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Your 12-page guide to the Olympics in Surrey


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Meet the residents who’ve got involved in their local community 1 Olympics special pull-out l In the spotlight l Explore Surrey l Apprenticeships

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Join us for news, events, discussions, competitions and more.

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Love where you live and get involved in your local community


Turning the spotlight on Surrey Search and Rescue


Explore Surrey’s beautiful countryside


Saving the pennies with your leftovers


Staying independent for longer with Telecare


Apprentices making the right career move

13 Visit Camberley, a place with everything 14

What’s On from May to August

Plus a pull-out guide to the Olympics in Surrey!

The route of the Olympic Surrey matters flame…hosting the road cycle special races in Surrey…get inspired It com’sing! for sport in 2012…keeping the legacy alive…get the facts about the Olympics… olympi cs

Your guide to the Olympics in Surrey

Surrey Matters

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Email us: Write to us: Surrey Matters, Communications Team, G29, Surrey County Council, Freepost, KT1 2EA. Follow us: and @surrey_matters on Twitter. Sign up to the monthly e-newsletter by emailing Call us on: Telephone: 03456 009 009 Overseas: +44 20 8541 9944 Lines open: Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm Fax: 0208 541 6575 Minicom: 020 8541 9698 Visit us online: If you didn’t receive your own copy of Surrey Matters, or you would like this magazine in large print, on tape or in another language, please contact us. A pdf version is available on



The time really has flown by so far this year and that’s probably because we have been hard at work to make 2012 an unforgettable year for the whole county. This year, we are doing all we can to boost Surrey’s economy. The London 2012 Games has really helped us to achieve this with local businesses picking up Olympicrelated contracts worth £740 million. And it won’t stop there. As we build our reputation as Britain’s cycling destination, we not only want to get Surrey on the cycling map, but we also hope to boost the county’s tourism long term. Find out more about the plans for the Olympics in our special 12-page pullout. We are also working hard to get our young people in Surrey into work, training or education by 2016. This year we have already encouraged more businesses across the county to offer more apprenticeships. Turn to page 12 to hear how one apprentice believes that training while on the job is the best way At a glance… to make that first step onto the Over the last few career ladder. months I have: Finally, 2012 is the year that we want even more people Met with Jeremy Hunt, to get involved in their local Secretary of State for community. On page 6, Culture, Olympics, Media residents share their story about and Sport to discuss plans what they do and why they love for Surrey’s superfast living in Surrey. broadband roll-out. We hope you enjoy this bumper issue of Surrey Matters. Launched a four-year Please feel free to get in touch if study in Surrey schools you have any questions or ideas by researchers from Royal on how to boost the economy. Holloway, University of Email surreymatters@surreycc. London to find out why or call 03456 009 009. language difficulties develop and how they affect academic achievement. Peter Martin Deputy Leader Surrey County Council Produced by Surrey County Council Communications Team and printed on 100% recycled FSC paper. Please recycle this magazine. 04/12/NW/CS2233. Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information in this magazine, but Surrey County Council cannot accept responsibility for mistakes or omissions. Surrey County Council also does not accept responsibility for any goods or services offered by advertisers. Publication does not imply recommendation.

News Party in the street Across the nation, friends and neighbours will come together to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne and Surrey will be no exception. More than 200 street parties were held last year for the royal wedding and Surrey County Council, along with the district and borough councils, would love there to be even more celebrations taking place for the Diamond Jubilee. To find out more about organising a street party, visit or call 03456 009 009. Turn to page 14 for some planned Jubilee events taking place later this year.

Give us your rubbish

Be drought aware

If you’re planning a clear out of your home, make sure you bring your household waste and recycling to one of Surrey’s community recycling centres (CRCs) in a car. You can only bring your waste in a van, pickup or in a trailer if you have a permit. This is to stop trade waste being disposed of at the CRCs. For more information or to apply for your permit, visit

Despite the recent downpours, a lack of rainfall over the last two years means the county will be in a drought throughout the summer. Follow these simple steps to help save water in the home: l Take showers rather than baths. l Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. l Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl, rather than under running water. l Invest in a water butt to collect water when it rains. For more tips on what you can do to save water, go to




/vanpe eycc.g r r u .s w

Keeping spend local

Surrey County Council has plans to create a pool of 30 local firms to carry out buildings work, in an attempt to keep 60% of its spend locally. To help boost the economy of the county, the council will only use the local companies listed for architecture, structural engineering, surveying and property management work. The pool of firms will also be used by the county’s 11 borough and district councils and Surrey Police Authority.

Thousands tell us about broadband

Results from the council’s superfast broadband survey shows that broadband in the county needs to improve. Over 3,500 residents and businesses told the council about their internet needs and 99% gave their support for the council’s plans to introduce superfast broadband. Surrey County Council is now looking for a company to provide the superfast broadband and will award a contract later this year. For more information, visit or call 03456 009 009.

Get in the know before you go

Are you sick of being stuck in traffic jams? Wondering what those roadworks down the street are for? Get in the know before you go by clicking online or on Twitter. Residents can keep up to date with accidents, delays and closures on Surrey’s roads by following @surreytravel on Twitter. Seasonal highways advice, planned road improvement works by the council and those undertaken by gas, water and electricity companies can all be found online at For more information about Surrey’s highways, visit the website or call 0300 200 1003.

