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1. SURFILMFESTIBAL 12 OFFICIAL IMAGE Surfers Rip Europe! The best season in the history of European surfing, wild storms that will be remembered in the eternal and repetitive conversations between surfers. Semi hurricanes that besides destroying walks, bridges and ports, have pushed a little more big-wave surfing in Europe fascinating us with huge sessions in Mullaghmore, Belharra, Agiti, Nazaré and other mysto spots. Europe has been the global star of the show from november to february. But Euro surfers are kind of bastard sons of surf culture, as Eddie Rothman said in a NY Times interview in 2003: ‘’Belharra is mushy. I’d take my 9-year-old son out to tow into that French wave”. Now Gautier Garanx has been crowned in the XXL as the rider of the biggest wave of the year.

This edition will be about storms, giant sesions and other controversial issues. For the official image we´ve bootlegged the famous New York Times cover from the day man walked on moon; “One giant take off for man... one small leap for mankind”, perverting the sense as surfing at the end, is not so important for humankind. Photos from Mullaghmore by Christian McLeod and from Nazaré by Vitor Esterlinha. Poster design Borja Garmendia from Pensando en Blanco.

PATAGONIA KEPA ACERO AT THE STORE 4th june / 20h Pยบ J.M.Barandiaran 24

2. PATAGONIA STORE KEPA ACERO TALK & VIDEOS 04th June / 20h Pº J.M. Barandiaran, 24 San Sebastian Kepa will tell us about his last waves and adventures and show some of his latest videos. For the las 3 months he´s been travelling around Africa, one of the continents he like the most. There will be beers too! Surfilfmestibal 12 THANKS TO PATAGONIA Another edition, now in our 4th year collaboration, our event is possible thanks to Patagonia, our main sponsor. It is the only company from the industry we´ve wanted to work with, we believe in their products, in their values. They have always been super supportive of our crazy ideas, and we have to thank them now even more, in the very difficult times for cultural sponsorship we are all living, for their full support.

ART AQUARIUM 05th June / 19.30h

3. ART AQUARIUM 05th June / 19.30h PHOTO EXHIBITION WAVES 2014 Aquarium. Opening june 5th Exhibition opening: 19.30h. Sala Nautilus Produced by El Diario Vasco in collaboration with Surfilmfestibal, Basque Surf Federazioa and Aquarium. Images from the wild storms that hitted the Basque Coast this winter taken by the paper readers. And there will be a selection of photos from the biggest waves caught in the season in Gipuzkoa by local surfers, photos that takes part on the Negu Sariak contest.



Keith, Lauren, Chris and Dan Malloy. AEB / EEUU. 2013


***EUROPEAN PREMIERE!*** Ben Knight. EEUU. 2014. 87 min. Damnation had the honor of having its world premiere at SXSW 2014 (official section) and of winning the Audience award. On june 5, Surfilmfestibal 12 will host the European premiere at San Sebastian in the Clean Waves Day, the one dedicated to the ocean, surf and environment. This year the rivers will be the stars because the movement for the dam removal in the US – where there are more than 80.000 dams, 26.000 of them labeled as hazars, and only 2.540 produce energy – represents an important inspiration for every country wanting to preserve its natural life and value. The documentary The project saw the light after Matt Stoecker, who has dedicated his life to restoring free-flowing rivers, and Yvon Chouinard, the Patagonia founder, join forces. With directorsBen Knight and Travis Rummen, in the summer of 2011, they hit the road in a borrowed camper van with nothing more than a laundry list of dams and a quiver of cameras.The film is constructed with voices far from the lobbied halls of our capitols and closer to the heart of a river and with tons of archive images that helps to understand the scale of the problem. DamNation’s majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries move through rivers and landscapes altered by dams, but also through a metamorphosis in values, from conquest of the natural world to knowing ourselves as part of nature.

Synopsis This powerful film odyssey across America explores the sea change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers. Dam removal has moved beyond the fictional Monkey Wrench Gang to go mainstream. Where obsolete dams come down, rivers bound back to life, giving salmon and other wild fish the right of return to primeval spawning grounds, after decades without access. DamNation’s majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries move through rivers and landscapes altered by dams, but also through a metamorphosis in values, from conquest of the natural world to knowing ourselves as part of nature. Trailer: Photos: Damnation Film

AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO RESTORE ENTIRE WATERSHED ECOSYSTEMS Removing dams has proven to be an effective way to restore entire watershed ecosystems, revive wild and sustainable fisheries and associated jobs, restore coastal beaches and wetlands, improve water quality, and improve the lives of adjacent communities and native cultures. 2011 was the year of the largest dam removal projects in U.S. history and perhaps the world were underway; two massive projects were happening in Washington State, and two more were to follow in Maine. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia founder, defends that “Patagonia supports a transition toward lower-impact energy and water sources that, combined with conservation and increased efficiencies, cause less harm to ecosystems, communities and cultures”, that why the company have been supporting dam removal campaings for years.   We are very lucky to have Damnation at San Sebastian and in the perfect venue! the Aquarium, with its inmense fish tank behind the screen.



