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Wednesday June 30, 2010 Serving Surrey and North Delta

A family doctor for all: Falcon B.C. to roll out health care reforms by Jeff Nagel EVERYONE IN B.C. who wants a


High hopes for Haiti

Shiro Olson leads a line of dancers during a warm-up for the Walk for Water on Sunday at Bear Creek Park. The first-annual five-km walkathon, hosted by Childcare Canada, the B.C. Lions and the City of Surrey, aimed to raise money for clean-water projects in Haiti.

Tree cuts fall with economy Recession, change in development cited for fewer trees axed since 2009 by Kevin Diakiw A SLUGGISH economy and a change in the form

of local developments has meant far fewer trees have been cut down in this city in the past 18 months. Between 2001 and 2008, Surrey was issuing permits to cut down about 10,000 trees annually, according to figures obtained by The Leader. But due to the recession, building dropped by 40 per cent last year, and the number of trees cut fell to 4,662 – less than half of previous averages. And in the first six months of 2010, there were

only 975 trees felled due to development. The drop in tree cuts is not a result of a policy change. This year’s lower numbers are mostly due to the type of development taking place – known as infill – where building occurs on previously cleared lands. “You have projects where for some reason, very few trees have been cut because there probably wasn’t that many to start with,” said Jean LaMontagne, Surrey’s general manager of planning and development. “But they’re planting way more.” Some examples include the redevelopment of the Guildford Town Centre, where 37 trees were

cut down and 442 were replanted. And Green Timbers Forest, a huge area cleared for a forestry site many years ago, will be home to the new RCMP E-Division headquarters. At that site, 70 trees had to be cut down and 210 were planted in their place. Part of the heavy replanting is due to development permit guidelines set down by the city, especially in areas that were originally developed without a lot of trees. “Where E-Division is going, there are almost no trees because it’s the cleared area of Green

family doctor will be able to get one by 2015. That was the promise Thursday from health minister Kevin Falcon, who unveiled what he called a major reform to primary health care delivery. Family doctors are to voluntarily organize into non-profit community-based teams called “divisions of family practice” to collaboratively manage patients, with backing from other health professionals. Extra support for those divisions is expected to make care more efficient, allowing more patients to be get better, more sup- Kevin Falcon portive care. “Family care physicians will be able to treat more patients because they’ll have much more support in looking after higher needs patients, chronic needs patients and those with mental illness,” Falcon said at the announcement in White Rock. He committed $137 million to back the changes. Rather than referring a patient to a specialist and leaving them to See NURSE / Page 4

See BYLAW / Page 3

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2 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday June 30 2010 3

Not-so-sweet response to suite plan

Bylaw: Enacted in 2006 From page 1

Poll will solicit opinions on allowing secondary suites in every home by Kevin Diakiw A MOVE to allow secondary suites in every Surrey dwelling is getting

mixed reviews, with heavy resistance in some communities that remain strongly opposed to the plan. The city is soliciting polling company Ipsos Reid to conduct a survey of whether people approve of allowing one secondary suite per residential building in Surrey. Frank Russell, with the Fraser Heights Community Association, said there are already several secondary suites in that community and he describes support for them as mixed. Fraser Heights residents have concerns over the city’s historic lack of bylaw enforcement, Russell said. “You can put in rules and guidelines, but if you don’t enforce the existing ones, what’s the point?” he asked. “There’s a lot of concern, even among those in support of secondary suites, about granting amnesty to people who have basically ignored the rules.” People in West Panorama Ridge and West Rosemary Heights agree. Mark Erdman, with the West Rosemary Heights Homeowners Association, said there are already plenty of suites in the area. The challenge will be enforcing any bylaw Frank Russell that is introduced. In Panorama Ridge, there is even more push back against allowing secondary suites as a source of revenue. At a recent meeting of the West Panorama Ratepayers Association (WPRA), 125 people were asked if they approved of “revenue-generating” suites. All but one person opposed them. However, about two-thirds of those attending said they wouldn’t mind having suites for families. Like Fraser Heights, Panorama Ridge residents want to see bylaws enforced and do not support any form of amnesty. “It did come up and it’s obviously a very sensitive topic,” said WPRA’s Bob Campbell. “You’ve got a lot of people with two, three, four suites in their homes. What are you gonna say to those guys?” Most of his membership supports shutting them down. “You’re making people homeless, but they’re living in illegal suites,” Campbell said. “We understand the social side of things, but when do you draw the line somewhere and say ‘we have a rule for a reason’. “ Mayor Dianne Watts said the city has never condoned more than one suite per house and will be taking action. But that won’t be happening until there’s a solid plan in place.

“You can put in rules... but if you don’t enforce the existing ones, what’s the point?”

See POLL / Page 4

Hip, hop and fly


Taylor Harvie,12, makes a jump on his BMX bike during a hip-hop event for youth at the South Surrey Recreation Centre skateboard Park on Saturday.

Timbers,” LaMontagne said. “So they’re going to plant some more in the parking lots and along the roads.” There was public backlash several years ago when massive tree cuts were occurring throughout the city. In 2005, The Leader reported there was an average of 9,100 trees cut over the four years prior. Then-Coun. Dianne Watts referred to several areas of the city as a “moonscape” because of the large tree loss. The tree protection bylaw was enacted in 2006. However, the number of trees cut annually continued at the same rate, with 33,300 bylaw-protected trees coming down in three years (2006-08) – or 11,100 annually (22 per cent higher than in years prior to the bylaw). In total, between 2001 and 2008, about 70,000 trees that met the criteria for bylaw protection were cut down. The bylaw also has a provision for developments where the two-for-one replacement rule can’t be met. In those situations, a cash-in-lieu system requires a $300 fee be paid into a Green Fund for each tree that is not replaced. In 2009, Surrey collected $644,150 in lieu of tree replacements and another $442,000 so far this year. That money goes into a green fund for tree replacement throughout other areas of the city. In 2009, Surrey planted 6,900 street trees and more than 1,200 park trees. The city also issued almost $50,000 in fines in 2009, and another $12,500 so far this year. The recent lighter tree cut is considered an anomaly, which is expected to rebound to more typical historic numbers when the economy recovers.

Delta considers legalizing suites An estimated 15 to 20 per cent of homes in the municipality have secondary suites by Kristine Salzmann

in Delta: 1,776 in North Delta, 451 in Ladner, and 250 in Tsawwassen. But staff said it’s estimated 15 to 20 per cent of single family homes have ILLEGAL SECONDARY suites can come with an array of alarming safety a secondary suite, which means there could be between 5,300 to 7,000 such issues, says Delta Mayor Lois Jackson, which is why she hopes the comsuites in the municipality. munity will be on board as council considers legalizing and regulating “We’re the only one left in the Lower Mainland that has not taken this on the housing option. and I think we have to take a look at this very, very closely,” Jackson said. Council gave preliminary approval earlier this month to bylaw amendIf passed, council would allow secondary suite owners a “grace period” until ments that could soon see secondary suites legal and regulated in single the end of the year to upgrade their suites, as well as waive the fee to provide family homes. an initial building inspection and one follow-up inspection. In a report to council, staff said regulating secondary suites would enable “We don’t want to come down with a big hammer,” said Jackson. Delta to establish zoning standards and encourage owners to bring existing Regulating secondary suites would cost Delta an additional $350,000 per suites up to building code standards. year for an additional bylaw officer, building inspector and a clerical staff “Some of the things I have seen in the past year or so have been totally member to handle inquiries and set up inspection appointments. unacceptable,” said Jackson, such as children living in bedrooms with no Jackson expects upgraded, legal secondary suites will increase the assessed windows through which to escape in the case of a fire, propane being used value of homes and help make up for that cost. for cooking in enclosed spaces, and jury-rigged electrical and plumbing. “Therefore, it translates into additional taxation which is helping to offset As of May 12, 2010, staff reported there are 2,477 known secondary suites Delta Mayor Lois Jackson the costs of rec facilities, police, fire and everything else.”

4 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Nurse: ‘A new way of working’ Happy Canada Day from Surrey City Council!










From page 1 bounce inefficiently around the system, family doctors will be able to phone a specialist and get an instant consultation, opening up the potential for quicker treatment decisions and reduced waits. Falcon said $44 million will go to specialists, who can now bill for the over-the-phone consultations. Family doctors will also be able to earn more money for treating time-intensive patients with chronic diseases, Falcon said. “That will benefit those patients by ensuring they’re not in and out of there in three to five minutes, they can spend up to 30 minutes with the doctor.” Better primary care with improved access to doctors will translate into patients with healthier, longer lives, less chronic disease, fewer hospital visits and cost savings for the system, Falcon predicted. “We’re trying to make the system respond to the needs of patients, not patients having to navigate the system trying to get better care,” he said. Divisions of family practice are to offer a one-stop phone call for

He said the changes should also make it more attractive for doctors to train and stay with family practice, rather than specializing. Falcon also said he hopes the divisions make more use of B.C.’s many unemployed nurse practitioners, acknowledging B.C. has done a poor job of using those it has trained. He offered few specifics but B.C. Nurse Practitioners’ Association president Lynn Guengerich said she’s confident that shift will come – if for no other reason because family doctors alone cannot handle the demand. One nurse practitioner has already been hired to work with the White Rock/South Surrey division of family physicians, according to Dr. Brenda Hefford, who is leading the formation of that group. “This is a new way of working,” she said. NDP health critic Adrian Dix said Falcon is promising more than the initiative is likely to achieve, particularly since the province has been cutting funding for various community programs and healthrelated services.

Poll: Results expected by mid-July From page 3

residents without family doctors to find one and to similarly arrange a doctor for those who arrive at emergency wards without one. Up to 250,000 B.C. residents don’t have a family doctor and many existing practices are closed. Getting a family doctor in B.C. can be as hard as “finding a ticket to a Lady Gaga concert,” Falcon said, adding the change to guaranteed access won’t happen overnight. Family practice divisions have been piloted for months in Cowichan Valley, Prince George and White Rock/South Surrey and they will extend to 40 communities over the next year, including most parts of the Lower Mainland. The next cities to get their own divisions will be North Vancouver, Powell River, Chilliwack, Kamloops and Prince Rupert. Patients are also expected to help. Falcon said extra support is envisioned for groups of patients with the same chronic conditions to help them “self-manage” their treatment. The new model is voluntary, but B.C. Medical Association president Dr. Ian Gillespie predicted most physicians will sign on.

“It’s not fair on neighbourhoods to have a home that’s got four or

HAPPY Canada Day! Let us join together to celebrate Canada’s beauty, culture and innovation. Have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day!

five suites in it, because that’s an apartment block,” Watts said. “I don’t want to go out there without a plan, because there are people that live there now... you can’t just dump them out on the street.” The issue of secondary suites has dogged this city for years. In the 1970s, council of the day prohibited secondary suites. Angry homeowners stormed city hall, saying they’d lose their homes if their suite

income was taken away. Surrey abandoned that plan, then 10 years later attempted to limit suites to predetermined zones, mostly in Newton. The backlash was fierce, as some people living in an area that allowed suites had to pay about $700 annually for being situated in the premium zone – even though their homes were suite-free. And while Surrey was trying to contain the proliferation of suites,

ar t n a l P ? s i t i i Fa s c heel of your foot?

they were being built in unfinished basements throughout the city. It’s estimated there are almost 20,000 illegal suites in Surrey, or about one in every eight homes. Only 1,800 are legal. Watts expects to have the polling numbers back by mid-July, and she wants to develop a strategy shortly after. “We’ve been dealing with this for 20-plus years. I’d really like it not to be dragging on any longer,” Watts said.

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Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey’s new municipal hall will have 180,000 square feet of space and is a key focus in the development of City Centre.

New city hall unveiled $50-million building to be finished by 2013 by Kevin Diakiw PLANS FOR the long-awaited city hall

for North Surrey have been unveiled. Official drawings of the splashy $50-million building were made public Tuesday at Simon Fraser University. Surrey retained KasianMoriyama Architects to prepare a design for the new City Hall building and the civic plaza. It will be built on 104 Avenue between University Drive and City Parkway, putting it beside the yet-tobe built City Centre Library. The new city hall will have about 180,000 square feet of space and will likely contain council chambers and a few select departments of the hall.

The adjoining civic plaza will have capacity for about 5,000 people. City Centre is one of the main focuses for civic development, with the library, city hall and potentially a performing arts centre to come. In addition, the area will be home to a new outpatient hospital and the headquarters for RCMP E-Division. The city has set aside $10 million for the $50-million city hall project. Surrey expects to borrow the remainder from the Municipal Financing Authority and pay back that loan through rental of parts of the current municipal building. Construction of the new city hall will begin next year and it’s expected to be complete by the fall of 2013.


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6 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Celebrate Canada’s birthday Deputy superintendent Surrey boasts Western Canada’s largest July 1 party Black Press

Peter Drescher worked in district 29 years

AS THE nation prepares

to celebrate its 143rd birthday, remember that the largest July 1 celebration in Western Canada is right in your own backyard. Surrey’s Canada Day party will take place all day at the Cloverdale Millenium Amphitheatre, featuring amusement rides, games, food and crafts. There will also be entertainment on two stages. The main stage will feature the Odds, Stereos and Dragonette, with an evening headlining performance by ’80s rockers Honeymoon Suite. The line-up for a second stage, billed as the Fusion Stage, was announced last week.

of Surrey schools retires by Sheila Reynolds

‘80s rockers Honeymoon Suite will headline the main stage at the Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre on Thursday. Headlining that stage will be South Asian superstars En Karma, as well as Surrey’s own KerryLee Manuel and Latin singer Marlin Ramazzini.

An estimated 100,000 people are expected to attend. The free celebration takes place from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., with fireworks at 10:15 p.m.

The amphitheatre is located at 176 Street and 64 Avenue. For more details, check www.canadaday.surrey. ca

HE CAME to the Surrey School District as a vice-principal nearly three decades ago and was soon posted to the principal’s position at Guildford Park Secondary and then Semiahmoo Secondary. He was at Semiahmoo just a year when he was asked to take on the challenge of opening Fleetwood Park Secondary and become its first principal. “His legacy of establishing a positive culture, strong school community and tradition at Fleetwood Park is still being enjoyed, honoured and recognized by the school to this day,” said Surrey Board of Education chair Laurae McNally in honouring Drescher on Thursday night. Drescher is retiring from his current position of deputy superintendent at the end of the school year. He has held the role for the past nine years. During his leadership, said McNally, Drescher championed many lasting district achievements, such as the Vision 2010 strategy and the Leadership Academy for new administrators. Peter Drescher Whether as a teacher, a coach, a principal or district leader, said McNally, Drescher has been a role model for students and staff and a friend and mentor to many. “And throughout all his hard work in our district,” she said, “it was clear to his colleagues his motivation – his raison d’être – was the children ... his passion for helping students succeed.”

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Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday June 30 2010


Surrey Christmas Bureau gala a success Last week’s inaugural event surpasses fundraising goal of $20,000 by Kevin Diakiw A SURREY Christmas

Bureau gala last Friday was a huge success, organizers say. “It exceeded our expectations,” said Konch Bakshi, executive director for the Christmas Bureau. The fundraising goal of $20,000 has already been met, even though all of the donations haven’t yet been tallied. The inaugural White as Snow Gala, at the Viceroy Banquet Centre, sold out, with about 240 people snapping up all of the $75 tickets. In addition, activity at the auction was brisk. One of the items was an opportunity to have Food Network chef Gurj Dhaliwal come to the winner’s home and cook meals for 10 people. “We were over $2,000 for that prize,” Bakshi said Monday. The auctioneer called Dhaliwal aside and pointed out there were two people bidding against each other, and asked if he was willing to do two. Dhaliwal said yes, and $2,000 turned to $4,000 in donations. “He (the auctioneer) doubled the money for that very prize,” Bakshi said. “I have to thank Gurj Dhaliwal for willing to do two... it was absolutely amazing.” Bakshi said the $20,000 will go towards food hampers for the less-fortunate this Christmas. The Surrey Christmas Bureau serves more than 1,900 families each year, including 5,000 children. For 40 years, the bureau has been helping low-

Fatal crash

income families celebrate the season through its Christmas Hamper and Adopt-A-Family

programs. In addition, the Special Needs Gifting program provides toys for more than 250 special

needs children. Bakshi encourages people to consider adopting a family for

Christmas this year, which brings the joy of direct giving to those involved.

If anyone else is looking to donate, or wants information on adopting a family this holiday

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8 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader


Trial ordered in slashing attack




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Allegations of inappropriate relationship

We have an assortment of

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missed the crucial carotid artery. Chris lost seven pints of blood. The emergency surgeries to repair the damage to his face, lung and liver required dozens of stitches and staples. It was about four weeks before Chris could eat solid food, and he still required dental work to repair the damage to his teeth. Saul, who lost four pints of blood, was clinically dead for about 30 seconds while he was on the operating table. Friends have set up an assistance fund for Chris and Saul, who are currently on employment insurance, which pays less than half their usual wages. Donations can be made to a fund at the Royal Bank of Canada under the name “Surrey Survivors” (account number 036005025705).