Thinking about home improvements? It’s now the season when many people’s thoughts turn to home improvements, but some are duped by rogue traders who do a shoddy job while being paid a lot of money. Surrey County Council’s Buy with Confidence scheme can help residents find reliable, trustworthy traders for a range of services, from gardeners to wedding suppliers. Each business in the scheme is vetted and approved by a local Trading Standards team to ensure they operate in a legal, honest and fair way. To take a look at the list visit uk/buywithconfidence or call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06. You can now follow @surreyts on Twitter or like Trading Standards on Facebook.

Information at the blink of a Surrey-i Surrey-i, the new website for information about Surrey, has attracted thousands of visitors interested in their neighbourhood. Since the site went live in November, there have been more the 18,000 visits from people accessing stats and facts about health, crime, economic performance and education in their neighbourhoods. The site has been developed by Surrey County Council and its partners NHS Surrey, Surrey Police, the county’s district and borough councils and voluntary organisations. If you haven’t browsed Surrey-i yet, go to www. uk and explore.


do you

love where What better way to love where you live than to get involved in your local community.


undreds of residents across the county already play their part to make Surrey an even better place to live. Whether it’s volunteering for a local charity, helping to shape public services or getting the funding and support that is available for community groups to improve their local area, there’s so many ways to get involved. Love Where You Live is a new campaign by Surrey County Council and Keep Britain Tidy to help people get started and inspire residents to show their love for where they live. These five Surrey residents share their inspirational stories of how they get involved and make a difference.

“Getting involved is one of the nicest things you can do.” Gilbert Best (pictured left) from Hinchley Wood has been involved in a variety of local projects for a number of years. “I think Surrey is a great county because it has more trees than any other. “I have spent many years working on a local nature reserve; putting up hides and making paths so that people can get around in the summer. I do think it’s important that people can look at nature and get close to it. “We’re all social animals and I think going on working parties and nature walks is great. Getting involved in the local community is one of the nicest things you can do.”

“Surrey has a fantastic sense of community.” Zelanie Cooper is a scout leader in


you live? Tadworth. She teaches young people outdoor skills. “I’ve been involved in scouting for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. I love being able to teach young people skills for life – skills that are slowly dying out. “Recently, scouting hasn’t had quite the reputation that it did in the past but that’s changing. Young people are seeing how much fun it can be. “I think it’s important to get involved in the local community because it makes it a home rather than just a place name. Children grow up learning from things around them, having a sense of belonging is vital. “Different people have different things to offer to a community. I have found out lots of things out about myself I would never of known had I not got involved. It’s good for the soul.”

“We love living in Surrey with all the open spaces.” Brian Smith and granddaughter Rachel Pharaoh both volunteer for the Spelthorne Natural History Society. Brian said: “We help to keep Shepperton looking nice and to enhance the wildlife. The work involves clearing land, building log piles, planting trees and hedges and providing a habitat for wildlife. It’s a good feeling seeing the results of your hard work in the local community. “We love living in Surrey with all the open spaces. There are plenty of places to go walking, the transport system is very good and it’s a pleasant place to live.” Rachel added: “Surrey is a nice, tidy place and there are lots of things, like rivers and

shops. The schools are good because you don’t have to travel far to get to them.”

“It’s nice to be able to give something back.” Noel Millier volunteers for the British Red Cross, helping residents who have been affected by a fire. He works with the British Red Cross Fire Emergency Support Services, who work in partnership with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. “I go out to fires and give emotional support and practical help to people who are affected by fires, floods and other personal disasters. “It’s rewarding to be able to donate your time to help other people and I enjoy it, even though some events I see are quite harrowing. It’s nice to be able to give something back and time is one thing I can give.”

com/surreymatters. You can also email with your story. If this has inspired you to make a difference to your community, make your pledge at or call 03456 009 009. You can also get ideas on how to get involved or ways to get funding.

Talk to us We want to hear how you are getting involved in your local community! Tweet #lovesurrey and your message to @surrey_ matters or post us a comment on www. facebook.

From top: Noel, Zelanie and Brian and Rachel.


Surrey Matters turns the spotlight on Surrey Search and Rescue, a team of volunteers who support the police in finding and rescuing missing people across the county.

in the



early 50 people currently volunteer for Surrey Search and Rescue, which was set up two years ago to support the police in finding some of the 2,000 people that go missing in the county each year. The volunteers give up their time when the police call on them to find a missing person, many of whom are vulnerable and could be in danger. The charity, which relies solely on fundraising, sends out teams to search on foot or with dogs, using GPS-enabled phones to track the areas that have been covered. Jon Rumbol and his pet labrador Woody (pictured right), have already been out a number of times this year to help find missing people. For Woody it’s a game to find someone and if he’s successful his reward is a game of ball. “Woody tells me if he has found someone by jumping on all fours. My priority is to reward the dog, while the other searcher checks whether the person is alive. “If they are alive, we will offer first aid and look after them until more support arrives and we can hand over to the police. If they are dead, it’s classed as a crime scene so we need to alert the police to come immediately.” Jon added: “The reason I got involved in Surrey Search and Rescue is because I had a family member with dementia, so


if they had gone missing I hoped there were people out there to help find them. I also wanted to work my dog in ways other than country or mountain walks. I’ve already trained a dog in field sports and wanted a new challenge. “Volunteering for Surrey Search and Rescue makes me feel good and that I am giving something other than money. I have always told my kids the most important thing you can give anyone is your time.” If you want to find out more about volunteering for Surrey Search and Rescue, or how you can show your support in other ways including upcoming fundraising events, visit or email

