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BLUETOOTH IPAD HEADPHONES FOR USE ON THE GO When you are looking online for the best Bluetooth iPad headphones for use on the go, it's difficult to determine which of the hundreds of available headphones will be compatible with your tablet. I went through the same process when I was looking to get rid of those annoying wires, but after doing a little in-depth research on the subject, I found the ideal wireless iPad headphones that I now take with me everywhere. The problem with looking for portable Bluetooth iPad headphones is that the majority of them are not actually intended to leave the home. In fact, a lot of these wireless products have been designed for the hard of hearing to enjoy their home entertainment in better clarity without needing to keep the television volume on full blast and annoy the neighbors. So which headphones can you actually take on the go? Well, the Bluetooth iPad headphones I opted for are the JayBird Sportsbands. What's so special about them? Well, the first striking feature is their devilishly good looks. Combining the retro pop art styling with modern simplicity, these headphones don't look like your average over sized ear cups. Instead, they look stylish and attractive for everyday use, so you definitely won't be embarrassed to wear them out and about. Sound wise, these wireless iPad headphones feature a signal cleaning software known as aptx. Now, this excels these headphones above the realms of regular Bluetooth products that suffer distortion and poor quality signal by essentially making sure that the most possible signal is being picked up. In this way, you can enjoy CD quality without the CD, or the wires! Now, the most important aspect of these headphones is how they work when you are on the move, and naturally, given that they are the star of my review, they are simply fantastic. With their 10 meter range, you can literally be listening to music on one side of your house, while docking your iPad at the complete opposite end. This combination of epic range and gorgeous sound quality is absolutely ideal for when you are taking public transport to your place of work. Instead of having to keep your tablet on your lap and risk it getting damaged by passengers brushing past you, or risk it being targeted by thieves, you will simply be able to set up your playlist and then return the device back to its position in your rucksack. How, you may ask? Well, these Bluetooth iPad headphones also feature a canny implementation of shortcut buttons on the ear, so you will have the master control over your tunes without ever needing to use the controls on your iPad! So if you want the perfect portable Bluetooth iPad headphones for keeping your journeys entertaining without those irritating wires, the JayBird Sportsband headphones are essential. Like the sound of these JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth iPad Headphones? Then grab the best deal on iPadBeans for Bluetooth iPad headphones and all other fantastic iPad accessories. Article Source:



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