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A mother’s lament: ‘My baby, my baby...’

Students remember ‘forgotten soldiers’

Victims’ statements read at Carol Berner’s drunk driving sentencing by Tracy Holmes

Seaquam Secondary teens acknowledge peacekeepers stationed in Sierra Leone

A MOTHER and grandmother recalled

by Boaz Joseph AT A TIME when Canada remembers its fallen men and women in wars of the past century – including today’s troops in Afghanistan – two local 17-year-olds are organizing a mass tribute to one special group of soldiers. Celina Lam and Victor Chern call these members “the forgotten soldiers” of the Canadian Armed Forces. This week, the Seaquam Secondary Grade 12 students are gathering hundreds of hand-written letters and short messages at their school to send to a contingent of eight Canadian peacekeepers who are stationed in Sierra Leone. Far away from the limelight of Afghanistan, where Canadian soldiers have been engaged in combat duties since 2002, Sierra Leone has been assisted by Canadian troops over the same period, which began less than three years after the West African counCelina Lam try’s bloody civil war ended in 1999. What was left was a shattered country, and an army hardly able to keep the peace by itself. That army inherited thousands of illiterate soldiers, few drivers, sparse tools or spare parts for its limited equipment, little money to pay soldiers and almost no formal training. While several thousand United Nations soldiers (including Canadians) patrolled the streets for the first few years to keep the peace,

“They’re doing so much for that country, which has been broken by civil war.”

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Seaquam Secondary Grade 12 students Celina Lam and Victor Chern, both 17, are organizing the collection of hundreds of letters and messages from students that will be sent to 13 Canadian Peacekeepers stationed in Sierra Leone.

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their pain dealing with the death of four-year-old Alexa Middelaer, at a sentencing hearing Monday for the impaired driver who killed her. Prosecutors asked Surrey Provincial Court Monday morning to sentence Carol Berner, 58, to three to five years in prison. The defence asked for no jail time. Immediately after Berner’s own statement in the late afternoon – in Alexa Middelaer which she apologized to Alexa’s family and said she will never drink and never drive again – she suffered what appeared to be a panic attack, and the court was adjourned while first-aid attendants Carol Berner were called. Judge Peder Gulbransen had announced shortly before Berner stood that he would reserve judgment until Nov. 12. About 60 spectators attended Monday’s sentencing hearing, many of whom were wearing purple, including


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2 Wednesday November 10 2010

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Wednesday November 10 2010 3

Berner: ‘fell apart,’ niece says From page 1 Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, whose children attended Southridge School, where Alexa’s mother is a principal. In late July, Gulbransen declared Berner guilty of two counts of dangerous driving causing death and bodily harm, and two counts of impaired driving causing death and bodily harm, in connection with the May 2008 tragedy. Alexa was standing at the side of a road in Delta feeding a horse with her aunt Daphne Johanson when they were hit. Johanson was seriously injured, and needed 13 hours of surgery for multiple fractures and a closed-head injury. Alexa’s grandparents, who were waiting in a car nearby, escaped serious injury. As the sentencing hearing began this week, Crown prosecutor Kim Wendel asked the court to sentence Berner to three to five years for each of the four counts, to be served concurrently. The maximum penalty for impaired driving causing death is life imprisonment. Wendel also asked that Berner be prohibited from driving for five to seven years and that she be required to submit a DNA sample. Defence counsel David Tarnow took exception to a five-foot-by-five-foot video screen that was in court for victim impact statements. Tarnow said the screen was “completely inappropriate” and only there to “heighten emotion.” Gulbransen, video-online] however, agreed with prosecutor Winston Sayson who said the largerthan-normal screen would serve to educate the public and was there to accommodate the large crowd and public interest in the case. Wendel said aggravating factors included that Berner had made a deliberate decision to drive after consuming alcohol and a deliberate decision to speed. Mitigating factors, Wendel said, included that Berner had no prior


Laurel and Michael Middelaer speak outside Surrey Provincial Court on Monday at the sentencing hearing of Carol Berner, who was convicted of the drunk driving death of the couple’s four-year-old daughter Alexa in 2008. The judge has reserved his decision until Nov. 12. criminal record, had a limited motor-vehicle record and was a “productive and contributing member of society for most of her adult life.” Wendel noted Berner had yet to show remorse or recognize what factors her action played in Alexa’s death. Six victim impact statements were heard, including two from Alexa’s mother Laurel, representing both herself and 10-year-old son Christian. Laurel Middelaer told the hearing that she is still haunted by her memories of the crash scene, and that she feels she had abandoned her son when they arrived at the site and saw Alexa. “His biggest issue that he had to overcome was that his mommy ran from him in the midst of the worst carnage he’s ever seen,” the mother said. Other speakers included two who were injured in the crash – Alexa’s paternal grand-

father John Middelaer and aunt Daphne Johanson – as well as father Michael Middelaer and maternal grandmother Lyla Stevens from Calgary. Stevens told the hearing of how Alexa was declared brain-dead on arrival at B.C. Children’s Hospital, and how her daughter had asked to hold the tot after her organs had been harvested. “To see my baby holding her dead baby, lamenting ‘my baby, my baby,’ was the saddest thing,” Stevens said. Berner cried as she left the courtroom during the lunchtime break. After the break, Michael Middelaer told the hearing that he and his wife are “trying to find ways to have another baby… because it is the right thing to do.” Berner’s niece, Kendra Voth, spoke as a character reference for her aunt, saying that prior to the incident Berner was “a humble,

gentle, loving, caring and kind woman.” “She just completely fell apart at the seams,” Voth said. “She couldn’t bear living with what she’d done.. . She does take responsibility. She does.” The defence presented 17 character witness letters to the court. Berner shook when she stood and faced Alexa’s family when it was her turn to speak, and she apologized and said she has quit drinking and stopped driving. Both Voth and Tarnow said Berner has already been punished by the media and public. “She’s been the victim of this outrageous vilification of this offence,” Tarnow told the hearing. Tarnow had said in the past that he would argue against jail time, and that an appeal is possible but no decision would be made until after the sentence is imposed.

Students: Messages sent overseas From page 1 Canada launched Operation Sculpture, sending a contingent to join the 100-man International Military Advisory Training Team (IMATT), a multinational effort to help Sierra Leone build and run an effective and democratically accountable army. There are currently eight Canadian soldiers serving with IMATT in the country’s capital, Freetown. Over the past several years, the Canadians have assisted in training their Sierra Leone counterparts, teaching local soldiers to conduct infantry operations, drive military vehicles, service and repair their equipment and learn to read. They are also involved in other education and construction projects throughout the country. One Canadian naval specialist was brought in to help Sierra Leone’s 200-man navy personnel learn to perform maintenance on their handful of patrol boats, which are used to interdict drug smugglers and fish poachers. “They had to leave (home) for a long period of time, which has strained their families,” explains Lam. “They’re there to keep the peace, not to sup-

port war, not to end up victorious. They’re there to help rebuild a country.” The idea for students to pay respects to a small group of Canadian peacekeepers on an almost unknown mission came from a video Chern, a student council member, watched online. Lam, chair of the Solutions Society, a 50-member school humanitarian club, says she was touched by seeing family members welcoming back soldiers who served for long periods in an isolated posting. (The troops in Sierra Leone work in six-month rotating shifts). Lam and Chern say they learned about Canadian history in war and peacekeeping in social studies and civics classes in Grade 11, and had class debates about Canada’s role in Afghan reconstruction. Smaller missions such as Sierra Leone were rarely mentioned. Initially, the two discussed the possibility of sending letters to soldiers of Afghanistan, but they changed their minds. Lam says that when thinking of Canada’s soldiers today, Afghanistan comes to mind first. She says rarely thought of are Canada’s ongoing

peacekeeping missions, such as those that involve 60 soldiers in Sudan, 24 in the Balkans, nine in The Congo, eight in Gaza, and one in Cyprus. “I’ve presented this topic to my friends before, and they asked me who Sierra Leone was,” explains Chern. “That was the exact question – ‘Who is Sierra Leone?’ ” Lam says it’s important to bring forward the Sierra Leone story. “They’re doing so much for that country, which has been broken because of the civil war.” For the Remembrance Week project – Operation Canadian Soldiers – students will collect and send letters to Sierra Leone through Canada Post. Students from the English, French and social studies departments, as well as the Solutions Society and student council, have written letters to the soldiers. The remaining Seaquam students (out of a total of 1,350) will write short messages on a long roll of poster paper that will be sent in the package to Sierra Leone. Today (Nov. 10), Lam and Chern will make their Sierra Leone presentation during three Remembrance Day assemblies at the school.

Nov. 11 events: Q Cloverdale – 10:30 a.m. at 17710 56A Ave. Surrey Museum activities from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Q Whalley – 10:30 a.m. at 13525 106 Ave. Q Port Kells – 10:30 a.m. at 18918 88 Ave. Q North Delta – 10:30 a.m. at 11415 84 Ave. Q Seaquam Secondary – 10:30 a.m. at 11584 Lyon Rd.

4 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2010 The Council of the City of Surrey will hold a Public Hearing pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act, in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, on Monday, November 15, 2010, commencing at 7:00 p.m.

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17281 Application: 7909-0244-00

CIVIC ADDRESS: 6324 - 128 Street APPLICANT: Jitendra and Sushila W. Singh c/o Westridge Engineering and Consulting Ltd. (Dharam Kajal) 3565 Monmouth Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5R 5S1 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “One Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Single Family Residential Zone (RF)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit subdivision into 3 single family lots by consolidating with 12865 - 63A Avenue with a remainder lot for future subdivision potential.

CIVIC ADDRESS: 5734 - 132 Street APPLICANT: Manjit K. Grewal c/o CitiWest Consulting Ltd. (Roger Jawanda) #101, 9030 King George Boulevard, Surrey, BC V3V 7Y3 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “One Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Half Acre Residential Zone (RH)”. DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT To vary “Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000”, as amended, Part 4 and 14, Section E(8), F, and K(3), as follows: (a) To increase the maximum height of a noise attenuation fence along Highway No. 10 (58 Ave) from 1.2 metres (4 ft.) to 2.4 metres (8 ft.) for proposed Lots 5 and 6; (b) To reduce the minimum side yard setback (flanking street) from 7.5 metres (25 ft.) to 5 metres (16 ft.) for proposed Lot 3; and (c) To reduce the minimum lot width requirement from 30 metres (98 ft.) to 27.3 metres (90 ft.) for proposed Lot 3. The purpose of the rezoning and development variance permit is to permit subdivision into six half acre lots.



Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17279 Application: 7908-0133-00


Matt Jarvis leaves World Series of Poker in eighth place by Sheila Reynolds HE MAY NOT have won

Additional information may be obtained from the Planning & Development Department at 604-591-4441. Copies of the by-law(s), development variance permit, supporting staff reports and any relevant background documentation may be inspected at the City Hall, Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Tuesday, November 2, 2010 to Monday, November 15, 2010. All persons who believe their interest in property will be affected by the proposed by-law(s)/development variance permit shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing on matters contained in the by law(s)/ development variance permit. Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please fax to 604-591-8731, email, or submit in writing to the City Clerk at 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2, no later than Monday, November 15, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. Please note that Council may not receive further submissions from the public or interested persons concerning these applications after the Public Hearing has concluded.

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17280 Application: 7910-0099-00

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17278 Application: 7907-0195-00

CIVIC ADDRESS: 14472 - 76 Avenue APPLICANT: High Quality Homes Ltd. c/o Hunter Laird Engineering Ltd. (Clarence Arychuk) #300, 65 Richmond Street , New Westminster, BC V3L 5P5 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “One Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Single Family Residential Zone (RF)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit subdivision into 7 single family lots.

CIVIC ADDRESS: 18448 - 16 Avenue and 1598 - 184 Street APPLICANT: 0739896 B.C. Ltd c/o Focus Architecture Inc. (Dave Boswell) #109, 1528 McCallum Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8A3 PROPOSAL: To rezone 18448 - 16 Avenue from “General Agriculture Zone (A-1)” and 1598 - 184 Street from “Self Service Gasoline Station Zone (CG 1)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit the redevelopment of a gas station. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17278 The Lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. Gasoline station provided that where self-service hoses are available, at least 1 full-service hose shall be available on the same lot. 2. Accessory uses including the following: (a) Retail stores limited to the following: i. Convenience store provided that the total sales and display area open to the public is not more than 93 square metres [1,000 sq.ft.]; and ii. Sale of automotive accessories; and (b) Automotive service uses limited to car wash facilities.


Milliondollar ending for poker player

Jane Sullivan City Clerk

the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this weekend, or even made it to the final two, but Surrey’s Matt Jarvis is still walking away from the table with more than $1 million. The 26-year-old qualified for the November Nine at the world series in mid-July. The competition began with 7,319 players who each paid $10,000 to enter the tournament. After eight days, Jarvis found himself among the nine Matt Jarvis survivors who returned to the final table on Saturday. Each of the nine qualifiers, including Jarvis, automatically received a ninth place prize of $811,823, but had a chance to vie for a portion of the remaining prize pool of $21.7 million in Vegas. Jarvis finished in eighth place, securing him $1,045,743. In an interview following his elimination, Jarvis told media “It’s a card game. You can only do as much as you can do.” Six other players were also eliminated Saturday, leaving Jonathan Duhamel of Quebec and John Racener of Tampa, playing in the final Monday (after The Leader’s press deadline). The winner takes home $8.9 million. Jarvis has been playing playing poker for six years, getting most of his experience and recent wins from online tournaments. While unsure whether he would make poker his vocation, his comments after Saturday’s tournament indicated he won’t leave the card table anytime soon. “It’s just one tournament. Look for me in the future, that’s for sure.”

Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday November 10 2010

Pundit doubtful Dianne Watts will run

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At least one political analyst is betting on a two-man Liberal leadership race between Coleman and Falcon wasn’t interested in the Liberal leadership. Last Wednesday, she would not repeat that declaration. Still, political analyst David Schreck would be surprised to see Watts make a move for the leadership race. “Do you think that Dianne Watts wants to follow in the steps of Kim Campbell and Rita Johnston?” Schreck asked. “In all likelihood, whoever leads the party will be leader of the Opposition. It’s a whole lot more fun being the mayor of Surrey than leader of the Opposition.” He also points out there is much more to the task than gaining popular support. “There are three skills that are necessary, the ability to win a nomination, the ability to win an election, and the ability to do the job,” Schreck said. “My money is on Rich Coleman (Fort Langley-Aldergrove). He’s out the gate, actively campaigning.” He points to a YouTube video that’s circulating widely as evidence of his aspirations. Schreck believes an early leadership vote (about February 2011) favours sitting MLAs, while something later (May) would help an outsider. Kennedy Stewart, associate professor of public policy at SFU, said that vote may be bumped up even sooner to take the wind out of recall campaigns expected

by Kevin Diakiw IF – AND SOME call it a huge if – Dianne Watts decided to run for the B.C. Liberals’ leadership, it would set up a competitive dynamic in Surrey politics. It’s assumed Kevin Falcon, Liberal MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale, will vie for the top spot as well. Who do the locals support? Big money backers, who often support Falcon provincially and Watts on council, would have to choose sides. It could be at the least unpleasant, if not costly, as many of the deeppocketed firms compete for both provincial and civic contracts. And it won’t be secret for long as to who is backing whom. Under new Elections BC laws, all leadership contestants must file financial returns within 90 days of the leadership vote, so supporters will be known by September 2011 at the latest. Also, if Watts decides to go for the leadership, it may mean a mayoral vacancy in Surrey. Watts has previously said she won’t cause a byelection. Some on council, and elsewhere, will be interested in the centre chair. If it’s not known by May whether Watts is staying or going, that only leaves six months until the 2011 civic election – not a lot of time to launch a mayoral campaign. Watts told this newspaper a month ago, she

Dianne Watts

Rich Coleman

Kevin Falcon to start in January. He believes the Liberals may take someone within the party capable of separating themselves from the Harmonized Sales Tax.

“My thought is you’ll look like an outsider if you’re an insider who cancels the HST,” Stewart said, adding it all depends on the mood within the party. “It’s not British Columbians that are voting, it’s Liberal party members.” He doesn’t rule out Watts as a contender. He believes she’ll be watching to see when the convention is held, what the rules are, and who is on the executive. Stewart believes there could be up to 10 people vying for the leadership. He also believes there will be some movement among federal backrooms that could affect the outcome of this race. “I really think this is going to be something that British Columbians haven’t seen, because you have such high-profile people,” Stewart said. “You could be premier by the end of next spring.” By the beginning of December, the date for the leadership convention must be called. Stewart believes the later date would work in Watts’ favour, if she chose to run. Schreck said it will be a two-man race. “If you want to be serious, it’s a race between Coleman and Falcon,” Schreck said.


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6 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Upcoming TraďŹ&#x192;c Pattern Change 104th Avenue South at the 160th Street Interchange During the week of November 14, 2010, a number of new traffic pattern changes to improve traffic flow will take effect along 104th Avenue and 160th Street south of Highway 1. These changes will be in effect for approximately one year and will create a work area for crews to construct the new 104th Avenue overpass structure and reconstruct the intersection of 104th Avenue and 160th Street south of Highway 1. Key changes include: â&#x20AC;˘ New westbound 104th Avenue traffic lanes that bypass the existing 104th Avenue/160th Street intersection â&#x20AC;˘ Reconfiguring the existing intersection at 104th Avenue/160th Street off-ramp from Highway 1 eastbound â&#x20AC;˘ Change in 104th Avenue eastbound traffic lanes at the 104th Avenue/160th Street off-ramp intersection. For more information, including a detailed map of these changes, please visit the PMH1 Project web site at, call 1 866 999-7641(PMH1) or e-mail

AirCare may go on Case made to keep testing emissions until at least 2020 by Jeff Nagel MOTORISTS hoping for a quick

end to costly AirCare tests appear to be on the road to disappointment. The Lower Mainlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vehicle air emission testing program should be renewed and continued until at least 2020, according to the findings of a multi-agency review. Although the program has become less relevant as new cars get steadily cleaner, the report of the AirCare Review Committee says the air quality benefits justify continuing it. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Termination of the AirCare program would result in increased emissions that would cause negative health impacts on all residents of the Lower Fraser Valley,â&#x20AC;? it says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The cost of AirCare inspections impact only motorists with vehicles more than seven years old, yet all citizens benefit from improved air quality.â&#x20AC;? Consultants note the $45-million annual cost of running AirCare testing centres is entirely

borne by motorists through fees, so dismantling the program would not save TransLink or the government any money. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the absence of an emissions inspection program, there is no deterrent to neglecting the repair of emissions-related defects or overt disabling of emission controls.â&#x20AC;? The decision still depends on both the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regional district boards endorsing a continued program later this month, as well as provincial government approval. FVRD board chair Patricia Ross has already said she would be reluctant to dismantle AirCare and some Metro politicians have also said they would likely support renewal. Although the report makes a case to continue until 2020, it recommends TransLink negotiate a five- to seven-year extension of the program, currently run by contractor Envirotest Canada. Nearly half the vehicles in the region are exempt from testing

because theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re less than eight years old. Most of the cars that are tested are charged $45 every two years and pass with flying colours. But 115,000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 13 per cent of those tested â&#x20AC;&#x201C; failed in 2007. Vehicles that fail are denied insurance until they get a tuneup and a re-test. Air Care operations manager Dave Gourley said a renewed program would likely add two new tests to detect and reduce leaks from gas tanks and fuel lines and to correct defective evaporative emission control systems. He doubts the changes would make it harder to pass AirCare, adding fuel leak testing would rein in extreme cases. If the decision is to dismantle the program, the report says it will likely end with a deficit of several million dollars because wind-down costs arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t built into fees and motorists who know the end is coming would try to dodge their last inspections.