Investigators in ‘Surrey Six’ case suspended 97


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LaRose is a toughlooking broadshouldered 20-year-old with deep-set eyes and an extremely short haircut. He was wearing a red prison-issue t-shirt for his appearance before a Surrey Provincial Court judge last Tuesday morning (June 22). It was the first day of a two-day preliminary hearing of the evidence against LaRose, who is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two weapons-related offences in connection with a brutal knife attack that seriously injured two Surrey men on April 3. The impassive LaRose settled against the back of the glassedin prisoner’s docket and folded his arms across his chest as the hearing to decide whether he faces a full trial got underway. Outside the courtroom in the hallway,

the survivors of the bloody attack were waiting to testify. Details of the hearing cannot be reported under a court-ordered publication ban. At the close of proceedings Wednesday, LaRose was committed for trial. He will return to court July 8 to set a date. Saul and Chris (who have asked their last names not be used) previously told The Leader how they came close to losing their lives when they saw a man backhand a woman at the bus stop near Fraser Highway and 156 Street. Chris said when he went over to see if the woman was okay, the man attacked with a 13-inch knife. The blade connected with his face, opening up the entire right side and damaging his teeth. Then the man went after Saul, who suffered a deep slash that just


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“Surrey Six” homicide case have been suspended as a result of allegations about an inappropriate relationship with a witness. A statement issued last Tuesday by the RCMP said the decision to suspend a sergeant and a supervisor was based on the preliminary findings of an ongoing investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The OPP was called in to conduct an independent investigation after news surfaced that a member of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) probing the worst gangland killing in B.C. history had become romantically involved with a witness. Reports said the witness and her testimony may have been used to help identify the people who massacred six men on the 15th floor of the Balmoral Tower at 9830 East Whalley Ring Rd. in Surrey on Oct. 19, 2007. Two innocent bystanders were killed in the incident, including Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg. The written statement by the RCMP said the investigation of the alleged inappropriate relationship has expanded beyond the lone sergeant to include two other people, a supervi-

sor and a co-worker. The new allegations concerning the supervisor and co-worker do not include having an inappropriate relationship with the witness, the statement added. No other employees have been implicated. So far, only one person has been convicted in the Surrey Six case. In April 2009, Dennis Karbovanec, then 27, was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 15 years after pleading guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Karbovanec struck a plea bargain with prosecutors that meant he would have a chance of leaving prison sooner than he would if convicted of first-degree murder. James Bacon is charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in the case, while Cody Rae Haevischer and Matthew Johnson are each charged with six counts of first-degree murder and one count of conspiracy. Quang Vinh Thang “Michael” Le is charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Surrey North Delta Leader

Wednesday June 30 2010

School district dissolves its business company

2 010

Minimal money coming in from overseas ventures by Sheila Reynolds IT WAS set up about

five-and-a-half years ago with the hope of bringing extra money into the school district. But the Surrey School District’s business company, set up in late 2004, was dissolved by trustees in a unanimous vote on Thursday night. “At the time we believed it was worthwhile to explore to see if there was a potential to get supplementary classroom funding through the business company,” said board chairperson Laurae McNally.

But in time, it became clear that the return on investment was “modest,” at best, she said. In 2002, there was much interest on the part of the provincial government to get boards to reach out overseas to try to profit from B.C.’s top-notch education system by establishing arms-length business companies. Surrey explored teacher-training and English training opportunities in Asia, and even considered setting up pre-kindergarten and primary education programs in

Laurae McNally Korea, but little came to fruition. “Not much has happened,” McNally said. “We felt we’d provided enough time for the business company to explore the market

over there ... but there just weren’t enough returns to carry on with the operation.” The board lent the business company $100,000 as seed funding – which has all been repaid, with interest, assured McNally. The district will still host teachers from overseas who come to Surrey for training, as has been done for years, and students from other countries will continue to be welcome to study here through the international education program.

Small raise for Surrey trustees Board of Education adjusts remuneration by Sheila Reynolds

MEMBERS OF Surrey’s Board of Education voted themselves a $300-per-year raise at Thursday night’s public board meeting. The 0.1 per cent increase reflects the rise in the cost of living in Greater Vancouver over the past year.

The base rate for trustees is now $29,000 annually, with the chairperson and vice-chair receiving an additional $3,000 and $1,500 per year, respectively. The seven-member board oversees more than 67,000 students and approximately 8,700 employees in the Surrey School District – Surrey’s largest employer. They also manage a budget of about $545 million. Trustee honorariums are reviewed annually. The pay increase takes effect July 1.

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10 The Surrey/North Delta Leader


Wednesday June 30 2010

Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at 5450 152 St., Surrey, B.C.


Out of the HST jam



espite the intense pressure of the Fight HST petition campaign and the first defection of a government MLA, it’s still tough to imagine the B.C. Liberals willingly scrapping the Harmonized Sales Tax. The merged 12 per cent tax is a day away and is already being added to purchases of airline tickets and some utility bills. Economists generally agree the tax is good policy – removing the PST businesses pay on their inputs will help them compete with other jurisdictions and should spur economic growth and job creation. Yet, there are unfortunate effects of the move to an HST. A burgeoning black market economy by HST avoiders is likely. The loss of control of tax policy leaves B.C. unable to exempt socially beneficial purchases like bicycles and vitamins. And the tax hits some groups of businesses, notably restaurants, harder than others. Still, the HST takes effect tomorrow and it appears to be a cake that will be difficult – and possibly unwise – to unbake. An extended political fight over the tax that drags on for months and years will be an unproductive expenditure of B.C.’s energy and cast a cloud of uncertainty over our investment climate. Voters will get their chance to punish the Liberals in the next election. But if the HST is here to stay, what else can be done to make it more equitable now? Keep in mind the HST, at its core, is the elimination of $2 billion in taxes paid by businesses – a huge benefit to them. Some of that burden will shift onto consumers, although exactly how much depends on the degree to which businesses pass along their savings in the form of lower prices. Meanwhile, government has steadily chopped corporate income tax rates in recent years. Larger corporations now pay 10.5 per cent, down from 13.5 in early 2005. The small business income tax rate was dropped from 4.5 per cent to 2.5 per cent in 2008. And the B.C. Liberals twice raised the dividing line between small and big businesses so more firms qualify for the lower small business rate. If this government – or the next – wants to sweeten the bitter HST pill, it could engineer a reverse shift in favour of the people. Bump corporate income tax rates a notch higher and use the money to lower personal income tax rates. The province has already sought to ease the HST pain to consumers by converting all new money B.C. will get from the tax into personal income tax cuts and credits. No doubt, businesses will not be fond of giving back some of their HST gains, however, it could be the salvation of the tax reform they support, and a way out of the present quagmire.


Korean War not all that’s forgotten PANMUNJOM, KOREA – There is no better



The Surrey/North Delta Leader is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2.

military bureaucracy but never got around Chinese army divisions to balance the unexto explaining why 1.7 million Americans pected defence of the U.S. and its allies. risked their lives here in the three-year The quiet pride of these veterans and the conflict. gratitude of the South Korean It was a UN “police action,” people was something to see. At not a real war, some joke. Tell a train station in Seoul, an elderly that to the Koreans who surKorean man burst into tears vived the mechanized slaughat the sight of Quebec veteran ter of civilians and soldiers Alexandre Sexton in his Royal alike by communist invaders 22nd Regiment uniform, rushing who overran most of the forward to hug him and accept his country before being pushed gift of a Canadian flag lapel pin. back. Tell it to the families of As our tour bus rolled through the 28,500 U.S. soldiers who the city, young South Korean men at this moment still standdoing their compulsory military Tom Fletcher are ing with the Republic of Korea service snapped to attention and saluted when they saw the small army against an increasingly flags in the bus window. erratic, nuclear-armed madSixty years on, not many in Canada man and his million-strong force to the remember that 26,791 Canadians served north. in this awful war, that 1,500 were wounded It not only was a real war, it still is. As and more than 500 died. Many will white-haired veterans saluted and wiped remember only the wisecracking doctors away tears last week at the Canadian, of the TV show M*A*S*H, which mocked Australian and New Zealand monuments at


place on Earth than here at Korea’s demilitarized zone to observe the contrast between democratic capitalism and state control. The DMZ is little more than an hour’s drive north of Seoul, now the 10th largest city in the world and a model of industrial, technological and social innovation. Directly ahead, beyond a grey fortress guarded by soldiers and land mines, is North Korea, the world’s last Stalinist dictatorship. Not much can be seen beyond: a couple of guard towers, a propaganda village with a huge North Korean flag, and distant hills largely stripped of trees by imprisoned people in need of any food and fuel they can find. My visit here was with a group of Korean War veterans from Canada, Britain, Australia, the United States, Greece, Ethiopia and other allied countries to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. It began June 25, 1950 with a swift and brutal invasion by North Korea, armed and manipulated by Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, who would soon send in

CONTACT US Newsroom email: newsroom@ Phone: 604-575-2744 604-575-2544 fax

Gapyeong, North Korea declared a “no sail” zone around itself, a signal that last year’s nuclear test may soon be followed by shortrange missile tests. And yet, there are signs of hope. A Canadian Forces officer still presides over entries and exits to the Kaesong Industrial Complex, built recently by Hyundai and other South Korean corporations inside North Korea. It employs North Koreans and has not been shut down by their regime despite tensions over the unprovoked torpedoing of a South Korean patrol ship in March. China still backs North Korea, but its patience is being tested. Twice in the past month, Chinese businessmen have been arrested for straying beyond authorized travel areas on sales trips inside North Korea. In the first of these incidents, three of these newly entrepreneurial Chinese citizens were shot and killed. Even here, capitalism is slowly winning the long war with communism.

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Wednesday June 30 2010

Traffic tickets a cash grab


Surrey/North Delta Leader

Celebrate Canada and its values


driving home along King George Boulevard and noticed five Surrey police officers pulling cars over on each side of the road (we were one of them). The infractions were for “tinted windows.” My question is why are five police officers involved in such minor Motor Vehicle Act violations when there are much more serious infractions on our roads, such as motorists talking on their cellphones, burned out headlights, etc. To delay traffic on King George Boulevard on a Sunday afternoon leads us to believe there is no other work the Surrey police can be doing. Our windows are tinted with 50 per cent darkness you can see clearly through the windows. All our cars in the past 25 years have had all the side windows tinted and not once have we been ticketed. We are responsible age 50-plus motorists with clean driving records. This is just a tax grab for the province of B.C. Bonnie Game

Protecting the environment I AM PLEASED to see the Western

premiers united in their support for a “one project-one assessment” approach to environmental reviews. It makes no sense to have the federal government duplicating the comprehensive assessments the provinces already does on projects, especially when the provincial assessments are often done to a higher standard than the federal ones. Billions of dollars in projects, and thousands of jobs, are reportedly being tied up by duplicated environmental assessment processes. Duplicated environmental assessments accomplish nothing more than wasting money and causing project delays. And they don’t improve environmental protection one iota. Eugenia Nikolaidis, Vancouver

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A letter writer says Canada Day is a time to celebrate our country, and rejuvenate patriotism.

Poor job of explaining the HST IT’S GOOD to see members of the provincial govern-

ment acknowledging the terrible job that’s been done explaining the HST to public. The simple shift from the PST to a much more straightforward HST should have been communicated much more effectively than it was rather than allowing it to be hijacked by self interested groups eager to exploit the public’s lack of knowledge. Ironically, the people making the most noise about the HST seem to be the same people who complain that not enough money is being spent on health care, education and social services. Unfortunately for these noisy exploiters, however, the only way to spend more money on services is to increase provincial revenues, and the HST is not going to do that because it’s a revenue neutral tax.

What the people of this province should really be demanding from our elected officials is for them to leverage our rich base of natural resources to help pay for the services the government provides. If India, with its rapidly developing economy, is interested in our cedar products, then that should be pursued vigorously. If our rocks and minerals have value, then the mining industry should be allowed to develop this resource and contribute to the province’s coffers. And if people need clean energy, then that’s something we’ve got a lot of here in BC and we should be developing it to help the government pay for all the things the people say they want. Michael McBratney Port Moody

CANADA DAY is a red-letter day for Canadians. It is not only a time to commemorate historical confederation, but more importantly, it is a day to rejuvenate the love, pride and patriotism for this nation. Many of us join in the celebration for fun, but few make the occasion even more meaningful. Along with celebration, we should not forget that we are all Canadians regardless of colour or creed. We should love, respect and understand each other and build strong relationships with everyone around us. On this day, we should visit the poor and downtrodden to provide assistance and exude the true Canadian values of love and compassion. We should preserve the law and order. Help to keep environment clean and beautiful. Remember to discharge all duties and responsibilities in a cooperative manner to make Canada best place on planet. If we affirm Canada Day as one to contribute constructively towards all sections of society, then it would be a true tribute dedicated to the nation. Happy and prosperous Canada Day.

Hanif A. Patel

Mayor ignoring the issues DIANNE WATTS as “World’s Best

Mayor” is a bit of a stretch. I bet there are mayors elsewhere who do not duck from contentious issues such as illegal suites, toll bridges, blueberry propane cannons, clearcut forests, polluted salmon streams, truck parking and monster homes.

Jim McMurtry Surrey

Burning garbage a backward policy IT IS 2010 and we are battling

with one of the oldest and most backwards policies toward waste management: waste-to-energy technology (burning garbage) or landfills (burying garbage). 2015 is only five years away. I am not an expert in math, but somehow reaching our goal to redirect 70 per cent of our garbage from landfills and waste-to-energy technology by implementing an incinerator does not seem to add up. While the zero waste rhetoric has struck a chord with people who care about the future value of their homes, and the quality of their soil, water and air, it has not been accepted due to nonsensical, conflicting policies.

Unfortunately, zero waste cannot be achieved by burning our garbage. Fortunately, Canadians are smart and we know that foresight can deliver results.

If our goal is to actually achieve zero waste, then we need to implement better recycling programs, municipal composting and work with industry to improve product

A waste of tax money FURTHER TO Kevin Diakiw’s article regarding council costs rising, what about the expensive trip the entire city council just completed – a seven-day trip a few weeks ago to Toronto to support a resolution about airplanes flying over Surrey? That could have been done by three or four people, not nine members of council and probably four or five managers. The cost was probably over $40,000. What a waste of taxpayers’ funds. It is time that an outside audit committee be set up to police the travel costs of all council, including the mayor. Ron Watson Surrey

life-spans and reduce packaging. Sorting our waste to salvage more is the way to go. Ten to 15 times more jobs can be created by reusing and recycling our waste. In our current economic situation, this level of efficiency wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Unless zero waste is about short-term so-called “innovations” to hide our garbage, an incinerator is not an option. We have innovative technologies that offer true paths to zero waste. These paths are more costeffective, safer and cleaner, and create more jobs; what would you choose?

Jennifer Reddy Green party candidate Surrey-North

12 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

MLAs on anti-HST hit list Recall forces aim to pick off Liberals one by one by Jeff Nagel

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The Fight HST hit list consists of MLAs in ridings where the anti-HST citizens’ initiative petition got 25 SIX B.C. Liberal MLAs from the Lower Mainland are per cent or more of the required signatures – far in on anti-HST activists’ hit list of 24 most vulnerable excess of the Elections BC requirement of 10 per cent. government members they intend to target for recall. The bar for recall is higher. A minimum 40 per cent Those in the crosshairs of the Fight HST campaign of registered voters must sign the petition demanding include environment minister Barry Penner (Chillithe recall of the MLA within 60 days. wack-Hope), John Les (Chilliwack), children and Fight HST can’t simply use its existing army of regfamily development minister Mary Polak (Langley), istered canvassers – those participating in recalls must former Solicitor General Kash Heed (Vancouverregister separately. Fraserview), Richard Lee (Burnaby-North) and Vander Zalm noted there’s no ability for the governGordon Hogg (South Surrey-White Rock). ment to stall if a recall campaign succeeds. “We haven’t decided which ones will be recalled The seat is immediately declared vacant and the first, or how many,” anti-HST crusader Bill Vander government has 90 days to call a byelection, where the Zalm said, adding that strategy will be decided in the recalled MLA can still run again. fall. “It’s going to be very exciting,” he Fight HST forces say they’re nearly predicted. ready to deliver their 670,000-name Cabinet ministers on the hit list petition demanding a withdrawal of include aboriginal relations minister the harmonized sales tax but expect the George Abbott, labour minister Murray government will stall for time rather than Coell, forests and range minister Pat Bell, immediately bend to wishes of petitiontourism minister Kevin Krueger, agriers. culture minister Steve Thomson, comRecall campaigns to remove individual munity and rural development minister MLAs from office can’t begin until Bill Bennett and healthy living and sport November. minister Ida Chong. Vander Zalm said he doesn’t favour a One MLA won’t be targeted, despite mass recall targeting all Liberal MLAs at huge numbers of local constituents signonce to try to topple the government. ing the petition. Former energy minister South Surrey-White “That was never the intent,” he said. Blair Lekstrom is exempt because he quit Rock MLA Gordon Instead, Vander Zalm envisions sucthe government over the HST. cessive waves of recall campaigns – per- Hogg Six B.C. Liberal MLAs would have to haps a new one starting each month – to be defeated for the government to lose its put intensifying pressure on the government to drop majority in the Legislature. the HST to avoid being forced from office. Vander Zalm said he doesn’t think it makes sense “Our hope is after the first successful recall, the pre- to target Premier Gordon Campbell, who he predicts mier – knowing that we won’t stop – will smarten up.” will step down before the next election anyway. The systematic approach chafes some angry citizens who are chomping at the bit to recall their local MLA Liberal MLAs on Fight HST hit list: John Slater, quickly. Pat Pimm, Donna Barnette, George Abbott, Terry “Our biggest problem will be to hold people back,” Lak, Bill Bennett , Ida Chong, Ron Cantelon, Bill Vander Zalm said. Barisoff, Murray Coell, Gordon Hogg, Barry Penner, Nor will it be possible to do so. Norm Letnik, Ben Stewart, Steve Thomson, Eric FosAnyone can launch a recall campaign, although ter, Kash Heed, Kevin Kruger, Richard Lee , John Les, Vander Zalm noted renegade campaigns would not Don McRae, John Rustad, Mary Polak and Pat Bell. have the benefit of the Fight HST organization.

