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pipe masters

the 2011 Vans

triple crown of surfing

The Billabong Pipe

Masters In Memory



CJ Hobgood. PHOTO: Struntz


welcome to the 2011 vans triple crown of surfing

of h a l e i w a

s u n s e t

p i p e l i n e

Billabong sponsored four ASP WT events this year. The resu

important contests — and in recent cases the most fickle —

year. Not to say that Rio and J-bay are less important even

prestigious. Winning at Chopes or Pipe is as good as it get

special. And with waves like the ones that graced this year

worth the wait. These are the best photos from three glorio

Captions by Jimmicane

ults were mixed. Scored two, skunked two. But the two most

— Teahupo’o and Pipeline, just so happened to be epic this

nts from a points perspective, but they are certainly less

ts. Winning with all-time conditions makes it all that more

r’s Pipe Masters, it makes all the years of average Pipeline

ious days at the world’s most coveted wave. —Jimmicane photo: Hamish

EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Taylor Paul Managing Editor beau Flemister Photo Editor peter taras Associate Photo Editor jimmy wilson Art Director chato aganza Associate Art Director Noa Emberson Online Editor jason miller photography by Tom Carey, Hamish Humphreys, Jimmy wilson, Duncan Macfarlane, Steve Sherman, DJ Struntz, Peter Taras

cover Photo: Jimmicane

Ace Buchan.

photo: Jimmicane

With a bang View from the Gerry house. PHOTOs: Carey

Chris Davidson. PHOTO: taras


Things were a little weird in the morning. There weren’t many good ones and it became feast or famine. Evan Valiere, feasting. Photos: Jimmicane

View of the Gerry house.

PHOTO: Taras

* In conditions Hawaiian wildcards dream of, Marcus Hickman won the first heat of the first


day against an admittedly scared Matt Wilkinson. PHOTO: Carey

“Yeah, but can he surf pipe?”

The question remained: “Would Kolohe Andino be willing to step up his game in large surf?� Then he got a wildcard into the Pipe Masters with historic conditions. Did he dominate? No. But he went out and answered the question as well as any 17-year old Californian could. Photos: Hamish (main), Jimmicane (inset)

Ian Walsh. PHOTO: Jimmicane

Peek a boo.

PHOTO: Struntz

This is what Jamie O’brien envisioned himself doing when he looked out from that porch. Photo: Sherman (inset) Macfarlane (main)

Views from the hill. Photos: Struntz

Would you rather:

get taken out by a foul ball or a massive tidal surge? Photo:



n. John.

Photos: jimmicane (L), macfarlane (R)

Tanner Gudauskas. Photo: Jimmicane


You didn’t expect this, did you? Gabriel Medina is fully equipped to make a title run his first full year on tour. Photo: Carey

All style and smiles from Mason Ho. Photo: Hamish (inset), Struntz (main)

Dusty Payne and Kolohe Andino split peaks and got spit out. Photo: Macfarlane (above), Hamish (below)

To duckdive or to bail board? 2nd and 3rd reef wash-throughs made that a common question this year. Photo: Jimmicane (above) , Carey (below)

Dusty Payne. PHOTO: Macfarlane

Jadson Andre PHOTO: Jimmicane

What are you trying to say?

Photo: macfarlane

The Fallen Ones

Damien Hobgood .

Photo: carey

Ian Walsh pulling the ripcord. Photo: Jimmicane

Gotta PRay to Play Bruce Irons. Photo: Jimmicane

Marcus Hickman. Photo: Taras

Ace Buchan.

Photo: Taras

Jack Freestone mid-heat.

Photo: Macfarlane

Jack Freestone pre-heat.

Matt Wilkinson

Photo: Macfarlane

Photo: Carey

Tanner Gudauskas. PHOTO: Jimmicane

Bede Durbidge. Photo: Macfarlane

Kelly Slater .

Photo: carey

Laurie Towner separated his shoulder. The good shoulder. Shit hurts.

Photo: Struntz (L), Sherman (R)


Drop of the contest. Julian Wilson in a losing effort to the guy in the next spread.


Photo: Carey

Damien Hobgood. PHOTO: Taras

Evan Valiere steamrolled all the way to the quarter finals where he broke his board and couldn’t find a rhythm. Photos: Jimmicane

Kelly Slater during his Backdoor comeback vs. John John. Photo: Struntz

There were three 10-point rides in this contest. Jonathan here had two of them. This is the first from land and sea. Photo: Jimmicane (L), Macfarlane (R)

Is this the most photogenic 3.67 ride in the history of surf competition? Photos: Macfarlane

...Mason Ho.


Jonathan and

his other 10.

Photo: jimmicane

Surfing Magazine’s vote for the two best all-around surfers in the world at the moment. Photo: Sherman

Parko, eyes on the prize. Photo: Macfarlane

Speedin’. Ian Walsh. Photo: Jimmicane

There are two ways to lose:


Taylor Knox


and Jamie O’brien. Photo: Taras (L) Photo: Jimmicane (R)

Michel Bourez. One spot away from a Triple Crown title. Photo: Jimmicane (main), Taras (inset)

Julian Wilson practices his swing in the vicinity of Lindsay Lohan while all the other girls on the beach try and get his attention. Photos: Jimmicane

Who’s surprised to see Shane Dorian on the biggest wave of the contest?

No one. Photo: Jimmicane

How Kelly got his groove back. His Round 5 heat vs Kalani Chapman. Photo: Jimmicane

Kieren Perrow simply knows how to surf this reef. Making the final in two straight years is no fluke. Photo: Macfarlane

give em heli We got a helicopter (or, Billabong did but

we all get to benefit from it!).

All Heli Photos: Macfarlane

To get the best view you either have to get high or get close. Look how everyone’s congregated at the waterline. No wonder

so many people got soaked.





josh kerr.

Like a fingerprint.

Andy’s view.

Joel Parkinson

Parko is one of the people most susceptible to Slater’s mindf--ks. Whatever you do, don’t look back. Photo: Struntz


probably wishing he had that bigger board here. Photo: carey

Slater, GT, and some good old fashioned surf fans. Photo: sherm

Another hollow left, another Pacific island. The Spartan feeling at home.

Photo: struntz

Lyndie and Andy Axel Irons. Photo: sherm

Parko, final prep. Photo: sherm


PHOTO: macfarlane

A mid-final

PHOTO: macfarlane

PHOTO: sherm

sh o wer

Kieren Perrow, in winning form. Photos: jimmicane

Long overdue

and well deserved.

Photo: struntz

photo: Sherman (Inset) Taras


and baby blues.

Photos: sherm



















A true Pipe Master. Photos: sherm


Photos: sherm

Photos: jimmicane


Photo: Macfarlane

Profile for SURFING Magazine

2011 Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons  

2011 Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons

2011 Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons  

2011 Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons