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You can join the Guild of Societies online at Once you’ve signed up then come into the Activities Office in the Students’ Union or to the stall at Freshers’ Fayre to collect your membership pack! Your money goes directly into a ‘Guild of Societies pot’ and is available for society development and projects throughout the year. Your Guild is run by the Societies Executive and the society committee members.

Welcome to the Guild of Societies!

For more information on the Guild please go to

Who to speak to…

Societies are a great way to meet new people and have fun at University and

While every society here is organised and run by students, there is also a

as a Guild member you have a choice

Sabbatical Officer in the Students’ Union who looks after them. Societies are

of over 60 societies to get involved

represented in the Students’ Union by the Vice President Societies and Individual

with. Whether you want to meet like

Development. Your VP this year is Jack Symons and you will find him at his desk

minded people or try something new,

in the Activities Office – just ask at the Students’ Union reception if you are

you are sure to find a society in our

unsure where to go. Jack is very approachable and is there to answer all of your


questions about societies. Also in the Activities team is Joanne Hodgson, the Student Activities Co-

What you get…

ordinator and Amy Fawcett, the Student Activities Manager. They are also both happy to help you with any society enquiries or questions that you may have.

All our societies are part of the ‘Guild of Societies’ which is the organisation that supports, represents and unites all societies. By becoming a member of the Guild you are joining a fantastic organisation which gives you access to all of our societies. Guild membership costs £5 for the year and once you have joined you can sign up to as many societies as you would like to. All Guild members receive a membership pack which includes society information and your membership card. The first 500 members also get a goody bag as a thank you for signing up!

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How it works… Our societies are separated into five different categories: Arts, Departmental, Faith and Religious, International and Special Interest. Please find in the coming pages a list of all of our currently active societies. If you don’t find the society you are looking for then you can start your own up!

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Arts Arts based societies are those which include areas such as dance, music,

The Music and Drama Society is here to bring the excitement


of theatre and performance to the University. Our weekly workshops are a great chance to explore acting, learn new techniques and push your boundaries.

Big Band

All members will get to audition for our winter production. There

The Big Band is a student run group which aims to provide

will also be plenty more opportunities to get involved in events

more opportunities to play jazz at the University with regular performances on and off campus. Auditions for the band will be which run throughout the year.

Come and see us at Freshers’ Fayre for more information, to sign

held at the beginning of the Semester one.

up and get in on the act!


No Wave

Cyclone is the University of Surrey’s answer to all your dance

No Wave is the University of Surrey’s resident alternative music

music needs. Whether you’re crazy for Trance and Hard House,

society. Much more than a metal society, No Wave is for anyone

or Minimal House is more your thing, we’re where it’s at! Look

with musical tastes outside mainstream – which does include

out for Cyclone posters to keep you up to date, or listen to the

metal, along with Ska, J-rock, Rock, Indie, Dark Wave and Punk

‘Cyclone Dance Show’ live on GU2. If you are a DJ, drop by and say hi! We host radio and live events,

(just to name a few!) Events range from DJ-ing our own club nights in the Helyn Rose Bar (HRB), trips to alternative nights off campus, mellow meetings in Wates House, pub crawls and a

and are always on the lookout for new talent to showcase.

summer picnic to end the year.

Gospel Choir

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The Gospel Choir is a relatively new but vibrant society here at


Surrey. We play a number of concerts a year and get involved

Surrey's premier drum & bass, breaks and dubstep society.

with other societies to bring a touch of gospel to their events!

Monthly night with Presha residents and big name DJs twice a

Whether you have sung gospel music before or want to try it for

year - recently Shy FX, Nicky Blackmarket, Andy C & Pendulum.

the first time then the Gospel Choir is for you!

Weekly radio show and regular Presha coach trips to clubs such

as Fabric and The End. If you want to play or MC then all you have to do is bring a demo to one of our nights!

