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The Ultimate Workout Motivator When it Comes to Results, Sustained Motivation Over Time is The Key to Success. Step 1

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Fit my belt then start my workout.

Live data is displayed when in the gym. Exercise away from the gym is recorded.

Workout data is wirelessly uploaded at the club.

Receive email summary following upload.

Check my results online.

Tracking keeps me on target.

Achieve my goal.

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Motivation is driven by feedback. Feedback keeps you on track.

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Staying on track delivers results. Easy wireless upload – touch free! POS 43 - 17x22 v6.indd 1

12/12/2012 19:23

MyZone - The Ultimate Workout Motivator  

When it comes to results, sustained motivation over time is the key to success. MyZone is a monitoring device that uploads exercise data wir...