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Wednesday June 30 2010 13


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14 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader


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Wednesday June 30 2010 15


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16 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

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Wednesday June 30 2010

The Surrey/North Delta Leader


Surrey skaters drafted

Living the NHL dream by Rick Kupchuk

old with the Blazers. Madaisky started last season THE OFFSEASON has ended for with the Calgary Hitmen, but a pair of 18-year-old Western was sent to Kamloops in a Hockey League (WHL) players midseason trade. He finished from Surrey. the year with seven goals and 20 Kevin Sundher of the assists in 65 games played, but Chilliwack Bruins and Austin felt his best hockey was played in Madaisky of the Kamloops BlazKamloops. ers were chosen in the National “It was great, the best thing Hockey League Entry Draft last to happen to me,” he said of the weekend in Los Angeles. trade. “The coaches have a lot And it means both will travel more trust in me, I was playing across the continent to against the top lines. attend prospects camps It was a lot more fun, I in early July. got powerplay time and Sundher, a forward, helped kill penalties. was chosen in the third My confidence level round (75th overall) by improved so much.” the Buffalo Sabres, while Madaisky had an outMadaisky was claimed standing playoff, scoring in the fifth round (124th three goals and assisting overall) by the Columon three others. The bus Blue Jackets. Blazers, however, were “I figured I would go Kevin Sundher swept in four games by somewhere in the third the Vancouver Giants in to fifth round,” said Madaisky the opening round, the fourth Monday afternoon, just hours consecutive season Kamloops before boarding a plane for was eliminated in straight games. Ohio. “It didn’t matter where I “The Blazers playoff woes conwent in terms of numbers. And tinue,” he laughed. Columbus is a great opportunity “But next year, it’s something for me. They have a young team, we can put a stop to. We have a and they don’t have too many young team, and a year can make defencemen.” so much of a difference.” The Blue Jackets will get their Sundher will also head to the first look at the 6’2”, 185-pound Great Lakes area, departing on defenceman this weekend at the July 4 for Buffalo and the Sabres’ team’s prospects camp. In midprospects camp. August, he expects to be back in He’s coming off his best season Kamloops, playing as a 19-yearin the WHL, playing in all 72


Kamloops Blazers defenceman Austin Madaisky is in Ohio this week, attending the Columbus Blue Jackets’ prospects camp. A Surrey native, Madaisky was drafted by the Blue Jackets last weekend. games, racking up 25 goals and 61 points. A 6’, 188-pound centre, Sundher will also like to return

to junior hockey for one more season before turning pro. “It was a pretty good year in Chilliwack, I learned a lot,” he

said. “I’m happy I was fortunate enough to get drafted. To be a third round pick, it’s something to be proud of.”

Near-perfect weekend for Blue Jays BCPBL team wins three of four against Parksville, Coquitlam by Rick Kupchuk ON A WEEKEND that saw their eight-game win streak come to an end, the North Delta Blue Jays still managed to stretch their lead atop the B.C. Premier Baseball League standings. After taking two games from the Parksville Royals Saturday, North Delta split their double header with the Coquitlam Reds Sunday afternoon. Their record improved to 29-10 (won-lost), and pushed the Jays to a one and a half game lead over the 24-8 Langley Blaze. Their lone loss of the weekend was a 5-0 setback Sunday morning to Coquitlam. The Jays managed just three hits – all singles – off Coquitlam pitcher T. J. Watson. Brad Watson took the loss, after the

Reds scored three times in six innings off Parksville. The 17-year-old North Delta resident tossed a no-hitter, four walks seven hits and a walk. Coquitlam committed five errors away from a perfect game. He faced just 23 batters, two over the minimum, colin game two, and the Blue Jays took full advantage, scoring five lecting four strikeouts along the unearned runs in a 9-3 victory. way. The Blue Jays got their three The Reds led 3-0 after the top of the first inning, but North Delta runs off six hits. Reed Lavallee, Tyson Popoff and Trevor Hodpitcher Matt Tompkins settled down after the shaky start. The gins all hit doubles, the hits by Ladner resident allowed just Lavallee and Hodgins driving four hits and a walk the rest of in runs. the way, getting his league-high Parksville pitcher Aaron eighth win of the season. Foulds was six outs away from a Cam Frick was two-for-three Stefan McKee no-hitter in the second contest, at the plate, batting in one run but wasn’t able to finish the and scoring another. C.J. Pentgame. The Royals took a 4-0 land and Quinn Allen each scored twice. lead into the bottom of the sixth inning, Jeff Bouchard was near-perfect on the with the Blue Jays held hitless. mound in Saturday’s first game against But North Delta connected for four SECTION C0-ORDINATOR: RICK KUPCHUK (PHONE 604-575-5335)

hits, including a run-scoring singles from Hodgins and a grand slam one-out home run by Stefan McKee. Cam Challand was the winning pitcher in relief, striking out four batters in three innings, while the Royals scored one run on two hits and three walks. The Blue Jays have a week off before their next game. They are at home to place the Vancouver Cannons on Thursday, July 8 at 6 p.m. at Mackie Park. STRIKEOUTS: McKee’s homer was his third of the season, tying him for the league lead with Jordan Romine of the Nanaimo Pirates and Brandon Bufton of the Fraser Valley Chiefs. The grand slam moved him to within one of the league’s RBI (runs batted in) lead. Scott Jones of the Victoria Mariners is on top with 29.

18 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader BOAZ JOSEPH / THE LEADER

Fraser Valley Chiefs first baseman Mitch Dornblut forces out Max Spencley of the Parksville Royals base during a B.C. Premier League Baseball game at Whalley Stadium on Sunday. The Chiefs swept a double header by scores of 2-0 and 1-0, with Dornblut driving in the winning run in both games.




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Royals blanked twice Fraser Valley Chiefs pitching overpowers Parksville

It’s your career. Get it right.

by Rick Kupchuk


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THREE RUNS in two games isn’t a lot of offence. But it was enough for the Fraser Valley Chiefs to sweep a double header from the Parksville Royals Sunday afternoon at Whalley Ball Park. The Chiefs, winners of seven of their last eight B.C. Premier Baseball League contests, took advantage of a pair of threehitters tossed by their pitching staff. Chris Fischer tossed a complete game in the first contest - a 2-0 Chiefs win - walking six batters while striking out nine for

his third shutout in 11 starts this season. Fraser Valley did all the scoring in the third inning. Mitch Dornblut’s single drove in Brody Hawkins for the winning run. Adam Quan added an insurance run, scoring when Jordan McComb was walked with the bases loaded. Alex Dunbar got the win in game two, allowing just two hits and a walk in five and one-third innings pitched. Justin Pilgrim earned the save, retiring all three Parksville batters in the seventh inning. Dornblut again drove in the winning run, his double allow-

ing Brandon Bufton to score from first base. The two victories improved the Chiefs’ record to 19-13 (won-lost), and lifted them into a three way tie for fifth place with the 21-15 Coquitlam Reds and 22-16 Vancouver Cannons. Fraser Valley will play five times over the next five days. After tonight’s home game against the Reds at Whalley Ball Park, the Chiefs will be in New Westminster Saturday for two games with the Cannons. They will be at home again Sunday, hosting the Okanagan Athletics for a double header which will start at noon.

BASEBALL B.C. PREMIER LEAGUE After games of June 27, 2010 GP W L GBL North Delta 39 29 10 – Langley 32 24 8 1.5 Vic. Mariners 27 19 8 4.0 Abbotsford 29 18 11 6.0 Fraser Valley 32 19 13 6.5 Coquitlam 36 21 15 6.5 Vancouver 38 22 16 6.5 Nanaimo 34 17 17 9.5 Parksville 33 12 21 14.0 North Shore 35 14 21 13.0 Okanagan 37 12 25 16.0

Vic. Eagles White Rock

31 37

8 23 17.0 5 32 23.0

RESULTS TUESDAY, JUNE 22 Abbotsford 0, North Delta 10 North Shore 0, Langley 5 THURSDAY, JUNE 24 Langley 3, Coquitlam 1 Abbotsford 7, White Rock 2 SATURDAY, JUNE 26 Langley 7, Victoria Mariners 4 Langley 4, Victoria Mariners 5


SUNDAY, JUNE 27 Parksville 0, Fraser Valley 2 Parksville 0, Fraser Valley 1 Coquitlam 5, North Delta 0 Coquitlam 3, North Delta 9

North Shore 6, Okanagan 2 North Shore 9, Okanagan 2 Victoria Eagles 6, Vancouver 7 Victoria Eagles 2, Vancouver 7 Nanaimo 4, Langley 2 Nanaimo 0, Langley 3

UPCOMING GAMES TUESDAY, JUNE 29 Victoria Eagles at Victoria Mariners Coquitlam at White Rock THURSDAY, JULY 1 Victoria Mariners at Parksville (2)


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North Shore 6, Okanagan 2 North Shore 4, Okanagan 9 Nanaimo 0, Vancouver 8 Nanaimo 0, Vancouver 1 Parksville 0, North Delta 3 Parksville 4, North Delta 5 Victoria Eagles 2, Abbotsford 5 Victoria Eagles 1, Abbotsford 3


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Wednesday June 30 2010


The Surrey/North Delta Leader


Shan Rana lost family members in the Air India explosion, which took place June 23, 1985.

Air India: Lighting a candle Surrey man marks 25th anniversary of bombing by Dan Ferguson


han Rana has nothing in his Surrey home to remind him of the Air India bombing that killed four relatives. There are no photos, no newspaper clippings, no books about the June 23, 1985 explosions that killed all 329 people aboard one Air India flight and two baggage handlers loading another flight. It was a deliberate decision by a quiet, philosophical man determined to maintain emotional balance. “I didn’t keep a shred,” Rana said. “I can’t do anything about it. The history has passed.” It doesn’t mean he has forgotten the loss of his sister-in-law Shyla Aurora and his cousin’s son Inder Members of Guru Nanak Sikh Temple light Thakur and Inder’s wife Prya Thakur and their little candles in remembrance of the 331 people boy. killed in the Air India tragedy. He would simply prefer to express his sadness quietly by praying for the souls of the departed and temple was planning to honour the victims of the the pain of the people left behind. bombing, he decided to go. People like Rana’s wife, who was thrown into a “I wanted to see how serious they were.” deep depression after the death of her only sister. Rana phoned before he went to ask the temple if It led to a divorce that Rana describes as “collatthey would object to a non-Sikh participating in the eral damage” from the bombing. event. On Wednesday, June 23, the 25th anniversary of He was welcomed, he said. the bombing, Rana went to Surrey’s Guru Nanak Rana ended up sitting at the front near temple Sikh Temple on Scott Road. He is Hindu, not a Sikh, but when Rana heard the president Bikramjit Singh Sandhar during the

candle-lighting ceremony. There were 331 candles, one for each Air India victims. When Rana took his turn, he thought of his relatives as he ignited the candle wick. “This is a light for you,” he said to himself. The candle lighting was the end of three days of prayer for the Air India victims that started on Monday with the non-stop reading aloud of the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scriptures, and ended with the candle-lighting ceremony on the day of the bombing. The blasts were arranged by people who wanted revenge against India for a bloody raid on Sikhdom’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple in Amritsar. During his address at the memorial ceremony, Guru Nanak temple president Sandhar said killing innocents was a violation of Sikh principles, that the faithful should never stoop so low. “I don’t think killing is part of any religion,” the president later said. “Killing is absolutely wrong.” Rana was moved by the temple president’s words. “This was close to my heart,” he said. He was less impressed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s apology to the families of Air India bombing victims the same day. It was good to finally hear a PM make the admis-


See RANA / Page 22


20 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

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Closed July 1st 5765 - 176 St. CLOVERDALE HOME FURNISHINGS Surrey • 576-6011


CHILDREN Hillside Boys and Girls Club’s Daycamp and Youth Escape, which will run July 5 to August 27, will provide a funfilled, active and supervised experience for children, who have completed kindergarten to those 12 years old. A wide variety of programs will be offered: Sports, cooking, crafts and trips all over the Lower Mainland. Your child has the option to attend for one week or the whole summer. The cost is $125 per week for ages 6-9 and $140 per week for ages 10-12. Call 604-596-9595 for more information.

Play Xbox 360 games on a big screen at the library. Games include: FIFA 2010, Soul Calibur IV, Skate, UFC Undisputed, Rock Band 1 & 2 and more. Or bring your favourite game and teach others how to play. Four controllers available.

Alzheimer Society

Love to Play Tennis? The Newton Seniors’ Tennis & Social Club welcomes new members 55+. We play non-competitive doubles on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Newton Athletic Park at 128 Street at 74 Avenue. As we are not a teaching club, players must know how to play. You can visit and play with us three times free before joining the Centre and Club. Total fees per year are approximately $33. For more information call Randy at 604-584-9363, Jan at 604-502-7844, or Sue at 604594-8783.


A Jamaica Bacchanal dance party will take place July 3 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Sullivan Hall, 6315 152 St. Four DJs will play the hottest dance hall hits. The $15 cost includes food until 10 p.m. For reservations, call 604-2095081.


Surrey International Folk Dancers invite new members





Hope for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.


It’s free and registration is not required. Just drop in. Event dates are July 7 from 12:30–2:30 pm at the Whalley Library (Grades 6+) and Aug. 3 from 2–4 p.m. at Semiahmoo Library (Grades 6+). For more information, visit

(under $15 reg)

(under $15 reg)

Lining & Interfacing (July 1-4) (July 1-4)





BC SPCA day camps for kids are being offered at the Surrey shelter in July and August.

Critter camps kick off HEY, KIDS: Have you ever wondered why rabbits kick up their hind legs?

Or why cats wag their tails? Find out by attending one of the BC SPCA Summer Day Camps running throughout July and August in Surrey this summer. “This is not a summer camp in the traditional sense with campfires and sing-alongs, but it is a way for children to enjoy time with animals and learn about their care and welfare,” says Paula Neuman, the BC SPCA’s humane education supervisor. Daily activities range from games, arts and crafts, skits and guest speakers. Each day, campers will also spend an hour with small animals like cats, rabbits and rodents. Participants will also be able to spend time with temperamenttested and socialized dogs belonging to staff members. In addition to learning about pet care and animal health, Neuman says the children will come away with knowledge about farm animal welfare, wild animals, the environment and careers in the field of animal welfare. The camps are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (except for four-day camps) throughout July and August. Cost is $170 per student, or $150 for students who are members of the BC SPCA Kids Club. Campers must be aged eight to 12. A limited number of bursaries are available for lowincome families to help subsidize the camp fee. To register, visit or call 604-599-7209. to learn a variety of dances from Europe, North America and the Middle East. The group meets every Thursday from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Walnut

New Arrivals 20% OFF

Family Bowling SPECIAL!


Includes 2 hours bowling and shoes. Up to 6 people per lane


INTERIOR DELIGHTS *Excl price breaker items

Road School, 16153 82 Ave. All ages welcome. For more information, call Dale at 604594-9946 or Marj at 604-5837048. Or e-mail, respectively, or


5-7pm $40/lane 7-9pm $50/lane RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

RICHMOND 4591 Garden City Rd. Fabricana 604-273-5316 Interior Delights 604-276-2553 COQUITLAM 1348 United Blvd. Fabricana 604-524-5454 Interior Delights 604-528-9100

Check for promotional items


12033-84th Ave., Surrey

All Ages Swing Dance takes place Sundays from 7:15-11 p.m. at the Jump Joint (CLA Surrey), Unit 110, 12332 Patullo Pl., next to Excalibur Bowling. Admission $5 All Ages. No partner required. Sponsored by Sweet Swing Dance Co., instructors of lindy hop, the original swing dance. For more information, call Marie at 604-536-0195 or visit www.

EMPLOYMENT The Surrey Service Canada Centre for Youth (SCCY) is now open to assist businesses and young workers with their summer employment needs. Young people can access job postings, get interview advice, learn résumé building and job search strategies and more. Visit the Surrey SCCY between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 104-7320 137 St., call 604502-5891 or email natassia. hanley@servicecanada. Job postings are available online at www. aspx.

Are you always missing pieces of the conversation? Vissitt a Sears Hearing Centre near you to experience the best in hearing evaluations, advanced technology, and professional advice suited to your lifestyle.

Ca all today to book a hearing test at one of our three convenient locations! ret Age: 56 of the Name: Marga ced the rest in nv o c s I n: Warning Sig world is mumbling.

