::Surroundings:: Guide To Decorative Living - Jul/Aug 2011

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July/August 2011

Greetings! I’m afraid this issue of ::Surroundings:: is a little late this month as I’ve been happily up to my ears with design work! There seems to be a positive upswing in the design industry here in New England and I hope that it is the same across the country. Across the region, my industry peers are walking with a swing in their step we haven’t seen in a while. Of course, it’s summer and we’re also spending time outdoors and taking advantage of all the season has to offer. Whether you’re stealing a few moments on a hot day [see our cover] or planning a more formal fresh air retreat, you’ll be sure to find inspiration among our pages.

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Outdoor dining tables designers love

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En Plein Air

9 Ways To Get Your Outdoors On

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The Skirted Roundtable on outdoor living

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Product roundup

Guide: Caring for Rattan Ten tips for outdoor furniture

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I thought I’d leave you with a few quotes from writers who have captured the feeling of the season better than I ever could!


Summer Reading List Editor’s share their summer reads


A summer beach house gets a makeover

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Credits and Contacts Who, What, Where & When

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::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

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