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Surrey Dance Squad

Chem Eng

A regular ‘act’ on at Rubix, SDS has had many successful

Chem Eng Society is for Chemical Engineers and we want you

performances at Citrus, Flirt and event nights such as Fetish and

to be a part of it! It provides a great chance for you to meet

Special Guest nights. If you enjoy dancing then step up to the

Chemical Engineers from Levels 2, 3 and 4, post grads and

Surrey Dance Squad!

graduates, not forgetting the lecturers of course! We hold events every week, including a few major events, such as our Dinner and

Wind Band Dance and attending Frank Morton Sports Day! Come and meet

your course mates outside of lectures! Don’t miss out!

Windband are a student run orchestra for woodwind, brass, and percussion. It is open to all students of any musical ability and from any course and is conducted by music students specialising


in conducting. We play Disney film music like The Lion King,

The Chemistry Society is a departmental society that runs social

popular music, through to the more serious music of Boroding

events for all chemistry students and their friends. Our public

and Bizet. We rehearse on Monday evenings at 7.15pm in AP 3/4,

events are incredibly popular- in recent years we have had

promptly followed by drinks in Wates! See you there. several hundred people attend our summer barbeque! It’s fun for


Departmental The Departmental Societies are those which represent students from

Civ Soc

the different academic departments here on campus.

CivSoc aims to get together all the Civies to have a good time outside of lectures. Don’t miss the first CivSoc pub crawl of the

Bio Soc BioSoc is an informal gathering of all members of Biosciences

year; get your hi-vis jackets and hard hats ready!

courses and their friends, housemates or anyone who fancies coming along. Let loose your inner lab-coat and goggles! This year we hope to produce not only another spectacular ball but also some more science-related (at least broadly) activities such as trips to museums in London. Don't worry though: we will still have more than enough pub crawls in ridiculous outfits than you

can shake a test tube at!

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Economics A huge and diverse range of activities from high-profile guest lectures to (our infamous) society parties and social events are on offer.

26/8/08 10:30:26

Elec Eng


Elec Eng Society is a chance for Surrey’s Electronic Engineers to

The Nursing Society is for any Nurses, Midwifes or ODPs. We

meet up outside of lectures and socialise. We host a variety of

endeavour to provide support throughout your course and

events throughout the year for our members.

make sure you have a lot of fun too! Throughout the year we will

organise social events such as the popular 'white t-shirt' pub crawl, Doctors and Nurses night in Rubix and evening meals in

Law The Law Society exists to support law students in all areas of student life, be it academically or socially. We host the LawSoc

Guildford. This year we will also be running activities throughout

Freshers’ Week. The society is also here to answer any questions about the course, accommodation and localities.

Christmas Party every year, as well as the annual Law Ball during the spring semester which is the social event of the year and

not to be missed! There are also competitions for all LawSoc


members such as Mooting and Client Interviewing, which

The Politics Society is here for all the politics students at Surrey,

develop vital skills not always acquired through lectures and

as well as anyone else who is interested in coming along to our


meetings. We hold a variety of events such as discussions and

Mech Soc MechSoc is the society of mechanical, medical and aerospace engineers. As well as helping you with any issues, whether inside or outside of lectures, we’re here to take you out and show you a good time. Expect barbecues, days out, nights out and anything in between. We’re open to your ideas. Make sure you add us on facebook, and don’t miss out on kicking off the year with our

social occasions.

Psychology PsychSoc helps all psychology students with their studies, as well as hosting social events for members including bar crawls and the annual ball.

Freshers’ Week events!

Mu Soc MuSoc is the society for all music students here at Surrey to meet up and have fun! We love to hold a wide variety of social events

guild_booklet 8-9

for our members and we promise fun for all involved

Faith and Religious These societies cover faiths and religions from around the world Catholic For those who don’t know (yet) who we are, Cathsoc is a

26/8/08 10:30:27

welcoming society to the Catholic community in the University.


We are open for anyone who wants to join us. We have mass on

The Orthodox Society was founded here at the University of

Sundays during term time as well as weekly meetings.

