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international surfing day

On June 20th, 2011, none of us showed up to work. All our computers showed screensavers. Everything was dark and idle. There were no paper jams. No cooler talk. Just silence through the halls. The Rusty House in Newport Beach, however, was bustling. We’d taken it over for the weekend, and on the morning of International Surfing Day, we were up at 6 a.m., running through the house in our wetsuits, looking for bars of wax and coffee. The waves out front were 2- to 3-foot and sheet glass. No one out. We all had a skip in our step as we ran to the beach. We were beating the system. I’m often asked by people, “So what exactly is ISD? I saw it on the news, but I don’t get it. I just go surf?” I struggle to answer. I run through a catalog of well-known surf clichés: “Only a surfer knows the feeling.” “Do what you love, love what you do,” etc., and still, I don’t think they’ll get it. Because somewhere in our giddy gallop down to the shore that morning in Newport is the spirit of ISD. It’s nothing more than that, either. It’s a day to ditch work and go surf and hang out with the people who share that giddy gallop with you. At SURFING, we disregard obligations and go surf and we clean up the beach. That’s our celebration. How you do it doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you take a moment to enjoy the day.

Cover: Lowers // photo: taras • seaside reef (polaroids) // photos: raen

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We surfed for two hours that morning, joined by a bunch of friends and family. We all snaked Jimmicane. Flirted with Maya Gabeira. Talked comps with Nate Yeomans and made jokes with Damien Fahrenfort. We surfed. All day. And so did all the people in this flipbook. Pretty wild just what goes down in one day of surfing. Hope you found a couple yourself. We sure did. —Travis Ferré Special Thanks to the Surfrider Foundation for organizing our beach cleanup in Newport Beach and all of the other cleanups around the world.

chapter one

opening presents around the world, some nice kiddies woke

to find that isd had been extra generous. craig anderson // Photo: Nate Lawrence


Photo: Nate Lawrence


craig anderson // Photos: Nate Lawrence

craig anderson // Photos: Nate Lawrence


Photo: nathan myers



Cristian Merello // photo: Alfredo Escobar


Photo: Alfredo Escobar



TeahUpo’o //Photo: Domenic Mosqueira

Tika Nui // Teahupo’o // Photo: Domenic Mosqueira

cent amer

tral rica

jimmy Rotherham // el salvador // photo: casey Rossi

Peter Mendia // Nicaragua // Photo: nicola Lugo


D-bah // photo: andrew shield


Tom Woods // Photo: andrew Shield

Mitch adams // NSW // photo: jack Dekort

jeffr ba

rey’s ay

Photo: Alan Van Gysen

Adam Kirtchner // j-bay // Photo: Alan Van Gysen

Photo: Alan Van Gysen


t oz

Photo: Scotty Bauer

boo // west oz // Photo: Scotty Bauer

Marti Paradisis // West oz // Photo: Scotty Bauer

unidentified // west oz // Photos: Scotty Bauer

Photo: Scotty Bauer

unidentified // west oz // Photo: Scotty Bauer

chapter two

home for the holiday We hung our stockings at the rusty house in Newport Beach — a.k.a. isd headquarters for 2011. the garage was full of rusty sleds, and we of good cheer.

joy to the world chapter three

it might be called international surfing day, but everyone celebrates the same way.

Tanner Rozunko // San Clemente // Photo: peter Taras

north carolina // photo: dj struntz

lowers // photo: peter taras

chile // photo:alfredo Escobar

north carolina // photo: dj struntz

Hodei collazo // san sebastian // photo: pacotwo/we

Hodei collazo // photo: pacotwo/we

spain // photo: pacotwo/we

rob machado // cocoa beach, florida // photo: peter king

Huntington beach // photo: pat stacy

photo: peter king

Outer banks // photos: daniel pullen

Matt meola // photo: epes sargent

south africa // photo: alan van gysen

maui beach cleanup // photo: dooma

Life rolls on foundation // New jersey // Photo: David Macomber

cocoa beach, fl // photo: peter king

river jetties, ca // photo: jimmicane

newport beach, ca // photo: jimmicane

Ponto, ca // photo: chris straley

shane beschen and kids // photo: peter taras

keala naihe // lowers // photo: peter taras

Nate Yeomans // Trestles // Photo: peter taras


Bali // Photo: nate lawrence

International Surfing Day 2011  

June 20th, 2011 International Surfing Day