictions made well in advance with no guarantees that the colors will take off. It’s a gamble. While 2010’s Turquoise 2008 continues to be very popular, 2011’s Honeysuckle will only appeal to a limited audience. 2009’s Mimosa yellow barely made a dent while 2008’s Blue Iris, seems to have presaged a return of jewel tones into our interiors. And the takeaway? Trends are fun, but only in small doses.

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

e r u Mother Nat Knows Best!


COLOR Toolbox


Looking to nature for the perfect color combinations


http:// www.b enjami nmoor e.com/

* Colors selected using Sherwin Williams iPhone app

Colors selected using Ben. Moore iPhone app

BM Starry

BM Cool

BM Buttered








Night Blue 2067-20

Blue 2058-40

Yam AF-230

Sunflower 2019-30

Kiwi 544

Blue Cruise 7606

Gulfstream 6768

Leapfrog 6431

Sandbank 6052

Balanced Beige 7037

* Due to variations in screen colors and technological limitations, always double check the results of any color app with actual paint samples. Big Jar series from Lyons Glassworks h t t p : / / w w w. l y o n s g l a s s . c o m / decorativeobjects.html

Big Green Bowl from Elizabeth Lyons

Conway Fabrics Designers Guild h t t p : / / www.designersguild. com/fabric-andw a l l p a p e r showroom/allcollections/ Conway Fabrics - Designers Guild

John Derian Moroccan Pouf http:// www.johnderian.com/ imports/poufs/ orange.html John Derian Moroccan Pouf

Barcelona Fabric collection: Designers Guild http:// www.designersguild.com/ fabric-and-wallpapershowroom/all-collections/ barcelona-fabric/

Fontage from Designer’s Guild h t t p : / / www.designersguild.com/ fabric-and-wallpapershowroom/all-collections/ racine/fontange/ Fontage from Designers Guild

Barcelona Fabric collection

Mid-Century Stacked Ball lamps

Big Jar series from Elizabeth Lyons

Barbara Barry for Ann Sachs Frame Tile http:// w w w. a n n s a c k s . c o m / onlinecatalog/

Barbara Barry for

from Designers Guild

Mid-Century Stacked Ball lamps from Swank Lighting http://www. 1stdibs.com/ furniture_item_detail. php?id=328200

http://www.lyonsglass.com/ bigjars.html

Deerly in Roan by PalacePapers h t t p : / / www.palacepapers. com/wallpaper/? FID=8&FIID=14 6

Ann Sachs Frame Tile

Deerly in Roan by

Ornament 6 in Frost, New Moon Rugs http:// newmoonrugs.com/ i n d e x . p h p ? option=com_rsgallery2&p age=inline&id=2005


Ornament 6 in Frost, New Moon Rugs

from Swank Lighting

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living



COLOR Toolbox





16 Color Resources for Inside & Out


Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

HGTV’s Paint Glossary: Paint, Color & Tools

Colour Lovers Ideas & Inspiration

Color Me Happy by Maria Killam

Better Home’s & Gardens Color-A-Room

House Beautiful The Best of Paint Colors

Colorful House photography on Flickr

Integral Color by Barbara Jacobs

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer

This Old House How to Choose the Right Colors for your Rooms

Colorful Interiors A Google Photoset

Hue: For the Love of Color by Rachel Perls

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Behr ColorSmart

Pantone Color Institute

Historic Color Palettes from California Paints

Colorbudz: Where Color Knowledge Blooms by Lori Sawaya

X Donated Ad Space

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


Linda & Friends: What’s on our coffee tables

http:// www.amaz on.com/ g p /

Parish Hadley Sixty Years of Design by Christopher Petakanas “For photos of beautiful rooms in all kinds of gorgeous colors, PARISH HADLEY by Christopher Petakanas is my favorite.” Jennifer Boles, The Peak of Chic

h t t p : / / www.amazon.com/ gp/product/ 1588167399/ ref=as_li_ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=cha meleoninte-20&link Code=as2&camp=1 789&creative=39095 7&creativeASIN=15

House Beautiful Color For Your Home A hands-on, easy to use book that details the colors used in some of the most beautiful rooms by today’s hottest interior designers.


h t t p : / / www.amazon.c o m / g p / product/ 0847829170/ ref=as_li_ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag Rooms to Inspire by Annie Kelly with photographer Tim Street-Porter “Chapters like “The Definitive Warmth of Red” and “The Diverse Range of Gold” keep me immersed in the book for hours, and of course, the photography of Tim Street-Porter is perfection!” Michelle Morelan, The Schematic Life

http://www.amazon.com/ gp/product/0847835944/ ref=as_li_ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleoni nte-20&linkCode=as2&ca mp=1789&creative=39095 7&creativeASIN=0847835 944

Walls: The Best of Decorative Treatments by Florence De Dampierre A gorgeous book that showcases sophisticated wall decoration ideas from around the world. Murals, decorative painting, wallpapers and wood panelling are illustrated and explained.

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Co l re orfu ad l s http://www.amazon.com/gp/ product/1849750386/ r e f = a s _ l i _ s s _ t l ? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleoninte20&linkCode=as2&camp=178 9&creative=390957&creativeA SIN=1849750386

Farrow & Ball Living with Color by Ros Byam Shaw “This book explains how to use Farrow & Ball paints and wall papers to create beautiful rooms.They limit their paint colors. Each color is wonderful and classic, so you can use them in any design style from traditional to modern.” Brooke Giannetti, Velvet & Linen

h t t p : / / www.amazon.com/gp/ product/0847835065/ ref=as_li_ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleo ninte-20&linkCode=as2& camp=1789&creative=39 0957&creativeASIN=084 7835065

Colors, Pattern and Space by Tricia Guild Fabric and pattern designer Tricia Guild is known for her sumptuous palettes and detail. This colorful book will certainly be a pick-me-up on a cold winter day.

Gui de t o orat ive L iving


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Michael received his design training at the Wentworth Institute of Technology and, prior to becoming a professional photographer, worked as a interior designer for award winning designers Richard FitzGerald and Celeste Cooper. His design training has given him a unique perspective as he approaches a photography assignment. He understands a space and knows how to make it shine. His work regularly appears in all the regions’ major publications. www.michaeljleephotography.com

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