Hearing Centre H

Coquitlam Town Centre 604-464-8090

Guildford Town Centre 604-583-1316

Metrotown Centre 604-434-2070

Surrey North Delta Leader


EVERY YEAR in B.C., hundreds of people are bitten by dogs. Statistics are hard to come by as most bites go unreported, however, even one bite is one too many. Most dog bites are from dogs known to the victim. They can even be the victim’s own dog, which makes sense given that bites often arise from rough play, and that children – mostly boys – under 10 are the largest group of victims. The good news is that dogs rarely bite for no reason, which means dog guardians and parents alike can take steps to minimize bite incidents. First of all, children should be discouraged from playing rough with a dog, and dog guardians should never allow their dog to play rough with a person. Cornering, crowding or standing over dogs should also be avoided, and children should never put their faces close to a dog’s mouth. To further reduce their risk, children Lorie Chortyk should also avoid sick dogs, dogs recovering from an injury, elderly dogs with impaired vision or hearing and stray dogs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when interacting with dogs: • Always ask permission before petting someone else’s dog. • When greeting a new dog, let the dog sniff your hand, then stroke him under the chin (never stroke a strange dog on top of the head). • Do not pet dogs who are tied up, sleeping, eating, behind fences, or in vehicles. •Do not chase or tease dogs, or pull their ears or tails. • If a dog who appears threatening approaches you, do not scream or run away. Avoid eye con-

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rin nte

g a TAX



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604.588.9511 Advertorial


Dogs rarely bite for no reason, which means it is possible to minimize risk.

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New Westminster


Lorie Chortyk is general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA.

?jan&& ?jan &&i]!'%&%I^bZ/&% '% %&% I^ &%Vbid+ i +eb


tact, wait for the dog to lose interest and back away slowly. • If a dog lunges at you, give him something to bite such as a purse or backpack. • If you are knocked over, lie on your stomach and curl into the fetal position, keeping your head tucked and your arms folded over your neck. • Do not leave babies or very young children alone with a dog. Visit for more information about dog bite safety.

:aZkZci] 6ccjVa


AA lZos"kka LofLrHkZorq AA


By Kelly Thompson

You a re

To stay safe, learn how to interact with dogs

Restaurant Review


! zone EE

Canine etiquette

Wednesday June 30 2010

In In nd dulge in dul i a tranquill journey to th the ea east sstt and experience pure bliss . . .


8gj^hZVgdjcY^cndjg]digdYe^X`^c\ jeeaVn^c\XVgYh[gdbdcZWjh^cZhhid Vcdi]ZgVcYi]ZcZcYjeViHiVga^\]i8Vh^cd l]ZgZi]Zl^ccZgl^aaWZi]ZdcZl]d ]Vhi]ZWZhied`Zg]VcY 6aakZ]^XaZhVXXZeiZY

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Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader

Community helps Surrey MS patient Red-FM radio station listeners raise money for surgery by Dan Ferguson

BOBBY GILL winces with the effort as he uses a walker to slowly pull himself upright from his chair. The 33-year-old Surrey man has been fighting multiple sclerosis (MS) for 11-and-a-half years. “It just gets worse and worse every year,� a frustrated Gill says. “It has stripped every single piece of my life away.� In an online interview posted at, Gill says he can barely make it from one room of his home to another and has to struggle to write with a pen.

He has been forced to rely on his ailing parents. Gill is hoping a new and somewhat controversial surgical procedure could change his life. It’s called “liberation therapy,� an MS treatment that inserts small surgical balloons into constricted neck veins to widen them. Italian vascular surgeon Paolo Zamboni developed the operation to help treat his wife for MS after he noticed that his spouse and many other MS patients suffered from restricted blood flow. Zamboni found the veins that drain blood from the brain in many

people with MS were blocked or malformed, causing a build-up of iron. He called the condition chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, or CCSVI. Some MS patients have reported a dramatic improvement after the operation to widen their veins, but skeptical health authorities have warned that may be a placebo effect and long-term clinical trials need to be carried out. The procedure is not approved in Canada, but it is allowed in Italy, Poland and India, where some Canadian MS patients have gone to get help.

Huge Selection Wide Range


Pirates & Buccaneers

Discover Surrey’s urban wildlife; from songbirds to salamanders. Learn how to support our local critters by creating buttery gardens, bird feeders and bat houses.

Kids of all ages can learn about pirates by making pirate coins, drawing treasure maps, and more, with a different swashbuckling craft each week during the summer. &RIDAYSIN*ULY !UGUST DROP AM NOON IN Admission by Donation


8 - 10 YRS

MagniďŹ cent Medieval Times

8 - 10 YRS

starting from

17710 56A Avenue, Surrey, BC

Dracaena Palm

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Outdoor Hardy

Shrubs & Trees

9:30am-3:30pm | 1 day $22.50, 4 days $90 Please pre-register by calling 604-592-6956



Travel back in time through the Middle Ages on a fantastical journey of myth and magic. Experience the medieval class system through re-enacting daily life, battle tournaments and castle feasts.


5 gal. 3 feet tall Shade or Sun Fuchsia Reg. $39.99 Mixed Annual & Moss


Walk Softly on the Earth

Bobby Gill

Hanging Baskets

Heritage Summer Daycamps Explore the past, capture the fun with heritage daycamps! Sign up for one day or more and keep young minds active during the summer!

On Friday, June 25, Surrey Radio station Red-FM arranged a fundraiser to help pay for Gill’s flight to India and the cost of the operation. In two hours, listeners pledged $70,000. A grateful Gill said if the operation allows him to become more independent, he will devote his life to community service. His father Tejinder Gill thanked the radio station and the community for coming to their aid. “Bobby is not my son anymore,� Tejinder said. “He is the community’s son.�






$ 99 ea.

Ben’s Farm Market & Garden Centre 18341 Fraser Hwy, SURREY • 604-574-4135 Open 8:30 am - 7 pm • 7 Days a Week Prices in effect: JUNE 30 TO JULY 6

Rana: A proud Canadian From page 19 sion that Air India was a Canadian tragedy, but it comes after years of neglect by authorities – neglect that hampered the criminal investigation, Rana felt. “The system has failed,� Rana said. “There is no recourse.� Still, he was gratified to hear the prime minister call for a campaign against those who come to Canada still intent on continuing the “blood feuds� of their past homes. “We must have none of it.� Harper said. Rana emphatically agrees. “Leave India to India,� Rana says firmly. He is a proud Canadian who has travelled the world and has seen nothing that can compare to the home he chose in 1969. “It’s the best country in the world.�

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BOUNDARY PARK - SURREY Providing childcare for toddlers & preschoolers in a safe, inviting and thoughtfully organized environment for play & learning. *Plenty of toys & indoor activities *Large fenced yard w/play center, incls covered outdoor play area *Arts & Crafts *First Aid Certified Phone 604-599-3664 For more information.


DAYCARE in N. Delta. Fun loving environment. Preschool program. 28 years experience. 1st Aid & CPR. Excellent refs. 604.970.0974


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SURREY, 67/127th. Little Monkey’s Family Care has FT-PT spaces avail. 6am - 6 pm. 778-991-5740.



LIVE-IN CAREGIVER for 7 & 6 year old kids. Must be fluent in Tagalog and able to prepare Filipino foods. Also be ready to do light household duties. $10.50/ hour. Call Mari Jane @ 778-395-8984.



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X x .

Senior Property Manager & Strata Manager

Due to ongoing expansion, Mountain Creek Properties LITTLE STARS licensed daycare Surrey has F/T spaces available. 778-228-8453 or 604-592-2526


S Moving, Expecting A Baby S Planning A Wedding S Anticipating Retirement S Employment Opportunities




A Licensed Family Daycare, TYNEHEAD CHILDREN’’S CENTRE is clean, well planned in a quiet area. Preschool program, ECE teachers. 8434-165 Street, Fleetwood. 604-833-4856 reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.

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CASTLE MONTESSORI Preschool/Kindergarten/Daycare Structured prog, 2.5-6 yrs. Including language, math, sensorial, geography & music by Montessori daycare provider, more than 20 years exp. 15957 80A Ave. Sry. 604-572-5593 School, 604-572-4642 Home


DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+). FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 $3.19 min. 18+ 1-900-783-3800


Please apply to:

Star Fleet Inc. HIRING! DRIVERS, FARMERS, RANCHERS & RETIREES needed with 3/4 Ton or 1-Ton pick up trucks to deliver new travel trailers & fifth wheels from US manufacturers to dealers throughout Canada. Pref. Class 1 Lic. or 3yrs towing exp. Top Pay! Call Craig 1-877-890-4523. VETERINARIAN (DVM) REQUIRED to teach in Animal Health Technology! We offer enthusiastic students, a competitive salary with regular hours, great benefits and a central location in the Heart of the Peace. Check out our website:


FOUND: CHILDS prescription glasses, (blue case). Vic. Alderwood. Call 604-596-9070.



SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $78 Million Dollars offered in 2009! (877) 624-6884




AT KIHEI, MAUI 1 & 2 bdrm Condos with car. Off season rates. 604-535-9446 SUNNY Spring Specials At Florida’s Best Beach-New Smyrna Beach Stay a week or longer Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800-541-9621

Service Route Account Representative * Delivery and manage document shredding??? * Strong communications and customer service * Valid drivers license class 5 (air brakes preferred) Management Trainee * Operations, Finance, Sales Development Program * University Degree/College Diploma * Excellent verbal & written communication skills These positions include: * Competitive salary * Medical & dental benefits * Financial success and career growth

PARENTS OF CHILDREN (6-13) with ADHD needed to complete questionnaires about treatment experiences. Participants receive $35. Call Dr. Johnston at Psychology Department, UBC: 1-866-5585581 (toll-free).


requires both a Senior Property Manager and a Strata Manager. For information regarding these career opportunities please go to:

A COKE & M&M Vending Routes! Earn up to $100K with 50 Locations in Your Area! 1-800-367-8409 ext. 6054


DRIVER req. to operate super B, vans and reefer. Must have 2 yrs experience. Phone 778-882-1968.




DRIVERS for 5 ton req’d, designated routes. Mon-Fri. Email resume, criminal checked, drivers abstract to: or call 1-778-808-9576, atn Warren DRIVERS: Power sweeping and water truck. Must be hard working with good attitude. Nights possible. Class 5 with air or Class 3. Good driving record req’d. Exp. beneficial but will train. Email MERCHANDISE: CLASS 500’S From antiques & collectibles, to sporting goods and electronics, to parakeets and pet supplies, if it’s considered merchandise for sale, you can find it here.







No Reservations Needed

“Preferred by Canadian Employers” Did you just get engaged?



Report to 19358 - 96 Ave., #215 Surrey, Saturday 8:30am 604-888-3008

O/O with 3/4 cargo or 1 ton vans req’d. Exp. an asset. Please fax resume and drivers abstract attn Keith 604-579-9981





DUMP TRUCK DRIVER w/Class 1, air, good experience, clean driver’s abstract. Wages negot. 1-250-8701006. Fax resume 1-250-717-5841

Full-time owner / operator required by Mission’s largest home centre, Fraser Valley Building Supplies. Tandem axle, 300 series crane a must. Experience making lumber deliveries in the lower mainland considered a definite asset. To apply, please contact Dave Nick at 1-800-249-4474 or


RAHUL GLASS Ltd. in Surrey is hiring a f/t delivery driver to drive vans & light trucks to pick up & deliver goods in the lower mainland. Must have class 5 driver’s licence with 2 years exp. Person should be physically fit to load & unload goods, able to perform pre-trip inspection and use maps. Salary for this position would be $15/hr with 40 hours per week + other benefits. Interested applicants may email resumes to:

DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS wanted with experience. (Pup & Transfer). Fax resumes to: 604-856-9172 or for info call: 604-807-4040.

LANGLEY BASED COMPANY looking for Super B Experienced Class 1 Driver for summer. This 2 month job can lead to full time employment. Fax resume and drivers abstract to: 604-513-8004



Bring a smile to your community! Advertise your engagement with us, call 604-575-5555

INTERIOR Heavy Equipment Operator School Train on full-size Excavators, Dozers, Graders,Loaders. Includes safety tickets. Provincially certified instructors. Government accredited. Job placement assistance. 1-866399-3853



Some great kids aged 12 to 18

who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? Qualified applicants receive training, support and remuneration. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628



Sukhdev Singh Brar May 1, 1944 June 14, 2010 In memory of the greatest husband, father, grandfather and farmer – Sukhdev Brar. You will always live in our hearts. Evergreen Herbs Ltd., Roots Organic Inc. and the Brar Family would like to thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the expressions of sympathy, and all the help you provided us during our time of sorrow. We are truly grateful for your friendship and support. Dad’s legacy will be honored and continued. And now, in Dad’s words, “Everyone, back to work!”

24 Wednesday June 30 2010 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 127



B.C. QUALIFIED HAIR DRESSERS avail. to work in Surrey, Abbotsford, Langley with Sr. Carehomes, as vacation/emergency relief throughout the year. Commission 604-420-9339 HAIR STYLIST, f/t or p/t. Drop off resume to: #111 - 6820 188 St. or call Amy @ (778)574-0708.


Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 • Surrey North Delta Leader


Adult Floaters Required to deliver the Leader newspaper doorto-door in the North Delta area. A reliable vehicle and a fair knowledge of the area is a must. Pls call 604-575-5342 for more information.





Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. This is a full-time position at the Surrey location R Applicant must have service counter experience and some exposure to warranty procedures. R Applicant should also have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word. R Excellent communication skills, a pleasant manner, good customer relations and working under pressure are a must. Interested applicants can fax resume to: 604-888-4749 Attention: of Dave Cappon or email:

No experience needed Full Industry training provided

STUDENTS WELCOME (18+) Scholarship programs available Experience HUGE growth

DRYWALL FINISHER, Experienced. Wanted for busy renovation company. MUST have own reliable vehicle. Please call (604)535-1632

FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944 LIVE-IN CAREGIVER, F/T w/exp to look after kids; supervision of kid’s activities; taking care of general hygiene; preparing & providing meals. Sal: $11/hr Knowledge of English, Punjabi is an asset. Contact Rajesh Fax: 604-589-0410. Loc: Surrey, BC. Email: S. LANGLEY boarding kennel requires PT/FT assistants. Must have experience working with dogs. Please fax resume: 604-8567760



Call Today

1-866-301-6829 BRAVO! Greek Restaurant is looking for an experienced line cook with work integrity. Completive wage. Apply with resume to


Office Administration Diploma Computerized Accounting Software Payroll Specialist Microsoft Office Specialist E/I Supported Training Universal Learning Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. Institute #203-10252 135 St. (at the Central City Skytrain station)

Local development company is looking to hire; Labourers $19/hr. F/T to prepare sites by setting up material, scaffolding, ramps & barricades. Assist trade persons by mixing & applying material & cleaning up; Site Supervisors $26/hr. F/T for scheduling, ensuring deadlines are met, ensuring material & supplies are on site in time & the training of new staff. Send resume to: CSM Link II Developments Ltd. 204–15955 Fraser Hwy. Surrey, BC V3S 2W7. Fax 604-591-1490 MATERIAL HANDLERS req’d. Sal: $16.50/hr Duties: Load, unload & move products & materials by material handling equipment, Count, weigh, sort, pack & unpack products. Basic English reqd. Punjabi an asset. Contact Mr. Pardeep @ Fax: 604-591-1223. Loc. Surrey. Email:

You'll find something for the kid in you in the Classifieds! 604-575-5555 MORINE & CO. Chartered Accountants - Small to mid-sized CA firm in White Rock area is looking to hire a quality assurance manager for F/S, file, GAAP/GAAS review and control, work flow and client management. Preferably a recent graduate from the CA or CGA programs, several years public practice experience is a must, a strong knowledge of current GAAP/GAAS is a must. Apply with resume and salary expectations to THERAPY ASSISTANTS, F/T Assist patients by putting on/off equip. $17/hr. Send resume to Lower Mainland Car Accident Rehabilitation Ltd. 102-13805 104 Ave., Surrey B.C. V3T1W7. Fax 604-6395746.



Become a Psychiatric Nurse in your own community

There is an urgent need for more Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN), particularly outside the urban areas of the province. And with the workforce aging – the average age of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in BC is 47 years – the number of retirees from the profession is exceeding the number of graduates. Entry-level earnings start at $29/hour. Train Locally – The only program of its kind in BC, students can learn within their local communities via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Government funding may be available.

Only short listed will be contacted.

TEAM MEMBERS NEEDED RESIDENTIAL CLEANING Now accepting applications for: F/T, day positions Mon. - Fri. ✖ Paid Hourly, not percentage ✖ Vehicles & Equip. provided ✖ Must be fluent in English ✖ Drivers license required ✖ No experience necessary, training provided Apply in person only Mon. - Fri., 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. 6834 King George Hwy. Surrey

WILD & CRAZY, CAN’T BE LAZY Up to $20 per hr, 40 hrs per week. Fun promo’s & C.S. 10 positions available for immed. work. No commission. No experience? No problem! Call today, Start tomorrow !

Call Lori 604-777-2195





FOOD COUNTER ATTENDANT Required for Little Caesars Pizza at the following locations: Delta, Maple Ridge,Surrey, Langley & Richmond. $10.31/hr. Fax resume 604.541.7199 or e-mail:


RECEPTIONIST Required immediately, 3 months minimum, building supply company seeking a receptionist with experience on multi-line switchboard. Duties include A/R Data entry, mailing, filing, correspondence etc. Send resume to:

Pacific West Systems Supply Ltd. 20109 Logan Ave., Langley, BC V3A 4L5 or fax 604-534-8062 or email ssweetman@pacwest systems. com




DRILL MECHANIC Cabo Drilling Corp. Surrey, B.C. Cabo Drilling Corp, one of Canada’s larger mineral drilling services companies, is searching for a Full-time Mechanic for its Surrey, B.C. location. Reporting to the Shop Supervisor at this location, the Drill Mechanic will work with shop and field operations in the troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of diamond drill and heavy mobile equipment. Your ability to diagnosis, troubleshoot and repair hydraulic and diesel equipment, is complemented by several years of experience in a heavy equipment environment. Familiarity with Atlas Copco Exploration Drills such as Christensen and JKS Boyles will be considered an asset. This position also requires regular travel to projects. This position will offer a competitive base salary, bonus, group RRSP, and the opportunity to be involved with a growing company with operations across Canada and internationally. Please forward resume in confidence to: Thank you to all those who send in their resumes. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Experienced Re-enforcing Steel Installers Required.

