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Buying Online Tickets for Students’ Union Events through Tixtu 1. Visit 2. You should see the Tixtu Upcoming Events page - Select the event you would like to attend -

3. You will now see more information about the event you selected. If this is the event you would like to buy tickets for, click on the ‘Buy Tickets’ button towards the bottom of the page.

4. You will now be asked to Sign In. If you have not already registered then you will need to click on ‘Not a Tixtu Member’

5. You should see the following screen. Fill in all the required fields and click on ‘Sign Up’

6. You will then be notified about a confirmation email sent to the email address you registered with.

7. When you check your emails you should have the following email from Tixtu. Follow the instructions and click on the link.

8. You should now be taken back to the following page. Sign in with the details you registered with.

9. You will then return to the events page for the event you previously selected and you will see the ticket buying options listed below. Select the type of ticket(s) and number(s) you would like and choose ‘Buy Tickets’. You will be given the option to either print the ticket(s) yourself or collect them from the Union Shop.

10. You will then see a summary of your order. If the summary is accurate, click on ‘Proceed to Payment’

11. You will be taken to the Sage Pay screen. Select the method of payment you wish to use.

12. You will be asked to fill in your card details. Once you have done this press ‘Proceed’ and you will see a summary of the information you entered. If it is all correct click on ‘Proceed’.

13. If everything is successful you will see a ‘Payment Complete’ screen.

14. You will also receive a confirmation of your purchase in your email account.

15. Finally you will receive another email with your e-ticket, if you requested to print your own ticket.

Help! If you require assistance in the first instance please contact from your University email account but remember to tell us what email address you registered with Tixtu.

Surrey Students' Union Online Ticket Buying Instructions (2014)