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0 1 4 i c 2 t a n y l e fa e e s t r f | wav e




d e k o t s stay nayra


ker nik ba

Pics : J o h n C a r t e r

f r e e wav e 76 / 86 / 96 / 106 / 116

f r e e wav e T e 76 / 86 / 96 / 106 / 116

f r e e wav e T X R T 86 / 96 / 106 

The FreeWave – a board that rides beyond its means. Agile, compact, ready to rip and slash as well as hop up on a plane, the FreeWave is the waveboard that every sailor needs. It’s never met conditions it doesn’t like. Attain the ultimate in versatility in the TE or TeXtreme® models, which can be converted into either a thruster or a single fin. Unlimited access. Do what you want on any wave. Meet the FreeWave.

WWW. FA N AT I C . C O M , Next Sports LLC., Miami/Florida, Tel: (305) 255 0111,

Katalog Fanatic 2014  
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