6877265 CANADA Inc. Skin Care retailer is seeking 4 energetic Retail Sales Reps. for our locations in Guildford. $12.50/hr. Please email resume:



VETERINARIAN (DVM) REQUIRED to teach in Animal Health Technology! We offer enthusiastic students, a competitive salary with regular hours, great benefits and a central location in the Heart of the Peace. Check out our website: VETERINARIAN (DVM) REQUIRED to teach in Animal Health Technology! We offer enthusiastic students, a competitive salary with regular hours, great benefits and a central location in the Heart of the Peace. Check out our website:

HOST A JAPANESE STUDENT Langley July30-Aug11 TWU & Aug 19-Sept 14. $28/student per night. Jeanette ASAP (604) 534-6239.


Toll Free: 1-87-STENBERG





Calling All Successful InSide Sales Representatives! We are seeking a successful inside telephone salesperson who is passionate about selling and servicing business customers. Our sales representatives contact existing and new business customers, outbound selling (B2B); multiple daily orders, and a short sales cycle. Intensive outbound sales is the focus with some inbound cross-selling and upselling. This is a great opportunity with outstanding earning potential. We are an established business with 2,000 employees with a brand following throughout the province. Check out our website at: We offer: • Outstanding earning potential. Base plus commission. • Two weeks paid holidays • Excellent benefits (medical, dental) * Pension plan Qualifications: • 1 year successful sales experience preferred (B2B telephone experience preferred) • Outstanding sales skills • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills • Computer and time management skills • Advertising, media experience a plus Email:


Immediate opening! Marquise Group is recruiting a Cleaner for the Tsawwassen Quay Market. Duties include maint. general cleanliness of area and cleaning tables. Prev. cleaning experience an asset. Send resumes to: jobs@ or 604-214-8526 quoting Job#FM817.

$14-18 hr/avg+




Registration work

Surrey Campus:


CANADIAN FARMS PRODUCE Inc., located in Surrey requires F/T general farm workers to start in Jun/2010. Accommodation avail. Wage $9.14/hour. Must be in good physical shape. Training provided. Heavy lifting req’d. Please fax resume to: 604-574-5773




If you are tired of long commutes, we are now hiring for the new RCMP Headquarters in Green Timbers, Central Surrey. Rate $18-$30 per hour depending on experience. Medical Benefits.

Please send resume to:



Get in. Get Out. Get Working. Train to B Become a Practical Nurse Highly Successful Suc and Established Program Strong R Relationships with Potential Employers Appro Approved by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses Larg Practical Nursing trainer in Canada Largest

Call our Surrey Campus: (604)






Required for Hazelmere Roofing Co. Full - Time opportunity available. Start Now!

Must have experience. Call: Jim 778. 908.5071 or Andy 604.808.1655 E-mail :





F/T SPRAY FINISHER Nickels Custom Cabinets Ltd., a Richmond kitchen cabinet manufacturer requires F/T Spray Finisher. Must have min. 2 years spray finishing experience. Established company with good benefits. Wages negotiable depending on experience.

Fax resume to 604-270-3825 or e-mail



UPCOMING AVAILABLE ROUTE CARRIERS NEEDED in North Delta ROUTE# 2-10 2-12 2-17 2-18 4-07 4-09 5-01 5-10 5-11 6-05 8-14 8-16

PAPERS 112 70 97 73 82 65 83 71 64 104 89 57

AREA DESCRIPTION Filey Dr - Priory Pl, Minster Dr - 112 St Barrymore Dr - Warwick Rd, Garfield Dr - Minster Dr Monroe Dr - 80 Ave, 108 St - 109A St Minster Dr - 112 St, Priory Pl - Malton Dr 64 Ave - Lawrie Cres, 108A St - Lyon Rd 64 Ave - 64A Ave, Lyon Rd - McKenzie Dr Sheaves Rd - Centre St, Main St - Skagit Dr Westside Dr - Modesto Dr,Wiltshire Blvd Skagit Dr - Fraser Pl, Sheaves Rd - Centre St 85 Ave - 86 Ave, 113B St - 116 St 84 Ave - 85 Ave, 110A St - 112 St Centre St - Karr Pl, Main St - Johnson Wynd

CARRIERS NEEDED in Surrey ROUTE# 13-18 14-02 15-14 15-16 16-09 18-04 19-11 20-13 20-26 21-03 23-07 23-17 24-03 24-04 24-05 24-10 24-11 27-04 28-24 28-33 28-46 29-08 36-01

PAPERS 62 97 143 106 85 144 132 140 116 109 65 56 72 113 80 107 87 101 126 155 143 115 69

AREA DESCRIPTION Summerleaf Townhomes 80 Ave - 81 Ave, King George Hwy - 136A St 66 Ave - Hyland Rd, 140 St - 142 St 66 Ave - Hyland Rd, 142 St - 144 St 85A Ave - Weston Pl, 150 St - 151B St Northpark Cres, Northpark Pl, Boundary Dr W 78 Ave - 80 Ave, 123A St - 125 St 68 Ave - 72 Ave, 125A St - 126 St 65 Ave - 68 Ave, 128 St - 128B St Cypress Pl - 87B Ave, Galway Cr - Tulsy Cres 97 Ave - 98 Ave, 116 St - 118 St Regal Dr, Regent Pl, Royal Cres 102 Ave - 104 Ave, 123A St - 125 St 102 Ave - 104 Ave, 125 St - 127 St 102 Ave - 104 Ave, 126 St - 128 St 97A Ave - 99 Ave, 123A St - 127 St 98 Ave - 99 Ave, 124A St - 127B St 90 Ave - 92 Ave, 139 St - 140 St 84 Ave - 86 Ave, 152 St - 154 St Fraser Hwy - 86 Ave, 160 St - 162 St 80 Ave - 82 Ave, 156 St - 158 St 90 Ave - Fraser Hwy, 148 St - 150 St 114A Ave - 115A Ave, 140 St - 141A St

CARRIERS NEEDED in Cloverdale 9-10 9-11 9-17 9-25 10-01 10-14 10-23 10-24 11-35 12-13 12-16

88 93 79 46 94 105 48 64 129 92 105

Kildare Dr - 62A Ave, 152 St - Killarney Pl Kilkenny Dr - Kildare Dr, 152 St - Kilkee Dr 78 Ave - 80 Ave, 155 St - 156 St 76 Ave - 78A Ave, 155 St - 156 St 62 Ave - 64 Ave, 171 St - 172 St 57 Ave - 59 Ave, 168 St - Aberdeen St Bell Rd - 59 Ave, 164A St - 165B St 58A Ave - 59A Ave, 162A St - 163B St 64A Ave - 65 Ave, 184A St - 186 St 58B Ave - 60 Ave, 182 St - 184 St 53A Ave - 56 Ave, 184 St - 187 St

SUB-CARRIERS NEEDED FOR SUMMER Call for available summer-time routes!

Surrey North Delta Leader • Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 160


EDSTROM IS a growing, global manufacturer located in Waterford, Wisconsin, USA. For over 40 years our custom designed mechanical and software solutions have supported medical research facilities around the world. We are seeking a Field Service Technician with strong troubleshooting skill and mechanical ability. For complete details about this position and to apply online, please visit our website at

FLAT ROOFERS Metro Roofing based in Langley B.C. requires exp. Flat Roofers, BUR, torch, single ply (TPO & PVC). Commercial and Industrial Projects.

LABOURERS Also required. Apprenticeship opportunity available.

Good Wages & Benefits. Call: 604.888.4856 Fax: 604.888.4827 E-mail: Serious Enquiries Only!


Metro Roofing (Langley) requires experienced Sheet Metal Applicators. Must have min. of 5 years experience installing roof flashings. All work to RCABC Standards & Specifications. Vaild Class 5 D.L. and attention to detail work a must. Commercial and industrial projects.

Good wages and benefits. Call:604-888-4856 E-mail: Fax: 604.888.4827 Serious Enquiries Only!




Citizens Crime Watch Patrol and Speed Watch Volunteers are recognized for reducing crime weekend nights and promoting traffic safety during the day. You will be trained and equipped to safely observe and report criminal activity, recover stolen vehicles, assist emergency services personnel at motor vehicle incidents, and more! Our volunteers are teamed up and take turns using their own vehicles at least one night per calendar month (gas certificate provided). We also act as a deterrent to crime at community events and parades. Please call Lisa or Garry at 604-502-8555









AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program.Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783 EXCLUSIVE FINNING / Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Service Training at GPRC Fairview Campus. 2 year diploma program gives 4 years apprentice theory. $1000. bonus on first day of school. Write all 4 years apprenticeship exam. 1-888-9997882; LOVE YOUR JOB! FLEXIBLE, online web design courses. Beginner or advanced, College accredited curriculum. Learn from home while you build your online business and design skills. Visit: to apply! THE ONE! THE ONLY! Authorized Harley-Davidson Technician program in Canada.GPRC Fairview, Alberta. On-campus residences. 15-week program. Top quality instruction, up-to-the minute curriculum, hands-on training. 1-888-999-7882;



AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP TO 70% Of Your Debt. One affordable monthly payment, interest free. For debt restructuring on YOUR terms, not your creditors. Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web site: DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161. IS YOUR BUSINESS IN FINANCIAL CRISIS? Call Corporate Turnaround Group for creative debt restructuring plans to significantly reduce corporate debt, lower monthly payments and minimize directors liabilities. Call 604-467-9505 or visit



ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704

J.KANG & ASSOCIATES ☛ Bookkeeping & Payroll ☛ Full Cycle Accounting ☛ Personal & Corporate Returns ☛ General Application Forms Financial Analysis & Small Businesses Welcome! Certified Management Accountant. 15 years Exp.


10am-9pm 14045-104th Ave. Surrey



AAH ABOVE ALL APPLS REPAIR Quality work. Also appls for sale. Elect & plumb serv 604-588-2828 ABDUL APPLIANCES: Cert’d tech. 20/yrs exp. 1/yr parts & labour warr. 24/7. Buy / Sell. Zeb: 604.596.2626. Dawn Appliance Service. (Sry) Fast in-home repairs, all makes & models Certif’d tech. 1 Yr parts & labour warr. 7 days/24 hrs. 604-512-5936



ACTION CARPET. 1 bdrm $59, 2 bdrms $69. Whole House package. $79. For info call 604-945-5801 CARAVAN CARPET CLEANING. Seasonal specials. Truck mount steam cleaning. 778-885-9695.





A1-TRI-CRAFT Tree Serv. Dangerous tree removal, spiral pruning hedge trimming stump grinding, topping. Insured, WCB Free Est Arborist Reports

Andrew 604-657-6985 $ Best Rates $ AERATION, power raking, lawn cutting/reseeding, pruning, trimming, yard clean-up, tree topping Free Est. Call Jason 604-614-5954. EB Gardening Complete property maint. Landscaping, garden, press. wash. 778-893-1634 604-710-1726. Free Est. Pwr raking, grass cutting, fertilizing, hedging, pruning, Rubbish Removal. 604-230-0627 Free Est. Pwr raking, grass cutting, fertilizing, hedging, pruning, Rubbish Removal. 604-230-0627 GREAT LITTLE LAWN CO. Hire local for all your lawncare maintenance. Call Tars @ 604-614-0565

Kristy 604.488.9161


BEST HANDS IN TOWN. Good Rates. Hot Oil. 10077 Whalley Ring Blvd. 604-719-5628 MING SPA, Spring Special. $40/1 hr. Perfect body massage, effective for fatigue, stress & after exercise or work. 15932-96 Ave, Surrey. 9am-9pm. 604-580-8830. SHANGHAI. Anniversary Sale $10 off with ad,10am-11:30pm 604-5911891, #202-16055 Fraser Hwy, Sry


Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, customized menus tailored to your function! q Dinner Parties q Executive Meetings q Family Gatherings q Weddings / Banquets q B-B-Ques q Funerals We Come To You! Doing It All From Set-Up - Clean-Up.



FLOOR LAYER: 30 YEARS EXP. Carpet, Lino & repairs. Tax Free! Work Guar’d! Gary 604-585-2044. SEMI RETIRED FLOOR layer available. Will charge by the hour or sq.ft. Call 604-626-1702.

$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660

Are you interested in making a significant difference in your community as Extra Eyes & Ears for Police? Does developing and experiencing many of the skills required of emergency services personnel sound exciting? Perhaps you’re a retired senior seeking a mentorship opportunity? Hopefully so!


Wednesday June 30 2010 25


BONNIECRETE Const Ltd Driveways, Garages, Patios, Sidewalks, All Residential Concrete Lifting Needs Raise to Proper Height - Eliminate Trip Spots Provide Proper Drainage Free Estimates



PRINCE LANDSCAPING Power rake, Lawn/Garden care, Hedge & Shrub Trim, Cedar Fence. Junk Removal. Free Est. Raj 778-991-2054



(604)240-1920 COMPLETE RENOVATIONS, 30 yrs in Cont. Very reliable. Denicon Const. Call Dennis 604-809-0702. DRYWALL, PATCHING & TAPING Small renovation jobs welcome! Call Jatinder, 604-614-3480 EUROPEAN CRAFTMANSHIP Finish Carpentry-Mouldings, sundecks, stairs, siding, painting, drywall. Refs. Rainer cel 604-613-1018 EXP. CARPENTER / HANDYMAN All types of work! No job too small! Over 20 yrs exp! Ed 778-888-8603 FASTBACK MOVING. Rubbish, pressure washing. Best prices! Flat rates! Free est. 604-836-8291 HANDYMAN SERVICES Small renos, ext/int painting, tile, finishing carpentry, elec, plumbing. Work guar. Chris 778-863-6021

Check out the transportation section (800’s) of the classifieds to find “Deals On Wheels”

Rain or Shine We Lift Anytime

Ross 604-535-0124 3 Yr Warranty 15 yrs exp

PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 30 Years Exp. Free Estimates.


Call: Rick (604) 202-5184


FREE Estimates ◆ Driveways ◆ Wall Caping ◆ Staircases ◆ Concrete Work ◆ Retaining Walls ◆ Chimneys ◆ Fireplaces ◆ Cultured Stone ◆ Concrete Cutting ◆ Walkways ◆ Natural Stone ◆ Stone Facings ◆ Patios ◆ Masonry Repairs ◆ Planter Walls ◆ Brick & Block Bobcat & Disposal Service 604-671-4953



F All types of concrete work F F Re & Re F Forming F Site prep FDriveways FExposed FStamped F Bobcat Work F WCB Insured

AFFORDABLE MOVING Local & Long Distance


From 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 Ton Trucks Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men Free estimate/Seniors discount Residential ~ Commercial ~ Pianos


A Honest Man Moving & Delivery. Packing, cleaning & carpets. Handyman Services etc. 604-782-3044

EZ GO MOVERS Quick & Reliable Movers

778-231-9675, 778-231-9147 FREE ESTIMATES



A Call to Vern. Free Est. Guarant’’d. Drywall, Reno & Texture Specialist.

“No job too small”. 604-825-8469 DRYWALL, AS YOU LIKE IT. Expert work. Call Dean @ 604-543-5566 or 778-228-7662



#1 QUALITY WORK, Big or sm. Exp. Electrician avail. Reas.rates.604-773-0341. Lic#9902 ALL JOBS Big or Small. Panels, lighting, plugs, fans, hot tubs etc. Guaranteed work. 604-539-0708 Cell 604-537-1773 Lic. 26110 CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN #89141 All electrical work & repairs. Reasonable Rates. 604-761-1094 ELECTRICAL, HEATING & PLUMBING. Res. & Com. Maintenance & Repairs. Lic. 15 yrs. exp. 778-668-0188 PRICE ELECTRIC (#102909) renos, troubleshooting, panel changes, small jobs, bonded. Free Estimates plus great rates! Call NATHAN 604-518-9625 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

263 EXCAVATING & DRAINAGE AFFORDABLE Excavating, Mini, Bobcat, Stump Remov, New Servicing, Drainage, Driveway, trenching, grading, ditches. 604-841-6644. DRAINROCK INDUSTRIES - Drain Cleaning, Video Inspection, Drain tile replacement and repairs. Call BOB @ 778-773-6657 ELLJAY CONTRACTING. Mini Excavator, Drainage, Driveways, Clearing. Small jobs ok! Stumps removed. Sewer repair 778-908-4012


Spend more time with FAMILY or GOING ON VACATION WE WILL do your YARDWORK


FENCING, pressure washing, landscaping, mowing, yard cleanup, trimming. Free est. 604-502-9198. AERATING, p/raking, hedge trim, lawn cut, gutter/roof cleaning, p/washing. Victor 604-589-0356

Reasonable Rates for Experienced Mover. More info call:



Ask about our weekly Maintenance Programs & other services we offer.

Dan 604-374-2283 TOP NOTCH ASSOCIATES We do only Quality work: Repairs/Reno’s and water tight Bathrooms. Electrical, Plumbing, Tile, Sealing, Finishing, Safety and Handicap. Mike 604-594-4791.

ROYAL KING GARDENING Reas Rates S Quality Work

Yard Clean-Up S Gardening Lawn main S Power Raking Aerating S Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning, etc Free Est. Call:



QUICKWAY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. ****Mention this ad for 10% Off **** Call Ram @ 604-561-4041.