The Old,The Young & The Sea Mario Hainzl, Andreas Jaritz. Austria. 2013. 90 min.

The film has had widespread success in their screenings around Europe, America, but it has its spot in our Teatro Principal as it is probably the most ambitious documentary about european surfing, and many locals have been part of the project. Synopsis: The Old, the Young and the Sea embarks on an adventurous documentary trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal. The movie frames a vivid snapshot of European post modern coastal culture which is significantly influenced by the hippie heritage of the 60s, modern surfing pop industry and the vital relationship of coastal inhabitants with mother nature. The movie introduces into a world of cultural discovery, surprising encounters and the search for the spirit of traveling. For the protagonists surfing is a pervading lifestyle. All sorts of ocean lovers have their eyes on a very slim stretch of land and water. Documenting this the documentary captures a schematic picture of vibrant European life through the very personal stories of the movies protagonists. Trailer:

Chasing Rumours Lewis Arnold. UK. 2014. 5 min.

Photo: The Old, the Young & The Sea


3 Colegas

Popeto. Euskadi . 2014. 4 min.

Run To The Sea Dylan Stott. Ireland. 2014. 13 min.

Hangs Upon Nothing Jeremy Rumas. EEUU . 2013. 90 min.

Hangs Upon Nothing is a film about experiencing life on earth. All filmed in 16mm. A unique film influenced by Morning of the Earth, Litmus. One surfer and his sail boat in Kiribati, the Apocalypse barrels in Panaitan, true surfing. Trailer:



***EUROPEAN PREMIERE!*** Ian Thomson Producer Thomas Castets Australia. 2014 . 69 min. Out in the line up uncovers the taboo of homosexuality in surfing and we will host the European premiere at Surfilmfestibal 12! It is one of the headers of the festival, an important film because it unveils a scene that is hidden in the pro and amateur surfing world. For this screening we´ve partnered with Gehitu and Premio Sebastiane, an association that rewards films that defends the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transvestites values at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film crew will be in San Sebastian to present it: Thomas castets (producer), Bruno Amaral (Dir. Photography) and Franco Vargas (Ecuadorian surfer protagonist of the film). Synopsis Two gay surfers unite to uncover the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. Together they embark on a global journey to speak with people from all corners of the surfing community about an aspect of surf culture that has until now remained hidden. As their journey unfolds, they uncover a culture of fear, secrecy and exclusion but are inspired to affect change by connecting people, provoking discussion and looking to the sport’s grassroots values of freedom of spirit and love for the ocean. Trailer:

Thomas Castest inteview By SEBASTIANE AWARD

Is it necessary for surf the creation of homosexual references? There has never been an openly male gay surfer on tour. Gay surfers have simply not been visible, and people who have never heard of a gay surfer think that gay people simply don’t surf. I think that «role models» are very important and if the surfing establishment accepted to talk about the topic of homosexuality in surfing there would be less fear of being discriminated against and less fear of dealing with it.

Since 2006, Australian cinema has done several small films about this issue (gay and surf), and even Hollywood has shot Shelter too, in 2007. Your documentary is Australian and you interview Northern and Latin Americans, Asians…, but not a single European surfer… What is it happening? Are not there gays in European surf? We have interviewed gay surfers in Australia, USA and Latin America, but in Europe nobody has wanted to be interviewed.

Why should we watch your film? Certain parts of the world have indeed become more tolerant and accepting of homosexuality over the past decade, but there are still over 82 countries where it is illegal to be gay. Gay teenagers are still being killed in countries like Iran, Uganda and Russia. In terms of surfing, it seems that it really hasn’t evolved much since the 90s. When you compare surfing to other sports, where gay athletes have come out in recent years: rugby, soccer, basketball, NFL, – and many sports associations are implementing anti-homopho-

bia policies, surfing seems a step behind these other sports. But surfing is now reaching a broader range of social classes, genders, races and sexualities. The old stereotypes of the white alpha male and the bikini-clad surfer babe are no longer relevant, yet the surfing industry still sticks to them, convinced it is the best way to market the sport. But by doing so surfing seems to have lost its connection with its grass roots ideals of diversity, freedom and individuality. Full interview: http://surfilmfestibal. com/2014/donostia-san-sebastian/ noticia-surfilm-festibal.php?not_ id=269&lang=es