#111, 19231 54th Avenue, Surrey I 604-575-8870

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Wednesday November 10 2010


Video image released Man on SkyTrain platform not assault suspect: Police by Dan Ferguson HE WAS captured on

video by SkyTrain security cameras the night two women were assaulted near the King George SkyTrain Station. Surrey RCMP have released images of the man they say may have information that would assist their investigation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is important to note that at this time, the Surrey RCMP is not referring to this individual as a suspect

or person of interest,â&#x20AC;? said a written statement released with the images. The incidents occurred on Sept. 27, a Monday. The first happened around 10:40 p.m. when an unknown male grabbed an 18-year-old woman as she walked along the 9900 block of 138 Street. The attacker approached the young woman from behind, grabbed her around the shoulders and pushed her against a wall. She managed to

Man on video. free herself and he fled towards the King George SkyTrain Station. The woman was not injured and nothing was taken from her. A short time later, south of the King

Pot in a pickup A 30-YEAR-OLD man from Surrey is

facing criminal charges after Delta Police discovered approximately 50 pounds of pot in a pickup truck. The truck was stopped for speeding in North Delta in the 10900 block of Kittson Parkway last Wednesday (Nov. 3) around 2:30 p.m. There was a noticeable smell of marijuana coming from the truck, and a police dog located the source under the trucks tonneau box cover.

The driver, the lone occupant of the vehicle, was taken into custody without incident. He faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance. He was later released on a promise to appear in court at a later date. Police said the estimated street value, if sold by the pound, would be in excess of $100,000.

George SkyTrain, a 57-year-old woman was attacked in a similar manner and sexually assaulted. She was successful in fending off the attacker and suffered minor injuries. Both women describe the attacker as a thin Caucasian male in his early 20s, 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7â&#x20AC;? with brown or black short hair, clean shaven, possibly with acne scars and wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Const. Leanne McNeill of the Surrey RCMP Sex Crimes Unit at 604-507-5965.


The Surrey Leader Invites You to Attend Disneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Approach to Quality Service program DATE:




Coffee with Dave Got something on your mind? Dave will buy your first cup of coffee!

Sat, Dec.4th 3:15-4:30pm


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The snow and ice season is hereâ&#x20AC;Ś have you checked your tires lately? Tire type, tread wear and air pressure are important factors to consider to ensure a safer driving experience during snow and icy conditions. For more information, including Surreyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Snow & Ice Operations Coverage Area and Policy, please visit the City of Surrey 121809



8 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

PICS Toastmasters Club

Learn to speak and lead with confidence TOASTMASTERS is a speakers club where people learn and practice English communication and leadership skills

Too late for vehicle levy: Mayors council

If you live in Surrey-Delta, visit our meetings on Thursdays at 7:00 pm at 205-12725-80th Ave., Surrey or call

Barry Goodwin : 604-324-7733 at PICS or email: If you live elsewhere, go to and click on “CLUBS” & then “Find a Club Near You”

Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS))


• Do you know how long it takes light from the Sun to reach the earth? • How much “people power” does it take to illuminate a light bulb?


Find out with a visit to this “enlightening” exhibit, which explores light in every form through fun interactive displays. Discover how light has shaped our world, from the first harnessing of fire by early man to the very latest technologies that are used in our homes. Objects from the Museum Collection will be on display to show how lighting has changed over the years. On display November 9-December 23 Hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am-5:30pm, Saturday: 10am-5pm Admission: Adults: $5.50, Seniors & Students: $4, Child & Youth: $2.75, 5 and Under: Free

Property tax only choice for more transit by Jeff Nagel LOCAL MAYORS will not be asked

to vote on imposing a vehicle levy to fund transit expansion – at least not this year. Instead, the only option to finance the Evergreen Line and possibly other transit improvements will be an increase to property taxes. If approved, a typical $600,000 home will pay $31 in increased tax to raise $465 million for TransLink’s share of the $1.4-billion Evergreen SkyTrain line to Coquitlam and the first phase of the North Fraser Perimeter Road. Mayors council chair Peter Fassbender said it was too late to contemplate the Transportation Improvement Fee, a levy which would have raised the same amount of money by charging $15 to $55 per registered vehicle each year, depending on their carbon footprint. “It would require legislative change, administrative changes and a number of elements for that to even be considered,” the Langley City mayor said of the vehicle levy. “And it’s going to get significant pushback from south of the Fraser.” Metro mayors met Tuesday (Nov. 9) to be briefed on the proposed financial supplement

for TransLink, which still has to be assessed by the independent TransLink commissioner before it goes to a vote on Dec. 9. But Fassbender is still hopeful a scenario is possible where the mayors are able to negotiate different TransLink funding sources with the province, in line with an accord struck in September. In essence, he thinks the property tax hike could be voted in now to satisfy the provincial government’s insistence of funding certainty for the Evergreen Line, which breaks ground next year. But Fassbender notes the extra revenue from TransLink won’t be needed until 2012. That means a property tax lift pencilled in now could be erased next year if Victoria agrees to provide alternative sources – such as road pricing, a share of carbon tax or even the vehicle levy – which could flow by 2012. “Can this get us far enough down the road that it gives us time to find other solutions?” Fassbender asked, referring to temporary approval of a property tax hike. “If we can take pressure off one way or another so we have some breathing space, let’s do it.” That scenario would require trust – several other mayors fear no such deal with the province

may be forthcoming once they sign off. Transportation minister Shirley Bond has also hinted the government may take unilateral action to ensure TransLink raises the money if mayors vote down the supplement. Then there’s the resignation of the premier and the ensuing Liberal leadership race that clouds the political landscape and will distract some of the players. Fassbender said even that could work in favour of a deal. “We’re in a very interesting time because of the changes,” he said, suggesting the government and leadership contenders will likely want to preside over good news, not discord. More time to negotiate would provide a better chance to consider the how to implement something like the vehicle levy, he said, noting there’s been talk of options like adjusting the rate depending on the level of local transit service. Mayors will also have the option to vote on a larger set of transit upgrades, including bus service increases and various SkyTrain station upgrades. That would cost an additional $338 million, lifting the property tax hit to $54 for a typical home.

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Best Buy – Correction Notice

To our valued customers: We apologize for any inconvenience caused by an error in our flyer dated: November 04 - November 11. Product: Vtech Three-Handset Cordless Phone with Answering Machine. On this week's flyer, page 13, be advised that this product was advertised with incorrect specification. Please note it does NOT have an answering machine feature. SKU:1014602

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10 The Surrey/North Delta Leader


Wednesday November 10 2010

Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at 5450 152 St., Surrey, B.C.

NOV. 11


Duty to remember


ery rarely can three simple words be so powerful and mean so much. Lest we forget. Tomorrow, Canadians will stop for a moment to remember the men and women who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms of today. In sombre Remembrance Day ceremonies across the country, our veterans will parade and we will watch. Their ranks have thinned now; veterans are dying of old age. Their stories of bravery are becoming fewer too. They are forgetting. We must not. With every passing year, our responsibility grows to observe the nation-wide two minutes of silence that begins at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. It’s a way of showing that after all these years – 92 since the end of the “war to end all wars” that was the First World War; 66 since the Second World War’s D-Day– we remain grateful. Sadly, in places like Afghanistan, the harshness of the human condition continues, as men and women work hard to avert more war in our time. Two minutes. It isn’t much time. But the solidarity we show in those 120 seconds on Nov. 11 confirms to all Canadians that we remember the fallen. We will not forget their sacrifice. While we are still lucky enough to have the chance, we must honour those who survived. We meet them at the Legions. We shake their hands when we buy a poppy. We offer a sad smile and nod of acknowledgement. They’ve done their duty. Now we must do ours. Hundreds of veterans from Surrey and Delta will gather at various local cenotaphs on Thursday, Nov. 11. Why not join them and pay your respects? It’s the least all of us can do. –Black Press


Campbell pushes industrial legacy




The Surrey/North Delta Leader is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2.

management, drought management, waterofficer and conservation officer will be merged. shed restoration and aboriginal consultation Before this reorganization was announced, on resource development. I asked Energy Minister Bill Bennett about the government’s plans for a feed-in tariff program And here is a partial list of what Campbell intends to see develop through this ministry: for new sources of electricity. Bennett (no relathe Site C dam, a province-wide tion to the two former premiers) said he intends to have it in network of new mines, forest place as soon as possible, pertenures, liquefied natural gas prohaps by the end of the year. duction and export facilities, new independent power projects, and It will be nothing like the Ontario program, which heavily all the roads, power lines and pipes subsidizes farmers for putting needed to connect them. solar panels in their fields, This is a wave of industrialization on a scale with Cecil Bennett’s Bennett said. The B.C. program creation of BC Hydro, BC Ferries will subsidize development of emerging sources, particularly and BC Rail. using wood waste. An internal memo circulated to Tom Fletcher those “You put a First Nation staff in the forest, transportation, environment and other ministries together with a community gives assurances that the B.C. Forest Service that’s lost a bunch of jobs from the pine beetle, together with a form of electricity producing will celebrate its 100th anniversary as planned technology, and as long as you can generate in 2012. But by then it will be effectively the electricity for a reasonable price, you might broken up, divided between the ministries of forests and natural resource operations, and have a winning project,” Bennett said. “That to me is how you encapsulate the feedtraditional jobs such as forest enforcement


ordon Campbell isn’t going to get close to W.A.C. Bennett’s record of 20 years in the premier’s office, but he intends to leave a footprint at least as large on B.C. Campbell’s surprise resignation last week came as I was attempting to sort out his latest reorganization of resource ministries. His comments since then have made me even more convinced that this is the key task he intends to push to the point of no return before he goes. While the city media obsess over the horse race of potential candidates to succeed Campbell, this much more significant story is unfolding quietly in government offices around the province. Thousands of provincial employees are being moved and shaken to build the new Ministry of Natural Resource Operations. Here’s a partial list of what this ministry is now legally responsible for: wildfire management, Crown land and forest permits, independent power production, road and bridge engineering, mineral and coal titles, resorts and alpine ski developments, fish and wildlife

CONTACT US Newsroom email: newsroom@ Phone: 604-575-2744 604-575-2544 fax

in tariff program.” For years there has been debate about the decline of small communities, loss of industrial jobs and wildfire management in B.C.’s vast hinterlands. In short, how do you keep smaller, remote communities economically viable, and how do they protect themselves from fire? Here, at least, is a plan that offers a way to tackle the huge problem of accumulated forest fuel, waste from traditional logging, and jobs and energy supply in remote areas. It will be subsidized by the vast majority of electricity users who enjoy the benefits of the urban economy. There will be plenty of talk in the weeks to come about Campbell’s legacy. The income tax cuts, the HST, both are designed to create an environment for private investment and employment. The resource development plan may be the most important piece of the puzzle. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and

Advertising 604-575-2744 604-575-2544 fax Classified 604-575-5555 604-575-2073 fax Address 200-5450 152 St. Surrey, B.C. V3S 5J9

2010 winner


Ma Murray Awards

2010 winner





Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey/North Delta Leader

Honour all war veterans

War Amps legacy

WHEN CROWDS across this

THIS YEAR marked the 65th anniver-

sary of the end of the Second World War. As a member of The War Amps Child Amputee Program (CHAMP) and its Operation Legacy, a group of committed young people who are dedicated to preserving Canada’s military heritage, I would like to highlight this anniversary by making the public aware of The Canadian Army Newsreels being released on DVD by The War Amps. In cooperation with Library and Archives Canada, The War Amps is making the complete set of The Canadian Army Newsreels available to the public for the first time, as part of its Military Heritage Series. Featuring more than 20 hours of footage, this six-DVD set contains 106 newsreels filmed and produced by the Canadian Army Film Unit. Army cameramen documented the Canadian troops in training and on the front lines. They scooped the world on major events, including the invasion of Sicily and D-Day. Members of Operation Legacy are donating The Canadian Army Newsreels to their local libraries to


Lt. R.O. Campbell, photographed two miles east of the Hitler Line in Italy. This clip is just one of many from the 106 newsreels filmed and produced by the Canadian Army Film Unit during the Second World War. help spread the message of remembrance to their communities across Canada. A vignette about the Canadian Army Film Unit, and samples of the newsreels, can be viewed on The

War Amps YouTube channel at or at The newsreels and all documentaries in The War Amps Canadian Military Heritage Series are available

at a cost-recovery price by calling 1-800-250-3030 or visiting waramps. ca. Kendra Blakely Revelstoke Operation Legacy Member

Remembering our true heroes A SPORTS announcer celebrated a wide

receiver’s fourth touchdown of the game by labelling the player “one of football’s greatest heroes.” These sports references have become quite common. Remembrance Day is a time to remember and give thanks to our true heroes, the brave men and women who fought in real battles to preserve the freedom we often take for granted. We should always remember the 69,000 Canadians who gave their lives in the First World War during battles in such faraway places as Vimy Ridge, Mons, Passchendaele and Ypres. We should never forget the 47,000 Canadians who perished during the Second World War at Normandy, north Atlantic and many other battlefields. And we must remember the Canadians who did not return home from Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and assorted peacekeeping missions around the world. On Remembrance Day I will spend time remembering my Dad, who passed away six years ago at age 87. Dad was my hero, yet he was also a hero to many others, including King George V. Mom gave me all Dad’s Royal Air Force papers and medals. One yellowing paper stood out – it announced the awarding of the British Empire Medal. On Buckingham Palace stationery was this typewritten note: “I greatly regret that I am unable to give you personally the award which you have so well earned. I now send it to you with my congratulations and my best wishes for your future happiness.” It was signed, in ink, “George R.” You can’t help but speculate what the future might have held for the many thousands of young men and women who did not come home

to their families. My uncle, Carl Cassini, was one of those youngsters whose future was full of promise. At 19, he was one of the youngest graduates of Edinburgh University in Scotland. Upon graduation he immediately enlisted in the Royal Air Force and trained for service in bomber squadrons. In a courageous letter to his parents, written on Sept. 15, 1944, Carl provided an extraordinary insight into what the uncertainty of war was like for a young man. I would like to share with you his letter, word for word: Darling Mum and Dad, I have decided to write this letter – which you will receive in the event of my being posted missing or killed on operations over enemy territory. I must start off by saying, quite definitely, that I am not afraid to die. Like everyone else I think I feel scared when over the target – but the excitement at that time usually nullifies the effect of fear. I have no illusions or heroics about death; if I should be killed on operations it will be when I am engaged in the duty of killing others – that is war – it is not a glamorous thing – it is just plainly an issue of one side employing all their resources to the elimination of the other side, hoping that they are not eliminated themselves. It is a strange sensation when one realises this over the target – thousands of feet above the earth – flak is a terrifying thing – it usually seems much closer than it probably is. If death must come it will probably be very quick – remember, I will not be afraid. You will have wondered why I did not write to you so often in these past few years – that is something I could only explain to you if I could talk to you. Please be satisfied that it was due to the fact of my particular job in this war. This is a short statement, but if only you knew, you would understand

how much it covers. It has always pained me to think that you might have assumed it to be neglect – please believe what I have said. If, though I might be listed as missing, I return, you will hear the full story after the war. Should I be taken prisoner, please write often – I know it will be the only sunshine in that dreary existence. I have so much to thank you all for – for all the great sacrifices you made to make my education possible; how hard you strove for me that I could go to a good school and a university. I shall be eternally grateful for all this – I only hope that I am spared to live to repay you. Now it only remains for me to ask God’s protection and blessing for you both and for all my loved ones. Have faith in God always – do not grieve for me – I am at peace with my heart. All my love to you all, and if I am dead, goodbye, God bless you all, and thanks for all you did. Your ever loving son, Carl x Three months after he wrote his letter, Carl was killed in action while on a mission over Belgium. He was 22. Carl is at rest in the Leopoldsburg War Cemetery in Leopoldsburg, Limburg, Belgium, along with 781 other men and women from the Commonwealth, Poland and Holland. On Nov. 11, forget about politics, transportation challenges, the impacts of HST and other contentious issues. Instead, remember that the many choices we have the freedom to make today are due to the sacrifices of the brave men and women like my Dad, uncle Carl, or members of your family, friends or neighbours. Peter Simpson

nation gather on Remembrance Day to honour Canada’s war veterans and fallen soldiers, will we, for once up here in Canada, include those (mostly) men who contributed to that infamous anti-Communism cause, the Vietnam War? Likely, Canada will shamefully exclude from governmentorganized ceremonies those who contributed to – and even died for – that bloody cause. I just watched the Vietnam War movie Hamburger Hill, expecting to be at most left somewhat depressed, but, unlike never before, I actually wept. I was particularly affected by one scene in which a bespectacled field medic, a black man who tended his fellow soldiers free of racial bias, was mortally wounded during the movie’s theme battle – the U.S. Marines’ bloody fight to overtake what they dubbed “Hamburger Hill.” He’d originally survived but then slowly passed away while awaiting an airlift in the arms of two of his devastated white fellow soldiers. Although other scenes hit my emotional button, that one was unique for me, because these men – especially the black U.S. soldiers – were often dying horribly and likely for U.S. citizens who hated the soldiers for fighting in Vietnam, while the ultraconservatives, though supporting Americans fighting the war, really did not care much for the black men amongst those fighting and/ or dying in Vietnam. In a nutshell, retrospectively, we can easily claim that there should not have been any foreign military involvement in Vietnam. However, the advantage of hindsight is 20/20; thus, we should keep in mind that the vast majority of those who fought in that war likely did so with honourable intentions. Frank G. Sterle, Jr.

A poem for Nov. 11 A TIME for remembrance,

A time for reflection, The pathways to peace Take home and global affection. May we honour those who have gone before, By living our lives with kind and just ways, So that generations to come will have a world, Where peace and love embrace their days. Trudy Davies

12 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

EE SKIN CANCER SCREENING FRThe Canadian Dermatology Association and Dona Cadman, M.P. for Surrey North, invite you to have a skin cancer screening by a dermatologist on:

Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 11 am to 2 pm North Surrey Recreation Centre, 10275 - 135 Street Please call 604-985-9184 between 10 am and 3 pm on Tuesday, November 16 to schedule an appointment. Screenings take 10 minutes. – Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Canadians. – Skin cancers are highly preventable and early detection is directly linked to high survival rates.

Dona Cadman, M.P. Surrey North

307-9808 King George Blvd. Surrey, B.C. V3T 2V6 Tel: 604-586-2441 Email:

From two stars to three Surrey’s top RCMP officer rises in rank Black Press THE OFFICER who commands the largest RCMP detachment in Canada has been promoted from the rank of Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner. Fraser MacRae is a 34-year veteran of the federal police force who formally took command as the Officer In Charge (OIC) of the Surrey detachment in 2005. He will continue as commander of the 640 police officers and 250 civilian support staff, the City of Surrey said in a written statement announcing the promotion that was released Thursday. MacRae is a married father

of three and grandfather of one dent was invested as a Member of who grew up in Regina as the the Order of Merit of the Police son of an RCMP training officer. Forces by Governor General His entire career has Michaëlle Jean at Rideau been spent in the Lower Hall in Ottawa on May, Mainland, including 26, 2010. postings to the North The award was Vancouver, Burnaby, established in 2000 by Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadthe Governor General ows and Surrey detachto honour a career of ments. exceptional service or Assistant Commisdistinctive merit by a sioner MacRae also member of the Canadian spent 17 years invesFraser MacRae Police Services. tigating high-profile It is awarded to no serious crime and drug more than 0.1 per cent of the total number of police in all investigations at the “E” Diviof Canada each year – about 50 sion regional headquarters in people. Vancouver. In May, the

NoƟce of Public MeeƟng Boundary/Shaw Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan You are invited to a end a public mee ng on the Boundary/Shaw Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP). When completed, this plan will provide advice to municipal staff for stormwater management in the Boundary and Shaw Creek watersheds to allow for improvements to the overall watershed system. The issues being examined include flood risk and mi ga on, preserving and improving aqua c and riparian habitats and developing effec ve and affordable watercourse improvement programs. The informa on gathered at this public mee ng will be used in the plan development and to evaluate alterna ves.

The public meeƟng will be held on: Tuesday November 16, 2010, 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm Presenta on at 7:00 pm Pinewood Elementary Gymnasium, 11777 Pinewood Drive, Delta, B.C. Staff Contacts: Rob Racine, Engineering Project Technologist for the Corpora on of Delta (604) 946-3360 Jeannie Lee, Project Engineer for the City of Surrey (604) 591-4494


200 ST.


150 St.

Riverside Heights 14887 - 108 Avenue

Store Hours Mon. - Wed. & Sat. 9:30 - 5:30 10  SE R 108 Ave. HW Thur. & Fri. + Y. Fabricland Fabricland 9:30 - 9 Sun. 11 - 5 1A 

Oriole Dr.Dr. Oriole SURREY


The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2


Call today to book a hearing test at one of our three convenient locations! $JH H  1DPH/DXUL HRSOHWR  HHGVWRDVNS  1 J V LQ Q LJ D\ V 6 UH J WKH\D :DUQLQ UHSHDWZKDW


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Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday November 10 2010


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Our Home for the Holiday Annual Christmas Craft Sale November 13th & 14th (Saturday/ Sunday) 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day * Complimentary refreshments & snacks* *Free Raffles & Plenty of parking* *Juried Artisans* 13751 - 74th Avenue More info: Dianne 604-597-6644

Dancing for Diwali


Members of the Sullivan Heights Secondary bhangra team perform a traditional Indian dance at the Immigrant Youth Outreach Program offices at Pacific Community Resources on Friday afternoon to celebrate Diwali, an annual celebration of the triumph of light over darkness.

14 Wednesday November 10 2010

Board – Vice Chairperson The Tour de Delta Board is seeking a Vice Chairperson. This is a volunteer position appointed by Delta Council. The Vice Chairperson will work closely with the Chairperson, Board and Race Director for 2011 and assume Chair responsibilities for 2012. This position provides leadership to the Board in the planning and development of all aspects of the Tour de Delta. The Tour de Delta Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in being appointed to this position, please submit a brief resume and covering letter indicating your interest, why you would like to serve on the Board, and any relevant knowledge and experience you may have. Appointment is for a two year term. Submissions received will only be used for the purpose of selecting the position, and are protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For additional information, please contact Laurie Collicutt, Superintendent of Sport Development and Community Events, at 604.946.3304. Please forward your submission by November 23, 2010 to: Delta Municipal Hall Parks, Recreation & Culture Attn: Laurie Collicutt 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta, BC V4K 3E2 Fax: 604.946.4693 Email: The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2

Women’s Health, Wealth and Wellness Day

Holland Park named best public entertainment event Black Press SURREY’S OLYMPIC Celebration Site has been rec-

ognized by the B.C. Events Awards program. Last Wednesday, the City of Surrey accepted the award at a gala event in Vancouver. The awards are presented by Canadian Event Perspective Magazine, which reaches 20,000 readers nationwide. Surrey’s 2010 Celebration Site was named for Best Public Entertainment Event. More than 300,000 people attended the Surrey 2010 celebrations, which featured 150 artists and headliners from around the world. It included a Catch all the


Tour de Delta is a stage race that is comprised of three cycling events open to Pro/Am male and female cyclists.

Surrey 2010 Olympic Celebration Site lauded

U ltimate F ighting C hampionship CANUCKS

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30,000-sq.-ft. tent hosting international food pavilions, a business lounge and giant video screens. “The goal of the Celebration Site was to provide a family-focused venue for Surrey residents and visitors to gather and enjoy the spirit of the Winter Games,” said Mayor Dianne Watts. “There was an overwhelming turnout and the event could not have been a success without the planning, hard work and dedication from the City of Surrey staff, volunteers and the special events team.” The BC Event Awards program recognizes outstanding achievements in special events, meeting management, and conference planning and exhibition management.


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Public Open House

For a proposed development by Berezan Management Ltd at 19677 196 Street, Township of Langley, BC Date: Tuesday, 16th November 2010 Time: 5pm – 7.30pm Location: Willowtree Plaza, 19653 Willowbrook Drive, Langley Purpose of the Public Open House is to introduce a proposed new development project on the corner of 196th Street and Willowbrook Drive, Langley, to the community. This site is part of a larger study area exploring mixed-use development within the Willowbrook area. The Public Open House provides an opportunity, early in the development process, to seek community opinion and comments regarding the proposed development and for the community to learn more about the plans for the property.

Weekdays 11am-2pm




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Kennedy’s Sports PUB

11906 - 88 Ave, North Delta


If you are unable to attend the event & want further information please contact: Maggie Koka (Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd) Address: 201-12448 82 Avenue, Surrey, V3W 3E9 Email: Tel: (604) 597-9058

Surrey North Delta Leader

No abuse by police at wrong-address raid

Delta Police chief rules on January incident in Vancouver by Dan Ferguson

and beat him, but Cessford said a review of the evidence supports the AN INVESTIGATION by the Delta Police police who said they forced Wu to the Department (DPD) has cleared two ground when he resisted. Vancouver Police Department (VPD) The injury to the eye occurred when officers of using excessive force when Wu hit the ground, Cessford said. they injured an innocent man during a He ruled the officers were acting Jan. 21 raid. in good faith and used a reasonable Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford amount of force under the circumreleased the findings of the DPD invesstances. tigation at a press conference in North Cessford added Wu is entitled to an Delta Wednesday afternoon. apology for the mistake that resulted “It may not be a positive finding, it from confusion about the location of may not be a popular finding,” Cessford the 911 call, which was made with a said. cell phone that did not disclose the DPD Chief Jim “(But) I had to consider all the facts.” Cessford exact address. The DPD was asked by the Vancou“It was essentially a non-winner for ver police to conduct an independent everybody,” Cessford said. investigation after Vancouver resident Yao Wei Wu “This has been a most unfortunate situation for all suffered a facial bone fracture and bruises when two involved.” VPD officers forced their way into his home. The DPD investigation will be reviewed by the They had gone to the wrong location to rescue a provincial Office of the Police Complaints Commiswoman with a 10-month-old baby who called 911 to sioner. say her husband was drunk and had assaulted her. Wu has the option of asking for a new review as Wu claimed the officers pulled him out the door well, Cessford said.

Needle found in Halloween candy by Kristine Salzmann DELTA POLICE received a second

report of a dangerous item found in a Halloween treat. On Tuesday (Nov. 4), a 12-yearold Ladner boy was eating a small Crispy Crunch and bit into a steel needle that had been inserted into the chocolate bar. The boy’s father contacted the police. Delta Police are reminding

Parent “Tip

of the

people once again to be cautious when eating Halloween candy. The boy and his friends trickor-treated in the neighbourhood near Leslie Park in Ladner, visiting several streets in the area. Last Monday, a woman reported to Delta Police that she found a small blade inside a chocolate bar. She believes the candy came from the Imperial Village area of Tsawwassen where she took a group of


children trick-or-treating. Neither the boy or the woman were injured. Sgt. Sharlene Brooks said tampered candy is an extremely uncommon occurrence. “It’s unprecedented that we’ve had even one report in recent years, so to have two is very, very uncommon.” She added police are continuing to investigate the incidents.

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Wednesday November 10 2010

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9476 - 120 Street, Surrey (Near Sabzi Mandi)

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604.532.0030 LANGLEY

Reading • Math • Writing • Study Skills


6SLULWXDO&HQWUH S Spiritual Services every Sunday at 10:00am 5722 176A Street (Cloverdale) Rev. Anne Larson

Community Worship

604.539.0770 w

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church 8:30am 10:00am

BCP (traditional) Holy Communion Family-oriented Holy Eucharist


Worship at 10:00am Coffee and Fellowship to follow There is no Sunday School during July and August.

16613 Bell Road (2 blocks w. of 168 at 57A)

604-576-2216 or on Facebook

Small Groups, Bible Studies, Youth, Women’s & Men’s meetings

“Creating an environment where real people experience Jesus in a real way” 604-596-8178 • 11838 - 88th Ave, North Delta •


16 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

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Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday November 10 2010 17


REMEMBRANCE DAY IN FLANDERS FIELDS By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place: and in the sky The larks still bravely singing fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago, We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved: and now we lie In Flanders fields!

Composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915 during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium

Take up our quarrel with the foe To you, from failing hands, we throw The torch: be yours to hold it high If ye break faith with us who die, We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

WE REMEMBER. Please take the time to thank a veteran and remember the bravery of our service women and men past and present.

Harry Bains, MLA

Bruce Ralston, MLA

Sue Hammell, MLA

Jagrup Brar, MLA

Guy Gentner, MLA

Surrey-Newton 604-597-8248

Surrey-Whalley 604-586-2740

Surrey-Green Timbers 604-590-5868

Surrey-Fleetwood 604-501-8227

Delta-North 604-597-1488

18 Wednesday November 10 2010

Kennedy House Seniors Society invites you and your family to attend a


Surrey North Delta Leader


REMEMBRANCE DAY LOCAL NOVEMBER 11 EVENTS • Cloverdale's Remembrance Day ceremony will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the Cloverdale Cenotaph at the Surrey Museum plaza, 17710 56A Ave.

Thursday, November 11 Ceremony at 10:40 am Lest We Forget North Delta Social Heart Plaza 11415 84th Ave., Delta

Let’s not forget, the freedom they fought for.

70 - 120th St, Surrey Ph: 604-596-4994 81 Corner of 82nd & Scott Rd.


OPEN HOUSE Disco over the newest technology in digital hearing aids.

N Refreshments Provided

#101, 15957-84th Ave, Surrey Call for an appointment

Surrey Hearing Care “H Helping You Hear the World”


• Kennedy House Seniors Society invites you and your family to attend a Remembrance Day Ceremony, commencing at 10:30 a.m. at the North Delta Social Heart Plaza, 11415 84 Ave. Refreshments will follow the ceremony, at the North Delta Recreation Centre. • The Whalley Legion, Branch 229,

will hold its ceremony starting at 10:30 a.m. at 13525 106 Ave. • Pork Kells will hold its service starting at 10:30 a.m. at the Port Kells Community Hall, 18918 88 Ave. • 9th Surdel Scout Group's 16thannual ceremony and parade will begin at 10:30 sharp at Seaquam Secondary School, 11584 Lyon Road. The parade, escorted by the RCMP and Delta Police, will head Sunshine Hills Elementary, 11285, Bond Blvd. The ceremony will finish at 11:10 a.m. with hot chocolate and cookies.


Wenesday November 10 2010

The Surrey/North Delta Leader


The vision of a mature


At age 40 and working in the public sector, Kevin Morgan went back to school to attain a university degree and maintained a GPA of 4.17 – despite the challenges that come with being legally blind. EVAN SEAL / THE LEADER

Kevin Morgan, 43, learned a lot about himself at SFU Surrey by Boaz Joseph


evin Morgan describes his “scrambly” frame of mind on the morning of his October convocation at Simon Fraser University on Burnaby Mountain. He was to speak in front of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of people on behalf of 26 mature students graduating with degrees from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at SFU Surrey. He was extremely nervous. It’s not about me, he told himself in an attempt to calm down. Just don’t let down your comrades. By the time he got behind the podium, Morgan realized he was actually fairly relaxed. Being legally blind, he could barely make out his audience. “I can tell you where it does help,” he says of his condition. “Public speaking.” He could see little but the nearly inch-high letters on his speech notes, spread over 33 pieces of paper in his hands. Few members of the audience realized that Keving Morgan as graduate No. 637 spoke of the gifts attained from his new education – the passion for learning, the ability to think critically and the nurturing of freedom and growth – that anything was different about this speaker until he made a comment about his personality. “I grew up fiery, competitive, and somewhat opinionated,” he told his audience. “And whether this was a result of adolescent feelings of inferiority due to my

“It’s hard to capture in words just how much my life has changed by the simple step of going back to school.”

visual disability or a byproduct of many years as a competitive runner... at times, my resulting worldview distorted my perceptions and corrupted my judgement.” For Morgan, who admits to being a feisty kid growing up, there’s was extra appreciation of earning a university degree at the age of 43. For years, he tried to hide any hint of weakness, having been picked on in school for having to sit as close as possible to the blackboard. He was of Metis origin adopted as a toddler by an Irish family, and had less than 10 per cent vision – just enough to get by without a walking stick or seeing-eye dog. Even though Morgan’s reading skills were slow, he had an insatiable curiosity about the world. He got his hands on a bright, orange set of reference books, the Young Children’s Encyclopedia Britannica, and read them back to back. He was also an avid reader of mystery novels – the Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and later, Agatha Christie. At school, Morgan earned some respect from his tormentors on Sports Day – they decided they wanted Morgan, a strong physical competitor, on their teams. A feisty spirit helped him in grow up, run long distance, find work, and raise a family. The married father of two has worked at the Canada Revenue Agency building in Surrey since 1997, most recently as manager of Regional Insolvency and Client Services. “I’m registered legally blind with CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind), but I’m one of those people that, unless you see some of my adaptive technology on my desk, or some of the stuff I use to


accommodate myself, some people don’t know. Those technologies range from ZoomText computer screen magnification software to loupe magnifiers for paper documents. “I’m fortunate working in an organization in the federal public service. They’re very good at providing accommodation,” he says. “Hopefully, its like this more and more in the private sector.” Morgan commutes by bus from Coquitlam to Surrey. “I’m very mobile, but I can’t drive. That would not be healthy for the public.” Although there have been a few dry periods, Morgan has kept up his running as an adult, most recently training with his wife Emma for the Victoria Marathon on the Thanksgiving weekend. Although he just went to watch, he ran up to 80 kilometres per week during her eight-month training period. The two usually run as a pair, even at night, with Emma keeping an eye for hazards and sometimes halting him with the stop-short method. He also bikes to stay in shape. “I’ve had some very interesting accidents,” he says with a laugh. As an adult, Morgan wanted to get back to school, to both assist him with the analytical thinking in his career, and to revive the curiosity about the world he had as a kid. While making some changes to his work schedule, he took courses on Fridays and Saturday for threeand-a-half years at SFU Surrey, attaining a GPA of See MORGAN / Page 20

20 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Going back to school “MATURE STUDENT” status at SFU does not necessarily mean the student is or must be an older adult.

Applicants may only be 25 or 26 years old, but admissible to the university via this pathway based on academic background and records. Through its Mature Student Admissions Policy, SFU gives consideration to students who do not meet its regular admissions requirements. If a student is not admissible to SFU on either high school or college records (for example, the student does not have access to them, their grades do not meet SFU’s admissions cut-offs, or they did not graduate from high school), applicants may be admitted as a mature student. If you think you might be a candidate for mature student admission at SFU but aren’t sure, call 778-7827400.

FEATURED in our LATEST FLYER! Morgan: Wouldn’t change a thing From page 19 4.17 in his general studies courses – business, economics, quantitative reasoning, values and

ethics, writing and leadership – and earning his bachelor of arts degree. “It was a defining moment in my life,” he says. “It’s hard to

capture in words just how much my life has changed by the simple step of going back to school.” That said, he adds:

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“Having gone back as a mature student, looking at it now, I wouldn’t change it for the world.” He says his fellow mature students were able to share valuable insights from life experiences in the classes, and that led to his further search for knowledge. “The more we learned, the more we knew how little we knew,” he explains. “It became almost obsessive – back to that kid who used to run obsessively or read obsessively when younger. But this time, instead of just the purpose of being competitive, it was about being a better person.”