MR SUNNY GILL 604-807-4763 Soil, bark, Sand, Gravel etc. $25/yd + $50 del. Also, Property Maint. Services avail.Simon 604-230-0627 SUNNY DAY LANDSCAPING SUMMER CLEAN-UP, lawn maint. pruning, hedge trim, weeding, fertilizing seeding. Fencing, rubbish removal. Call Jay 778-862-2400. WEED FREE MUSHROOM Manure 15 yds - $110 or Well Rotted 10yds - $125 Free delivery in Surrey. (604)856-8877

RYANS MOVING B.C. & Alberta from $59/hr.

SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240

DBark Mulch DAll Soil Blends DGarden Bed Maintenance DHedge Trimming DFertilization DLawn Cutting DPruning DPower Raking DPower Washing



ABOVE THE REST “ Int. & Ext., Excellent Prices, Res/Comm. Free Est. Written Guarantee. No Hassle, Quick Work, Insured, WCB. Call (778)997-9582 A-OK PAINTING Forget the Rest Call The Best! Harry 604-617-0864 Danny’s Painting. Interior & Exterior, Free Estimates, Written Guarantee, full issued WCB cover. Danny 778-385-5549






1-A1 BRAR CEDAR FENCING, chain link & landscaping. #1 quality work and reasonable rates. Harry 604-719-1212 or 604-306-1714 6 FOOT HIGH CEDAR FENCE. $11/foot. Low Prices. Quality Work. Free Est. Harbans 604-805-0510. 6 FT FENCING, Retaining Walls, Blacktop/Concrete driveway’s, Reno’s, Roofing & Bobcat Service. Gaary Landscaping (604)889-8957 Cedar & Concrete Fences and Landscaping. Quality work, Free Estimates. Call Mike 604-781-3870.


Milano Landscapers & Garden Services



1 CALL ABOVE all Handyman Serv Elect,. Plumb, Appls, Gen Repairs, No job too small. Sell repair & install major appls. Also do kitchen, baths, bsmt, renos. 604-588-2828. A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822

MOVING & STORAGE Moving & Storage Visa OK. 604-628-7136 AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of moving/packing. Excellent Service. Reas. rates! Different from the rest. 604-861-8885

Vinyl or wood. Stairs, Railings, etc. 40 Yrs exp call Don (604)596-0652




A-1 CONTRACTING Renos. Bsmt stes, kitchens, baths, custom cabinets, tiling, plumbing, sundecks. Dhillon 604-782-1936. BEAUTIFUL BATH = Plumbing Drywall Electrical Tubs & Showers & Sinks Toilets & Tile Fans Windows, crown molding. 17 yrs exp. Senior disc. Work guar, Res/Comm. Nick 604-230-5783, 581-2859

Time for a new car?


FREE EST. Gutter Cleaning repairs, wndw cleaning, power wash. 7 days/week, Simon 604-230-0627 FREE EST. Gutter Cleaning repairs, wndw cleaning, power wash. 7 days/week, Simon 604-230-0627 GUTTER & WINDOW CLEANING Prices starting from for 3 lvl. hm. (av. size) $90/gutters, $90/windows. 2 lvl. hm. (av.size) $65/gutters, $65/windows. 778-861-0465



Concrete Lifting Specialist


Home, Garden & Design Solutions Home, Garden & Design Solutions

FREE ESTIMATES Complete Garden / Landscape Designs & Makeovers New Homescapes • Outdoor Living Spaces • Gardening Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Lighting / Sprinkler / Drainage Systems Lawn Installations • Pruning • Weeding • Clean-Ups Residential Maintenace Programs • Landscape Products Fencing • Home Improvements • Handyman Services

BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All


Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations • Additions Outdoor Living Spaces • Suites • Custom Homes Flooring • Hardwood • Tiles • Laminate Sundecks • Patios • Arbours • Pergolas Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Roofing • Windows / Doors • Framing • Fencing Complete Renovations • Handyman Services & More Gardening • Landscaping BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All

B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company

B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company




AJM PAINTING Ticketed Painter BBB accredited Free Estimates

Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 • Surrey North Delta Leader



ACE PRESSURE WASHING *House Ext *Gutters *Driveways, *Trucks *Equip. Res./Comm. Free est. WCB Ins.Ph Bob 778-846-2212 GUTTER cleaning, roof/window cleaning, hedge trimming, aerating, Victor 604-589-0356



A-TECH Services 604-230-3539

PAINT SPECIAL (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Service!

INTERVAN PAINTING * Painting Contractor * Residential / Commercial * New construction * Re-paint Interior / Exterior We provide the hi-end quality. WCB, Insured, Free Est’s! Call Henry 778-288-4560 JACK’S HOME IMPROVEMENT. Prof painting & home repairs. Reasonable rates & quality work. Jack 604-716-3653, 604-767-6010

MILANO PAINTING 604 - 551- 6510 Interior & Exterior S S S S

Professional Painters Free Estimates Written Guaranteed Bonded & Insured

LOW Pressure SOFT Wash Mobile homes, T/H Residential Homes (2 lv) $149.95 Window, Gutter, Cement cleaning



Same day service avail. 604-724-6373

353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS B & B DUROID ROOFING Free Est,re-roofing & Repairs. WCB & Insured. Brad 604-603-2527

New Roofs, re-roof, repairs. Free Est. Refs. * WCB * Fully Insured

Member of Better Business Bureau WCB INSURED

We will beat any competitors quote by 10%


Interior/Exterior. FREE Estimates. Quality job. Fully insured - WCB Please call Sonly.






10% OFF if you Mention this AD! AMAN’S PLUMBING SERVICES Lic.gas fitter. Reas $. 778-895-2005 1 Call Does it All - 2 OLD GUYS PLUMBING & HEATING, Repairs, Reno’’s, H/W Tanks. 604-525-6662.

# 1 PLUMBER Licensed. Registered. Insured.

RED’S RUBBISH REMOVAL. I Need Work! Home Maintenance. Reasonable rates. Call Red 604-290-7033.


Friendly Same Day Service

Anything goes! Anywhere, Anytime! Free Est. 7 days a week Nobody beats our price Daniel 604-518-3688

359 SAND, GRAVEL & TOPSOIL LITTLE LOAD SPECIALIST. Sand & gravel delivered. Small orders welcome. Topsoil available. Call (604) 532-0662 days/eves.

Installations. Renovations, HWT.




WOLF PLUMBING (604) 789-3922 $38/HR! Clogged drains, drips, garbs,sinks, toilets, installs & more. 24/7 Emergencies. 778-888-9184. ABDUL Plumbing. All repairs, low rates, same day service, guar’d qual work. 24/7. Zeb 604-596-2626

~ Certified Plumber ~


Reno’s and Repairs Furnace, Boilers, Hot Water Heat Plumbing Jobs ~ Reas rates

~ 604-597-3758 ~

Aluminum patio cover, sunroom, railing, vinyl floor. 604-782-9108


Gas Fitter ✭ Plumber

A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

604-507-4606 604-312-7674

**HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348.

FIXIT PLUMBING & HEATING H/W Tanks, Reno’s, Boilers, Furn’s. Drain Cleaning. Ins. (604)596-2841 On Call 24 Hours/Day furnace Boilers, Hot Water Tanks Hot Water Heat, Plumbing Jobs. Repair & Installation. Reas. Rates




20 ACRE RANCH FORECLOSURES Near Booming El Paso, Texas. Was $16,900 Now $12,900 $0 Down, take over payments, $99 per/mo. Beautiful views, Owner Financing, Free Map/Pictures. 800-755-8953

80+ PROPERTIES for sale throughout BC. Acreages, lakefront, oceanfront, building lots, & more. Prices start at $29,500. View virtual tours on website. Niho Land & Cattle Co. Ltd. Phone: 604-6067900. Email: Website: BEAUTIFUL ARIZONA LAND! $0 down. $0 interest. Starting $89/mo. Guaranteed Financing. No credit check. 1-2.5 acre building lots! Call (800) 631-8164 Code 4001



AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!




A-1 Condition. Newer appliances. 1 year warranty. 14651 108 Ave. Surrey. Delivery (604)588-1925

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

UNDER $200

3-3’ X 2’ hinged metal chrome grids, 3 baskets; 4 corner shelves; hooks. Ideal for craft table. $200: 535-1357



LOCAL Strawberries / Raspberries. $9.99 flat. Picked/U-pick. 5180-152 St. Surrey Farms. 604-574-1390 BICHON FRISE. P/B CKC reg’d white pups. Tattooed vet ✔ health guar. $750+ Delivery possible. 604-823-0021 Chwk

STRAWBERRIES Greenvale Farms

BORDER COLLIE pups, farm raised, born April 28, vet checked/ 1st shots $450 1-604-798-2539 CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. For info 604-309-5388 / 856-4866 CHIHUAHUA CROSS PUPPIES, 11 weeks, ready to go. Call 604596-7642. English Mastiff pups. Female, reg, vet ✓. Beautiful brindle. 8 wks old. $1200-$1500. 604-858-6779 FREE CAT to GOOD family home: black, 3 yrs old, fixed, with all shots. Call 604-323-4147. GERMAN SHEPHERDS: One F, 2 Puppies, 1M, 1F, 1st shots, dewormed. $550. 778-863-6332. GERMAN SHEPHERDS puppies & young adults. Quality German bloodlines. Call 604-856-8161. Jack Russell/Mini Schnauzer X pups. 8wk. 1st shots, vet check, dewormed. $300. 604-858-6731 JACK RUSSELL pups short haired, smooth coats, nice markings, 1st shots tails done $350 604-820-5242

Already Picked & U-Pick

6030 248th St. (take 264 St exit-off Hwy #1 & follow yellow signs) OPEN M-F 8-8, Sat./Sun. 8-7. 604-856-3626 / 604-855-9351



BRIDGEVIEW FLEA MARKET Every Sunday, Year Round, 80 Vendors 7am-3pm, 11475-126a St. Sry. Info./Book Table 604-625-3208



* SELL YOUR HOME FAST * Buying Any Price, Cond., Location. NO COMMISSIONS ~ NO FEES ~ No Risk Home Buying Centre (604)435-5555


Older Home? Damaged Home? Need Repairs? Behind on Payments? Quick CASH! Call Us First! 604.657.9422

628 INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES WASA LAKE - S.E. BC’s warmest, most friendly lake, Sandy Beach; only 45 minutes south of Fairmont 403-5412100; 403-921-9556




Lone Butte, Hwy 24, 5 acre lots. 10 minutes from 100 Mile House. Paved road, water, hydro & tel. $85,000. Phone: 604-290-7088.

RFR lot 560 square metres- $360,000: can accom. 3700 sf home with basement, prime subdivision lot w/south facing backyard, 50 ft frnt 604-599-1646 or 604-538-3237

633 MOBILE HOMES & PARKS MOBILE HOMES. Need a home. Financing available. Occupancy ready with down payment. Merritt, B.C. $45,900 & up. Also mobile home lots available.1-800-361-8111

639 REAL ESTATE SERVICES CHEAPER THAN RENT! You can own 1 br suite w/700 sq.ft.@118 St/88 Ave. N. Delta with $6,450 down & $412/mo (oac). Call David Royal Lepage 604-781-0969

Koi Pond Fish: Assorted colours & sizes. Call (604)823-6782. LABRADOODLE pups. Ready to go 1st shots, dewormed. Family raised Great w/kids $800. 604-857-1254 MALTESE PUPS, (white) born May 4 & 7, paper trained 4F, 3M. $800. Ready June 30. 604 464-5077. MALTI-POOS Miniature 4-5 lbs blk/tan, non shed, hypo-allergenic, 1st shots, deworming, crate trained, Fam. raised. $875. 604-341-1445 MINI DACHSHUND. P.B. Wire hair. Health guaranteed. Ready now. $800. Phone (604)538-5433. MIN Schnauzer 1 female, tails docked, 1st shots, dewormed, hypo-allergic. $550. (604) 761-1994 MULTIPOO TOY Puppies, 2 black males, 1st vac. vet ✓ dewormed ken. trained $700obo 604-826-8189 MULTIPOO Toys, light apricot white vet checked, dewormed F $600, Male $500 (604)466-3766 NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! or call: 604856-3647. Pitt Bull, Blue Nose F, 1.5 yrs old, friendly; cropped ears, nice markings. Moving. $800. 604-209-7142 PUG PUPPIES. Very light fawn. 1 M and 1 F. Vet X. 1st. shots, dewormed. Pad trained. Social. Home raised. 9 wks. $600. 604-588-9095 SEALPOINT SIAMESE Kittens $250. (604)465-3106 Pitt Meadows SHIH TZU. 12 wks P/B male. Vet ✓, 1st shots. Very friendly & healthy. $450. 604-250-4360; 604-856-7975


FLEETWOOD 8935-151 St. 60x127 ft LUC lot, 2 bdrm up, 1 bdrm down, unfinished bsmt, $412,000 firm. Serious inquiries only. Please call 604-807-8463.


Make us your first call, we do it all! Reasonable Rates. Fast, Friendly & Reliable Service.

DEMOLITION / RUBBISH Removal Remove: concrete / drywall / stucco trees/junk *Best Deal* 604-773-9479


AMERICAN BULLDOG pups, p/b, eye patches, 5 wks, ready to go July 14. $550. (604)819-7958 Aviary Sellout: Opalines & Peachface Lovebirds. Breeding pairs, hndfed babies. $50+.604.536.0288 BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog Puppies. Vet checked, both male and female still available. $950. 604-637-4460.


Almost for free! Dave

ALLAN CONST. & Asphalt. Brick, concrete, drainage, foundation & membrane repair. (604)618-2304 ~ 604-820-2187.



(778)997-5757, (604)587-5991









Top QualityS20 yrs exp.SRef’s


PRO TREE SERVICES Quality pruning/shaping/hedge trimming/ removals & stump grinding. John, 604-588-8733/604-318-9270

COMPLETE ReRoofing/Repairs Ltd. Asphalt, Shingles, Cedar, Flat Roof. Guart’’d, WCB, BBB. 604-725-0106

Quality Work, Free Estimates

604-773-1811, 604-951-3046 ~ 10% OFF with this ad ~

Morris 604-597-2286 Marcus 604-818-2327



Interior/Ext., Res./Comm. Drywall Repairs Kitch & bath cabinet refacing Warranty, Seniors Discount ** Competitive Pricing **

STANDARD POODLE black puppies. CKC registered purebred, family raised, exceptional temperament. $1300. 250-832-8032 or


SCOOTER; new Shoprider deluxe scooter with topper, used 2 months. $2200 obo. Call 604-574-3667

STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER 10 weeks old, blk/wht, 1st shots, all acc & food. $450. (604)537-1464.

Morris The Arborist DANGEROUS TREE REMOVAL * Pruning * Retopping * Falling Service Surrey 25 years FULLY INSURED **EMERGENCY CALL OUT** Certified Arborist Reports

D Conversion from cedar to Asphalt, Shingles, Fibreglass D 30, 40, 50 years Warranty D WCB, BBB, Liability Ins. Free Estimates. Call Gary 604-599-5611 OR Visit





SHIH TZU pups, bk/w, br/w. Home raised, by exp breeder w/TLC, vet ✔, shots. $595-$645. 604-888-7675

Andrew 604-618-8585 $ Best Rates $


EAST WEST ROOFING & SIDING CO. Roofs & re-roofs. BBB & WCB. 10% Discount, Insured. Call 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

Vincent 543-7776



(Insured) 604-513-9543

PAINTING Wallpapering 27 yrs exp Int/Ext, Pr Wash. Free Est. Gutter/ window cleaning.Carl 604-951-0146


TREE SERVICES A1-TRI-CRAFT Tree Serv. Dangerous tree removal, spiral pruning hedge trimming stump grinding, topping. Insured, WCB Free Est Arborist Reports

Cell 604-837-6699

3 rooms for $269, 2 coats


AN EXPERIENCED TILE SETTER Interior / Exterior Call BRUCE @ 604-583-4090 We always advertise with “THE LEADER”


640 560

GALIANO ISLAND: 2 ocean front luxury units $35,000/$100,000.


Can’t Get Up Your Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift! Call 1866-981-5991 NEW Norwood SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40%. - FREE Information: 1-800-5666899 Ext: 400OT.





Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley



CENTRAL SURREY 1 bdrm $770 & 1 bdrm/den $810 suites avail. High security, highrise bldg. Skytrn. Hot tub/gym/lndry. NS/NP. Avail now. (604) 439-8848

Refreshingly Clean Meticulously Maintained

Surrey Gardens Apartments for your new one bedroom home It’sFrom time to$690.00 discover

Owner Managed Sorry, No Pets

Call for details! 604-589-7040







Guildford Mall / Public Library

CLEAN 1 & 2 BDRM SUITES (some w/ensuites) in Park-like setting. Cable, heat, & hot water incl. Laundry rest area on each floor.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Certified Spacious Suites, very competitive prices. Extra large 1 & 2 BDRM ste’s, lots of storage. Heat/hot water included. Access to Vancouver via freeway, 1 bus to Skytrain. Clean, quiet bldg’s. No pets. Outdoor Pool!



