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Spring 2013


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Issue #12


Guide to Decorative Living

Vacation Style


Floral Pillows –graphic patterns are inspired by Australia’s bountiful flora and fauna. Handprinted on natural rustic linen with intriguing detail trim. 24” x 24” with down fill insert. Other prints and sizes available. $ 215. each

Photographer Michael J Lee

When shooting the covers of ::Surroundings:: photographer Michael J Lee and I always look to create a scene that speaks to the season as well as the theme of the issue. Many of our industry colleagues in local shops and Design Center showrooms do much to support the New England design community from lending goods for photoshoots to making donations of food, goods, and space for fundraisers and other special events. We like to give back by highlighting them in our cover stories. And so, we headed off to Artefact Home|Garden in Belmont, MA to shoot the Spring issue of ::Surroundings::. Owners (and sisters) Maureen Walsh and Sue Walsh couldn’t have been more supportive (thanks for the coffee, ladies!) as we ransacked their amazing shop for just the right finds to illustrate our Spring Vacation Style living issue. I hope you’ll agree that we hit the mark!

Beehive Planter – A classic planter style, but with just the right amount of ‘ f u n k ’ . Lightweight and durable, t h e s e planters are wonderful planted with just about anything, or as a sculptural element on their own. Available in 6 different sizes and several colors, orders ship in 2-4 weeks. Made in the USA. As shown, matte black, 36”h x 30”w, $ 925.

COVER SHOT: photography by: MICHAEL J. LEE • styling by: LINDA MERRILL


::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

the Cover


Ruby Bottles – an emerging Santa Monica artisan crafts these stunning ruby bottles. Like the ruby slippers – there’s no place like home (your home) for these beautiful pieces. Between 8”h and 14”h, handblown in the USA. $ 218. Each

Outdoor Tapers – made of stainless steel and available in 4 sizes, the tapers have a reservoir for citronella oil; perfect for New England patios and decks this summer. Striking! As shown 42” $180., 52” $ 230., 58” $ 290.

Iron Circle Chairs – fantastic as a conversation piece or a great piece to sit on while enjoying a great conversation. $ 460. each

Architectural Capital – made in lightweight and weather resistant resin stone, the replica of a decorative capital makes a great table base or coffee table – inside or out. Available in 3 sizes and several colors; custom orders ship in 2-4 weeks. Hand made in the USA. As shown, color lead grey 18”h x 21”w, $575. ::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


Summer 2013

Cynthia Bogart, Toma Haines and me in New Orleans, April 2013

Time is already flying by in 2013 and summer is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about vacations and “staycations”. I started the Spring season off with a whirlwind trip to New Orleans in April with BlogTourNola, presented by Modenus. As part of this elite group of interior and kitchen designers and design bloggers, we were treated to all that NOLA is famous for - its food, music and shopping. We learned about the products of our sponsors and attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry show. My contacts file is bulging from all the great new product information I collected. The highlight of the trip was a day spent meeting some of those most effected by Hurricane Katrina and the current state of the rebuilding effort. It’s important to share that many, many individuals are still not back in their homes as funding and emotions are nearly drained. With time and so many other important news stories, the folks in these hard hit areas are feeling forgotten. You can read more about my New Orleans adventures and the latest news for the rebuilding efforts on my blog here. Learn more about the Storehouse for World Visions project and Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation and how they are helping the people of Louisiana. This issue of ::Surroundings:: is focused on vacation style living - whether you’re staying home or going away. Being “on vacation” is as much a state of mind as it is a destination - so don’t forget to put away the electronics on occasion and just relax! Warmly,

Linda 4

BlogTourNola in New Orleans


Behind the Cover Vacation Style

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Spa Bathroom Retreat Creating your own getaway

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An Old Fashioned New England Clambake On the beach or in your kitchen Page 10 Decorating: Cheap and Cheerful Vacation Decor-in-a-Bag

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My New Orleans Scrapbook Yes, travel pics!

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::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

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Spa Bathroom Retreat Nothing says “Calgon, take me away” like a beautiful spa bathroom. A great bathroom retreat experience is one that engages, enchants and ultimately invigorates the five senses - Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell. A new bathroom may not be in your plans this year, but there’s no reason you can’t experience a little “away” time, right in your own home.

Ann Sachs’ Lucien Tile

Design and rendering by Linda Merrill

Design and rendering by Linda Merrill

Enchant your five senses... Mr. Steam Towel Warmer

A little bubbly

Toto 11” Rain Showerhead

iSteam © by Mr. Steam

Dyptique Candle

Bubble Bath

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Speaker - all in one!


iDevices iShower Bluetooth Speaker

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Your favorite white towels

Hand milled natural soap

Bamboo Scrub Brush

Men’s Body scrubbing soap

Fluffy White Robe Design and rendering by Linda Merrill

Photo by Linda Merrill

An Old-Fashioned New England Clambake 10

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

A traditional New England Clambake involves a large pit in the sand, a roaring wood fire that has been reduced to glowing embers and hot rocks. Bank the coals, distributing the ash, rock and embers equally. Spread a layer of water soaked seaweed and pile on the food and cover all

with a seawater soaked tarp or potato sacking; let steam for several hours. If there isn’t a beach close by, New England native Emeril Lagasse has a great stove-top version that will have you smelling the salt air and hearing the waves in no time.

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living



Decorating: A Cheap and Cheerful Vacation in a Bag

Whether you’re staying home or heading off to a rented beach house or mountain retreat, why not put together a quick “decor in a bag” collection of decorating items that will help personalize your space without breaking the bank! 3 2

4 5



8 9

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::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

In addition to Linda Merrill’s Premium Design Services for the discerning clientele, Linda offers “Virtual Design” plans for those whose budgets or geographic locations aren’t conducive to in-person meetings. Learn More Here

LEVEL I: INSPIRATION BOARD: A customized digital Inspiration Board. Send photos of your room and we’ll return a digital mood board that will provide the perfect “Jump Start” for your design plans. Included in your plan with be a sketch or rendering for an overview of the design concept, color palette, recommendations for decorations and furnishings, and other instructions as necessary. It’s a great plan to get you started! LEVEL II: THE JUMP START FULL PLANNER: Level II is a multipage (approximately 20 pages) digital PDF document that includes rendering(s) or sketch(es) to show the overall feel of the space, measured floor plans, color palette and specific paint colors, furnishings, window coverings and accessories. It’s everything you’ll need to create a beautiful, and complete space. Just add elbow grease!

Private Sketch Book for:


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::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


My New Orleans Scrapbook

Gui de t o orat ive L iving




Linda is an award winning interior designer who received her design education at the acclaimed Boston Architectural College. She has decorated homes throughout New England, Greater Boston, the South Shore & Cape Cod and across the globe via her virtual design services. Her love of interiors is but one of her artistic pursuits, and her studies in music and the fine arts continues to influence her design aesthetic. In addition to her nationally recognized blog ::Surroundings::, she has written a regular newsletter to a mailing list of over 1,000 (and growing) loyal readers for nearly 9 years, and is a regular contributing writer to other publications. She is the founder and moderator of radio/ podcast series called “The Skirted Roundtable”, available on iTunes.

Michael received his design training at the Wentworth Institute of Technology and, prior to becoming a professional photographer, worked as a interior designer for award winning designers Richard FitzGerald and Celeste Cooper. His design training has given him a unique perspective as he approaches a photography assignment. He understands a space and knows how to make it shine. His work regularly appears in all the regions’ major shelter publications.


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