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ROBERT BATEMAN in person to personalize you prints and books Wednesday, Nov. 10th, 7-9pm

Friday, Nov. 12th, 7-9pm

at Guildford Town Centre #2550 604-584-8244

at Scottsdale Mall 7121-120th St. 604-596-8203

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Newest Coffee Table Book

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2011 Calendars


GS & Company Your Home DDecor GGallery ll Guildford Town Centre Surrey – 1159-2695-152 St. • 604-584-8244

Scottsdale Centre Delta – 7121 - 120 St. • 604-596-8203

• k

Semiahmoo Shopping Centre – 1711 - 152 St. • 604-531-8203

Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday November 10 2010

Win, loss for North Delta Devils fan the Flames, but fall to Steelers Black Press THE NORTH Delta Devils began the weekend with a win and ended it with a loss in Pacific International Junior Hockey League action. Friday saw North Delta on the road against the Ridge Meadows Flames. The Devils wasted no time, with Adam Nathwani scoring off a pass from Taylan Kornelsen less than two minutes into play. And while the Flames shot back, a Marco Finucci goal at the end of period one left North Delta ahead.

A couple more goals – one from Kornelsen and a second from Dean Brunato – put the Devils at a 4-1 advantage heading into the third period. Brunato netted another in the third and Ridge Meadows scored twice, allowing the Devils to hang on to a 5-1 victory. In Saturday’s home game, the Devils got pounced on by the Grandview Steelers, who scored 18 minutes into the first period and again early in the second. Delta’s Coltyn Hansen finally answered, getting the Devils on the

Two awards for Surrey soccer player

Sungod Arena scoreboard. But Grandview added another, leaving Delta at a two-point deficit heading into the third period. The Steelers added their fourth and final goal, which Marco Finucci matched in the third. But it was too late, leaving the Devils down 4-2 at game’s end. North Delta is now 15-6 (won-lost) on the season, sitting atop the Top Shaw Conference. The Devils next game is Thursday in Squamish against the last-place Wolf Pack.



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ALY BENES of the Simon Fraser University Clan wom-

en’s soccer team has been named to both the COSIDA Academic All-American district team, and Great Northwest Athletic Conference Academic (GNAC) Team. Benes, a midfielder/forward from Surrey, posted a 3.84 grade point average in Health Sciences to earn both COSIDA Second Team District 8 and GNAC honours. Benes has six points for the Clan in 2010, including two goals.


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Skip the movies on the couch with 2 for 1 Date Night. When: Every Thursday, 5 pm to 9 pm, Oct. 14 to Nov. 18 Where: The Bridge at Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino Enjoy one complimentary ENTREE when a second ENTREE from the Date Night Menu of equal or greater value is purchased - maximum discount $15. Plus after dining, enjoy $10 in free slot play at the casino and enter for your chance to WIN the Ultimate Date Night Getaway to River Rock Casino Resort. PM108. Present this to restaurant staff upon seating. Tipping should be 15% to 20% of TOTAL bill before discount. Cannot be combined with BC Gold discounts and any other off er. Discounts exclude tax, tips and/or alcohol. where applicable. Limited one coupon per couple. Some restrictions may apply. Off er is subject to change. Nontransferable and no cash value. Contest Closes November 19th, 2010.

17755 60th Ave Surrey 604.576.9141

Inside Track ...with Dan Jukich I will forever recall the sparkle in their eyes and the smiles full of pride when Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy were called to the podium at Newlands Golf and Country Club for a special announcement during the 2008 B.C. Standardbred Industry Awards Dinner. They were advised that the BC Breeders Stakes for 3-year-olds would forever and a day be named after them: the fillies in the name of Mary and the colts in the name of Robert. And how fitting that BC Breeders Classic Day annually falls on Nov. 11, Remembrance Day. Mr. Murphy passed away this past February at the age of 77 and will always be remembered as one of the most respected and successful horse owners and breeders ever to work his magic at Fraser Downs. Fittingly, he was unanimously selected to the B.C. Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 2009. Tomorrow’s $75,000 Mary Murphy Stakes has generated all kinds of excitement because not too unlike the great thoroughbred Zanyetta, the remarkable Mystic Maiden goes for an unprecedented 12th win in a row and 19 in 20 lifetime starts. Trained by young Justin Currie and driven by Dave Hudon, Mystic Maiden will be the odds-on favourite. And with a record like that, why not? The $75,000 Robert Murphy Stakes for the boys has multiple talent in a nine-horse field that features Nobody Can, who captured both legs of eliminations for owners JJJ Stables and Al Anderson. Other elimination leg winners Kootenay Mike and Dontmakemebeg will provide Nobody Can with some excellent competition. There are nine entries in both the BC Classic Stakes for 2-year-olds. Just Fiction won both of the fillies eliminations and Gramrun Jake did the same in the colts division. The 11-race BC Classic Day card begins at 1:15 p.m. with the lovely Teresa Fierro launching the afternoon with her outstanding rendition of our national anthem. I have no hesitation saying that I love her. I can, because she’s my sister. 17755 60th Avenue Surrey BC


22 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Surrey Eagles win three straight Squad now tied for second place in BCHL coastal conference by Nick Greenizan THE SURREY Eagles won

their third straight game Sunday, giving them

seven wins in their last nine – good enough to bump them into a tie with the Langley Chiefs for second place in the

BC Hockey League’s Coastal Conference. On Thursday, the Eagles’ offence exploded in an 8-4 road win over

ATTENTION To honour those who defended our country and preserved our freedom, Valley View Memorial Gardens wishes to place a small Canadian Flag on every Veteran’s grave in Valley View Memorial Garden’s Cemetery. We need your help to know who these Veterans are. If your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend or Relative were Veterans, and interred at Valley View, please call us and we’ll ensure that his or her memory and service are not overlooked. There is no charge for the flag. It’s Valley View’s way of saying

WE REMEMBER Drop into the Cemetery Office for your free flag.

VALLEY VIEW MEMORIAL GARDENS 14644 72nd Avenue, Surrey 604.596.7196

the Chiefs, and the Birds followed up with a 5-4 overtime win at South Surrey Arena – also against the Chiefs. Then, on Sunday, Surrey completed the trifecta with a 3-1 victory over the visiting Cowichan Valley. Surrey now boasts a record of 15-9-0, six points behind the firstplace Powell River Kings. On Thursday, the Eagles jumped out to a 4-0 first-period lead and cruised to victory, led by a two-goal performance from new Eagle Steve Koshey, playing his first game with the team. Koshey, a 19-yearold defenceman, was acquired last week from the Trail Smoke Eaters in exchange for forwards, Erik Cooper and Ryan Luiten. The trade to shore up the Eagles’ blue line came a week after the team shipped veteran forward Mike Krgovich – a BCHL all-star last season – to Salmon Arm for 18-year-old defenceman Josh Monk. Other goals were scored by Mitch Jones – who added two assists – Richard Vanderhoek,

It’s a magical combination of sun, water and geography that has created the natural beauty of BC’s Okanagan Valley. Here, for well over a century, growers have been harvesting a wonderful variety of fruits from their orchards. And their taste is just as beautiful as the place in which they’re grown.

Our fall apple harvest is in stores now. Get a taste online at B C T R E E .CO M

Daniel Gentzler, Scott Holm, Robert Lindores and Brandon Morley. The Eagles’ power play was also lethal in Langley, connecting on fiveof-seven opportunities. New goaltender Karel St. Laurent, 20, formerly of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s Saint John Seadogs, was between the pipes for the Eagles, stopping 37 shots. As of Monday, the team was still carrying three goaltenders on its official roster – with 18-year-old Andrew Hunt and 20-year-old Vinny Lessard the others – but St. Laurent was between the pipes for all three of the team’s latest wins. The overage goalie’s junior A playing rights were acquired from Cowichan Valley after he was released from Saint John. In Friday’s rematch, Eagles’ leading-scorer Brad McGowan lifted the team to victory with his overtime goal, which came on a penalty shot with just 50 seconds left in the second OT. The goal was McGowan’s second of the


Surrey Eagle Bradley McGowan in front of Capitals goalie Derek Dun during BCHL action Sunday in South Surrey. game – and fourth point. Vanderhoek added a pair of goals, and Gentzler chipped in with one. Gentzler was the first Eagle to tally Sunday, too, giving him goals in all three wins, with Vanderhoek and Jeff Vanderlugt also finding the back of the net. The Eagles are back on the ice Thursday at 3 p.m. against the visiting Nanaimo Clippers. The

game will also serve as a food bank fundraiser. The initiative is part of a joint effort called Together is Amazing, between Shaw Cable, Safeway and Campbell’s. For every pound of food donated across the country, Shaw and Campbell’s will match, up to 350,000 and 300,000 pounds, respectively. For more, visit

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Wednesday November 10 2010 23

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DRIVERS, HEAVY Duty Mechanics, Equipment Operators- How will you make your mark? Maple Leaf Loading is a rapidly growing mining support company that is focusing its business on providing specialized services to the mining and resource sectors. Maple Leaf Loading is a Canadian owned and operated company. As our business moves towards a vision of servicing clients with a local presence and a global perspective, we’re looking to grow our team. To facilitate our growth and satisfy our workload, we have openings for the following positions in our BC & Alberta operations. Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics: The successful candidates will be responsible for performing repairs on trucks and trailers and maintaining fleet maintenance records. Requires 3 years of experience in all phases of heavy duty truck maintenance and repair. Preference will be given to licensed mechanics. Company Drivers: The successful applicants must possess a valid class one driver’s license. Mountain driving experience with multiple trailer configurations or 2 years on/ off highway logging experience pulling super B or truck and pup combinations would be an asset. Would consider sub contractors with 7 or 8 axle trucks for our Chetwynd, BC operation. Equipment Operators: The successful candidate must be able to operate road maintenance equipment, articulated rock trucks, wheel loaders and various other heavy equipment. Join the innovative and energetic team at Maple Leaf Loading and get what you want from your career. In addition to a competitive salary and benefits packages, we offer real advancement potential within a team environment where outstanding performance is rewarded. Interested candidates can forward a current resume quoting MLL Job Reference # HR10-MISC-001 in the subject line to, or fax to 250-614-7290. We thank all applicants for their interest. Please note that only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Please, no phone calls about this job.

21st century

Bring Them to My Daycare! 778-387-5008 96th & Scott Road Area



CHRISTMAS LIGHTS HUNG UP FOR YOU. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. Call JR 604-729-6048



10TH ANNUAL Christmas in Cloverdale 5734 - 184B St. Sry (access from 58th & 184A)



* Annual * Country Neighbor Craft Show


Sewing Machine

Janome Dealer

LIVE-IN NANNY required for family of 4. 40/hrs per week. $8.50/hr. Fluent in Ga an asset. Call Chris or Hilda (604)583-3991.


Come find wonderful gifts made just for you and your family!

Up to 85% Off

1-800-661-1801 33

Sun, Nov. 14th 10am-3pm


LIVE-IN CAREGIVER needed for children, $8/hr, 40 hrs/week. Call Nimira 778-574-8010.

Fri. Nov. 12th * 3 - 8pm Sat. Nov. 13th *10am - 5pm Sun. Nov. 14th * 10am - 4pm 9030 - 206th Street Walnut Grove, Langley

Sat, Nov. 13th 10am-4pm

D Lic’d family childcare D Cooking, music/pre-school prog D Christian facility D First Aid/CPR D Food Safe D Large bright colourful facility & large yard D Lots of indoor/outdoor toys DLots of LOVE

21st CENTURY FLEA MARKET 175 Tables of Bargains on Deluxe 20th Century Junque! Sunday, Nov 14th, 10am-3pm CROATION CULTURAL CENTRE 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver *Info: 604-980-3159 *Admission $4.

Fri, Nov. 12th 12pm-8pm

Available daycare for INFANTS in Cloverdale. Specialized & certified. 28 yrs exp. Excellent ref’s. Call Julie at Cloverkidz 778-574-3029 X x .


ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704

Join us for coffee & cookies! cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.








OUR HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS CRAFT SALE Sat. Nov. 13th & Sun. Nov. 14th 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Arborside Court 13751 - 74th Ave. Complimentary refreshments & snacks Free raffle & parking 28 Juried Artisans

S Moving, Expecting A Baby S Planning A Wedding S Anticipating Retirement S Employment Opportunities


We have Gifts & Information NIGHTMARE STORIES. Bought a home and discovered previous owners didn’t disclose rodent, mould, sewer or roof problems? Journalist collecting stories. Contact or 1-604-4850003.



DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877804-5381. (18+). FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 $3.19 min. 18+ 1-900-783-3800 NOW HIRING. Gay Phone Chat. FREE TRIAL. 1-877-501-1012 Talk to or meet desirable guys in your area anytime, 24/7. Where private, confidential fantasies come true! 1-877501-1012 18+.



OFFICE CLERK good knowledge of paybill receivable and shipping dock inventory good computer skill full time in fleet wood cvs to



SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $78 Million Dollars offered in 2009! (800)640-6886



SUNNY Winter Specials. At Florida’s Best Beach-New Smyrna Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800-541-9621.

ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704


109 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES SALES AND Marketing Co-ordinator for Cessna Parts Dealership that has been in business for over 30 years, Lindair Services Ltd. We require a highly trained Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator with project management and graphic design experience. We will offer a competitive salary/commission together with a full benefit package. E-mail resume to: doug@ SALES CAREER. Are you a self starter and self motivated person with a drive to succeed in financial services; selling insurance and investment products? We are looking for you! We will provide all the training and support you need to build a successful career. Please email your resume to Surrey College, in association with Surrey School District, is looking for Early Childhood Educator Instructor(s) for the Winter/Spring programs. Applicants must have at least two years work experience, have received their Early Childhood Care & Education Certificate and BC Early Childhood Care & Education license; completion of `Train the Trainer’ with the Ministry of Advanced Education is recommended. Please submit resume via fax to: S. Buchanan @ 604-583-5600 Thank you for your interest but only those qualified will be contacted.

DEALERS WANTED: Join the Infrared Heater Revolution! Low start-up cost, high profits. Existing business or entrepreneur, heating season is here. CALL 877.432.8481


Direct reach to BC Sportsmen and women...Advertise in the 2011 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis, amazing circulation 400,000 copies, year long impact for your business! Please call Annemarie at 1-250-480-3244 or email

Check out’s Employment and Career Opportunities Section in the 100’s

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JEWELLERY SALES OPPORTUNITY! NEW to Canada, trendy, affordable! Work from home. Earn GREAT money & vacations. Contact Curt for catalogue and business information. .403.909.4302.




DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS wanted with experience. (Truck & Pony). Fax resumes to: 604-856-9172 or for info call: 604-807-4040.





24 Wednesday November 10 2010 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 114




Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 • Surrey North Delta Leader EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 130




Now accepting applications for: F/T, day positions Mon. - Fri. ✖ Paid Hourly, not percentage ✖ Vehicles & Equip. provided ✖ Must be fluent in English ✖ Drivers license required ✖ No experience necessary, top training provided Apply in person only Mon. - Fri., 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. 6834 King George Hwy. Surrey

LONG HAUL CLASS 1 TEAM DRIVERS Required by A-Kalala Transport Ltd. in Surrey, BC. Willing to work as a team, $25.78/hr + benefits. 50 hrs/week. 3 yrs exp & clean abstract req’d. Fax resume 604-598-0234 or mail: 12633 67B Ave., Surrey,BC V3W 1G2. email: jsidhu61@GMAIL.COM



Mature persons with car or truck to deliver Yellow Pages™ Telephone Directories to Langley, Surrey, White Rock and surrounding areas.

Call 1-800-733-9675 Mon.- Fri. 8 am - 4 pm

Classified advertising an effective way to build business.

Some great kids aged 12 to 18

MOUNTAIN SHADOW Transp. Group req’s LONG HAUL TRUCK DRIVERS. Class 1 license with min 1 year exp, $23.50/hr + Benefits, 50hrs/week. FAX RESUMES TO: 604-852-7391 or mail: 30513 Robin Dr., Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5S1.



who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? Qualified applicants receive training, support and remuneration. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628


Every Saturday at 8:30am #215, 19358-96 Ave. Surrey NO reservations: 604-888-3008 Ask about our other Courses... *Stand up Reach *Fall Protection *Aerial Lift *RoughTerrain Forklift *Bobcat *WHMIS & much more. “Preferred by Employers

ENSIGN ENERGY SERVICE INC. is looking for experienced Drilling Rig, & Coring personnel for all position levels. Drillers, Coring Drillers $35. - $40.20.; Derrickhands $34., Motorhands $28.50; Floorhands, Core Hands, Helpers $24. $26.40. Plus incentives for winter coring! Telephone 1-888-ENSIGN-0 (1-888-367-4460). Fax 780-9556160. Email:


Required for established hair salon in Fleetwood. Must have previous experience. Clientele an asset. Start immediately.

Medical Office Trainees Needed! Drs. & Hospitals need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement is also Available! 1-888-778-0459 MIDSTREAM SERVICES CANADA, a division of CCS Corporation, is actively hiring Operators at our Facilities in the following locations: Alberta: Drayton Valley, Fox Creek, Grande Prairie, Brooks, Janvier. British Columbia: Fort Nelson, Fort St. John. Saskatchewan: Kindersley, Gull Lake, Marshall. Please go to our website at to apply or fax 403-2660659!

Required by growing wholesale Company. Permanent full time position in pleasant working environment with full benefits. Hours 8-4, Mon-Fri. Minimum of 2 years experience in data entry, invoicing, pricing and invoice verification. Position requires attention to detail, accuracy and excellent telephone skills. Send resume in confidence to: Kief Music Ltd. 13139 - 80 Ave, Surrey, BC or Fax 604-590-6999. No phone calls please.


Please call: 778.896.3709


Start January 27, 2011 BC College Of Optics 604-581-0101 Train to be a Cardiology Technologist in 60 weeks. Recognized by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists and accredited by the Canadian Medical Association.

2 SHIFT MANAGERS needed for Knight & Day restaurant for Graveyard/Evening shifts. Resolve work problems. Requisition of materials/supplies/food. Help other staff as much as possible if busy. F/T @ $17.11/hr. Send resume, 9677 King George Blvd, Surrey BC V3T 2V3.

F/T Indian Specialty Cook wanted for Bengah Fish n’ Curry in Surrey, BC. Duties: prepare/cook authentic Indian/Bengali food; designate/create dishes for menu; order supplies/ingredients for kitchen; instruct/supervise kitchen staff/cooks; lead line in kitchen. Salary $20-$26/hr. + 2 weeks vacation. Min. 10 yrs. exp. in high end Indian cuisine restraurant or hotel, full knowledge of Indian spices. Fax resume to: 604-5923938 attn: Navi Deol. Part Time Cook for Roadrunner Cafe, Mon - Fri, dayshift. Bring resume to 20475 62nd Ave. or Fax 604-533-0561



Extra Foods Abbotsford We are currently seeking applications for a

A vehicle and fair knowledge of the area is required

Optician Training


careers ripe for the picking


Adults required to deliver Newspapers door to door, twice a week. INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assistance. Funding Available. 1-866-399-3853


Fax resume to 604-575-7771.