Surrey in 1998 by students who wanted to express themselves

within a multi-cultural environment. We organise lectures, concerning orthodox spirituality, trips to religious sites within the

Chosen Chosen is a Christian fellowship at the University of Surrey that

UK, and many more cultural activities including trips to theatres or historical sites.

is aimed at spreading the gospel of Christ to young people through a modern relaxed atmosphere. We meet weekly to Sikh

worship, praise and share the word of God. Furthermore, we also offer Christian and inspirational books for loan, free of charge at

The University of Surrey Sikh Society aims to raise awareness


across the University. We meet regularly and are also an active part of the proposed multi-faith centre here at Surrey. As well as raising awareness we also get members together for general

Christian Union The CU is a group of enthusiastic Christians who meet every Thursday at 7pm in AP1 for teaching, fellowship and worship. We

chat and for social events which are not only educational but thoroughly enjoyable. The society is a great way for you to meet other people and enjoy your time at University.

are one of the most active societies on campus and exist to serve, and be relevant to, all its non-members. The CU run a number of

regular events such as free tea and coffee outside Rubix on Friday nights, as well as themed talks and socials.

International There are over 130 different nationalities represented on campus and many of them have an International Society here to represent our


international students and help to share their culture

The main role of the Islamic Society is to support Muslim students in the University, and to develop and coordinate activities for


all members and the general student community. The society

The African-Caribbean Society (ACS) represents all cultures that

organises a one-week Islamic Awareness event annually and host

are of Afro-Caribbean descent. ACS exists for recognition and regular Friday ‘Jumaa’ prayers at the Quite Centre amongst other


guild_booklet 10-11

appreciation of our culture. It’s about bringing people together and learning about our African and Caribbean heritage and, most

26/8/08 10:30:30

of all, to celebrate our culture. We are here to bring fun-packed

Chinese Asian

activities, functions and events throughout the course of the year

The CAS warmly welcomes anyone who is interested in meeting

to ‘spice’ up University life. We’re open to all ethnicities who wish to

new people, especially people from Hong Kong. We welcome

come and experience what being African-Caribbean is all about.

new students, to ensure they settle down well while being away from their home country. We organise events such as bowling


trips, paintballing and sports tournaments for our members. Each year the CAS takes part in organising the Union’s Chinese New

We are a group of students gathering on a weekly basis for

Year event. You will have the chance to take part in as well as see

entertainment and social activities. Some of these activities

the show.

include cooking, paintballing, trips, picnics, Arabic nights, football and much more. The group has been successful for the past year

and we encourage everyone to come along and participate!

CSSA The CSSA (Chinese Students’ and Scholars’ Association) is here for all the Chinese students at the University of Surrey to meet with

Asian The Asian Society exists to enhance the social and cultural experiences of Surrey students – be they Asian or non-Asian!

each other. We help students to settle into life in the UK, as well

as organising a range of social events for our members.

We have many social events throughout the year, including club nights in Rubix, coach trips to London and the surrounding areas,


dinners, movie nights, trips to theme parks and many more! On

We provide an outlet for the celebration of the Cypriot culture,

the cultural side of things we participate in the iFestival in the

as well as bringing together Cypriots from across campus for spring semester to showcase our society’s tradition, culture and

general way of life.

Brazilian Founded in 2003 the Brazilian society has members from all backgrounds. Our aim is simple: learn what the Brazilian culture is all about from culinary delights during the International Festival to the famous samba/funk parties organised every semester!

guild_booklet 12-13

social activities. We often hold events together with the Hellenic


Egyptian The society was created for the first time in 2008. The society aims to connect all Egyptian students with the University community. The society is willing to help new students start their life and work in Surrey as well as involving them in the Union

26/8/08 10:30:31

activities. The society organises a variety of regular events to

The society aims to gather Iranians as well as non Iranians to connect students together and hopes to bring a picture of Egypt

celebrate different cultures and values by organising various

to Surrey, as well as taking a picture of Surrey back to Egypt!

events and activities throughout the year. This year the committee is planning to organise more diverse events such as


parties, sports tournaments, musical performances, BBQs, movies and trips.

