Prolimit 2016 odzież i akcesoria

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Neoprene wetsuits have remained unchanged since its original concept. This concept being a thin layer of water insulated between your body and the wetsuit. Body temperature is transferred into this water and insulted from surrounding weather conditions. Seals on cuffs, collar and zipper ensure that an excess of water does not enter the wetsuit.

WIND-CHILL The human body loses heat largely through conduction and convection. The rate of heat loss depends on the wind speed over the surface, the faster the wind speed, the more readily the surface cools. By using a 1st layer (innersystem garment), water will remain against your skin and resist excess water entering. Added thickness and insulation contributes to extra warmth and wind-chill will have a minimal cooling effect. Comfort and manoeuvrability will also increase as the wetsuit and innersystem garment slide frictionless over each other.

PROLIMIT INNERSYSTEMS are made out of thin Limestone based neoprene. A high heat reflective Titanium layer optimizes heat retention. DESIGN - Ergonomic fit and stretch for ease of movement. - Engineered body shaping follows the body curves to retain body heat. - A variety of materials are used, specifically utilized in different parts of the garment.