SATURDAY 7th June PRINCIPAL THEATRE 20.15h Presented by DONOSTIA 2016


***EUROPEAN PREMIERE! *** AVAILABLE FOR BLIND PERSONS Julian, Joaquin Azulay. Argentina. 2014 . 70 min. A 6 month trip by Gauchos del mar brothers across the Patagonia Region. New waves discovered, new friends, patagonic culture, unique animals and a journey to Isla de los Estados in search of new waves... *This film will be available for blind persons


In Between Days

Bodyboard power!

Deep Bright

A spot for all the boadyboarder friends and their waves

Guillem Cruells. Ethan Egiguren. Euskadi. 2014 . 16 min. One year of filming on the search of magical places and solitary waves. During this trip we saw different scenarious, saw different landscapes, colors, adventures. We saw things we had never seen and found magical places, those that we were searching for, but that we didn’t know what to expect. These dissappeared in the night’s darkness, and we then searched the sunshine, together with solitary waves. This short film will take you to different unique and dessertic scenarious letting you see a reflection of Ethan and his surfing. Trailer: Photos: Deep Bright

1. Winter Barrels Eneko Moro . Euskadi. 2014. 6 min.

Perfect and round barrels at the basque coast! seems imposible to have this waves at home!

2. Zentrala

Penfol. Euskadi. 2014. 6 min. No doubt, this was the most rad session of the winter at La Central. Slow motion and new filming angles.



Big Gipuzkoa

Bodyboard Power!


1. Lehonard Coheren Kanta Bat

Awards to the biggest wave surfed in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) this winter. Mario Azurza. Euskadi . 2014. 5 min.

Taz Talks

Especial live presentation. Our particular Ted Talks.

Because they are not bad people...

Manu Uranga. Euskadi . 2014. 6 min. More than the tipical action video, with a curious music theme…

2. Egurraren Gizona

Mikel Yerobi. / Lander / Argu Euskadi. 2014. 3 min. A Mundaka sesion with a txampero, the small wood boards used by the locals years ago, shaped by Argu.

3. Jon Lo Win Ter

Ñute. Euskadi. 2014. 6 min. A Jon Lopez interview, one of the mos rad bodyaboarders of the basque coast!

Photo: Invasion. The Rightpointbreak. Safi


Invasion. The Right Pointbreak: Safi. ***WORLD PREMIERE*** Fred Berho,Thomas Larocca Surfers: Jerome Sahyoun, Axi Muniain. Francia. 2014. 6 min.

“On a dark February evening on the Moroccan coast we saw some strange humanoid entities, they were wearing suits that seems to affect surrounding lights. We were blown away when they flew in the air toward some conical shaped aquatic vessels. Witness the first footage.”



Igor Bellido. Euskadi. 2014. 15 min. Desoriented will take you from Japan, to the Taiwanese jungle and to the Philippines tropical water. Desoriented is surf and fun, we didn´t travel checking the forecast... only thinking about enjoy those countries and live the adventure. Trailer:


Mikel Yerobi, Unai Borda, Imanol Sorazu. Euskadi. 2014. 6 min.

Adventure Natxo Gonzalez Jon Aspuru. Euskadi. 2014. 10min

Natxo Gonzalez around Chilenean coast with filmaker Jon Aspuru. Natxo surfs the first big swell at Punta de Lobos, sharing waves with con Ramon Navarro, Damien Hobgood and other fearless chilenean surfers.

Donnavon. Be A Nabo

Shaf. IrĂşn. 2014. 2 min.

BELHARRA / HĂŠrcules! Vincent Kardazik. Francia. 2014. 6 min.

The giant swell coming with the Hercules storm originated this mountain in UrruĂąa. Epic moments for the paddle surfing.

ACID Short films selection by Acid Surfing. 6 min.


Sunyata Lapse Yarir Abou. Euskadi. 2013. 20 min.

Zombies En La Zurriola

(en colaboraci贸n con ESCIVI) Escivi. Euskadi. 2014 . 6 min.

Surfing Madness (en colaboraci贸n con ESCIVI) Escivi. Euskadi. 2014 . 6 min.

A History Behind Your Surfboard

(en colaboraci贸n con ESCIVI) Escivi. Ander Lopez.