Call 778-565-4499 Mon.- Fri. 10:00-5:00

BC’s largest High School Cafeteria Company with over 50 locations is now hiring a team leader for a Vancouver location. Full time, Monday to Friday, 7am3pm. during the school year.

Forklift Driver and Yard Cleaner required in Surrey - F/T & P/T. Fax resume to: 604-930-5066 or email to:


Part Time Meat Cutter We are looking for a talented, passionate colleague with a proven record of delighting customers and growing sales.

Please call 604 575 5322 for more info.

If you want to join a fast-paced winning team and believe you can have an immediate impact, then we want to hear from you. At Loblaws, it’s about our respect for the environment, sourcing with integrity, and making a positive difference in the community.

CANADIAN FARMS PRODUCE Inc., located in Surrey requires F/T general farm workers to start in Jun/2010. Accommodation avail. Wage $9.64/hour. Must be in good physical shape. Training provided. Heavy lifting req’d. Please fax resume to: 604-574-5773

Qualifications: – Meat Cutting experience required, preferably in a food retail environment – Exceptional customer service skills with a talent for building customer loyalty. If this is the career for you and you are excited to be a part of Western Canada’s fasting growing grocery and general merchandise retailers, please forward your application to Extra Foods at, attention Dave.

Experienced licensed fireplace tech Also P/T fireplace sales person. Experience an asset. Resume to: FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944








Get in. Get Out. Get Working. Train to B Become a Practical Nurse Highly Successful Suc and Established Program Strong R Relationships with Potential Employers Appro Approved by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses Larg Practical Nursing trainer in Canada Largest





ALL SHIFTS F/T, P/T Boundary & Lougheed

Food Counter Attendants

o/a Tim Horton’s F/T / Shift Work / Nights / Overnights / Early Mornings / Weekends $10.31/hour plus benefits Apply in person or fax to: D 9591 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta. Fax: 604-590-0735 D 2360 King George Blvd. Surrey Fax: 604-531-0694 D 1767 - 152 St. Surrey. Fax: 604-531-5132 D 2355 - 160 St., Surrey. Fax 604-531-5775

Subway. Call Banreet 604-205-5060 No experience necessary. Uniform and training provided. 1 free meal included daily. Please No Calls Between 11:30-1:30PM

138 SUSHI TRAIN Jap. Rest. in Surrey is F/T (2) Jap. Food Cook hiring. Req.:3+yrs. exp. & knowledge of food. Salary:$18/hr. Duties: Cook complete Jap. food & ensure quality of food etc. Contact: kangsushi@




EXP. SALVAGE Burners Surrey BC, Cassidy BC and Out of Town jobs - Amix Salvage - We offer both seasonal or long term work. We are stable and GROWING! Great benefits and pay. Apply at or fax 1-866812-2478





UPCOMING AVAILABLE ROUTE CARRIERS NEEDED in Surrey RTE# PAPERS AREA DESCRIPTION 15-22 15-23 16-11 16-19 17-01 17-05 17-17 19-17 24-03 24-06 30-36 30-37 30-48 30-51 35-06 37-05 36-12 36-13 38-13 38-14 40-03 40-14

144 151 131 113 91 108 94 121 72 93 67 106 119 81 81 80 103 99 114 86 45 100

150 St - 152 St, 70 Ave - 72 Ave 150 St - 152 St, 68 Ave - 70A Ave 149 St - 151 St, 81B Ave - 84 Ave 146 St - 150 St - 82 Ave - 84 Ave 140 St - 141 St, 86A Ave - 88 Ave 142 St - 144 St, 82 Ave - 84 Ave 140 St - 142B St, 82 Ave - 84B Ave 120 St - 123A St, 75A Ave - 76A Ave 123A St - 125 St, 102 Ave - 104 Ave 124 St - 127 St, 100 Ave - 102 Ave 157A St - 159B St, 112 Ave - 114 Ave 168 St - 171 St, 104 Ave - 105A Ave 154 St - 156 St, 110 Ave - 112A Ave 163A St - 165 St, 92 Ave - 94 Ave 136A St - 137B St, 96 Ave - Fraser Hwy 140 St - 141A St, 106 Ave - 108 Ave 136 St - Park Dr, 110 Ave - 112 Ave Berg Rd - Hansen Rd, Park Dr - Cowan Rd 132 St - 134 St, 98 Ave - 100 Ave 134 St - King George Bvld, 97 Ave - 98B Ave 138B St - 141A St, 115A St - King Rd King George Bvld - 114 Ave, 126 St - 128 St


95 118 113

172 St - 174B St, 62A Ave - 64 Ave 172 St - 173B St, 58 Ave - 60 Ave 162 St - 164 St, 86 Ave - 88 Ave


Thank you for your interest in Extra Foods.



Required for marketing company, close to bus route. Full training given, P/T leading to F/T. Must have computer exp. Looking for motivated, upbeat, goal-orientated people.

Canuel Caterers

Order Entry / Customer Service Clerk

WELL ESTABLISHED Parksville Plumbing & Heating company looking for employee with service & repair experience. Priority given to tech with heat pump experience. 250-248-9300 or



TELEMARKETERS $10 - $15/hr.






Please fax resumes to: GREFF DISTRIBUTORS (BC) Ltd. 604-888-4688 or Visit employment opportunities at

Required by Apna Y Xpress Transport Ltd. in Surrey, BC. Willing to work as a team, $25.78/hour + benefits 50 hours/week 3 years exp. & clean abstract required. Fax resume 604-598-8315 or mail: 13480 64A Ave., Surrey,BC V3W



Warehouse distributor of industrial and automotive products is looking for self-motivated, energetic people to join our growing team. Duties would include order picking & counter sales with order desk opportunities. Knowledge of the automotive and trucking industry would be an asset.





Girn Trucking Ltd in Surrey requires LONG HAUL TRUCK DRIVERS. A salary of $24/hr will be paid along with other benefits. Work will be minimum 40/hrs a week. Overtime will be given. Address: 12553 61A Avenue, Surrey BC, V3L 2E1. Fax: 604-599-4078 or email resume to: Drivers License (Class 1 or A), Air brake (Z) Endorsement required, on job training will be provided.



Call our Surrey Campus: (604)



1-01 1-03 1-05 2-03 2-05 2-12 2-14 2-15 4-10 5-01 7-13 8-03 8-08 8-14 8-15 8-19

60 97 109 120 111 70 88 105 85 81 110 93 78 89 74 51

Blake Dr - 112 St, 72 Ave 116 St - 118 St, Cory Dr - 72 Ave Westview Dr - Huff Bvld, Westview Pl - Southridge Rd. 112 St - Swanson Dr, 78 Ave - 80 Ave 113A St - 115 St, 77 Ave - 80 Ave Garfield Dr - Muston Pl, Warwick Rd - Crawford Dr 112 St - Blake Dr, 72 Ave - 73 Ave 112 St - Fairfield Pl, 72 Ave - Glenbrook Pl McKenzie Dr - Hillside Cres, 64 Ave - Bond Bvld Skagit Dr - Sheaves Crt, Sheaves Rd - Centre St. 117 St - 119A St, 90A Ave - 92 Ave River Rd - 112 112 St, Russell Dr - 90 Ave Dunlop Rd - Delvista Dr, Delcrest Dr - Delwood Dr 110A St - 112 St, 84 Ave - 84B Ave 110 St - 112 St, 84B Ave - 86 Ave Glenrose Dr - Dunlop Rd, 83 Ave - 84 Ave

Surrey North Delta Leader • Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 139


CASUAL Recreation Therapy Aids, Care Aids & RN’s WANTED AT HIGHLAND LODGE Langley, BC Fax: 604-534-7139 or email: sphillips@



PARTS TECHNICIAN Arpac Storage Systems is looking for a full-time Parts Technician to join our team. This is a detail oriented customer-service based position where industry and/or inventory control experience would be considered an asset. Enjoy a competitive salary, health/dental benefits, rewards program, monthly BBQs, and more!


Send resumes to or fax to 604-940-4082


for busy Port Kells company. Duties include: Order entry, purchasing / receiving, inventory control and scheduling. Must have experience in order-entry and good customer service skills. Please email resume to:

RECEPTIONIST req F/T for busy accounting firm. Should be comfortable Excel & Word. Must be able to speak Punjabi. Email resume



PREMIER Dead Sea Skin Care retailer is seeking 4 energetic Retail Sales Reps. for our locations in Guildford. $12.50/hr. Please mail to:





SALES ASSOCIATE ~ Perm P/T at Fashion Addition 14+, in our Morgan Crossing AND Langley Crossing locations. Fax resume to: 604-514-5918 or Email:


TILE & STONE SETTERS req’d with exp Sal: $25/hr Duties: Prepare, measure & mark surface to be covered; cut, fit, set, align & straighten tiles using levels; remove & replace cracked tiles; pack grout into joints; mix & spread cement & materials.Basic English req’d. Punjabi an asset. Loc. Surrey, BC. Contact Mr. Harvir. Fax: 604-591-2439 Email:


INSIDE ORDERDESK PERSON to process orders using SAP, answer basic enquiries, confirm shipments and invoice, do customs documentation, do basic administration. Must be good with computer software with SAP experience preferred. Must be accurate. High school grad with customer service experience. Part-time, permanent, 25hrs./wk. from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Mon. Fri. $15/hr. In Port Kells. Apply with resume to or Fax: 604.888.1145

Are you interested in making a significant difference in your community as Extra Eyes & Ears for Police? Surrey Crime Prevention Society volunteers help reduce crime and promote safety. Volunteers are trained and equipped to safely observe and report criminal activity, recover stolen vehicles, assist emergency services personnel at motor vehicle accidents, and more! We also act as crime deterrents at various community events and festivals. Our various crime prevention programs include: D Anti Graffiti/Mural Program D Citizens Crime Watch Patrol D Community Volunteer Patrol at Central City, Newton, and Guildford D Home Security Inspections D Mobile Patrol Team D Traffic Safety/Speed Watch D Seniors Safety Patrol For more information or an application form, contact us at: 604-502-8555,,



JONKER AUTO GROUP Join the fastest growing Nissan/Honda dealership in Western Canada. Required immediately full time position for 2 busy dealerships. Duties include delivery of parts over the total lower mainland. Must have people skills and computer skills driver abstract must be included with the resume.

EMAIL RESUME TO or fax to 604-534-7843 Attention: Len



BEST HAND IN TOWN. Hot Oil. 10am-Midnight 10077 Whalley Blvd. 604-719-5628 FULL BODY MASSAGE VERY RELAXING! Cocoa or Miko @ 778-908-3315 SHANGHAI. Fall Sale $10 off with ad, 10am-11:30pm 604-591-1891, 16055 Fraser Hwy, Surrey


Celestial Arts 160

PHYCHIC READER (604) 953-1868


4JL Hardwood Floor Ltd req an exp F/T Tilesetter with min 3yrs exp. $23.50/hr. Fax 604-324-1158 AVANTE RAISE Right Contracting Ltd. (3) Cement Finisher (Qt Control), P/FT,$28.00 p/h, 40 h/p. ASAP, high school, 3 yrs to 5 yrs exp. Spk English. Duties: quality control, patching and grinding, placing and finishing, depth specification, resurface and replace worn or damage. Send your resume to CALLING ALL TRADES. Looking for long term stable work indoors? Greensmart Manufacturing in Dawson Creek, BC is now hiring for all departments. Framing, Plumbing, Mechanical, Sheet Metal, Dry Wall, Electrical, Finishing and other Production Labours. Apprentices and Labourers welcome. Call 250782-2065 or fax 250-782-2061.



HEAVY DUTY mechanic required for busy shop in Port Kells. Mon-Fri. Exp an asset but will train. Reply to JOURNEYMAN TECHNICIAN (F/T) required immediately for Chrysler/Dodge automotive dealership Salmon Arm BC. Proven producer, quality workmanship is a must. Excellent wage and benefit package available . Please contact the service manager: Phone 1-250 832 8053, fax 250-832-4545 or email


Grand Opening $30/30 min.


10am-9pm 14045-104 Ave. Sry.

SCOTT HILL LASER HAIR REMOVAL ◆ Upper Lip or Chin $20 ea

◆ Face or Bikini $65 ea ◆ Full Legs $250 ea ◆ Skin Pigmentation


Unit # 108 - 9257 120th St.Delta


Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, customized menus tailored to your function! q Dinner Parties q Executive Meetings q Family Gatherings q Weddings / Banquets q B-B-Ques q Funerals We Come To You! Doing It All, From Set-Up - Clean-Up.

Kristy 604.488.9161 180


AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783


APARTMENT / CONDOMINIUM MANAGERS (CRM) home study course. Many jobs registered with us across Canada! Thousands of grads working! Government certified. 30 years of success! or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456. LOVE ANIMALS? Love a career as an Animal Health Technologist. Oncampus working farm. Small town environment. 2-year diploma program. GPRC Fairview Campus, Fairview, Alberta. 1-888-999-7882; MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is rated #2 for at-home jobs. Train from home with the only industry approved school in Canada. Contact CanScribe today! 1-800466-1535. TWO WHEELIN’ EXCITEMENT! Motorcycle Mechanic Program. GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. Hands-on training for street, offroad, dual sport bikes. Write 1st year apprenticeship exam. 1-888999-7882;



$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660 AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP TO 70% Of Your Debt. One affordable monthly payment, interest free. For debt restructuring on YOUR terms, not your creditors. Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web site: DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.





ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704


☛ Bookkeeping & Payroll ☛ Full Cycle Accounting ☛ Personal & Corporate Returns Small Businesses Welcome! Certified Management Accountant of 20 years.

604.512.1872 206


AAH ABOVE ALL APPLS REPAIR Quality work. Also appls for sale. Elect & plumb serv 604-588-2828 Dawn Appliance Service. (Sry) Fast in-home repairs, all makes & models Certif’d tech. 1 Yr parts & labour warr. 7 days/24 hrs. 604-512-5936









AKAL CONCRETE. All types of reno’s. Driveways, sidewalks, floors, retaining walls. Call 778-881-0961


PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 30 Years Exp. Free Estimates.

Crown molding installation.Faux finish, staining & custom painting.

Call: Rick (604) 202-5184


John 778-881-6737


TOP NOTCH ASSOCIATES We do only Quality work: Repairs/Reno’s and water tight Bathrooms. Electrical, Plumbing, Tile, Sealing, Finishing, Safety and Handicap. Mike 604-594-4791.

F All types of concrete work F F Re & Re F Forming F Site prep FDriveways FExposed FStamped F Bobcat Work F WCB Insured

778-231-9675, 778-231-9147 FREE ESTIMATES




QUICKWAY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. ****Mention this ad for 10% Off **** Call Ram @ 604-561-4041.


#1167 LIC’D, BONDED. BBB Lge & small jobs. Expert trouble shooter, WCB. Low rates 24/7 604-617-1774


$30 / PER HOUR - ABE MOVING *Reliable Careful Movers. *Rubbish Removal. *24 Hours. 604-999-6020

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of moving/packing. Excellent Service. Reas. rates! Different from the rest. 604-861-8885

263 EXCAVATING & DRAINAGE AFFORDABLE Excavating, Mini, Bobcat, Stump Remov, Drainage, Driveway, grading, ditches, SNOW REMOVAL. 604-841-6644.

604.723.8434 Interior & Exterior • Excellent Rates • Top Quality • Insured • WCB • Written Guarantee • Free Estimates

Local & Long Distance

Member of Better Business Bureau


Vincent 543-7776


25 yrs. Quality Assured Work... Interior / Exterior Professional Flexible rates,meeting your budget. • Attention to Detail • Free Estimates • Drywall Repairs 604-813-7966

SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240


283 GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS Budget Power Washing Gutter Cleaning Special $99 & up. 604-727-2525




MOVERS WILL MOVE you with no minimum. Grnt’d quotes. Local & long distance. Insured & Bonded. 604-593-2234 (24 hr service)

Saving time, money & steps Before you go anyplace else,take a walk through the Classifieds for the best bargains round.


PRICES SO LOW I MUST BE MAD Call MAD ABOUT PAINTING. Free Estimates. Int/Ext. 778-773-3918



******PRO ROOTER****** Plumbing, Drainage, Septic, WET Basement. 604-866-9506


cell 778 - 228 - 4503


Driveway removing, trenching & concrete breakers, drain tile, septic install & repairs. Oil tank removal. 20yrs. exp. Gd rates 604-250-6165

6 FT FENCING, Retaining Walls, Blacktop/Concrete driveway’s, Reno’s, Roofing, Bobcat Service. Snow Removal. Gaary Landscaping (604)889-8957, 778-861-0220

Benjamin Moore ref’s available 29 yrs exp. in all types of painting Free estimates

~ PRO PAINTERS ~ INTERIOR / EXTERIOR Quality Work, Free Estimates

From 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 Ton Trucks Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men Free estimate/Seniors discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

Evergreen Bobcat & Mini Excavator

Shopping made easy.

Don’t Panic Call Franik


#1 QUALITY WORK, Big or sm. Exp. Electrician avail. Reas.rates.604-773-0341. Lic#9902



AJM PAINTING Ticketed Painter BBB accredited Free Estimates



Cell 604-837-6699


ALLAN CONST. & Asphalt. Brick, conc, drainage, found. & membrane repair. (604)618-2304 820-2187.


ELEC, Plumb, repair install appls, dishwasher, sink, toilet, bath, leaks, plug, lights, fan. 604-314-1865

(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Service!

HANDYMAN FOR HIRE Quality work at $35/hr. Small or large jobs. Pls call 604-721-9537.

Master Painter, 27 yrs exp. Int / Ext. Premium Quality Paint Free Est. Handyman,wallpaperCarl 951-0146

10% OFF if you Mention this AD! AMAN’S PLUMBING SERVICES Lic.gas fitter. Reas $. 778-895-2005 $38/HR!Clogged drains,drips,garbs sinks, Reno’s toilets. No job too small! Lic’d/insured. 778-888-9184 $39/HR. LOCAL PLUMBER 20 yrs. exp. Big & small jobs. Call 604-308-5639. AAA HOT WATER TANKS PLUS Plumbing and heating Services. Licensed * Ticketed * Insured * 778-994-1637 FIXIT PLUMBING & HEATING H/W Tanks, Reno’s, Boilers, Furn’s. Drain Cleaning. Ins. (604)596-2841



GUTTER Cleaning Service, Repairs Free Est, 20 yrs exp, Rain or shine. 7 days/week. Simon 604-230-0627 PRESSURE WASHING, roof/gutter/window cleaning minor roof repairs. Victor 604-589-0356





A-1 CONTRACTING Renos. Bsmt stes, kitchens, baths, custom cabinets, tiling, plumbing, sundecks. Dhillon 604-782-1936. BEAUTIFUL BATH = Plumbing Drywall Electrical Tubs & Showers & Sinks Toilets & Tile Fans Windows, crown molding. 17 yrs exp. Senior disc. Work guar, Res/Comm. Nick 604-230-5783, 581-2859 BEN’S RENO’S: New bsmt, drywall, texture, paint, kitchen, bath, hardwood, laminate, plumbing, tiles, windows, doors & fencing. Snr’s disc. 604-507-0703.