Surrey matters olympics



coming! Your guide to the Olympics in Surrey


News Teams in training

A total of 31 teams from across the world will be setting up camp in Surrey to train for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The teams, which include Spain, Nigeria and Bangladesh, will train in facilities across the county that have been certified as fit for Olympic and Paralympic athletes, to get them ready to compete in the world’s biggest sporting event. For a full list of teams or to find out more, visit or call 0300 200 1018.

It’s nearly here!

The world’s biggest sporting event is soon upon us and it’s our one chance to experience something this big right on our doorstep. So we’ve put together this one-stop guide to the Olympics taking place in Surrey this summer. This is our chance to show the whole world what a great place Surrey is. There are lots of events and activities going on for everyone to get involved, including events taking place across the whole county to get people in the Olympic spirit. The Torch will kick off the celebrations in July before Surrey is host to the Olympic Road Cycling Road Race and Time Trial events. We hope that many of you will step out to cheer on these top athletes. I’ll look forward to seeing you there! David Hodge Leader of Surrey County Council

Ambassadors know their stuff Over 400 people in Surrey have now

Plan your travel during the Olympics Travel is likely to be severely affected in London and parts of Surrey, especially during the cycling events and on routes that will form part of the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks (ORN and PRN). These are roads used by the ‘Games Family’, who include Olympic athletes, officials and the media, to travel safely, securely and efficiently duing Games-time. Most of the ORN and PRN will be open to all road users, but kept clear of obstructions and non-emergency roadworks. This may mean that parking and stopping is restricted and there could be some changes to permitted turns at junctions. There will also be Games Lanes on parts of the M4 and A30 Egham Bypass, where one lane will be restricted. They will be clearly marked and enforced if ignored. Visit or call 0300 200 1018 to help plan your journeys during the Olympics.


been offered a chance to become a volunteer Surrey Ambassador at the Olympic Road Cycling Road Race and Time Trial events. Ambassadors are being trained to ensure they can provide all the information visitors need to enjoy their time in Surrey during the London 2012 Games. The ambassadors will help with directions and offering information about places to park, train stations, toilets and cafes. They will also encourage visitors to take advantage of the county’s tourist attractions while visiting.



Lighting the

Olympic flame O

ver 7,000 inspirational heroes have been selected to carry the Olympic Torch across the country to kick off the London 2012 Olympic Games. Nearly 40 people will carry the Torch through Surrey and thousands are expected to the line the streets to get their hands on some goodies and catch a glimpse of the action. The first time the Torch will arrive in Surrey is on 10 July in Egham, then again on 17 July when it goes through Felbridge. On 20 July spectators will be able to see the Torch in Godstone, Bletchingley, Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Westcott, Shere, Godalming and Guildford. Finally, the Torch will be coming through Hampton Court on 27 July.

Family fun at the Olympic Torch celebration The Torch Relay in Surrey will end with a free celebration event in Guildford’s Stoke Park on Friday 20 July before beginning the final leg of its journey to London. Thousands are expected to get free tickets to the Guildford event to see the lighting of the cauldron and watch top acts perform live on the main stage, alongside home-grown Surrey talent. The event will also offer fun for all the family with a variety of arts, music, dance and sports activities. The event is being hosted by Guildford Borough Council, London 2012 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and their presenting partners Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung.

Stay safe

When an event is over do not attempt to dash away or remove barriers. Please be patient and enjoy your day. Visit www.surrey. for more advice.

To find out more and how to get your free tickets, visit london2012 or call 01483 505050.

Stay we l l If you need medication while you’re out and about, make sure you carry it with you.

Carrying the Torch for Surrey

At 63, Malcolm Styles is the UK’s oldest full time firefighter. As a thank you for his long running service and his committed work for charity, he has been selected to carry the flame for the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. The Surrey Fire and Rescue Officer, who has been a firefighter for 34 years and is currently based at Surrey’s fire HQ in Reigate, lost his wife to cancer in 1997. Since then, he has raised £40,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care through a sports memorabilia auction and other fundraising events. He said: “Being selected was a surprise as I had no idea my partner had nominated me. I feel very proud, it’s a real honour and I’m looking forward to carrying the Torch for the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. “I’m on call a lot during the Olympics but I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of the road race as it goes through the county on the opening weekend of the Games.”



in Surrey

Stay safe

If you decide to take items with you to events, such as iPods or digital cameras, ensure they are not on open display. Visit www. for more advice.

With the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games now just a few months away, excitement is mounting for the road cycling events that will race through Surrey’s countryside.


long with the thousands of spectators that are expected to be lining the streets to watch the races, there will be billions across the world getting a glimpse of Surrey’s beautiful countryside, when the events are aired live on global TV. Helyn Clack, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Services and the 2012 Games, said: “The road races offer a fantastic chance to showcase some of Surrey’s best features to the world. “Like me, I’m sure many residents will be excited to see many of the world’s top cyclists on the streets of Surrey under the watchful eye of a global audience of billions.”

