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Nanochemistry By using the unique physical-chemical properties of substances in a clustered condition, discovered in the Chuiko Institute of surface chemistry, we will create nanocomposite and bionanocomposite systems, which allow stimulating the development of crop seeds and activating cell metabolism; methods of remediation of contaminated with hydrocarbons water and soil; enterosorbents and dietary supplements for treatment of diseases in farm animals and birds; adaptogenic, immunomodulatory and medical nanocomposites for prevention and treatment of many diseases, caused by violation of ecological systems under the influence of anthropogenic and natural factors.

Medical application of nanosilica

EXPERIMENTAL SAMPLES. ARE TESTED IN THE MARKET. Bioactive additive for detoxification of organizmes Nanosilica with immobilized fitocomplex

The aim is to create combined nanocomposites which contain preparations (with anti-inflammatory, antioxidative or antimicrobial properties) immobilized on nanodimensional particles of highly disperse silica or its modified forms and which are distinguished for their long-term contact with mucosa, for an essential decrease in the rate of absorption of a preparation, for formation of layers of biologically active weakly associated water at interfaces between nanoparticles and molecular segments of bowels, which results in a significant enhancement of biological activity of pharmacopeial drugs.

European patent for the compacted silica PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY.NEW PRODUCT

A new type of the complex nano-biocomposite materials for seeds pre-treatment

Their effectiveness will be determined by some main factors influencing the faster growth of the root system and sprouts of crops: the presence in the zone of germination of balanced composition of mainly organic fertilizers, environmentally friendly growth stimulators and nanofungicides hampering the development of fungoid diseases, the effect of which will be enhanced by the growth of biological activity of the components induced by the surface forces which appear due to the presence of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nanosiliceous components in the composite. Combination of these factors will provide the constant increase in productivity of crops by 10-20%.

Nanocomposite systems for veterinary

The conceptual scheme of the creation of nanocomposite systems for livestock breeding on the basis of nanosilica differs from the existing commercially available products for protection and treatment of animals and birds in the fact that it is suggested to create a mixture of composite materials which will be prepared within one technological cycle which is a device for pre-dosed immobilization of components on the surface of silica suitable for the regulation of the bulk density of the final product, drying, mixing in the desired ratio and packing of such components, which is shown on the scheme (1):

Composite system for remediation of water Destruction of engine oil by nanocomposite system prepared on the base of mixture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nanosilicas and yeast cells.

Microphotography of nanocompozite of silicas with microbial culture

It was shown that the composite is a biodestructor of hydrocarbons in aqueous medium. The presence of the composite provides the vital activity of yeast cells even in the absence of nutrient medium. It was found that small concentrations of the mixture of nanosilicas can stimulated the growth of cells biomass.