ACTION CARPET AND FURNACE CLEANING. Best rates. Whole House package. Call 604-945-5801




#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772

Delightful Massage

Carpenter Required for AMBROS Development II in Surrey to build or repair doors, framework, floors, ceiling, roofing, walls ext & Int trim using machines, Power tools & hand tools. Salary: $28/hr. Hindi, Punjabi an asset. E - m a i l : a m b r o s c o n s t @ ya h o o. c a Fax: 604-591-1490 FALL RIVER LOGGING LTD. (Courtenay, BC) is currently seeking competent loader, skidder and processor operators for town work. Required Qualifications: 5+ years experience. Please email resume to or fax to 1250-871-0208.


Wednesday November 10 2010 25



A-TECH Services 604-230-3539

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $269, 2 coats



GARDENING • LANDSCAPING Snowl & Removcaat Bob e Servic



Home, Garden & Design Solutions

FREE ESTIMATES Complete Garden / Landscape Designs & Makeovers New Homescapes • Outdoor Living Space • Gardening Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Railings • Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Lighting / Sprinkler / Drainage Systems Lawn Installations • Pruning • Weeding • Clean-Ups Residential Maintenace Programs • Landscape Products Fencing • Home Improvements • Handyman Services

#1 Cleaning Service, Saving u Time! Supplies Included. 10 yrs. Exc. Refs. Bondable. 778.386.5476 AFFORDABLE Quality Cleaning $17/hr. Senior’s $16/hr. Insured. Bonded. 1 hr or more. 604-825-2933 Exp’d European Lady to clean your hse or apartment. Ref’s avail. Irene: 604-597-4891 or 778-241-9080. EXPERIENCED CLEANING LADY Res. & Comm. *Honest *Reliable *Bondable. References Available. 778-571-1351 or 604-790-5567

•Carpentry •Painting •Drywall •Renos-Kit./Bath •Framing •Decks 30 yrs. exp. Randy 778-828-2127


COMPLETE RENOVATIONS, 30 yrs in Cont. Very reliable. Denicon Const. Call Dennis 604-809-0702.


EXP. CARPENTER / HANDYMAN All types of work! No job too small! Over 20 yrs exp! Ed 778-888-8603

Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations • Additions Outdoor Living Spaces • Suites • Custom Homes Flooring • Hardwood • Tiles • Laminate • Siding • Fencing Sundecks • Patios • Arbours • Painting Ext. / Int. Railings • Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Roofing • Windows / Doors • Framing • Home Theatres Plumbing / Electrical • Commercial / Stratas • Pergolas Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Complete Renovations • Handyman Services


COMPUTER PROBLEMS? • We Remove Virus & Spyware • Operating System Installation (windows XP, Vista & 7) • Email, Firewalls, Office and Home Network Both Wired & Wireless Set-up • Punjabi Service • Discounts • Swift Response (1hr.) • 24hr. Service • 7 Days/Week

778.822.2535 Dave 604.600.2569 Rajesh

DIAMOND CUT CERAMIC TILE ceramic tiles, marble, slate, natural stone, laminate floors, kitchens, bthrm renos. Mike: (778)241-9070



1 CALL ABOVE all Handyman Serv Elect,. Plumb, Appls, Gen Repairs, No job too small. Sell repair & install major appls. Also do kitchen, baths, bsmt, renos. 604-588-2828. A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822

BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company


26 Wednesday November 10 2010 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 338


Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 • Surrey North Delta Leader



PETS 477


~ Certified Plumber ~ Reno’s and Repairs

Furnace, Boilers, Hot Water Heat Plumbing Jobs ~ Reas rates


604-507-4606 604-312-7674



GUTTER cleaning, roof/window cleaning, minor roof repair. Victor 604-589-0356

353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS #1 Roofing Company in BC

All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business Call now & we pay 1/2 the HST



CALL A ROOFER, not a SALESMAN ! All types of residential roofing Your Re-Roofing & Repair Specialists

Aluminum patio cover, sunroom, railing, vinyl floor. 604-782-9108

373A TELEPHONE SERVICES A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464. CHEAP TELEPHONE RECONNECT! Paying too much? Switch, save money, and keep your number! First month only $24.95 + connection fee. Phone Factory Reconnect 1-877-336-2274 ; **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Hi-Speed Internet available in most parts of Saskatchewan! Prepaid long distance specials! Feature package specials! Referral Program! Connect! Call 1-866-287-1348.


AN EXPERIENCED TILE SETTER Interior / Exterior Call BRUCE @ 604-583-4090 We always advertise with “THE LEADER”


Ron 604-728-3699 COMPLETE ReRoofing & Repairs. Shingles, Cedar, Flat Roof, Sr disc. Guart’d. WCB, BBB, 604-725-0106

GL ROOFING. Cedar shakes, Asphalt Shingles, Flat roofs BBB, WCB Ins. Clean Gutters $80. 24 hr. emer. serv. 7dys/wk. 604-240-5362

MINI SHAR-PEI Puppies Males/ Females avail. $800-$1200. 604315-8774. Pomeranian pups, reg, adorable, orange/party colours, 1st shots, starting $500. Call (604)794-7345 RIDGEBACK part, mother very gentle, adorable. 1st shots, dewormed 7 wks, $150. 604-768-7394 Shihtzu(3/4) Papillon x pups, fem., tri-colour, declaws, 1shots, deworm, view parents. $550 604-795-6552 ST. BERNARD female pup, 4 mos, splash coat, 1st & 2nd shots, $850/ea. Call (604)462-8605 VIZSLA PUPS, champion lines, shots, guaranteed. $750 email or call 604 819 2115 WEIMARANER PUPS, ready to go to good homes. Shots, dewormed, $850. Please call (604)854-1978. Wolf X Shepherd pups, $500. 7 wks blk w/markings, dewormed, view parents. (604)8692772 Laidlaw, Hope Yorkie/Shi’s Puppies - 6 mths old, full shots, house trained. $250 Call 604-856-5663 or 778-552-1033 YORKSHIRE Terrier Puppies, M $700. 1st shots, vet ✓, ears up, 10 wk old, ready to go. 604-543-5255.

TREE SERVICES A1-TRI-CRAFT Tree Serv. Dangerous tree removal, spiral pruning hedge trimming, stump grinding, topping. Insured, WCB Free Est Arborist Reports


Conscientious Roofing - 24 Hours repairs, re-roof, all types of roof & conversions. WCB. 604-340-4126.


Andrew 604-618-8585 $ Best Rates $ GreenLine Tree Service Complete Residential & Comm. Brush Chipping, Stump Grinding Land Clearing, Removal Neal 604-541-4608 / 604-230-4608

Morris The Arborist DANGEROUS TREE REMOVAL * Pruning * Retopping * Falling Service Surrey 25 years FULLY INSURED **EMERGENCY CALL OUT** Certified Arborist Reports



BEST FIREWOOD 32nd Season & 37,000 Cust Deliv. Fully Seas. Maple, Birch, Alder 604-582-7095



26” TV $75. M/w stand $10. Table 4 chairs $75. 2 wing chairs $100. Dresser w/rnd mirror $50. 496-1642 COFFEE TABLE, oak with 2 end tables, (burnt almond) $325. RCA stereo/radio/record player, working, + records, $75 obo. McBrine trunk, exc cond., $100. Onyx chess game, pd. $150, asking $50.604-590-6014 Sofa Italia 604.580.2525


Make us your first call! Reasonable Rates. Fast, Friendly & Uniformed Staff.

604.587.5865 A MISTER CLEANUP Free Est. - Same Day Service

604-218-5022 DISPOSAL BINS. 4 - 40 yards. From $179 - $565 incl’s dump fees. Call Disposal King. 604-306-8599.


CHEAP RUBBISH REMOVAL Almost for free! Dave (778)997-5757, (604)587-5991 Honest Man Rubbish removal. Fast on his service,best rates, clean-up, handyman Services. 604-782-3044

RED’S RUBBISH REMOVAL. I Need Work! Home Maintenance. Reasonable rates. Call Red 604-290-7033. RUBBISH REMOVAL Sgle items to multiple loads. Great Rates. Call Loren for FREE Est. Visa & M/C. (604)834-3090

Small Haul/Yard/Leaf Maint. Randy at Small Haul. 604-202-3363

359 SAND, GRAVEL & TOPSOIL LITTLE LOAD SPECIALIST. Sand & gravel delivered. Small orders welcome. Topsoil available. Call (604) 532-0662 days/eves.

368 SOUND/TV/DVD/ SERVICE 27” Sony Wega TV w/stand & speakers. Pd. $1900 8 years ago, perfect for rec room or for kids video games so they do not burn the screen on your LCD TV or a great TV for a guest room or business. $280.00. Satellite & receiver for only $ 339!!! for both including remote! 604-8283877.


20 Acres-$0 Down! $99/mo. Near Growing El Paso, Texas. Guaranteed Owner Financing, No Credit Checks. Money Back Guarantee. FreeMap/Pictures. 866254-7755

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!



BEAGLE PUPS, tri colored, good looking, healthy, $500. (604)7963026. No Sunday calls BOSTON TERRIER, 1 left. F., Reg. micro chipped. Vet ✓ All shots. 12 wk. $800. Pics & delivery avail. 604-557-3291 CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 856-4866 CHIHUAHUA P.B. $495+, 8wks, Vet ✓, 1st shots, absolutely gorgeous, pics & delivery avail. 604557-3291 CHIHUAHUA, tiny, purebred, 2 M. Born July 24. Ready to go. All shots to date. $700. 604-218-6669 W.Rck ENGLISH BULLDOG, CKC reg. 10 wks old, shots, microchip, vet ✔. Healthy, happy, gorgeous. Health gurant’d. $2200. 778-895-8453. English Mastiff pups, M/F, p/b, papers, microchipped, dewormed, 1st shots. $1900. Call (604)316-7615 FREE. Long hair tabby, 4 yrs. to good home. Bed, litter box, food all shots/tattoo. 778-808-7239. GERMAN Shepherd pups, ckc reg. parents German bloodlines with no slope, exc temperament. $1000. (604)796-3026. No sun calls GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS working line blck & blck & tan, 7 wks, $650 604-820-4230, 604-302-7602 Golden Retrievers, male & females. 5 wks, dewormed. $600 Chwk (604)792-9850 JACK RUSSELL PUPS 2 males, tri colored, tails docked & dew claws. Vet ✔ , view parents. Ready Nov. 9 (10 weeks). $550. 604-820-4236 LAB PUPS black & yellow ready to go 12 wks, Moving must sell $300, mom & dad on site 778-928-4839 LABS, Chocolate, Parents reg’d, pups not. 1st shots, dewormed, vet chkd, M/F, $600/ea. (604)850-4945 LAB X BOXER 8wk/old pups, 3 male, cute & loving. Eating solid foods, $200. 604-795-6006. MINI SCHNAUZER pups, 1st shots, dewormed, tails docked vet ✓ $750/ea. Call 604-657-2915. NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! or call: 604856-3647. PERSIAN KITTENS. Super cuddly, & super fluffy, Vet ✓ $250-$450. Purpuff. 1st shots 604-794-3535 SHIH TZU PUPPIES, $300. Please call: (778)891-0333


Older Home? Damaged Home? Need Repairs? Behind on Payments? Quick CASH! Call Us First! 604.657.9422



#1A STEEL BUILDING SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage, shop, warehouse. 6 colors available! 40 year warranty! Free shipping, the first 20 callers! 1-800-457-2206 A Safe, Proven “Restless Leg Syndrome” and “Leg Cramps” Cure That Always Gives You Instant Relief. 1-800-765-8660

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses! Building New Home/Cottage?? Factory Direct Inventory Liquidation! Pre-Engineered Panel Homes. Prefab Foundation Systems. Better Quality/Faster. Immediate/Spring 2010 Delivery. Details: 1-800-8717089. SACRIFICE PRICES!! BUILDING SALE... “ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!” 25X30 $5449. 30X40 $7850. 32X60 $12,300. 32X80 $17,800. 35X60 $14,200. 40X70 $14,770. 40X100 $24,600. 46X140 $36,990. OTHERS. Front endwall optional. Pioneer MANUFACTURERS DIRECT 1-800-6685422. CAN’T Get Up Your Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift! Call 1-866-981-5991. CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866-981-6591. NEW Norwood SAWMILLS - LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40%. - FREE Information: 1-800-5666899 Ext:400OT. STEEL BUILDINGS PRICED TO CLEAR - Incredible end-of-season factory discounts on various models/sizes. Plus FREE DELIVERY to most areas. CALL FOR CLEARANCE QUOTE AND BROCHURE - 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170.

566 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS COLLECTORS SAXOPHONES Baritone 1926 Silver, CM Conn Ltd, original with Case, good shape, $3500 Call 604-534-2997




FAMILY FRIENDLY COMPLEX Rental Incentives... 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms available. Close to shopping, bus, school, park. Small pets welcome.

Guildford Gardens 1 bdrm. from $650 2 bdrms. from $850

To Arrange a Viewing Call 604-319-7514 Member of the Crime Free Multi Housing Program Guildford Mall / Public Library


Brookmere Gardens 14880 108th Ave. Surrey

2 bdrm, 920 sqft, $710. 3 bdrm 1150 sqft, $910. Quiet family complex with garden-like courtyard, bordering Holly Park. Prime Location. Near schools, shops, transportation. 1 bus to Skytrain. N/P. Heat, H/W incl. Security.

604-582-1557 LANGLEY


Suites include fridge, stove, drapes & carpeted throughout. Hot water & parking included. Close to shopping & schools, on bus route. Seasonal swimming pool & tennis court. Some pets welcome.

CEDAR COURT & CEDAR LODGE CLEAN 1 & 2 BDRM SUITES (some w/ensuites) in Park-like setting. Cable, heat, & hot water incl. Laundry rest area on each floor.

604-588-8850 604-584-5233

Call 604-533-0209 LANGLEY

CLAYMORE APTS 1 Bdrm Apts Avail Close to shopping & schools. Seasonal Swimming pool, and tennis court. 3 appliances (fridge, stove dishwasher), blinds hot water and parking included. Carpeted throughout. Some pets welcome.

5374 - 203rd St, Langley

CENTRAL SURREY 1 bdrm $875. Freshly painted, high security high rise. Hot tub/gym/insuite lndry, 5 appls. Next to Skytrn. NS/NP. Avail now. 604-439-8848 or Suzana, 604-531-9100 CENTRAL SURREY: Clean, quiet, 1 Bdrm. Gas f/p, D/W, balc, sec prkg, laundry in bldg, no dogs. N/S. 1 yr lse. Walk to SFU, Sktrn, rec ctr, mall. $750/mo. (604)619-9574. City Point, 21st floor, 2/bdrms, 2/bthrms, $1200/mo. Dec 1. TJ@ Sutton Proact (604)728-5460 CLAYTON HTS: Brand new 1 bdrm & study, insuite lndry, free Wifi & cable, gym. Storage locker. TJ @ Sutton Proact (604)728-5460 CLOVERDALE Apts: 1 Bdrm $750; Incl heat, h/w & prkg. N/P. Secure bldg. Lndry facilities. 604-576-8230 CLOVERDALE BENBERG APTS. 17788 57 Ave. Senior building,1 & 2 bdrm suites avail now. Starting at $700 to $850/mo. 604-574-2078 CLOVERDALE. Sherwood Apt. 5875-177A St. 1 bdrm-$750, 2 bdrm-$900. Lndry facility. np/ns. Avail immed. LEASE. Member of Surrey Crime free Multi-Housing Program. Call Lloyd at 604-5751608. ASCENTPM. COM

Call 604-533-9780


SHANNON GARDENS The Place to Live in N. Delta Park Like Setting

1 Bdrm $850/mo; 2 bdrms from $1000 + hydro. Quiet bldg. Heat, hot water, garborator, f/s, d/w, f/place. Inste storage & u/g pkg. Heated indoor pool & sauna.

Call 604-591-5666 Website:


Call: 604-585-1966.



We are a family, singles and senior oriented Co-op location in North Surrey near buses, skytrain and schools. Easy access to shopping, recreation centres, libraries and senior centres. Our Children’s and Social Committees hold regualr events in our Community Hall and playground in a beautiful garden setting. The share purchase price is $1,500.00. There is no subsidy available at this time. Application can be picked up at: 9282 - 121st Street in Surrey or call 604-581-6070


Large 1 & 2 Bdrm. Apts $150 Move-In Bonus!

SURREY, Have a small downpayment ? Less than perfect credit ok. Call Anita (604)831-3600

1 Bedroom $595/mo 2 Bedrooms $737/mo

GUILDFORD 100/152. 2 bdrm., 3 appl, lam flr. $850/mo. incl. h/w, u/g prk. N/p. Avl immed. 778-838-7901


SPRUCE HOUSING CO-OP We have available for December 1st the following units:

Call 604.946.1094

Close to Schools, Shopping, Transit & Parks. Includes Heat & Hot Water. Small Pets Okay!



Bayside Property Services Ltd.





1 & 2 Bdrms Available. Spacious suites, balconies, rent incl heat & h/w. Prkg avail. Refs req’d, N/P

Phone 604-582-0465




4895 - 55B St, Ladner

BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818




Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley



Crime Free Multi-Housing Certified Spacious Suites, very competitive prices. Extra large 1 & 2 BDRM ste’s, lots of storage. Heat/hot water included. Access to Vancouver via freeway, 1 bus to Skytrain. Clean, quiet bldg’s. No pets. Outdoor Pool!




Abbotsford OWN LOT - $205K obo Serviced, 48’x21.8’ pad, CSA prefab or mobile with RV pkng. Motivated seller. 604-584-0968. LARGE ARIZONA BUILDING LOTS FULL ACRES AND MORE! Guaranteed Owner Financing. No Credit check. $0 down - 0 interest. Starting @ just $89/mo. USD. Close to Tucson’s Intl. Airport. For Recorded Message 800-631-8164 Code 4001 or visit Offer ends 11/30/10!