Why Surrey? In 2005, when the bid was submitted to host the 2012 Olympics in London, the Road Race was based in North London. However, the Beijing 2008 Games saw success when the road race followed a new and exciting format that started in central Beijing


and then came out of the city to complete a circuit along the Great Wall of China. The London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) were therefore tasked with creating similarly challenging courses for the riders of both the Road Race and Time Trial events that would create a worthy winner. The Mall in central London was chosen as the iconic location for the start and finish of the road race and a course across the Surrey Hills was chosen as the closest to central London that could provide the technically challenging elements required for an Olympic event. It will include testing climbs and undulating terrain, all set against the stunning backdrop of the English countryside. Surrey was also chosen as the route for the Time Trial for its scenic landscape

and challenging terrain, all within close proximity to Hampton Court Palace, which will host the start and finish of the race.

Olympic Cycling Road Race Over 200 elite cyclists will be powering through the county in the men’s and women’s road races on the opening weekend of the 2012 Games – Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July. The course starts at The Mall in London, then crosses Hampton Court Bridge and weaves through Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, West Byfleet and Dorking. The real challenge comes when the cyclists tackle the Box Hill loop – men have nine laps to complete and the women two – before heading through Leatherhead, Oxshott and Esher and returning over Hampton Court Bridge on their way back

Are you excited about the Olympics?

Surrey Matters went out onto the streets of Thames Ditton to find out what the local residents think of the Olympic events coming to their village. Hilary “I think it’s caught everybody’s imagination and the legacy side to it is great. I’ll certainly be watching the cycling from my front door.”

Chris “I think it’s superb. Kids and families will be out. I think it’s good to get something like this in Elmbridge.”

Darren “I’m a keen cyclist myself and watched the test event so I’m really looking forward to it.”

David and Judy “I think the races will be great. We are going to watch on the Portsmouth Road.”

“The road races offer a fantastic chance to showcase some of Surrey’s best features to the world. “ Helyn Clack, Cabinet Member for Community Services and the 2012 Games.

Road Race Route



Saturday 28 July – men’s Olympic Road Cycling Road Race Sunday 29 July – women’s Olympic Road Cycling Road Race

Stay we l l Enjoy the sunshine safely by using sunscreen of SPF 15 or more and wear Olympica hat. Road Cycling

Road Race – Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July

The course starts at The Mall in London, then crosses Hampton Court Bridge and weaves through 5 Thames, Weybridge, West Byfleet, Leatherhead and Dorking.

The cyclist that completes the route in the fastest time will be crowned the winner.

Where to watch the Road Race and Time Trial Aside from small areas at The Mall, Hampton Court Palace and a managed area on the Zig Zag Road incline at Box Hill, the rest of the Road Race and Time Trial routes are free for spectators to watch. Big screens showing the race will be put up across the county, including parks in Dorking, Leatherhead and West Byfleet for those that want to grab a picnic and relax while watching the action. A number of buses will Keep a record of all be suspended on race important telephone to The Mall for the nail biting finish. women’s route will days and road closures will numbers in case your The athlete who crosses the finish line continue south mean that surrounding phone is lost or stolen. Visit routes are likely to be busy, first will be crowned the winner. through Esher, Hersham for so people should either and Cobham before more advice. walk or cycle, if possible. Some Time Trial making its way back to train stations will also be offering The men’s and women’s Time Trial will Hampton Court Palace additional services for those wanting to be held on Wednesday 1 August and through Kingston. The men’s watch the event. London to Dorking trains will see 65 cyclists completing a circuit race will turn right at Hurst Road to loop will have more carriages on the weekend through Surrey against the clock in through East and West Molesey before of the road race and will additionally stop at 90-second intervals. rejoining the women’s route just south Box Hill and Westhumble. The route begins at Hampton Court of Hampton Court and heading north For the Time Trial event, additional Palace before heading south over Hampton for an additional loop through Kingston services will run from London Waterloo Court Bridge and into Elmbridge. The and Richmond. to Hampton Court. Hampton Wick, Teddington and Strawberry Hill stations will be running normal services and are These Olympic events will undoubtedly inspire many to dust the cobwebs near to the route. from their bikes this summer. But with more bikes on the road, there’s Visit to plan your more risk of an accident. Here are some helpful tips for both drivers and cyclists journey by train and visit to keep all road users to stay safe in Surrey. for the best places to watch and to find out Cycle SMART more on the changes to public transport. l Wear bright or reflective clothing and always use lights in poor visibility. l Look ahead so you can avoid potholes Keep it clean and emerging vehicles without swerving. With crowds of people lining the streets l Ride where drivers can see you, away for the Olympic events, there’s the potential from the gutter and clear of opening doors. for lots of rubbish to be generated. To help l Wear a helmet. keep Surrey clean and stop that waste Drive SMART being sent to landfill, look out for places l Before you pull out of a junction, take to recycle your waste. And if there isn’t a a second look for approaching cyclists. recycling bin handy, take it home and help l Allow at least a metre when overtaking keep Surrey’s recycling rates moving in a cyclist in case they swerve. the right direction. l When you overtake a cyclist, pull out well before and pull back in only when you are clear. l Be patient if a cyclist in front is occupying Ride where others can see you, dress bright, use lights. the road – they may be avoiding potholes Scammers and fraudsters will try to or passing a safe distance from a side road. exploit people during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Surrey County Council offers bikeability courses for residents of all ages Games, with prize draw letters who want to learn about cycling on the road. To get information about the Cycle and touts selling fake tickets over SMART campaign and the bikeability classes, visit the internet. Take a look at the Highway Code for more If you have been scammed or want advice at to report something, call Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06.

