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by Eliisa, Gerli, Janely and Laura

1 This town is almost in the centre of Estonia. It`s known for its spring festival, which has become a must for everybody intrested in gardening.

Answer is: TĂœRI

2 People travelling to Saaremaa often pass it. It’s a small town with a long history, which can be explored in the muuseum near the ruins of the old fortress.

Answer is: LIHULA

3 This town is very busy in summer when lots of tourists come to explore the island. There´s a regular air service between this town and to Tallinn. It`s spas are attractive to visitors across the world.


4 It lies on one of the Estonia`s longest rivers and has a lovely rose garden which is open to the public every summer.

Answer is: PĂ•LTSAMAA

5 This town has one of the best known theatres of Estonia. There is an open air stage and a museum next to the ruins of a castle that dates back to 1226. It`s on the north-east of Estonia.

Answer is: RAKVERE

6 It is a small town on a lake, which has a lovely sandy beach and lots of park areas. The trains from Tallinn to Valga stop there.

Answer is: ELVA

7 The paper industry started in this town 1734, and is still going strong today. There are more than 300 species of trees and bushes in the park of Sillapea Manor. It’s not far from the Russian order.

Answer is: RĂ„PINA

Estonia - Name that town  
Estonia - Name that town  

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