CLOVERDALE 174/57 Ave. 2 bdrm townhouse $870/mo. Quiet family complex, no pets, 604-576-9969. CLOVERDALE Apts: 1 Bdrm $750; Incl heat, h/w & prkg. N/P. Secure bldg. Lndry facilities. 604-576-8230 CLOVERDALE BENBERG APTS. 17788 57 Ave. Senior building,1 & 2 bdrm suites avail now. Starting at $700 to $850/mo. 604-574-2078 CLOVERDALE. Sherwood Apt. 5875-177A St. 1 bdrm-$750, 2 bdrm-$900. Lndry facility. np/ns. Avail immed. LEASE. Member of Surrey Crime free Multi-Housing Program. Call Lloyd at 604-5751608. ASCENTPM. COM DELTA. BRAND NEW CONDOS 7445 Scott Rd. 1 bdrm. & 1 bdrm + den $950 - $1150/mo. Balconies, secure u/g parking. NP/NS. Available now. 604-616-5799 or 604-551-5050


SHANNON GARDENS The Place to Live in North Delta. Park Like setting. Quiet building. References required. Heat, H/W, F/S, D/W, F/P, insuite storage, & U/G Parking. Heated indoor pool. Crime Free Program in effect.

Call 604-841-4870 Website:

DELTA WEST 4895 - 55B St, Ladner 1 & 2 Bdrms Available. Spacious suites, balconies, rent incl heat & h/w. Prkg avail. Refs req’d, N/P

Call 604.946.1094 Bayside Property Services Ltd.


Phone 604-582-0465


Brookmere Gardens

14880 108th Ave. Surrey 3 bdrm 1150 sq. ft. from $900. Quiet family complex with garden-like courtyard, bordering Holly Park. Prime Location. Near schools, shops, transportation. 1 bus to Skytrain. N/P. Heat, H/W incl. Security.

604-582-1557 LANGLEY


Large 1 & 2 Bdrm. Apts $150 Move-In Bonus! Suites include fridge, stove, drapes & carpeted throughout. Hot water & parking included. Close to shopping & schools, on bus route. Seasonal swimming pool & tennis court. Some pets welcome.

Call 604-533-0209 LANGLEY

CLAYMORE APARTMENTS 1 & 2 Bdrm Apts Avail $200 Move-In Bonus! Close to shopping & schools. Seasonal Swimming pool, and tennis court. 3 appliances (fridge, stove dishwasher), blinds hot water and parking included. Carpeted throughout. Some pets welcome.

5374 - 203rd St, Langley

Call 604-533-9780

~FREE Rent~ Where do over 300 seniors, singles, parents & children from countries all over the world live in peace & respect? Survey says: Kennedy Apt Adult Ridon Apt-Family N. Delta (604) 596-9588 “We Got a Good Thing Goin On”

CROSSROADS Enterprises GUILDFORD: 100/150 St. Forest Manor. Reno’d 2/bdrm; balc/w/view. N/P, N/S. $850/mo. 778-317-5778. GUILDFORD - Apartment - 2 Bdrm apt with 2 appli’s. - $790/mo. NEWTON - Townhouses - 2 Bdrm Units available - 5 applis., - from $1025 Spacious Units, great park-like setting nr shops & bus. No pets.

BAYWEST Mgmt Corp.

To view 604-501-4413 GUILDFORD

FAMILY FRIENDLY COMPLEX Rental Incentives... 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms available. Close to shopping, bus, school, park. Small pets welcome.

SKYLINE APTS. WHITE ROCK 15321 Russell Ave 1 MONTH FREE RENT!! CALL FOR DETAILS Nice quiet building. 1 & 2 bdrm suites. Includes: Hot water, cable, underground parking, video surveillance. NO PETS CALL 604-536-8499

Call: 604-585-1966. NEWTON 1 bdrm +den. Quiet adult bldg. Heat, h/water, sec parking. Nr amens, ns/np. Now. 604-596-9910

SURREY 2 Bed 2 Bath apt. for rent starting July 1st; small pets allowed, on 137th and 76th, Asking $1050 call 778-386-7892 or 604-306-9897

Surrey North Delta Leader • Classifieds 604-575-5555 • Circulation 604-575-5344 RENTALS 706


SULLIVAN HEIGHTS - new - 1 bdrm/1 bath coach house. In-suite ldry, 1 prkg. spot and strg. Ref./cr. check required. No pets/no smoking Avail. Imm. $700.00 p.m. Call Vince, 604-644-0117.

SUNCREEK ESTATES * Large 2 & 3 bdrm apartments * Insuite w/d, stove, fridge, d/w * 3 floor levels inside suite * Wood burning fireplace * Private roof top patio * Walk to shops, nr park, pool, playground * Elementary school on block * Party room, tennis court * On site security, Sorry no pets

Office: 7121 - 133B St. Surrey 604-596-0916 SURREY. 13938 102nd. Ave. Newer bldg. near City skytrain. Lge suites; 1 bdrm & den, 2 bdrm & den, 3 bdrm., 2 ba. Adult oriented. All appl, d/w, secure, gated on 2 acres 604-582-7970; 604-731-4131 SURREY 66/Scott. New 2 bdrm & den, 6 appls u/g prkg ament bldg np/ns avl now $1150. 604-306-4135 SURREY “CityPoint” Nr Gateway Stn. 1 bdrm. + den corner unit. Np/ ns. $950 + util. Now. 604-727-7228





2 Bedrooms Available New Paint Call The Manager @ 604-589-1167

Houses, Townhomes, Condo’s & Suites!




NEWTON. 61/127. 3 level house, 5 bdrms, 4 baths, den & spice kitchen, garage, rec rm. Nr schools. $1800/mo. Ns/np. Avail Aug. 1. 604-590-8534, 778-881-8185. NEWTON, 72/141 St. 4 Bdrm split level, clean house. Avail July 1st. $1350/mo. NP/NS. (604)329-8991 S. SURREY. 3 bdrm 2 bathrms. bungalow. Dble garage. $1950. July 1. N/S. N/P. 604-809-5974. SURREY - 4 BDRM HOUSE WITH LARGE PRIVATE YARD. CLOSE TO MORTHRIDGE ELEMENTARY AT 135th AND 62nd AVE. $1400/MO REF’S REQUIRED. AVAIL AUGUST 1. SUSAN (604)805-0579 SURREY 84/KGH. 3 bdrm. upper, 1 bdrm down, dbl garage, 2 ba, appl. $1300 + util. Np/ns 1-250-870-1006 SURREY W. NEWTON, elegant 5 bdrm. house, 3 baths, double spiral staircase, extra lge. liv. rm. Close to all amens. Quiet c-d-s. N/S N/P. Aug. 1. $1600 mo. + utils. 604-7908076

WANTED Serving White Rock / S. Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Steveston, New West & Coquitlam.


CLOVERDALE - 3bed room basement house for rent, big yard available from July 1, 2010. Asking $1350/month. call Naresh Judge at 604-312-6016. CLOVERDALE: 58A/174 2/bdrm, huge front yard. Avail July 1 $1300 + utils. W/D. (604)719-3195. CLOVERDALE 64/184 St. 4 Bdrm + den rancher on 1 acre, detached garage & shed. $1800/mo. Ref’s req’d. Phone 778-898-1442. FLEETWOOD 94/152. 5 Bdr 2 storey house,3600s/f,big games rm,2.5 bath, hottub,a/c, beaut landscaping, nr all amens, ns/np, refs req, $2100 +utils. avail July 1st. 604-729-4381 GUILDFORD NEW AD 3 Bedroom rancher 1bath, ldry, carport, near all amen. July1. $1250. 604-506-7825

LARGE 3 BD, 2 1/2 bath + util., fenced yard, garage, appl., fire pl., close to everyth. N/S, N/P. Ref./credit check req. 604-881-7117 N.DELTA Sunbury Park. 5 Bdrm, 5 appl, 2 bth, quiet area. $1700, avail now. (604) 599-0556 or 506-0484. NEWTON, 128/65, 2 level house 5 bdrm. 4.5 baths, ldry., garage, strge. Fenced yard, close to schools. N/S N/P. $1800 + utils. Aug 1 604-590-8534, 778-881-8185 NEWTON 3 bdrm. rancher, 2 full baths, fenced yard, nr. Superstore. July 1. $1150 mo. 604-825-7778

Call Now! 604-536-0220 or email info:



LINDA VISTA Motel Luxury Rooms w/cable, a/c & kitchens. 6498 King George Hwy. Mthly, Wkly & Daily Specials. 604-591-1171. Canadian Inn 6528 K.G.Hwy. 604-594-0010



SURREY: 128 & 105 Ave. ROOMS for rent, $375/mo. Avail immed. N/S, N/P. 604-719-3195 aft 5pm.

748 SHARED ACCOMMODATION CEDAR HILLS. Furn. room, on bus route, $500-$600/mo. incl lndry & utils. 604-585-6926, 778-808-6573. GUILDFORD area. Furn’d room in house. Suitable for lady Nd/Nd. Avail. now, $375. 778-388-5039. GUILDFORD: Fully furn. room. Incl util, cble, internet. $450. Now. 604726-1892; 604-580-0844 aft 5pm N. DELTA fully furn. room in 3 bdrm., sec., int., cable & TV, quiet nr bus. N/S. Ldry. Ideal for student Refs.$395 mo. 778-882-9770 SURREY New furn. rooms available in luxury home. Near SKYTRAIN / SFU $400-$475 incl. utils 604-349-9501



13894 80TH AVE. Two bdrm, grd floor avail July 15th. Utilities incl. Looking for quiet couple/small family. No pets. Non-smoker. We are allergic to all pets & smoke. Close to Bearcreek park, 2 mins to bus stop (one bus to Surrey Central), 2 mins to schools & shopping. $650 per/month. Deposit required. Phone DEV 604 598 1894.

Wednesday June 30 2010 27



2 br- all ammen close by. all util incl. N/S N/P 778-549-7829. Avail now. 80/124, Bachelor suite, g/l, detached bldg. Pkg/util/cbl incl. NO SMOKING/PETS. For responsible person. $500. 604-507-1907. BEAR Creek 88/132 huge 1 bd, f/p, vry clean, nr bus/shops. Cul-de-sac loc. Ns/Np. Aft. 3pm 604-572-9463 BEAR CREEK. 91/138. Big beautiful ground level 2 bdrm suite. Near hospital. Incl. utilities. $650 mo. N/P. N/S. 778-222-5438 CEDAR HILLS. 129/97. Brand new spacious 2 bdrm. N/P. N/S. Avail immed. $800/mo incls utils, cable & laundry. Refs. 604-805-4795 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 1 & 2 bdrm stes. N/P. Incls utils. Nr all amens. Avail July 1. 778-862-0104 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS: 2 Bdrm ste. Avail July 1st. $650/mo. Ref’s. N/S. Call: (604) 340-6967 or 626-5478. CHIMNEY HEIGHTS 73/148 Lrg 1 bdrm. No lndry, NP/NS $500/mo. July 1st. 604-537-4455 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS: 76/145 St. 1 bdrm. $550/mo incld utils & cbl ns/np.604-572-4317, 604-537-7964 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 78/147A. 2 bdrm. or 3 bdrm suite. Good area, Np/ns. Ample prkg. 604-594-9548 Chimney Heights brand new lge 2 bdrm ste, avail July 1. NP/NS. $800 incl utils. No cbl/ldry 778-899-2200 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. New 2 bdrm grd lvl. Pri. ent. Alarm & A/C. $750. N/S. N/P. Call 604-597-4149. CHIMNEY HILL. 1 bdrm suite. Avail July 1. N/S. N/P. $600/mo. Call 604-613-6060 CHIMNEY HILL. LRG 2 BDRM grd lvl suite. N/S N/P. Avail July 1. $675/mo. incl utils. 778-549-9141. Chimney Hts. 1 bdrm bsmt suite. July 1. N/S. N/P. $500 incl hydro & gas. 604-593-1064, 604-671-9988. CHIMNEY HTS 2 bdm g/l on greenbelt. Avail now. Ns/np, 1 person only. $590 incl util/cbl. 604-599-5632 CHIMNEY HTS. New 1/bdrm suite. $550/mo incl util. Avail now. Large. N/S, N/P. Call 778-891-5083 CHIMNEY RIDGE: 1 Bdrm, new appls, lam flrs thruout. Sat TV/int neg. $550. Immed. (604)317-7862 CLAYTON HEIGHTS, 67/198 St. 1 Bdrm coachhouse incl 3 pce bath, inste w/d & prkg. Near all amens. $750/mo (604)818-3151 aft 5pm. CLAYTON HGTS. Brand New 1 bdrm. $750/mo + utils. N/s, n/p. Private ldry. July 1st. 604-649-5296 CLAYTON HTS - BEAUTIFUL BSMT SUITE 880sqft, 2 bdrm & kitchen (inc W/D), Parking pad $895, ns/np (inc utilities & cable) 6756 193 St, tel 778-908-4050 CLOVERDALE 181/60A 1 bdrm ste. Nr all amens, priv lndry. N/P. Avail now. $575/mo. 604-897-3814 Cloverdale: 184/64: Newer 2 bdrm, priv ent, lots of prkg, cls to amens. No laundry, N/S, N/P. $825/mo incl utils/int/cable. Now. 604-576-6519. CLOVERDALE. Lrg bright 2 bdrm bsmt suite. Appls. N/S. N/P $800 incl utils/cable. 604-576-0425. ENVER CREEK. July 1st. Clean. 1 bdrm. $550/mo. Near schools. N/s, n/p. 778-998-0778; 604-598-9806 FLEETWOOD: 146/83 Ave. 1 Bdrm ste in nice area, nr schls/bus, ns/np, $550/mo inclds utils. Avail Jul. 1. 604-218-3483 or 604-590-3838. FLEETWOOD. 148/88. 2 bdrm. np/ns. Avail July 1. $700/mo incls utils. Nr all amens. 604-585-3710 FLEETWOOD 162/92 Ave. 1 Bdrm, lrg bsmt. $600 incl utils/cble. Avail July 1. NS/NP. (604)760-5413 FLEETWOOD. 2 bdrm g/l priv yard. $700 incl utils. Np/ns. No laundry. 604-572-0982 or 604-488-9247. FLEETWOOD 2 bdrm no laundry $950.00 month Call now 604-8285624 FLEETWOOD. 2 bedroom suite. $800/mo. includes utils. Available July 1st. Ns/np. 604-789-5185



FLEETWOOD 80/168. 1br. bsmnt suite. $650 incl utilities. n/s. n/p. n/l. Avail July 1. Call 778-895-4395. FLEETWOOD 85/156, 1 bdrm ste Nr ament. $580 incl util H/W flr. No pets. 604-572-9467, 604-317-7543 FLEETWOOD newer 1 & 2 bdrm, nr amens. $650 & $800 incl utils/cble. ns/np, refs, July1st. 604-306-8731. FRASER HTS. 104/168, gr/lvl 1 or 2 bdrms. $600 or $650/mo. June 15. ns/np. Nr amen. (778)395-8540 FRASER HTS, large 3 bdrm, nr. Pacific Academy Schl, 950 s. f. $1100 incl. lndry, cbl, hydro. Avail now.604-588-3635 / 778-549-9799 FRASER HTS Lrg bright 2 BR bsmt ste. Avail Aug. 1. W/D, DW, BIVac, Alrm, Utils incl. NS/NP, Tim/June 604-581-6725 GATEWAY STN. 1 bdrm suite in new house. N/S. N/P. Nr school & bus. $475 + hydro. Ref’s. req. Avail immed. 604-951-3747. GREEN TIMBERS. 142A/90. Large 1 bdrm & l/rm on main flr. np/ns. $650/mo incls utils/cable, no laundry. Avail July 1. 604-951-0653 lve msg, 604-761-7599 after 2pm GREEN TIMBERS: 2 Bdrm, full bth. NS/NP, pref sgl or cpl, ref’s. $650 incl utils. July 1st. 604-688-8176 GUILDFORD. 1 bdrm suite. N/s, no pets. Only vegetarian cooking. Available immed. $500/mo incl. utils. 604-582-0056; 604-765-7000 GUILDFORD 2 bdrm gr lvl suite, nr schls/mall, n/p, July1, $675 incl utils /cble. 604-588-7236, 778-858-2608. NEW, FRESHLY renovated 2 br ground level suite in Bear Creek area. New paint, new laminate flooring and new blinds on 7 yr old house. Clean, quiet area. $800 mo. includes cable and utilities. n/s Avail. July Contact 604-726-3946 or 694-838-9145 NEWTON: 128/67A: Close to Kwantlen College. Renovated 1 bdrm suite. N/S, N/P. Incl. util & cable. Avail immed. 604-543-9611 NEWTON, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, grnd lvl, over 1500 sf, NS/NP, rent negot, incl. utils. Jul.15. (604) 594-5276. NEWTON. 3 bdrm walk-out bsmt suite. N/S. Cat ok. Avail July 1. 604-374-1799. NEWTON. 62/142. Brand new 2 bdrm. $750/mo, no laundry. Avail July 1st. N/P, N/S. 778-237-7874 NEWTON. 92/Scott Rd. Large 2 bdrm. suite in new house. Inside parking. 1 day laundry. Near all schools, bus & shops. N/s, pet ok. $850/mo. July 1st. 604-957-1116; 604-807-5020 PANORAMA. 2 bdrm. $600/mo incls utils. np/ns. Nr bus/school. Now. 604-507-1885, 778-227-8627 PANORAMA AREA. Grd level 2 bdrm bsmt suite. N/S. N/P. Call 778-565-1093 or 778-229-0100. PANORAMA. Large, spac., bright 2 bdrm gr lvl, avail. immed., incl utils, np/ns.604-542-8788, 599-8030 PANORAMA nr IGA &YMCA 2bdrm bsmt suite, ns/np, no laundry, avail July1, $650/mo. Call 604-576-3943. PANORAMA PARK, 139/58. 3 bdrms, 2 full baths, bsmt suite. July 1. $900/mo. incl util. 604-590-6456. PANORAMA RIDGE, 139/58th. 3 bdrm suite. $980/mo. incl utils/ cable. Call 604-506-3640. PANORAMA Ridge. Newer 1 bdrm. suite. $600 incl. all utils., net, alarm, cable & ldry. Np/ns. 604-649-0660 ROYAL HTS. 116/98th. 2 bdrm suite, fully airconditioned. Avail June 15. N/S. N/P. 604-338-2797. SULLIVAN HGTS. 1 bdrm in newer home, priv. entry, bath, $500 incl util/net/cbl. N/P. Now 604-340-8104 SURREY, 104/127 Reno. 1 bdrm abv grd. $600 incl utils. sat tv. N/S. No lndry. Net avail. 778-549-1295. SURREY, 119/98th. Lrg 1 bdrm bsmt Avail now. $450 incl util. NP/NS. 604-599-8679 or 720-8595. SURREY 122B/90A. Huge 2 bdrm bsmt suite in cul-de-sac, walk to Walmart, near all amens & bus. Ns/np, no laundry, avail immed, $650-$700 incl utils/cable. 604-5970981, 604-347-5187, 604-338-1357 SURREY 13442 98A AVE. 2 bdrm., $650 + utils. Avail. now. N/S N/P. 604-841-6816 SURREY. 14467 - 78th Ave. 1 & 2 bdrm. suites for rent. NP/NS. Avail. immed. Call Andrew 604-594-2120. SURREY 14933 69 Ave. Newer 2 bdrm. $700 incl utils & cable. Close to schools, bus stop, market, Sikh Temple & church. Ph 778-385-4024 SURREY: 2 BDRM, near 104 Ave Superstore. $865/mo + 1/3 utils. N/P, N/S. Call (604)583.9207 SURREY, 66/Scott Rd, Brand New 1 bdrm, $600 incl utils, cable. Avail. now. NS/NP/no lndry.778-808-5630 SURREY: 68 & 152 St: 2/bdrm: $700/mo inclds hyd & cbl. 4/Bdrm: $1350/mo inclds hyd/cbl. N/S, N/P. Close to all amens. Avail now. (604)599-5219. Call after 5pm, pls. SURREY 750$ only!! 2br walkout bsmt from july 1st 145/61A Ave in 2 yr old hse. includes utilities. quiet area close to school, laundry, grocery. call 778-829-3305 now. SURREY 88/150A. 2 Bdrm grnd lvl bsmt. Incl cable, hydro & prkg. Priv entry. $650. July 1. 778-322-8866 SURREY 94/127A St. 1 Bdrm bungalow w/use of bkyrd. July 1. $650 incl utils. NS/NP. 604-779-2441. SURREY Ground level 2br bsmt suite in a nearly new house. Near all amenities. Includes hardwood, utilities, radiant heat, cable. N/S, N/P. Avail. July 1st. $750. For viewing call 6047818057 or 6047793561 SURREY. Near Central City. Renovated 3 bdrm., 1.5 baths. Np/ns. Available now. $1050/mo. incl. util. 604-543-3166 or 778-552-2586