Stay safe

SMART cycling on Surrey’s roads

Be seen, be safe!

Surrey County Council and Surrey Police working in partnership


CycleSmart.indd 1

Surrey County Council and Surrey Police working in partnership


04/04/2012 15:22

Stay we l l

Time Trial Routes

Be sure to drink water or soft drinks when you’re out and about, especially when the sun is strong.

Olympic Road Cycling Time Trial – Wednesday 1 August


special Wednesday 1 August – men’s and women’s Olympic Road Cycling Time Trial

heading south over Hampton Court Bridge and into Elmbridge. The women’s route will continue south through 7 Esher, Hersham and Cobham before making its way back to

Olympic Get in the

It’s not just the cycle races that will get you inspired for sport. Events across the county will be taking place inspired by the world’s biggest sporting event coming to Surrey. Here are just a few events and activities taking place this year.

Surrey Hills Road Race Festival

Denbies Wine Estate will be showcasing the best of Surrey’s local food, drink, art and entertainment at the Surrey Hills Festival on the day of the men’s Olympic Cycling Road Race – Saturday 28 July. This is the perfect opportunity to visit Dorking and soak up the atmosphere, attractions and heritage of the famous market town when the eyes of the world will be on Surrey. Entry to the event is free. 01306 876616

The Big Weekend

On the weekend of the Olympic Cycling Road Races (28 and 29 July) music, dance and sport will fill the streets of Dorking and Leatherhead. Themed ‘by Mole Valley for Mole Valley’, the Big Weekend will see local talent perform to thousands after the cycling events have passed through the towns. 01306 885001

If you’re planning a BBQ to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, visit fire for fire safety tips.


Box Hill Cycling EXPO 2012

The Box Hill Cycling EXPO 2012 will bring some of the biggest cycling manufacturers and retailers together from Friday 27 - Monday 30 July.




Stay safe

If you need to use a cash machine be mindful of people behind you and make sure no one can see you typing your PIN. Cover your hand as you enter the number. Visit www.surrey. for more advice.

Halfords Tour Series

workshops and bouncy inflatables. There will also be an array of food on offer from local caterers, including the British Tea Tent to add a spot of sophistication. Woking’s town centre will be transformed once again into a professional race circuit for the return of the Halfords Tour Series. Thousands of people are expected to line the streets from 5pm on Tuesday 12 June to watch the cyclists riding the 1.5km circuit around the town, reaching top speeds Following the success of last year’s events, of 30mph. Surrey Sporting Life will once again go back Before the cyclists take to the streets of Woking, hundreds of local school children, in history to find out how Olympic sports started out, including the sports that residents and businesses will get the began in Surrey. Displays will tour libraries opportunity to ride the route. across the county during the summer. 01483 743013 03456 009 009

Surrey Sporting Life

Party in the Park

An extravaganza of music, sport, food and fun is set to come to Surrey this summer, offering a fun-filled afternoon for all the family. Hosted in Woking Park on Saturday 7 July, this free event will see performances on the open-air main stage, as well as live beatboxing, freestyle football demos, music

victory, the despair of defeat or crossing the finishing line, send in your photos that depict sporting life by 28 September for your chance to see your photo displayed at Elmbridge Civic Centre. For more events and activities taking place throughout the year, visit or call 0300 200 1018.

Photo competition

For beginners, amateurs and professionals alike, celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games by entering the Elmbridge Borough Council photo competition, themed ‘The Sporting Life’. Whether it’s a moment of




cycling legacy

leaving a S

ome of the world’s best cyclists have commented on Surrey’s great terrain, so it’s no surprise that the Olympics is set to leave a lasting legacy. There are already some prestigious cycling events planned for later this year and next year, which will help to boost the county’s economy through tourism and strengthen Surrey’s worldwide reputation as a cycling destination.

Tour of Britain With cycling now established as the nation’s third most popular sport, the Tour of Britain is fast becoming the UK’s answer to the Tour de France. On Sunday 16 September this year, Surrey will be hosting the decisive final stage of the Tour of Britain with a route beginning in Reigate’s Priory Park. After travelling through some of Surrey’s most picturesque rural villages and countryside, the race’s nail biting finish will be a climb up Guildford’s cobbled high street. Residents are welcome to watch the cyclists along any part of the route, in particular at the start and finish locations where there will be lots of things to see and do. But for those not lucky enough to catch a glimpse, the race will be shown live on ITV with highlights in the evening. Road disruption during


the race will be kept to a minimum, with roads closing just before the cyclists come through and opening again once they’ve all passed. Typically this means that roads should be closed for no more than half an hour but some parts of Guildford town centre will be closed to traffic for longer. For further details and to take a closer look at the race route, visit www.gosurrey. info/tourofbritain or call 0300 200 1003.

