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Hello from the

Sabbatical Team 2013

From left to right we have Priya, Maz, Em, Tom and James.

Dearest Surrey students! We thought we’d take the opportunity to say hello in writing, and let you know a little more about us and what on earth we’re doing behind the scenes!


Union President • • • • •

Studied Creative Music Technology Enjoys singing with the ACM Gospel Choir in London Playing drums at church Setting up and leading Gospel Choirs Skateboarding, wake-boarding, snowboarding and surfing!

3 main aims for this year in office: 1. Students at surrey are exciting, engaging and diverse, and so our union should be too! An accessible and attractive union is what I aim to sustain – a union you feel proud to be a part of. 2. Our SU building is shabby and old. This year, I aim to secure firm plans for a new Students’ Union building. 3. A greater level of communication, feedback and change for good In the future... Em will be sad to say goodbye to the Union team next year, but is excited for the challenges ahead… Possible futures include moving to either South Africa, Canada or London and continuing with her music career – setting up community Gospel Choirs.



• • • •

• • • •

VP Education Studied Business & French Enjoys singing Likes swimming Enjoys meeting new people

3 main aims for this year in office: 1. Developing the relationship with postgraduate students so we can better support them as a union. 2. Ensuring feedback is up to standard across all courses and making sure students know how to use feedback when they receive it. 3. Supporting students on placement as well as those that are looking for one. In the future... Priya is not yet sure what she wants to do after her year as a sabbatical. She is currently contemplating two very different career paths: either a law conversion course or a business related masters, possibly in marketing.

VP Welfare Studied Creative Music Technology Enjoys surfing Plays keys in his hip hop band Is part of the team that runs the University Gospel Choir of the Year competition

3 main aims for this year in office: 1. Welfare issues aren’t resolved by simply one week of awareness. This year, campaigns will be sustained throughout the year and have a lasting impact. 2. Welfare information and advice should be accessible and easily understood. 3. Working more closely with all the support and advice services offered on campus, to help create a unified approach to welfare issues. In the future... Tom currently has no plans after this sabbatical year, but hopes to do something that involves working with people, where he can keep active and try new things!


VP Societies and Individual Development • • • •

Studied Biochemistry Enjoys playing sports Likes listening to music and going to music festivals Enjoys meeting up with friends

3 main aims for this year in office: 1. Recognising society committees for the amazing work they do! 2. To make Surrey Arts Live and International Festival bigger and better than ever, and to also create a successful first year for Surrey’s Got Talent and Interfaith Week! 3. Ensure all current and new societies are effectively trained throughout the year In the future... After his sabbatical year, Maz would like to do a masters degree, travel the world, or volunteer abroad!


VP Sports & Recreation • • •

Studied Sociology Enjoys playing rugby and other sporting activities Enjoys cooking

3 main aims for this year in office: 1. Secure more training time at Surrey Sports Park for clubs 2. For Team Surrey to break into the BUCS Top 40 3. Increase participation through fun and engaging events and increasing awareness of opportunities throughout the entire year In the future... And after his sabb year, James would like to carry on working in sports in some way - most likely in a developmental role.

We feel honoured to have been elected by you the student body and trusted to lead this pioneering, awardwinning Students’ Union with creativity and drive! Thank you.

Forthcoming Events

We are proud to be the 13th best SU in the country, to have 95.8% student satisfaction, a student representative for every year of every course, to be undefeated Varsity champions and have 96.8% satisfaction for our clubs and societies.

Interfaith Week

We aim to have 50 candidates for Students’ Union elections this year, and become a top ten Students’ Union by 2016.

Surrey’s Got Talent Auditions 21st, 24th, 28th October 2013

Black History Month Celebration 31st October 2013 Rubix - 7.30pm

17-22 November 2013

Surrey Arts Live

11th - 13th December 2013

Refreshers’ Fayre 14th February 2014

International Festival 17th-21st March 2014


2nd April 2014

Colours Ball

10th May 2014

Student Awards

22nd May 2014

Welcome students sabb bios booklet 2013  

Introduction and biographies from the University of Surrey Students' Union Sabbatical Team.

Welcome students sabb bios booklet 2013  

Introduction and biographies from the University of Surrey Students' Union Sabbatical Team.