PETS 477



PRO TREE SERVICES Quality pruning/shaping/hedge trimming/ removals & stump grinding. John, 604-588-8733/604-318-9270




Morris 604-597-2286 Marcus 604-818-2327 Roofing Experts. 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank.


AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

~ 604-597-3758 ~ Furnace Boilers, Hot Water Tanks Hot Water Heat, Plumbing Jobs. Furnace cleaning with truck mounted machine

566 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANO UPRIGHT. Wood, Mason & Risch, 30 years old. $800. obo. Tuning & moving your cost. No bench. 604-271-8843 lve msg.


Gas Fitter ✭ Plumber


SUNCREEK ESTATES * Large 2 & 3 bdrm apartments * Insuite w/d, stove, fridge, d/w * 3 floor levels inside suite * Wood burning fireplace * Private roof top patio * Walk to shops, nr park, pool, playground * Elementary school on block * Party room, tennis court * On site security, Sorry no pets

Office: 7121 - 133B St. Surrey 604-596-0916 SURREY. 13938 102nd. Ave. Newer bldg. Nr City skytrain.1 bdrm + den, $825. 2 bdrm + den, $1050, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, $1175. All appl, D/W, secure,gated, 2 acres. Seniors disc. 604-582-7970 or 604-731-4131. SURREY, 2 BDRM, 2 baths, w/view. Near Gateway Stn, $1,000. Nov. 16. NS/NP. Ph.(604)351-0287 SURREY CENTRAL. 1 bdrm + den. Laundry, sec prkg.$950. Dec 1 TJ@ Sutton Proact (604)728-5460 SURREY Central. 2 bdrm, 2 bthrm. Pri patio. Quiet. 2 prkg. Dec 1. $1100. N/S. N/P. 604-574-2553.



Fabulous, affordable 1 bdrm + den from $800; 2 bdrm + den from $1000. Near SFU at Surrey Central Mall and all amen. Some suites with skylights & f/place. Incl’s. heat & hot water. N/P


Surrey City Centre 1 bdrm. from $650 2 bdrms. from $825 Close to Shopping, Skytrain, Parks & Schools. Includes Heat & Hot Water. Small Pets Okay!


N. DELTA: All new reno’s. 3 Bdrm up, 2 bdrm ste dn. Avail now. $2000/mo. NP/NS. (604)710-7593 N SURREY, 106/142. 2/bdrm. Avail Dec 1/15. Suits seniors. $750/mo + util. N/S. Cl to bus. (604)582-6488 SOUTH SURREY 3br, family Rm 1.5 bath 1600sf priv. backyard des. ngbhd $1498 p: 604.572.9048

733 MOBILE HOMES & PADS NEWTON MOBILE HOME PARK. Has 2 large lots available for your mobile. Call 604-597-4787.



Boliver Hts. Lrg 3 bdrm. 5 appls. Nice,clean & bright. Prkg. view, solarium. Now. $1400. 604-951-0971. CEDAR HILL 4 bdrm house,3 baths, fam. rm., big private yard. Avail. now. $1600 mo. 604-5065620 or 604-307-5249 CEDAR Hills 2 BD 5 appl, a/c, yard, c/prt, wrkshp, prk, view $1500+utils. NS/ neg/ref’s. 604-521-0446 CLAYTON HEIGHTS. 3 Bdrm home, 3 bathrms, granite thruout, 2 f/p, 5 s/steel appl’s, f/yd. $1950/mo incl’s utils.N/P, N/S. 604-763-2242. Cloverdale: 5 bdrm whole house $1700/mo + utils. Main floor 3 bdrm. $1200 + utils. 2 bdrm. bsmnt. $600 + utils. Another bsmnt. suite $750 incl. utils. Ref’s. 604.351.9498 CLOVERDALE, close to 61A/188 St. 4 bdrm., 2 baths, 1800 sq. ft., $1600 mo. + utils. N/S N/P. Avail. now. 778-322-4254 Fleetwood, 155/90. Clean 3 bdrm 2 full bths. Dble. garage. F/rm. Fncd yd. Dec 1. $1280. 604-689-6008. FLEETWOOD 2 bdrm $595 + utils. Shrd lndry. New carpet/paint/appls. Avail immed. NP/NS. 604-803-3273 FLEETWOOD, 84/160. 3 bdrm rancher w/separate shed on 1 acre lot. Cls to amenities. $1100 + utils. Avail. immed. Call 778-889-6413. FRASER HEIGHTS: Exec 5 bdrm with fabulous view, 2.5 baths, garage, Immed. TJ @ Sutton Proact (604)728-5460 GREEN TIMBERS: 5 Bdrm, 2.5 bth, lrg fncd yrd w/patio, near all amens. Dec 1st. $1600/mo. (604)590-5197 ..

To Arrange a Viewing Call 604-319-7517 Member of the Crime Free Multi Housing Program SURREY

Large 2 Bedrooms Available Total renovations, quiet bldg. in a park-like setting 3 Full size appl’s, Washer & dryer. Close to Guildford Mall & theatre.



Lovely 2 bdrm. Quiet building. 2 full baths. In-suite laundry, secured underground parking. Available December 1st.

FULLY FINISHED Industrial Space with available YARDSPACE and office. 3,600-10,000 sq ft. Starting at $5 for the right tenant! Call Steve at 604-856-8171

N DELTA, 116/70 Ave. Fresh paint, new flrs. 4 bdrm 2 kitchens, 2.5 baths,$1650,fncd yrd.604-597-6141 N. DELTA 3Bdrm upper ste, in 4 plex very clean, inste laund, balcony, avail Nov15. $1100 +60% utils. Call Naresh Judge 604-312-6016 N.DELTA, 96/120 St. 2 Bdrm rancher, fncd, treed yard, lrg storage, laundry room. NS/NP. Avail immed. $1175mo. (604) 790-7956. NEWTON, 132/68. 3 bdrm 2 full bathrm sep liv/rm. fam/rm. lrg deck, hot-tub. N/P. N/S. $1525. Long term tenant pref. 604-808-5473. NEWTON 3 bdrm w/1 bdrm ste dwn nr schls, lg wrkshp, $1650/mo. Ref’s. 604-594-6101 604-626-9388 S. SURREY. 3 bdrm farm house, 1 bath. Wood & electric heat. $900/mo. excluding utils. Avail immed. N/P. Call 778-228-6737. SURREY, 106/132A. 3 Bdrm rancher. N/P, N/S. $1300/mo. Call: 604828-2977, 604-587-5800.



MAYFLOWER CO-OP 2 Bdrm unit available now. $792/mo. Shares $1500. Close to Surrey Ctrl Skytrain. Clean, quiet, sec’d adult only bldg. No Pets. Call (604) 583-2122 or btwn 9am-9pm call 604-585-9320. NEWTON 2 bdrm & 1 bdrm +den. adult bldg. Heat, h/water, sec prkg. Nr amen ns/np. Now. 604-596-9910 NEWTON 310-13955 72nd Ave. 2 bdrm., 1.5 baths, 5 appl., patio, parking, well maint. complex. N/P. 1 yr. lease. Refs. $925 mo. Avail. immed. 604-916-0752

Please call 604-589-1167

White Rock, 2 bdrm ste, new bath & kitchen. Walk to mall Dec 1. $1050/mo. 1 cat OK. 604-341-3553 WHITE ROCK by Semiahmoo Mall. Bright 2 bdrm. Heat & hw incl. Private patio. Secure parking. Pool $1150.00 avail Nov 15 or Dec 1st. 604 596-5108 or 604 307-7402

Newton Location

Call: 604-596-5671 or Cell 604-220-8696

SKYLINE APTS. WHITE ROCK 15321 Russell Ave 1 MONTH FREE RENT!! CALL FOR DETAILS Nice quiet building. 1 & 2 bdrm suites. Includes: Hot water, cable, underground parking, video surveillance. NO PETS CALL 604-536-8499

SOMERSET GARDENS (S. Sry) Family housing, 1851 Southmere Cres. E. 2bdrm appt. starts at $875. Pet friendly, nr all amen, heat, Community garden. 604-451-6676



Refreshingly Clean Meticulously Maintained

Surrey Gardens Apartments for your new one bedroom home It’sFrom time to$690.00 discover

Owner Managed Sorry, No Pets

Call for details! 604-589-7040


Surrey North Delta Leader • Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344

Scott/72nd. Nice, bright room to share in house. incl all utils. Suit male. Call 604-880-4944.

748 SHARED ACCOMMODATION BOLIVAR HGTS. In deluxe home. $375/mo. + util. Available now. 1 block to bus. Close to Gateway Station. 604-786-7977 GUILDFORD: Fully furn. room. Incl util, cble, internet. $450. Now. 604726-1892; 604-580-0844 aft 5pm GUILDFORD. Rooms for Rent for females. No Drinking, no drugs. Avl now. $375 & $475. 778-388-5039. NEWTON share kitchen, bath, f/s etc. Christian pref. Working, no drugs, no drinking. N/S, $450 mo. 604-591-8582 WHALLEY furn. room for rent, pref woman, $400 mo. N/S N/P, no drugs. Avail. now. 604-582-4163



2 bdrm two story townhouse attached to a 4plex, 1 full bath, insuite w/d, fridge/stove, 1 carport & 1 parking spot, large backyard. Plenty of storage space. Avail. Dec 1. $800/mo + util’s.

Call 604-592-5663 LANGLEY

RIVERSIDE GARDENS FAMILY COMPLEX 2 & 3 Bdrm T/Homes Move-In Allowance!! Fridge, stove, dishwasher (in most), drapes. Outdoor pool. Some pets welcome. Resident Manager. Close to bus, shopping, schools and parks. #36 - 5210 - 203 Street, Langley

Call 604-532-2036 N.DELTA, priv. 1400 sf, 2 bdrm, 2 storey T.H. 5 appls, 1.5 baths, f/p, 2 car prk, fncd b.yrd, nr schl, shops, bus, NS/NP. Refs. $1,100 + utils. Nov. 15 or Dec. 1st. 604-591-1763



1955 METEOR Crown Victoria, 272 auto, needs restoration. 1 of 151 built $16,000 obo 604-594-0404 1979 Cadi Eldo Biarritz, one owenr, collector, continental kit, gar. kept. 204 K. $5,000. 604-535-5777



$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.

HONDA CIVIC 1992, red, 4 doors, 250K km, A.C. cruise control, power windows, new breaks, good condition, price $1500. call 778 237 0530



CA$H FOR VEHICLES Any Condition! 604-551-9022




1987 Ford 26’ motorhome, good condition. $5900. Call after 5pm, (604)795-2620




POSSESSORY REPAIRMAN’S LIEN By virtue of a POSSESSORY REPAIRMAN’S LIEN(S) for Blackwell Distributors Ltd., we will dispose of the following unit(s) to recover the amount of indebtedness noted plus any additional cost of storage, seizure and sale.

The Scrapper

847 SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES 1990 TRACKER, $1990 manual, new engine rebuilt, red. 778-3941996, 604-825-8079 1995 MERCEDEZ BENZ, black, 1st owner, 151,000K. like new. Asking $6800. Tom 604-765-1534 2006 HONDA PILOT EX. No accidents, 50K, auto, 4WD, new tires & brakes. $22,000. 604-780-4262 2008 GRAND VITARA Top Line V6. All options plus extras! New set snow tires on mags, only 8,000/kms $23,000. Call 604-307-9159.



1981 GMC Grumman 1ton step van propane, aircared, trans services, very clean exc cond. 604-725-5276. 1990 GMC 6000 Dumptruck, single axle (holds 7 yards) 175K. Diesel. With Motor Vehicle Inspection Cert. $9300. Call Rene 604-841-4662. 1992 deluxe Sport Travel van, fully equipped 90,000K, newer cond Must see $12,500. 604-535-8199 1996 DODGE GRAND Caravan, auto, Keyless entry. Aircared. Exc. condition. $850. 604-209-9311. 1999 FORD 150 LARIAT. Extra cab, 4x4, canopy, new trans, good shape, 218K. $5500. 604-644-2890 1999 PONTIAC TRANSPORT-V-6 7 pass. van auto, air, tilt, pdl, c/d, exc cond $1750 local 604-514-4849







ROTARY Donate A Car



T $$$

TAX RECEIPT ISSUED A Program of White Rock Millennium Rotary Club

Donate Your Car - Share a Little Magic

1-888-431-4468 tax receipt issued

1- 8

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada


FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022


- 8 8 8 - 4 3 144 $ 1


1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, 4 dr sedan , low miles, loaded. Offers? (604)795-9215

Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal








88 -


Day of sale is Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 @ 12:00 NOON. Absolute Bailiffs Inc. 1585 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam, Contact: Sheldon Stibbs 604-522-2773


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

File No.: 10-445 2000 ACURA 3.2TL Vin: 19UUA5669YA802464 Registered Owner: NORTH, AUBREY WALTER Indebtedness: $2,002.11


Croft Agencies Ltd. view pictures at: N. DELTA, 116/84th. Renovated 3 bdrm upper lvl suite. 1.5 washrms. Patio. $1300/mo. 604-562-9908. NEWTON. 131/65. 3 bdrm, 1 f/bath. N/P. N/S. Avail Dec. 1. $1200/mo + 1/3 utils. Call 778-869-0213 NEWTON. 135/67. 3 bdrm, 1 f/bath, large s/deck, huge fncd b/yd. $1150/mo + utils, laundry & prkg avail. Nr all amens. Avail Dec. 15. 778-839-0415 or 604-614-4587 Newton, 70/140. 3 bdrms. 1½ bths. Lndry. H/W flrs. Avail now. $1300 incl utils. 604-710-2142, 599-4624. NEWTON, 71 AVE/142 ST. 1 bdrm bachelor suite. $525/mo. incl utils. Nr bus. No laundry. N/S. N/P. Avail now. 604-590-1391.

Creditors and others having claims against the above estate are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Co-Executors c/o its solicitor at #102 - 2055 -152nd Street, Surrey, BC V4N 4N7, on or before December 13, 2010, after which date the Co-Executors will distribute the Estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Co-Executors then has notice.


Call Sheri M 604-535-8080 NEED A VEHICLE? No Credit? Bad Credit. Cars - Trucks - SUVs. Good credit or bad credit. Guaranteed to Drive. 1-877-734-9242. Apply online WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? Last week 11 out of 13 applications approved! We fund your future not your past. Any Credit. $500.00 Xmas CASH back. or 1-888-208-3205.

Re: The Estate of ILSE ANNA LENDVAI-LINTNER also known as ILSE LENDVAI-LINTNER, also known as ANNA LENDVAI-LINTNER also known as ILSE ANNA LENOVAI-LINTNER Deceased who died on January 26, 2010, formerly of #118-7156 121 Street, Surrey, BC

HSBC TRUST COMPANY (CANADA) and KAREN ORSO, Co-Executors By Kane, Shannon & Weiler, Solicitors (Heather W. Blatchford)


Cloverdale 18351 Appaloosa Pl. Upper - 3 bdrms, 1 bath. New kitchen & bath. N/S. N/P. $1,050 + 2/3 utils.

Notice to Creditors and Others

821 CARS - SPORTS & IMPORTS 1992 JAG SOVEREIGN 4 dr, black, 6 cyl, exc cond in/out, priv, $5500 obo. Call: (604)940-9427 1994 Toyota Camry 4dr 4cyl auto fully a/c, loaded, aircared, good condition. $1100. 778-848-7621 2001 HONDA ACCORD 4/dr 3L, exc cond, fully loaded, leather, power heated front seats, moon roof, 224K - highway. 604-314-8022. 2002 MERCEDES E320, white, fully loaded, very clean, 61,000 kms. $13,988. Call 604-807-1328. 2003 HONDA Accord EX-L. Black, lthr, fully loaded ex cond. Orig owner. 221K. $8500 obo. 604-556-8778 2006 JETTA - 2.0T, new cond, full load, 47K, leather, heated seats, s/roof, fog lamps, etc. New set snow tires. $21,000. 604-307-9159. 2007 Hyundai Sonata GLS, 3.3L auto, V6, leather seats, sunroof, 39,000k, $12,900. (604)858-4179 2009 TOYOTA CAMRY Hybrid fully loaded, brand new cond, no accident, $14,900. (604)854-3732 2010 HONDA ACCORD, 4 dr. sedan, auto, loaded, 6,000 kms. $23,900 obo. Call 604-836-5931. 2010 TOYOTA MATRIX, 4 dr. auto, loaded 18’’ mag wheels. $13,500. Call 604-836-5931.

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

CEDAR HILLS. 127/94. 3 bdrm, 1 bath. Avail Nov. 15. $1000/mo + 60% utils. Call 778-322-4209 CLAYTON HlLLS. New 4 bdrm upper house, 1600 sq.ft. Dec 1st. $1650/mo. N/P, N/D. 604-787-1294

FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Up To $200 CA$H Today Fast Service. JJ 604-728-1965



151/58 2 bdrm. gl suite,1100 sqft. new house. $750 incl: util, cable & washer. ns/np. nr YMCA & school. 604-590-1854 or 604-340-5616 BIRDLAND 148/112, 2 bdrm bsmt, sep w/d, sep ent, NS/NP Refs reqd $700 inc hydr Nov15 604-534-7097 BOLIVER HTS 140/113. Brand new 2 bdrm bsmt ste. Now. Sep lndry & utils incl. NS/NP. (604)767-4468 CEDAR HILLS, 97/120. 2 bdrm newer house. Cls to all ament./skytrain. $700. NS/NP. 604-790-8076 CEDAR Hills 98/124 lrg 2 bdrm liv /dngrms, f/p, share w/d & utils $750, own ent., nr schl/bus. 604-314-3192 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS, 144/75Ave. 1 Bdrm suite in new house. $575/mo incl cable & elec, avail now, ns/np. Call 604-591-7973 or 604-726-1579 CHIMNEY Heights 151/76A. 2 bdrm f/s, h/w flrs, no lndry. Ns/np. $700 incl utils/sat. Immed 604-590-9288. CHIMNEY HEIGHTS 1 bdrm ste incl hydro ns/np $550. No ldry or cbl Avail now 604-501-9990 aft 5:30pm


Langley 53 B AVE 200 A St


SURREY, furnished $400/mo Avail now.