Next year Next summer, amateur and club cyclists will be able to ride alongside world-class elite cyclists, as part of a twoday festival organised by the Mayor of London. Day one of the festival will see up to 70,000 participants take part in a ‘Family-FunFree-Ride’ in London taking in many iconic roads and landmarks. Day two will see keen amateurs and elite cyclists tackle a 100-mile course that will begin inspired events have se e th If in the Olympic our bike, et back on y g to u o y Park, finish in Local – free ut Sky Ride o ck e ch central London ce across es taking pla e d ri e ik b and take in much . Th from August y e rr u S of Surrey’s rural ill be run -fun rides w y il m fa beauty in between. Cycling lified British a u q y b Look out for e different , offering fiv rs e d a le more information h 3-5 mile starting wit ls e v le later this year at ee paths. on traffic-fr s te u ro www.gosurrey. info. ore, go to To find out m .com or ride www.gosky 4 2000. call 0161 27

On your bike


20 olympics


things you didn’t know about the olympics

Do you know how many people are predicted to watch the opening ceremony? Ever wondered how many towels the athletes get through? Here are 20 facts you probably didn’t know about the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

2,000 newts were moved from the Olympic Park to a new home.

More than half of the Olympic torchbearers will be young people.

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Water from the Olympic Park swimming pools will be re-used to flush the toilets at the venue. The colours of the Olympic rings were picked because every nation’s flag has at least one. There will be fines of up to £20,000 for anyone streaking at the Games.

Athletes will eat 25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tonnes of potatoes, 350 tonnes of vegetables, 100 tonnes of meat & 682 tonnes of seafood.


Over 600 tonnes of barriers will be used to close Surrey’s roads for the road cycling events.


Athletes will use 65,000 towels.


Australia, Switzerland & Great Britain are the only nations to go to every Olympic Games since 1896. Around 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists will be at the Games.

It is predicted that four billion people will watch the opening ceremony.

The £269 million Aquatic Centre design was inspired by the streamlined shape of a stingray.

3,000 table tennis balls & 11,500 shuttlecocks will be used. All food served on the Olympics site will be served in compostable materials. London is the first city to host the Olympics three times, in 1908, 1948 & 2012.

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The Olympic Park will have 525 bird boxes and 150 bat boxes to aid wildlife.

After London 2012 the site will be one of Europe’s biggest urban parks. The gold medal is made mostly of silver, only 6g of it is gold.

This year will be the first time Japan has sent a team to an Olympics.

Tube bosses predict that there will be a 45% rise in passengers on the Jubilee line during the Games. Stay up to date with the Olympics in Surrey. Visit, call 0300 200 1018 or email You can also follow @gosurreylive on Twitter and like ‘Go Surrey’ on Facebook.


great outdoors

Get your guide to the countryside !

Look out for the new guide offering you more ways to explore Surrey which will be available from your local library and online at the end of May.

Surrey has it all - breathtaking views, ancient woods, chalk grassland, hills, rivers and valleys, each nestled between market towns and picturesque villages.


his beautiful and unspoilt countryside is rich in wildlife, flora and fauna, offering endless places to head out and explore. Here’s a glimpse of just some of the special places in Surrey.

Enjoy the view Leith Hill, just outside Dorking, is the highest point in South East England. When at the top of the gothic tower, a clear day will allow you to catch the glimmer of the south coast as well as the high rises of London. Outstanding views can also be seen on Box Hill in Dorking, Devils Punchbowl in Hindhead and Newlands Corner, just outside Guildford. Amongst many other authors and poets, the views have inspired the likes of Jane Austen and John Keats.

Explore on foot, bike or horseback Whether you plan to go out on foot, for a bike ride or on horseback, there’s plenty of exploring to be done along the 3,500 kilometres of public footpaths, bridleways and byways.

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The current d fires. of heathlan a higher risk ’s y e ying Surr If you’re enjo r the spring and ove countryside : ke sure you fully. summer, ma s garette care ci f o se o p is lD r fire – it’s barbecue o a t h g li ’t n o on of lD the permissi t u o h it w l a illeg ner. the landow Even a tter home. li r u o y e k l Ta re. can start a fi glass bottle it is v , formation For more in ught ro /d cc y e rr u .s w ww 6 009 009. or call 0345

The North Downs Way national trail and the Greensand Way are the two longest routes in Surrey. There are also dedicated cycle routes, such as the Downslink, which runs from Guildford southwards into Sussex. Or for a pleasant stroll along the river, head to the National Trust’s Wey Navigations and the Basingstoke Canal – perfect on a sunny afternoon. Groups and organisations hold a number of guided walks and events throughout the year, helping people to find out about the local area. There are also healthy walking schemes, easy access trails or more challenging events..

Get involved Work is constantly being done to maintain the beautiful countryside. Volunteering opportunities are often available to help Surrey County Council and partner organisations manage the countryside.

Find out more To find out more about Surrey’s countryside and how you can get involved, visit or call 03456 009 009. To receive the regular e-newsletter, featuring all the best things to do in the Surrey countryside, email

Explore Surrey on horseback, visit Leith Hill Tower or volunteer to maintain the countryside.


