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Suffering from Infertility Issue Try out Artificial Insemination Significant studies show that fertility rate has been decreased since past 2 decades. Stress is considered as the major reason of infertility in this fast modernized world. The situation could be very challenging for a suffering couple. However, various techniques have evolved to solve this issue and to bring happiness in the life of thousands of hopeless couples. There are certain female or male infertility factors, where artificial insemination can work effectively, such as if the female is having unfriendly cervical mucus, any of the partner or both have unusual seminal fluid or if both partners are active and bear normal production of egg and but face problems for successful intercourse. Artificial Insemination is one of the famous and widely accepted and used techniques for conceiving a child. Artificial Insemination is referred to a process where with the help of masturbation male (could be a donor or partner) have been taken, and after washing and treatment is injected in the cervix of a female during her ovulation days. Correct timing for its placement plays a key role in successful artificial insemination. The female usually does not feel any pain during the procedure, however sometimes a bit discomfort can be felt, which can be gone in few hours. The doctor during artificial insemination procedure might suggest some fertility pills and other related medication to the female. Intracervical Insemination The above mentioned procedure of placing the male's in women's cervix is known as Intracervical Insemination. It is not too much expensive and at the same time it is a painless procedure. There are other four techniques of artificial insemination. The sperm is placed at different places in each of the technique. The doctor after the examining the female would suggest which technique should be applied to get the desired result. Intrauterine Insemination During Intrauterine insemination, the male sperm after wasing is inserted in the uterus of the female. It is the most adoptable technique of artificial insemination. Chances are more likely in this process for

women to get pregnant as the semen is inserted nearer to fallopian tube. In combination with this process, certain medicines are prescribed by the doctor to stimulate the ovaries of the respective female. However, this process is expensive than other techniques of artificial insemination. Intravaginal Insemination: Another technique involved for artificial insemination is Intraveginal. The partners in such insemination try to place the semen in the by their own. The male fill up the syringe with sperm and inject it close to cervix . This method is adopted by those couples who have a problem of less timings or early ejaculation. As this can be done at home, so it is a cheap method in terms of cost. It is the one of the part of surrogacy. For this you can go to a surrogacy centre. Intratubal Insemination: There are two types of this intervention, known as Intratubal Insemination invloves intraperitoneal inseminations and intra-fallopian insemination. This method is used rarely as it is expensive and most important the rate of success is very low. To know more about surrogacy australia Please check this out

Suffering from Infertility Issue Try out Artificial Insemination  

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