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Space, Waves and Surfers

! | words and picture by Mark Stone | 5th Feb 2014

! Perceived one way, an ocean wave may be thought of as having a distinct identity, an end and a beginning, a birth and a death. Seen another way, the wave doesn't even exist, but is just the behaviour of water, "empty" of any separate identity and "full" of water; dependent on a set of constantly changing circumstances. Every wave is related to every other wave like each drop of water is related to the life on which it depends.

! Surfers meld with these endless transitions: some playing within the water, experiencing joys and sublime visions; some immersed in water whilst simultaneously being enveloped within their expectations, desires and delusions. Sometimes the water washes all that mind chatter away; the ocean cleanses that which is inside as well as that which is out. Thoughts change to space, space stills and shifts.

! Nothing has any inherent existence of its own, and this absence of independent existence is what may be called emptiness. Emptiness is full of space. Space has the potential to free the mind of delusion.

Space, waves and surfers  

a meditation that is surfing