Food for thought Surrey Matters spoke to mum Penny Bramsden to find out how she saved £45 off her food shopping in a month.


hen mum-of-three Penny from Guildford heard about the council’s food waste campaign Love Food Surrey, she was shocked to find out that one in five shopping bags worth of food are thrown away, costing families around £50 a month. So Penny decided to put the campaign’s advice to the test and find out how much she could save in a month. She said: “I thought saving £50 a month sounded ambitious at first but once I started making a diary of what we threw away, I realised that we could easily save over £10 a week. In fact over the month, we wasted £45 worth of food. “Changing our habits was actually fairly easy. We were just more careful about what we bought by planning our shopping better, cooking and serving smaller portions and freezing leftovers for another meal.” Nationally, figures show people in the UK spend £12 billion a year throwing away perfectly good food and in Surrey alone there is 83,000 tonnes of food waste, costing the council £7.6 million to dispose of each year. John Furey, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, said: “Saving a few pence here and there soon adds up to pounds which can make a big difference, especially at

a time when budgets are stretched for many. “It’s great to see Penny taking on the challenge and seeing what a difference it can make to her pocket and the environment.” If you want to take the challenge and see how much you can save, visit It has useful ideas to help and inspire you and then why not email your story to

Did you know?

l You can grate hard cheese

and then freeze in an airtight container or freezer bag. This can be used from frozen or defrosted first. l You can re-heat rice safely if you’ve cooled it quickly. Leave it in the fridge for no longer than a day or in the freezer for less than a month. l Soak wilted greens in cold water for 30 minutes to shock and revive them ready for a green salad or sandwich. l To freshen up a day old loaf, sprinkle water over it then pop in a hot oven for about 10 minutes; it will be as soft and crusty as freshly baked bread. l Storing bread in the fridge makes it go stale six times faster than if you seal it properly and keep it in a bread bin or cupboard.


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Staying at home for longer Residents are able to stay independent and living in their homes for longer, thanks to telecare – a 24-hour care service that calls for help in an emergency.


elecare is available to people with disabilities, those with long-term conditions and older residents, to offer peace of mind for a family member. The service is free for new users for the first 12 weeks*, with a small weekly charge after that.

*subject to conditions.

Mary’s story Surrey resident Mary is 74 and suffers from Parkinson’s disease. She lives alone and suffered a number of falls, one of which left her in hospital for two months. Mary was reluctant to leave the house she had spent most of her life in, but her mobility was worsening and she suffered from poor vision and confusion, so doctors were worried about what the next fall would lead to. Her doctor said: “Mary was experiencing more and more falls, so to enable her to stay in her home, we came up with a support plan package.” It includes a telecare bed sensor that alerts a care centre if she

gets up during the night and doesn’t return within ten minutes. It also includes a pill dispenser, so she can take her tablets at the right time. Mary said: “I got used to the pill dispenser very quickly. I’m no longer worried that I’ll forget to take a tablet and having the bed sensor has meant I feel really secure at home alone. “I still have the independence I’ve always had while feeling safe and it gives the reassurance that I am in safe hands should anything go wrong.”

What’s on offer? Mary is just one of many who have taken advantage of some of the telecare products available. There is a range of additional monitors, including bogus caller alarms and fall detectors that can automatically contact the care centre if there is a problem. To find out more about telecare and whether you or someone you know can take advantage of the service, visit or call 0800 195 6035.




t’s not just contestants on the BBC’s hit show who can apply to be an apprentice, young people across Surrey can also take the opportunity to train while they earn. In an aim to make sure every 16-19 year old in the county is in education, employment or training by 2015, Surrey County Council successfully spearheaded a campaign for Surrey businesses to fill 200 apprenticeships in 100 days. Eighteen year old Chris Blenkiron from Camberley is one of those apprentices. Having considered university, Chris decided an apprenticeship was the best route for him and was offered an opportunity to work as a membership support assistant at Surrey Chambers of Commerce. “I decided to go for an apprenticeship as I felt the work experience would give me an edge over other people,” Chris explained. “I’m learning something new every day while being trained. By the end of the two years I’ll have a qualification on my CV, along with two years work experience.” As well as assisting with membership administration, Chris helps to organise events, and acts as support for the chamber’s international trade and export service. He also receives training once a month. Employers offering apprenticeships come from a variety of industries, including media, construction and business administration. The opportunities “I’m learning give young people the chance to gain something experience in a paid new every day job, while working towards a nationally while being recognised qualification. trained.” The council has now set itself the target of hiring 100 apprentices in a year. Residents who wish to become a council apprentice can join the talent pool. To find out about the apprenticeship opportunities available in firm ased Surrey -b Surrey, visit y e rl e b d e m Ca ard ons were aw e S d n a ts h ig Kn e of th ship Schem apprenticeships ce ti ss n e re n p si p u ‘A yB ast of Surre To or call 03456 009 009. e th t a r’ a r. Ye yea 2 earlier this ounty 1 0 2 s rd a w A C an of Surrey The Chairm nted se re p ly inia Sea v a L l ci n u o C firm for the security to rd a w a e th to offering ve approach ti a v o n in s it model for le a positive p o e p g n u o y . working life .uk for w Visit ww .k ation. more inform


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Camberley Nestled on the border of the county, Camberley is a hidden gem offering an abundance of things to do and see for a great day out for all the family.


hether you’re a theatre goer, a cinema fanatic, you fancy a bit of Go Karting or to try your hand at bowling, there is plenty to do in the Surrey town of Camberley.