The German society is here to act as a meeting point for all the German students here at Surrey, as well as sharing German culture with everyone who is interested! We arrange events for

Italian our members on a regular basis.

If you enjoy good food, great wine and friendly people then the Italian Society is for you. Everyone is welcome to join, Italians and

Hellenic One of the larger societies, we provide entertainment events,


social activities, education events and recreational opportunities as well as raising the profile of the culture with the rest of the

Korean University.

University of Surrey Students’ Union Korean Society was initiated not only to develop a sense of community and fellowship among Korean students but also promote Korean culture to other

Indian The society aims to promote and celebrate the Indian culture,


and is there to support the Indian students on campus. They hold regular events and provide means of students keeping in

Malaysian (MSS)

touch with current affairs related to India. Every year we hold

Greetings from Malaysia! The Malaysian Students’ Society (MSS) is

celebrations for Diwali and Holi.

here to share Malaysian culture with all students as well as being a meeting point for all Malaysian students here at Surrey. We


arrange a variety of events and trips for our members so come

The Iranian Society is continually and rapidly growing due to an increase in students’ interest and aims to be one of the biggest and most active societies at the University of Surrey.

guild_booklet 14-15

along and meet us at Freshers’ Fayre!

26/8/08 10:30:32

North American


The North American Society is for anyone from our continent

We are very active and run a variety of social events throughout

to meet up with fellow North Americans, as well as for anyone

the year. We welcome new members, and take part in the

interested in finding out more about North America.

iFestival, putting on impressive displays and shows. We also host

an annual show ‘Thendral’ to share our culture with everyone!

Pakistan Students’ Association

We aim to act as a home away from home for Pakistani students

Turkish Speakers

by providing support for our members, as well as a wide range of

Hoş Geldiniz! ...Pronounced hosh gel-din-iz...This means


'welcome', something you might very well hear a Turkish speaker say (especially here at Surrey :>). We are the Turkish Speakers Society, often referred to as TSS around campus. We are here for

Russian Speakers The Russian Speakers Society is for all Russians on campus, as well as for anyone interested in learning about Russian culture, or

all students who are interested in the language and culture, and

we help to support Turkish speakers away from their motherland. It’s a great social network with organised trips and events.

wanting to learn how to speak Russian. We organise a wide range of social events and trips for our members.

Special Interest The Special Interest Societies cover a wide variety of hobbies and Sri Lankan


The Sri Lankan Society exists to be a meeting point for all students from Sri Lanka to meet with each other and make great



The Conservative Society here at Surrey aims to bring all

Taiwanese All students from Taiwan are invited to join the Taiwanese Society, as well as anyone interested in finding out more about our culture!

conservative students together to meet with each other. We have close links with the local Guildford Conservative Association and get involved with local politics. We arrange social events for our members, ranging from pub crawls to visits to Parliament and the national Conservative conference. guild_booklet 16-17

26/8/08 10:30:34



Welcome to the Debating Society! We are here for all students

We exist to give pyrotechnic enthusiasts the opportunity to train

interested in debating current affairs and topical issues.

in the safe use of fireworks.

We arrange debates within the society, as well as going to intervarsity debates with other Universities. We also hold regular

social events for our members.

Machine and Vehicle We are here for the machine and vehicle enthusiasts of Surrey. Whether you are interested because of your course or it is a

Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS)

hobby of yours then come along and join us. We organise a range

This society is for both general hobby electronics and amateur

of activities and trips for our members from working on old cars

radio. Join if you are interested in making your guitar amplifier louder, building a transmitter or interfacing something to your

and motorbikes to going to watch racing at circuits around the country.

computer. You can get advice on construction projects as well as the opportunity to experiment with radio equipment. Model UN The Model UN is here to help students understand the activities Game We aim to provide a forum for role-players and war-gamers to

of the United Nations by engaging in UN style meetings and


meet each other, as well as to help promote interest in such activities.

