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LESSONS IN NUTRITION Learn. Understand. Succeed You are invited to attend a series of complimentary workshops led by Surrey Sports Park’s latest Personal Trainer and Dietitian, Rachel Hobbs. These workshops are aimed to increase your health and nutrition knowledge to support you in achieving your dream body alongside optimising your fitness and wellbeing.

Every Monday from 6.00pm in the Surrey Human Performance Institute (workshops last approximatly 30-45 minutes)

26 August:

Throw away the scales, look in the mirror

2 September:

Fat v. Fiction? Overcome fat phobia and get fit

9 September:

The bitter truth about the human sweet tooth

16 September: Protein Power 23 September: Supplements, are they essential to reach fitness goals? 30 September: Happiness and habits, emotions and eating 7 October:

Prior preparation prevents poor‌ food choices

14 October:

Unraveling the secrets of effective, enjoyable exercise

21 October:

Sleep yourself a better body

To book your place on one or more of the free sessions, please either email Rachel Hobbs on, or simply sign up at the Health and Fitness Suite reception.

Lessons in nutrition poster  
Lessons in nutrition poster