A look back on history Before the 19th Century, the area was referred to as Bagshot Heath. The land was mostly undeveloped as the sandy topsoil was unsuitable for farming. It wasn’t until the early 1800s when The Royal Military College was built that the town of Camberley began to develop. In 1878, the railway line and station were built, bringing in a population of 8,400 people by the end of the century. The growth of the town was also boosted by the reputation it had for healthy air from the many pine trees, which were said to be good for those suffering from pulmonary disorders.

Eating out Dotted amongst the many high street chain restaurants, there are some local hidden gems. For a taste of Spain, try El Pic Tapas Restaurant and Bar or if you prefer the flavours of Italy, visit Alcatraz Brasserie. Popular with the locals, The Old Thai House is the perfect place to sample authentic food from the East.

Shopping galore Camberley is home to all the high street favourites, but if you prefer to keep it local, Blackbushe Sunday Market attracts hundreds of visitors each week, offering a collection of food, drinks, furniture, DVDs and sports goods.

Things to see Just seconds away from the high street, The Atrium is a great place to keep kids and adults happy, with more shops, restaurants and bars alongside a cinema and bowling complex. Camberley also has a Go Karting circuit – great for kids to have a go behind the wheel. Would you like to have your town or village featured in the next edition of Surrey Matters? Then email us at or call 03456 009 009.

What you think of Camberley

Surrey Matters hit the streets of Camberley to talk to residents and visitors about what they like about the town.

Kiera Lyburn from Yately Camberley is really convenient. It’s got all the best high street shops and some great restaurants. I go to The Atrium a lot too to watch a film or go bowling with friends.

Richard Mosedale from Blackwater Camberley has changed a lot since I first moved here in 1958. It now has everything you need – a great library, a cinema and it’s a good place to watch the world go by with a coffee.

Ann Wild from Dinan, France I have been coming to Camberley for years. The town is so convenient and has all that you need.


What's on… JUNE – august theingramcollection 01483 737800 28-29 July 1-2 June

Investec Derby Festival, Epsom Downs Racecourse Join Her Majesty the Queen at the races as she attends her first official engagement of her Diamond Jubilee weekend. Adults £15-£79, Children are free-£42, depending on location. 01372 726311 4 June

Surrey County Show A great family day out that provides entertainment as well as the opportunity to learn about country life and farming. 8am6pm. Adult £16, child £6 and under 5s are free. Cheaper advance tickets available. www.surreycountyshow. 01483 890810 4 June

Horley’s Jubilee Fun Day, Horley Recreation Ground Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a procession of marching bands and floats, a motor bike display, line dancing and music. 12pm-6pm. Entry is free.

www.horleysurrey-tc. 01293 784765 8 July

Guildford Bikeathon, Bushy Hill School, Merrow Sign up for a 12, 18 or 27 mile bike ride to help The Rotary Club of Guildford raise money for local charities including Cherry Trees. Adults £10, Children £3 with early registration. 15 July

Gatton Park Family Guided Cycle Ride, Gatton Park, Merstham Fun for all the family on a cycle ride covering 1.5 miles. Must wear cycle helmets. 10-11am. Adults £5, Children £2.50. reigate-hill-and-gattonpark 01372 220644 17 July - 23 September

The Ingram Collection: Celebrating Football, The Lightbox, Woking This exhibition explores the nation’s love affair with football through paintings, prints and sculptures. Open Tues-Sat 10.30am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. Free entry.


Starmakerz Summer Show, Barn Theatre, Oxted

Young performers will be showcasing their talents in true West End style. 2pm and 6.30pm each day. £9 each. www.barntheatreoxted. 01959 561811

25-26 August

Egham Royal Show, Whitehall Lane, Egham

Now in its 154th year, the show has something for everyone including a horticultural marquee, archery,

19 August

Birds of Prey Flying Display, Painshill Park, Cobham See a range of owls, hawks, falcons and eagles in action with a chance to join in. 2-4pm. Adults £6.60, Children £3.85. www.painshill. 01932 868113

falconry, vintage cars, live music and plenty more. 10am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. www.eghamroyalshow.


Wings & Wheels returns once again this year! Visitors will be treated to air displays from The Red Arrows and motoring demonstrations. Surrey Matters has two sets of family tickets worth £40 to give away.

To win tickets for Sunday 28 or Monday 29 August, email uk with the answer to this question: Which TV show is filmed at Dunsfold Park? Alternatively send your name, address and telephone number to Surrey Matters, Room G29, County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2DN. To find out more, visit For terms and conditions, visit

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At Alfriston just off the A27 near Eastbourne Call 01323 874100

Adult evening acting courses and drama school preparation for ages 16+ Academy of Performance Training Courses held in Guildford, Surrey and Chichester, West Sussex

Academy of Performance Training

Affordable, Professional acting training of the highest calibre


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