Mountain Walking We are a very sociable, fun and active society that caters for all abilities of hill walkers, from the very beginners, to the advanced.

Hippie Sports The Hippie Sports Society enjoys all kinds of circus skills from juggling to poi. Whether you have practiced these skills before or want to learn them for the first time then you are welcome to join us!

guild_booklet 18-19

Anyone who would like to enjoy themselves, along with the occasional challenge, while seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in Guildford, the British Isles and abroad is welcome to come and join us as we go Up Hill and Down Ale.

26/8/08 10:30:35

People and Planet

Pool Soc

We are an environmentally focused society, wanting to raise

Whether you enjoy playing pool and snooker already, or would

support for a proposal to get the University to switch to a ‘Green

like to learn then the Pool Society is here for you. We meet every

Energy’ supplier. We also want to support a campaign to improve

week and go to a local pool hall to practice, play and have fun! the recycling facilities available on campus.

We run regular tournaments for our members.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Photographic

We get together to watch and discuss a wide variety of film, from

The Photography Society operates as a forum for the exchange

Star Wars to Lord of the Rings. Everybody brings their favourite

of ideas and information and for promoting the work of its

films and we vote on which to watch. We run filmathons on

members, regardless of experience or skill. Official meetings consist of lectures (some past topics include: landscape, macro,

selected days, voted for by the members.

lighting), photo critique sessions and open discussion. Friendly advice is exchanged in the unofficial gatherings at Wates House.

Scout and Guiding

For 2008-2009, the Society is planning several thematic events

We are a Union society, but also members of the Student Scout

and a few workshops.

and Guide Organisation. It’s for people who may have been in

guiding and scouting in the past, or may be totally new to the whole thing.

Pirate Soc

The Pirate Society is a fun society which focuses on making


friends, having fun and raising money for charity. It is especially

Student In Free Enterprise is an international organisation

good for those who enjoy dressing up as pirates!

that mobilises university students around the world to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Our T.E.A.M project


has begun in schools to help students understand teambuilding

The Poker Society is for all those who love to play poker, or would like to learn how to do so! We have regular poker nights in the

guild_booklet 20-21

HRB and social events for our members.

and entrepreneurial skills. Many more projects are under

development, including an overseas visit to help third world communities.

26/8/08 10:30:37


There are some societies every year that are classified as ‘dormant.’ These are societies

The UNICEF (The United Nations Children Fund) society aims

which have been active in the past but there are currently no students who want to

to raise funds and promote awareness of children’s rights and

keep them running. These can be resurrected very easily with a simple AGM.

global issues amongst students. Experience first hand how you can change the lives of children here and abroad. If you have any

See below for a list of all dormant societies:

ideas or want to talk about getting more involved, come along to

one of our weekly meetings or email us.

Airsoft Society Anime and Games Society BRAAS (British Real Ale Appreciation Society)

Unique Society

Breakdance Society

We are a multi-cultural society focused on bringing together

Connoisseur Society

different people from different countries, in fun and innovative

Creative Writing Society

ways. We collect ideas and suggestions from you and we do our

Entrepreneurs Society

best to give our members what they want. We arrange activities

Liberal Democrats Society

ranging from parties to coach trips, games and all sorts! Our

Live Music Society

society has a fun and exciting atmosphere and we hope you’ll

Maths Society join us for an unforgettable time! We look forward to having you

Polish Society

as a member. One love.

Not found what you were looking for? Remember that societies are started by and run by students with the support of the Students’ Union. So if you don’t see a society that you want to be part of, feel free to start it up!

Amenities Some of the student-led groups here on campus provide an important service, and work closely with the Students’ Union in order to do so. These groups are called Amenities and you can join them in the same way as you would a society, except you don’t need to pay the Guild of Societies membership beforehand. They are separated into two categories – Welfare and Communications. The VP Welfare Natalie Forrester

To set up a new society, you need to go to, or

and the President Elizabeth Simos are the Sabbatical Officers who look after these

alternatively come to the Students’ Union and we will offer full support.


guild_booklet 22-23

26/8/08 10:30:38

and games in the name of charity. Put the fun into fundraising

Welfare Amenities

and make sure you join RAG this year!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) The society aims to: Support, promote and represent LGBT

students’ interests. Be fun and inclusive!