Belharra 23.12.13

Jalli films. Francia. 2014. 6 min. Belharra on the day Gautier Garanx took the biggest wave winning the Billabong XXL 2013-14.

Catch It

Sarah Menzies. France. 2014. 10 min. Leá Brassy grew up surfing the warm waters of southern France. Accustomed to a life on the road, her nomadic lifestyle takes a pause at the Unstad break in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. Trading in her bikini for a thick wetsuit, she connects with the surrounding mountains, Arctic surf, and simple living. Whether it’s paddling hard for a wave, orchasing after a passion - if the timing is right, Leá reminds us that we have to Catch It.


Kevin L Smith Surfers: Fergal Smith and Tom Doidge Harrison. Ireland. 2014. 4 min.

4 Boards & A Piano

Kevin L Smith Surfers: Fergal Smith. Ireland. 2014. 6 min.

Coming Up For Air Mickey Smith Ireland. 2014. 6 min.


The Cradle Of Storms

Bryce Lowe White, Ben Weiland. 2014. 26 min. Alex Gray, Josh Mulcoy, and Pete Devries went on a journey through the remote Aleutian Arc of Alaska, the birthplace of storm systems that send swell back to the rest of us in civilization. They braved heavy weather, flew on rickety prop planes, and ate seal meat en route to discovering one of the best cold-water slabs in the world. The film follows the cold-water crew as they traverse the island on quads, tracking pulses of swell to remote bays and never before surfed points. Set against the stunning volcanic backdrop of the Aleutian Islands, The Cradle of Storms is cold-water surf exploration at its finest. Trailer:

Deus Ex Machina Dustin Humphrey. Bali 2014. 31 min.

20.15h Presented by MAGICSEAWEED


***EUROPEAN PREMIERE!*** Talon Clemow. Australia 2014. 120 min. Thundercloud is a documentary about the events that transpired on and leading up to the 8th June 2012, when a storm of massive proportions sent a 50ft + swell straight towards the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji. It just so happened that the swell was scheduled to arrive right in the middle of an ASP World Tour event at Cloudbreak, Fiji and very few of the world’s best surfers were prepared for waves of that size. ‘Thundercloud’ takes a brief look at the history of Cloudbreak, investigates the change of decree that lead to the reefs in the region becoming non-exclusive (meaning anyone could surf there) and hears the accounts of the best surfers in the world that chose to brave the conditions on June 8th 2012. A day that will be revered as an historic day in surfing, when men faced their fears, raised the bar, rode moving mountains in the South Pacific Ocean and lived to tell their stories. Trailer:


DAUGHTER Tin Ojeda 2013. USA

Daughter surf film by Tin Ojeda and friends is a new experimental black & white film shot on Super 8 and 16mm. This new surf art film features surfers: Rob Kulisek, Derek Hynd, Scotty Stopnik, Mikey DeTemple, Andy Findlay, Robin Kegel, Kassia Meador, Marshall Brothers, Erin Wormtown, Billy Death, JJ Wessels, Kyle Lightner, and many more. Filmed on location in New York, California, Mexico, and Australia. Run time is 35 minutes and features music by Ty Segall, Ariel Pink and more. Trailer:

GROOVE MOVE Jack Coleman. EEUU. 2014

Groove Move celebrates the alterbative surfing. Filmed in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, & California. Surfers: Derek Hayne, Joel Tudor, Rob Machado, Alex Knost, Robin Kegel, Ozi Wright. Trailer:

6. SURFILM FESTIBAILA 06th and 7th June Absolut madness!! A festival within the festival programmed by Ayo Silver!

Elektronik Gaua

06th June 14, 23:59h @Gastezsena, Donostia Synth and electronic sounds Soft Metals (USA, Captured Tracks) Dual Split (Francia/USA) + DJs

Elektrik Gaua

FESTIBAILA is a transversal music event with world class bands happening during the weekend of Surfilmfestibal.

07th June 14, 23:59h @Dabadaba, Donostia A guitar extravaganza.

The first nigh Elektronik Gaua and the second one Elektrik Gaua.

La Secte du Futur (Francia, XVIII Records) Aullido Atómico (Valencia, Discos Calamidad) Tumba Swing (Valencia, Discos Calamidad) + DJs

7. SPECIAL EVENTS 30th July. Ondartxo. Albaola Sea Factory Cinema & music Music. Night Beats live. More info coming soon.

USEFUL INFO Cinema Tickets Principal Theatre (c/ Mayor 3, San Sebastiรกn) 5 euro. Tickets available online or at the Theatre box office


(Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, 1 San Sebastian) Free entrance.









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