SURREY Lge 850 sqf 2 bed. Fully loaded Bell satellite TV, Movie Magic and B4U, ATN Sony TV, internet. Suite controlled heat. Park 2 cars in driveway. Laundry. 7 mins walk to 2 elementary schools. Available from 16 July. $850.00 obo inc utilities. Ph. Arvind 778 865 0009. WHALLEY. KGH/88th. 2 bdrm. bsmt. suite. Close to bus & school. Avail. immed. Ns/np. 604-572-8447 or 604-616-4576 WILLOUGHBY: 2 bdrm 1250 sf ste, new home $1100 utils/cble incl. NS, sm pet ok. July 1. 604-626-6114 SURREY,1 bdrm suite, $550, 2 bdrm $650, avail now. incl hydro. np/ns.(604) 501-9237 / 720-3507.




Guildford. 2 bdrm t/h, 1½ baths. 5 appls. N/S. N/P. July 1. Hottub, swimmingpool $800. 604-591-7986.

KINGSTON GARDENS 14860 99 Ave. 2 bdrm T/H. Avail. NOW $820 Near amen’s 604-451-6676 LANGLEY



2007 MAZDA 6cyl. s/rf, 6spd auto, 26,500 kms, tungsten, Blk int. 6mth Mazda warr $16,500: 604-542-5185 2008 HONDA CIVIC 4/dr auto, 27K black, p/w, p/lock, a/c, mag wheels, $12,500. Call 604-825-9477. 2010 NISSAN VERSA, auto, 4/dr hatchback, red, options, low km’s, $9450. firm. 604-538-4883.

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2001 HONDA Shadow 600 blk w/blk saddlebags, exc cond. 2,700 org miles. $4200. 604-220-5005.


CEDAR HILL 128/96 Ave. 9391 Wallace Court. 3 bdrm. 1 bath, $1100 mo. + 1/3 utils. N/P N/S. Avail. now. 778-565-2073, after 12pm 604-723-2382, 604-507-3156 CEDAR HILL 98/126. 2 bdrm. + office, 1100 sf, garage, d/w, ldry. N/P N/S. July 1. $950. 604-581-7178 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS 144/70A. New 1 bdrm Coach House, ns/np, avail now, $700 incl hydro. 778-862-0240 CHIMNEY HIGHTS LRG. 1 BDRM SUITE NEW HOUSE $600 N/P N/S AVAIL NOW CALL 604-583-6532 CLOVERDALE. 3 bdrm upper. Aug 1. $1350/mo. incl hydro. Own W/D. Large fenced backyard. N/S. Call 604-417-6358 or 604-530-2496 GUILDFORD ~ Birdland: 3/Bdrm hse. 1,450 sq/ft, nr school & transit. $1450/mo incld utils. N/P, N/S. July 1st. 604-589-7981 ~ 604-771-7981. N.DELTA 117/90th. Totally reno’d lrg 3 bd upper, 1.5 ba, w/d, walk to schls/bus/shops, NS/NP, refs, lease, $1250.Phone 604-277-5666 N. DELTA, 75/117th 3 bdrm mn flr. 2 kit’s, l/rm, f/rm, lndry rm. July 1. $1200. N/S. N/P. 604-880-6270. S. Surrey. Lrg 3 bdrm 2 bath, main flr. On acreage. July 1. N/S N/P. $1675 + ½ utils. 604-809-5974. SULLIVAN HEIGHTS, beautiful bright 1 bdrm. suite, 5 yrs. old, new appl., $550 mo. Avail. now. 604543-7878 604-724-9608 Surrey-60th 3 bdrm. 1.5 bath, wood burning F/P, shr’d lndry. 1 car garage. Rent nego. July 604-506-3825 SURREY, 9441-140 St. Lrg 3 bdrm up: $1100. 2 bdrm dwn: $800. Nr schl/trans/hosp. Whole hse: $1800/ mo. N/P. 96/Scott: Reno’d 2/bdrm: $700. 604-585-9728/604.341-9728. SURREY NORTH, Lrg 3bdrm upper flr, 2 baths. Avail July. $1100 incl laundry. Lrg balcony. 604-328-2996



WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? Last week 10 out of 14 applications approved! We fund your future not your past. Any Credit or 1-888-208-3205.



1985 MUSTANG convert., red, 5L, auto, exc. cond. Arizona car. (Collector) $5500. 604-594-9461 1991 NEW YORKER. 5th Ave. SE. Loaded out, garage kept, mint cond. Nicest kept car in BC! An eye stopper! 90,000 miles. Aircared. Recently spent $3000 on brakes, tires, tuneup. $4500. 604-541-0018 1993 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE. Dbl muffler, fully loaded, 4 door, auto, Aircared. $950. 604-832-8944 1995 CADILLAC 4.9 V8, like new, in/out. Leather. 152kms. BCAA cert. Private. $4900 obo 778-565-1097. 1995 MERCURY SABLE, very clean, good running condition. $1200 obo. Call 604-888-4669 1999 FORD Expedition Eddie Bauer model, exc cond, very clean $6500 obo. 604-542-6114 2000 Chrysler Intrepid- excellent cond. Well maint. Power windows, locks, & seats. Air cond., cruise control / fog lights. 180,000km. $4000 (604)888-0268 2000 PONTIAC SUNFIRE 4dr auto aircrd 175K keyless ent, ac, $1995 778-836-4422, 604-592-4422 2001 LIN Towncar. Black, w/ black Landu roof. All options. Top shape. $8900 obo. (604)538-8499 2003 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER auto, fully equipped, spotless, senior driven. $4600 (604)514-4849 2003 Sebring CONVERTIBLE 120k Loaded “Limited” Auto, Ex cond. $7500: 604-536-0866 or 290-3975 2006 FORD FOCUS, fully loaded, anti-theft alarm, exc. condition $8500 obo. 604-828-9496.

2 & 3 Bdrm T/Homes Move-In Allowance!! Fridge, stove, dishwasher (in most), drapes. Outdoor pool. Some pets welcome. Resident Manager. Close to bus, shopping, schools and parks. #36 - 5210 - 203 Street, Langley


1990 FLEETWOOD 19 ft YUKON WILDERNESS 5th wheel, exc cond 1 owner, new fridge, hitch incl. $6000. 604-576-9658 1992 26’ OAKLAND 5th WHEEL. Original owner, has had TLC, extras, $9000. Ph: (604)888-4979 1992 Ford F250 custom 4x4, auto, aircrd, low kms, reg. cab, c/w 25’ Prowler. $14,500. 604-536-8859 2007 MONTANA 34’ 5th wheel, 3 slides, excellent condition, 1 owner, $38,900 obo. 604-312-1021



CA$H for all!

We Pay Up to $300 CA$H Cars, Trucks & Machinery

Rick Goodchild 604-551-9022 7 days/wk. FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Up To $200 CA$H Today Fast Service. JJ 604-728-1965 The Scrapper

#1 FREE SCRAP VEHICLE REMOVAL ASK ABOUT $500 CREDIT $$$ PAID FOR SOME 604.683.2200 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

Call 604-532-2036 D NO Wheels - NO Problem D CASH FOR SOME CARS


D SERVICING Greater Vancouver


Larry Powell - 778-552-6359

1980 CAMARO, punched 305, 3 sp., 50,000 on reblt engine. $3,000. Phone for info. 604-855-7699.



ALUMINUM WINCH BUMPER & skid plate. 4” lift, from 1988 Toyota, $600. Phone 604-855-7699. TIRES - four 20” BOSS Motorsport chrome rim Toyo Tires, 2 weeks old, $1800. Call 604-531-6319.



$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.

821 CARS - SPORTS & IMPORTS 1986 JETTA DIESEL, clean, good running condition 343,000 km, $1100. obo. Call 604-888-4669 1991 BMW 525i, 239,000 kms. $2250: Rebuilt engine. (604)5383237 1993 HONDA ACCORD, EXR, auto, no rust or dents. All new tires & brakes $1800. 778-848-7621 1996 MERCEDES BENZ C280: Silver/black, mint cond, 182K, auto, fully loaded.$10,000.778-986-2730.

1998 VOLVO S70 Leather int. 4 dr. Mint cond. $3700: (778)997-9976 1999 VW Golf, new tires & brakes, well maintained, economical transportation, $3800. 604-542-1418 2000 TOYOTA SOLARA SLE V6, AUTO, 111k, METALLIC GREY, LEATHER INTER. $9,800, Tel: 604-888-0395 2003 NISSAN MURANO SL 132,000km. Black. One owner, no accidents. $14,500. 604-516-9227 2005 TOYOTA CELICA GT, exc cond in/out, fully loaded. $10,999 obo. Pls call or text; (778)322-8866



1995 FORD WINDSTAR LX, 3.8L, AirCared, newer motor & transmission. $1800. (604)930-8620 2007 GMC SIERRA 1500, ext. cab, 4x4, auto, white, air, tilt, cruise, cd, inspected. $16,900. 604-999-0484

28 Wednesday June 30 2010

Surrey North Delta Leader




Suzuki Dealer in Western Canada


Suzuki buyers choose Orca Bay more than any other Suzuki dealer...

HOT SUMMER DEALS 2007Jeep TJ Unlimited 2 tops in new condition

Grand Opening Sale Price


1991 Suzuki Forsa CAPPUCCINO

No hidden fees. Just sign and go!



Come in for a test drive today! INCLUDES: Purchase  Air Conditioning Down  Keyless Entry and Financing Package in Payment  allPower for 72 months 2010s shown



2010 SX4 Sedan

2010 SX4 Hatchback






“ The Grand Vitara is priced to be competitive, it’s comfortable, and it offers a high level of standard equipment and safety features� — Jil McIntosh,




bi-weekly payment + tax


bi-weekly payment + tax



Rare, RH drive Convertible Stk#GW102

2009 Suzuki XL-7 Leather, 7 pass, AWD Stk#GW103

Grand Opening Sale Price

2006 Honda Pilot

2010 Grand Vitara JX 4WD

“ You get a lot more than you “ If you’re looking for a real expect for a lot less than you bang for your buck, the SX4 expect.â€? — Graeme Fletcher, Motoring TV ďŹ ts the billâ€? — Globe and Mail


Grand Opening Sale Price

6� lift, 35� tires



5 more Duramax in stock

Built in Japan AWD


-/ ,

Grand Opening Sale Price

2008 Jeep  Ă€>˜`ĂŠ6ÂˆĂŒ>Ă€>ĂŠ8ĂŠĂƒÂ…ÂœĂœÂ˜

AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA player • Auxiliary input jack • ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution • 6 Airbags • 2.0L DOHC engine with variable valve timing

AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA player • Auxiliary input jack • ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution • 6 Airbags • 2.0L DOHC engine with variable valve timing






2008 Jeep Wrangler 4� lft & 35� tires. Will not last. Low payments available.

Grand Opening Sale Price

2007 Chev Silverado Only 5 Duramax in stock

LTZ fully loaded

2500 HD, 4x4

2007 Honda Odyssey

UPER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION All S Suzuki vehicles come with a 5-year, 100,000 kilometre powertrain limited warranty and 3-year unlimited kilometre roadside assistance.

2004 Suzuki X17 Fully loaded, built in Japan, just came on trade, all wheel drive


4 mode 4WD, AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA player (6 speakers) • Auxiliary input jack • ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution • 6 Airbags • Keyless Entry and Start System • 2.4L DOHC engine with variable valve timing

07 Chev Silverado 2500HD Show Truck, 4x4 Crew Cab Stk#GW105

Grand Opening Sale Price

bi-weekly payment + tax

Most fuel efďŹ cient Compact AWD in Canada6

Mint, must see!

Grand Opening Sale Price

Quad seating!! We need your trade in

Fully loaded and low payments available.

2007 Volkswagen Golf Blacked out rims & Brakes

low kms, local car no accidents.


DL# 31061

CONSUMERS SHOULD READ THE FOLLOWING: All Inclusive Pricing means there are no surprises; our Purchase Financing offers include Delivery & Destination, $100 A/C Excise Tax, $72 PPSA, $399 Dealer Administration Fee, Customer Cash Incentive and Dealer Participation. Your only additional costs are the applicable taxes, license, registration and insurance. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Limited time offers are subject to change without notice. MSRP of a new 2010 SX4 Sedan with manual transmission (S3LB1J0), 2010 SX4 Hatchback with manual transmission (model H3NB1H0) and 2010 Grand Vitara JX with automatic transmission (model L2NB5T0) is $19,661/$19,661/$30,161 (includes $1,395/$1,395/$1,595 destination and delivery, $100 AC tax, $72 PPSA and $399 Dealer Administration Fee). MSRP of models shown 2010 SX4 Sedan Sport with manual transmission (Model S3LB1K0), 2010 SX4 Hatchback JLX with CVT transmission (Model H3NB720) and 2010 Grand Vitara JX with automatic transmission (Model L2NB5T0) is $21,661/$26,661/$30,161 (includes $1,395/$1,395/$1,595 destination and delivery, $100 AC tax, $72 PPSA and $399 Dealer Administration Fee). *Limited time ďŹ nance offers available to qualiďŹ ed retail customers on approved credit. Special bi-weekly purchase ďŹ nance offer is available for a 72/72/72 month term or for a total of 156/156/156 bi-weekly payments. The bi-weekly payment at 0%/0%/0% purchase ďŹ nancing APR is $109/$119/$187 with $0/$0/$0 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $0/$0/$0 for a total obligation of $17,004/$18,564/$29,172 (includes $1,395/$1,395/$1,595 destination and delivery, $100 AC tax, $72 PPSA and $399 Dealer Administration Fee). Customer Cash Incentive of $2,500/$1,000/$1,000 included when purchase ďŹ nancing a 2010 SX4 Sedan with manual transmission (Model S3LB1J0), 2010 SX4 HB with manual transmission (Model H3NB1H0) and 2010 Grand Vitara JX with automatic transmission (Model L2NB5T0). Dealer Participation Required. Information shown is based on the latest information available at time of print. See participating dealers for conditions and details. Dealer may sell for less. Offers end July 9, 2010. AWD available as an option on the SX4 Hatchback. Based on Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Fuel economy estimates are determined by using Transport Canada approved testing methods.

20115 Fraser Hwy. Langley DL# 31061 604-534-3331

Wed June 30, 2010 Leader  
Wed June 30, 2010 Leader  

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