St. John LINKS

What we do: Organise social events, debates and discussions on

St John Ambulance is a voluntary organisation that provides

LGBT topics. Provide a voice against discrimination.

medical care services. Our skills range from first aid to advanced

Who can join? Anyone – we don’t expect people to categorise

ambulance training. The University division, Surrey LINKS,

themselves under a label!

provides first aid at 'Rubix' twice a week. Surrey LINKS have

Why should I join? To meet other LGBT people, to explore the

relations with neighbouring divisions which means we help with

social side of the LGBT community, to get your views heard.

the logistics at small to large events outside the University. If any of this sound like the sort of thing you want to get involved with, come along to any of our Tuesday meetings.

PGA The Postgraduate Association represents all taught and research postgraduate students across the University of Surrey, both

Communications Amenities

home and international. Operating from Wates House, the

PGA endeavours to act as a source of support and advice for


postgraduate students and to defend their best interests. The

Barefacts is the University of Surrey’s student newspaper. Written

committee maintains a busy social schedule from the humble

by students for students, the paper is published every two weeks

pub quiz or bingo night, charity fundraising events, to the

and includes news, articles, reviews and round-ups of events

glamour of the PGA summer ball.

happening in campus. We are always looking for writers so if you fancy trying your hand at journalism and seeing your name in print then contact us to find out how!

RAG RAG stands for Raising and Giving – and that is exactly what

guild_booklet 24-25

we do! We hold a wide variety of exciting fundraising events


throughout the year. RAG is a great way to make friends, have

Interested in radio? GU2 Radio has a place for you! GU2

fun and do something for charity along the way. The annual RAG

broadcasts 24/7 during term time and we have great fun doing

week will be happening in October and will include lots of fun

so! We have various roles that include presenting and producing

26/8/08 10:30:39

shows, Music, Technical, Advertising and News teams. Full training is available so no experience is needed! Join GU2 for the opportunity to do something different, make great friends and

Further Information

you might meet someone famous while you’re at it…Visit us at Freshers’ Fayre to get tuned in!

If you want further information

Amy Fawcett

then please go to www.ussu.

Student Activities Manager

Stage Crew where you find

Stage Crew is responsible for all of the technical side of Union

information on all of our societies,

Tel: 01483 68(3921)

events, and many off campus as well. This involves everything

how to join them and how to start

from mixing with headline bands at festivals, to setting up Union

one up.

Welfare Amenities:

DJ nights, so whether you want to get involved in mixing sound, video, or light, or playing with the giant Mechano kit that is a stage set, come along and join in! We meet every Monday at 6pm in the HRB.

Alternatively you can contact the

Natalie Forrester

following people:

VP Welfare


Tel: 01483 68(9228)

Jack Symons VP Societies and Individual Development Tel: 01483 68(3922) Joanne Hodgson

Communications Amenities: Elizabeth Simos President Tel: 01483 68(9227)

Student Activities Coordinator Tel: 01483 68(3920)

guild_booklet 26-27

26/8/08 10:30:41

LOST? whatever your interests, Find your society! Big Band




African-C aribbean


Gospel Choir





Hippie Sports

No Wave




Chinese Asian

Model UN

Surrey Dance Squad


Mountain Walking

Wind Band


People and Planet

Bio Soc



Chem Eng


Pirate Soc




Civ Soc


Pool Soc



Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Elec Eng


Scout and Guiding




Mech Soc



Mu Soc

North American

Unique Society


Pakistan Students' Assoc.



Russian Speakers



Sri Lankan

St. John LINKS




Christian Union




Turkish Speakers

Stage Crew



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26/8/08 10:30:41

The Guild of Societies  

Your guide to the Guild

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