KINGSTON GARDENS 15385 99 Ave. 2 bdrm T/H. Avail. NOW $800 Near amen’s 604-451-6676




Croft Agencies Ltd. view pictures at:



Call Sheri M 604-535-8080


2002 FORD F150 XLT 4X2 s/c. One owner, extra clean, white. 4.6 efi, 4 spd. auto O/D, 4 dr. w/flairside bed, f.g. bed cover. XLT special appearance pkg, cast alum. wheels. $8000. Daytime/Evening 604-7467472. 2008 FORD F350 4x4, diesel, 90,000 kms, auto. 4 dr. $28,9000 obo. Call 604-596-9970.




DELUXE PRIVATE OFFICES 130 to 230 sq ft with receptionist service for lease at 960 Quayside Dr., New Westminster. Call 604-636-8004 ext 7

Granite counter top, lam flooring, 5 appls. Gated 81st & King George $1250 per mo. N/S. N/P.



3 BEDROOM T/H only 1 left


LINDA VISTA Motel Luxury Rooms w/cable, a/c & kitchens. 6498 King George Hwy. Mthly, Wkly & Daily Specials. 604-591-1171. Canadian Inn 6528 K.G.Hwy. 604-594-0010


68 $$$




1- 4 4


PANORAMA, Brand new 2/bdrm coach house. W/D, pkng space. $950/mo. Avail now. TJ@ Sutton Proact (604)728-5460


43 WHITE ROCK Upper lvl hse, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, kitchen, living, dining, 1 car garage, laundry, EPIC VIEWS. $1500/m. Utilities not included. On Marine Dr. Walking distance to shops/transit/schools. Call (604)288-7532 or E-Mail:

upper. N/S, N/P. Avail Dec. 1st. $1100/mo + utils. 604-880-9090


1986 BUICK RIVIERA, T TYPE, 175 km, lady driven, exc cond. fully loaded. $3000. Ph: 604-593-2005. 1988 OLDS Cutlass Ciera, 2nd owner. Aircared. Clean. Gray. Good tires. $1150/obo. (604)531-8548 1996 CHEVY CORSICA, 4 cyl, 4 dr, auto, runs & looks great, AirCared, a/c, $1600. (604)889-0593 1997 DODGE NEON, 163K. A/C, no accidents. Good cond. $1200. 604-690-7236 604-593-1943 1999 CHRYSLER 300M. 179000 K Loaded, leather, s/roof, very clean. Great cond. $3,200. 604-574-7629 1999 CHRYSLER LHS, 155,300 kms. Fully Loaded, Leather, Sunroof, Pale Gold Exterior, Good clean car, Runs well $3000 obo Call Jon at 604-329-2667 2000 BUICK CENTURY LTD. leather, V6, 119K, spotless cond, priv, $4800 obo. (604)940-9427. 2000 FORD TAURUS s.w., V6 auto, fully loaded, all power ops. 180K. A/C. $1995. 604-538-6986 2002 CHRYSLER INTREPID Aircared to 2011, 98K kms, great shape, fully loaded, keyless entry, $4300 obo 604-304-5571 2003 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER SE - auto, loaded. Fun, economical. Great shape. $3850 (604)309-3135 2003 DODGE SX 2.0. Silver. 4 door 164,000 kms. Looks great, runs well. $3500. obo. 604-534-7588 2008 CHEVROLET IMPALA - V-6, local, all pwr. options, no accidents, sandstone metallic, alloys, low Km’s 58k $11,495 604-328-1883 2008 HYUNDAI SONATA. 4 cyl, auto, silver, 4 dr, leather seats, new brakes, s/roof, loaded, 80,000 kms. exc. cond. $16,500. 604-531-5016


or email info:

CLOVERDALE. 1 bdrm. $550 incl utils. Close to elem school & athletic prk. Free WiFi. 604-671-4128. CLOVERDALE. 1 bdrm bsmt suite. $650/mo. incl utils. Avail now. N/P. N/S. 604-720-0355; 604-576-1168. CLOVERDALE- 2 bdrm Bsmt Suite located at 64 & 168. Close to amenities, bus stop, park and shopping. Very quite neighbourhood. N/S and N/P available December 1. Please call 604-729-9031. CLOVERDALE. 3 bdrm. suite. 2 full baths. No smoking or pets. Avail. now. $950/mo. 604-719-7603 CLOVERDALE. Attractive 1 bdrm grnd level suite, shared lndry, near amens/transit. Nov 15, NS/NP, $650/mo incl utils. 604-574-3245 CLOVERDALE, NEWLY reno’d 2 bdrm, cls. to sch/bus, ns/np, $795 incl hydro. Dec. 1. (778) 878-5227. ENVER CREEK, 84/146.Lrg1 bdrm. Utils incl. NS/NP. AVAIL NOW. 778-861-7862, 604-339-6631. FLEETWOOD 159/88 Ave. 1 bdrm, spacious suite, $600 incl util. Nov15 NS/NP no lndy. Call 604-765-6286. FLEETWOOD. 160/80. Very large 1 bdrm grnd lvl with nice view. Nr all amens. N/P. N/S. Avail Nov. 1. $700/mo incls utils. 604-518-3148 FLEETWOOD 1 bdrm. New h/w flr & paint. Cls to ament. Cbl net hydro incl NS/NP $550. 604-572-3330 FLEETWOOD: 2 Bdrm. $690 incl heat. N/S, N/P, N/D, ref’s. Immed. 604-808-4339/ 583-5865 after 6pm FLEETWOOD. 2 bdrm, 9’ ceil, on 1/2 acre. $800/mo incls utils, net, cable. 778-772-6734, 604-957-9535 FLEETWOOD. 2 bdrm. bsmt. suite 900+ sq. ft. in new home. $950/mo. Own laundry. Near all amen. Ns/np. Avail. immed. 604-897-4560 FLEETWOOD. 2 bsmt bd for $700. Near bus/amens/school. no lndry. Util incl. Avail Dec 1. 604-562-9855 FLEETWOOD 92/162. New 1 bdrm ste. $550 incl hydro, cable, laundry, net, alarm. Close to amenits. N/S. N/P. Immed/Nov 15. 604-588-6788. FLEETWOOD: Brand New 1 bdrm ste. $550. incl utils. Avail now. Call (604) 589-3928 or 782-8436. FLEETWOOD New 1200 sq/ft 2 bdr, own w/d, avail now, nr bus. NP /NS. $1050 incl utils. 778-228-0551 FLEETWOOD. New 1 bdrm. suite. $650/mo. incl. cable, laundry & util. Suit single. Dec. 1st. 604-720-4688 FRASER HEIGHTS. Bright 2 bdrm suite, with patio. Mon alarm/ Hydro, sat/internet incl. Ldry. N/S. Avail. Dec. 1. $900 mo. 604-240-8924 FRASER HGTS 3 bdrm suite $1080/mo incl lndry utils n/s n/p Avail now 778-282-1078 FRASER HTS 174/104. 1 bdrm with full bath, $700 incl utils/net. Ns/np, n/laundry, Immed. 604-537-4532. GUILDFORD, Large 1 bdrm grnd level. NS/NP. $600 incl util. Call 778-888-0314 after 6pm. N. DELTA 116/87 Ave 2 Bdrm bsmt avail now. $725/mo incl utils. N/S, N/P. Call: (604)589-3135 N. DELTA 116/95th 2 bedroom bsmt suite. Available now. No pets. Call 604-582-0760. N. DELTA, 88/116 St. Brand new 1 bdr g/l ste. Immed. $500. Utils neg. N/P. 604-594-2725, 604-781-6658. N. DELTA, bright 2 bdrm. grnd. level suite, priv. entry, gas f/p, lam. & tile floors. W/D, $850 incl. utils. & net. N/S N/P. Dec. 1. 604-594-9282 N.DELTA bright 2 bdr, shower only, inste w/d, nr amens/bus. Avail now. ns/np, $800 incl utils. 604-930-9210 N DELTA, New large 1/bdrm suite. $600/mo incl hydro & cable. Avail Nov 15. N/S, N/P. (604)313-8765

NEWTON, 68/144 St. 3 bdrm, 2 full baths, lndry, NS/NP, $1100 + 1/2 utils. Nov 15/Dec.1. 604-786-6078. NEWTON, 68/152. 1 bdrm suite. N/S N/P. Nov. 15 or Dec. 1. Hydro incl. No cable. Call 604-572-7067 NEWTON, 69/149, New 1 bdrm, $550 incl cbl/utils/wifi. NS/NP. Refs. req. Avail NOW. Call 604-512-5207 NEWTON, 71/144B, 1 or 2 bdrm suite. NS/NP. Avail now. $600 or $700 incl. utils. Call (604) 726-4250 NEWTON, reno’d 1 bdrm g/lvl, full bath, NS/NP, $600 incl hydro. Dec 1st. 604-543-2720, 604-857-4860. PANORAMA, 1 & 2/bdrm suite. Avail immed. (604)961-4096 PANORAMA, 138/58A. 1 Bdrm g/l. $525 incl Cble/utils/WiFi. NP/NS. Nr bus. Avail immed. (778)593-1778 PANORAMA 2 Bdrm $650/mo also 1 bdrm $500/mo. Avail now incl cbl & hydro. NS/NP. 604-592-3048 PANORAMA. New, very clean 2 bdrm bsmt. Incl utils. NP/NS. Near amens. Avail now. 604-543-2287 PANORAMA RIDGE bright 2 bdrm fully private suite (only 1 suite in this house) with sep kitchen & living areas, full bath, large patio. NS/NP. 604-418-0858 or 604-594-3540. SULLIVAN HEIGHTS: 146/60 Ave: 2 Bdrm ste, avail now. N/P, N/S. (604) 592-9153 or 572-3851. SULLIVAN HEIGHTS: 150/59 Ave: Bright 2 bdrm bsmt ste, full bath. Avail immed. Incl lndry/utils, ns/np, near schools/transit. 604-593-1168. SURREY. 132 & 81A. 2 bdrm. Lge living room. Close to bus, school & Gurdwara. $700/mo. incl. cable. Ns/np, no ldry. Dec1. 604-590-9557 SURREY. 137/93. 2 bdrm. Incl. heat & hydro. Ns/np. Avail. now. $600/mo. 604-588-6815 SURREY 14090 75A Ave. 2 Bdrm suite, ns/np. Avail Dec 1st. $650/mo incl hydro. Call 604-537-7444. SURREY, 152/62. Newer 1 bdrm + den or small bdrm. 900 s/f. Avail. Dec. 1. $825 neg. Incl utils/cbl/net. W/D. N/S. N/P. 604-598-3632. SURREY. 72/152 St. Spac 1 bdrm bsmt ste. Avail immed. NS/NP $580/mo, incl hydro. 604-543-8319

NEWTON 78/124 St. 2 Bdrm




Call Now! 604-536-0220

Croft Agencies Ltd. view pictures at:

NEWTON 2-Bedroom Basement Suite for Rent - 129th St./60th Ave. Brand-New. Close to schools/shopping/ park/bus stop, Close to Kwantlen University college, easy access to Highways. NO SMOKING or NO PETS ALLOWED, 827sqft., References Req’d. Including BC Hydro and Teresen Gas utilities. Only $650. (Great Deal!) Available Nov.15/Dec.01. If interested call 604-723-8385 or 778-8890881.




Serving White Rock / S. Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Ladner, New West & Coquitlam

Call Sheri M 604-535-8080

N. DELTA. New 1 bdrm suite. Fenced yard. Close to all amens. Incl laundry. $550/mo. Avail Nov 15th. N/S, N/P. 604-761-1164. N. DELTA, nicely finished 1 bdrm bsmt. suite in newer home, spac kitch & liv. rm, priv. entr & patio, quiet area. NS/NP. $650 incl hydro, & own W/D. Nov.1. (604) 597-1765. N. DELTA, spacious bright 2 bdrm, W/D, lots renos, quiet, nr bus, ns/np, $800 incl utils.604-502-0199. NEWTON. 139/68th Ave. 2 bdrm. suite. Nr amen. Ns/np. Dec. 1st. 778-565-2409 or 778-552-9720 NEWTON, 144/67A, 2 Bdrm, new paint,nr amenities,$700 incl hydro & cable. NS/NP. Call (604)715-9199. Newton - 150th & 68th 2 bdrm. well maintained, n/s, n/p, Avail. Nov. 1, $650 (604)572-3649 after 3:30p.m. NEWTON: 1 bdrm g/l ste. Fully reno’d. Avail now. Nr all amens. Incl hydro. N/P N/S. (604)780-5967 NEWTON 1 bdrm. suite, N/P N/S. $550 mo. incl. hydro, cable, internet & ldry. Walk to bus. Avail. now 604595-3418 NEWTON. 1 bdrm suite. Nr Kwantlen College & all amenits. Dec 1. N/S. N/P. $475/mo. 778-885-4099. NEWTON 2 bdrm. N/P N/S. Newly painted, h/w floor, $800 mo. incl. hydro, cable, int. & ldry. Walk to bus stop. Avail. now. 604-595-3418



WANTED Houses, Townhomes, Condos & Suites!

Cloverdale 18351 Appaloosa Pl. Lower - 2 bdrm, 1 bath. Pri. entry & laundry. N/S. N/P. $750/mo.




CHIMNEY Heights 1 lrg bdrm bsmt suite over 1000sqft in a very quiet nbhood.74/146 st. A must C np /ns incl util no ldry. suits couples/1 person. 6045909733 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS 3 bdrm 2 full baths NS/NP Dec 1. $1000/mo. 604-724-8272, 604592-1156 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS NEW 2 bdrm. bsmnt. suite. N/S N/P. Avail. now. For more info call 604-541-1988, 604-537-6862, 604-780-2529 CHIMNEY HGTS. 145/73. New executive 1 or 2 bdrm., 2 full baths. Ns/np no parties. H/w & heat incl. ldry h/up. Avail. now. 604-590-9389 CHIMNEY HILLS 71/149A. New 2 bdrm ste, full bath, ns/np, no lndry, $600 incl hydro/cable. Avail now. 604-321-2534, 604-339-3054. CHIMNEY HILLS: over 1000 sq.ft., 2 bdrm, 2 bath, full kit, liv/rm, blk appls, all hrdwd. Incl utils $975. Dec 1. NS/NP, no lndry. (604)727-9370 CHIMNEY HTS 148/73A. 1 bdrm bsmt. Now. Cov’d patio, $500 incl utils, no lndry, ns/np. 604-596-6492 CHIMNEY HTS. 1 bdrm, 4 yrs old. H/w floors, spacious. NS/NP. Avail. immed. $475 incl util. 778-218-1478 Chimney Hts. 2 bdrm. Pri ent. Newer home. Heat, H/W, basic cable. incl. N/S. N/P. Now. 604-501-0487. CHIMNEY HTS 79/146 newer spac 2 br full bath $625 incl util Ldy neg NS/NP Dec 1 604-786-6078 CLAYTON HlLLS. New 1 bdrm coach house $650. New 2 bdrm bsmt $740. N/p. N/d. 604-787-1294 CLOVERDALE. 168/63. 1 bdrm + den. N/S. 1 cat ok. $850/mo incls utils and laundry. Avail immed. 604576-5798 or 604-220-9203








Own a 3 bedroom townhouse w/$3300 down. Updated 3 bdrm townhomes in Surrey w/fenced yards, PETS OK. $1149/mo. mortgage plus $220/mo. for maint. fees & taxes oac. OR $14,300 down payment and $756/mo. plus $220 for maint. & taxes oac. Reg conb’d income of $41K/yr down & good credit (680 beacon) to qualify. Call Jodi Steeves from Re/Max 2000 @ 604833-5634 for more details. SURREY 14255 70A Ave. 3 Bdrm rancher. Very clean, liv/rm, kit, new garage. Near school, bus & shop ctr. Avl now. $1100-$1200/mo. N/P. 604-543-5058, 1-360-393-5966. SURREY. 3 + 1 Bdrm, full 1/2 duplex, $1200/mo + utils. N/P, N/S. Call (778)882-8355. SURREY. 4 bdrm. 4 baths, 2 car garage, sec. alarm, 2 kitchens, hot tub in master bdrm. H/w heat, quiet CDS. Close to schools & shops $1895/mo. Immed. 604-725-1314 SURREY - Large home on ACRE -139& 56A 3bdrm, 2bath, new appliances $1850/mth. 604-836-6251 SURREY, NEW HOME Large luxurious 5 bdrm, 5 baths, located near 76 Ave. and 149 St. NS/NP. Refs req. $2,400/mth (upper floor). Roger Wiens Lighthouse Realty 604-649-4871. TYNEHEAD, 4 bdrm, 2 up, 2 down, avail. avail. Nov. 15. $1600 + utils. Phone (604)589-3928 / 782-8436.











Wednesday November 10 2010 27

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28 Wednesday November 10 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader






J T ’ N DO





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With over 6 million kilometres, in 60 countries worldwide.



igh e r f s de


Purchasers of a Cruze will receive a choice of either a ipad or set of winter tires!

Our Gift to You!

AJAC AWARD Best New Small Car (over $21,000)

CLASS LEADING 10 standard air bags and fuel economy - 5 litres per 100 km

k! stoc n i 45

2010 AVEO LS

5 dr. Hatchback. Stk# 0-105751. MSRP $15,300

Barnes Price


Auto, air, power group. Stk.# 1-136165. MSRP $25,645

o To

y to man


Stk.# 0-189932. MSRP $16,945

Barnes Price


2011 EQUINOX LS Auto, alloys, front wheel drive. Stk.# 1-241165. MSRP $27,645


2010 SILVERADO/ SIERRA Extended Cab. Stk.# 0-135107. MSRP $31,420

Barnes Price


o To

Barnes Price


y to man

Leather, loaded. Stk.# 1-009093. MSRP $33,540

Barnes Price


2011 COLORADO/ CANYON Regular cab Stk.# 1-103788. MSRP $25,290


2010 SILVERADO/ SIERRA Crew Cab. Stk.# 0-285426. MSRP $34,420

Barnes Price



k! stoc n i 26

k! stoc n i 19

k! stoc n i 21


k! stoc n i 13

k! stoc n i 10

o To

Barnes Price


y to man

Barnes Price



2011 SILVERADO/ SIERRA LTZ Crew Cab. Diesel. Stk.# 1-148919. MSRP $70,490

Barnes Price



EXCLUSIVE GM DEALER FOR SALES & SERVICE WHITE ROCK: 3050 King George Blvd., South Surrey Auto Mall SURREY: 6280 Scott Road, Surrey Dealer #30910 and #10012


*Prices net of GM rebates and programs including loyality offered to current owners of GM leased and discounted models, see dealer for details. Plus tax and administration.

1-800-NEWCHEVY | (1-800-639-2438)

Wed Nov 10 2010 Leader  

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