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OVERVIEW Europe’s fastest growing online lifestyle store n Launched 2006 n Premium retailer where quality of website and presentation of products drives sales n Ship to over 50 countries and take payment in 6 currencies n 450+ lifestyle brands n 35 departments n Target wide demographic, from tiny toddlers to active adults n Equally large Summer and Winter trading n 32,000sqft warehouse n 4 photographic studios n 100+ employees

Make our Shop Window yours

AW11 Opportunities This season we’re stepping up our marketing presence and have devised a plan of opportunities to work more closely with our key brands to increase sell through of your products on Some opportunities will be FOC, while others will attract a minimum charge to cover costs of photography, design and production (where applicable) and these are all outlined below. Many of the opportunities are within channels that currently exist, whilst others are in development.

HOMEPAGE Opportunities We have recently gone through a full website revamp and have had great feedback on the new look and feel of the site. This now means we are ready to implement a specific homepage update schedule, similar to a window schedule for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores. OUR AIM: To determine scheduling for key advertised styles ahead of season and work towards obtaining exclusive imagery.

DIGITAL MARKETING Opportunities We have an extensive digital marketing program that is difficult to detail in a short presentation. Instead, we hope to highlight the way in which we embrace change and drive revenue for you through the various channels by providing you with an overview of how your brand can get involved. OUR AIM: To drive revenue and brand awareness through multiple online paid and unpaid digital marketing channels. There are many ways to get the most out of a digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms, but the beauty of this is that we can choose the most important to you. Whilst we execute natural SEO (Link building, site structure, content creation etc) we also drive traffic using web 2.0 (Social media, re-targeting, blogs, video, apps etc), Paid Search (Search Engine PPC, Facebook PPC etc) and much more. The opportunity exists to increase your brand presence by tapping into our already phenomenally successful digital strategy. This will include: n PPC n Retargeting via Criteo n Display advertising (we will end up using 3 channels for “prospecting” with display ads) n Facebook ppc n Youtube ppc We are going to be increasing our digital marketing presence for you in the coming months, to heavily promote your brand through Social, Video and Search Engine PPC. This will see us spending £2million next year on PPC alone. With the other avenues increasing as we build on our measured success, this is an exciting opportunity to be involved in.

Expose yourself

PRODUCT PLACEMENT Opportunities We’ve been working with Coffin on Cake PR since October 2010. Achievements to date: n Successfully achieve regular placement within key industry and mainstream media such as Stylist and the Metro n Mainstream press now recognising as the ultimate lifestyle department store. n Significant growth in placement’s achieved. Last month alone we appeared in over 65 titles and had 24 links online directed back to our site. n Media showings with 100+ attendees

Seasonal Press Range AW11 seasonal look included six trends and themes tying our key brands into these messages. These trends were displayed on the press day, featuring over 150 products. After the press day, media are sent an online press book identifying over 250 styles that become a part of our PR push for the season. With the increased uptake on our product placement, it is essential we work closely with your brand from the outset of the press day planning. OUR AIM: n Receive PR suggestions for consideration on inclusion in the SS12 press currently scheduled for the 18th of October. n Acquire included samples for the entire press season

Press to impress

E-FLYER Opportunities n Current Database: 270k n Schedule: Monday and Thursday, weekly n Average open rate: 11.8% n Average click through rate: 17.97% Our e-flyers attain high open and click through rates, providing you with a great opportunity to directly target our customer database. The e-flyers are a great method to re-confirm your brand’s message or push key product lines, capsule collections or competitions specific to Surfdome. OUR AIM: To provide an effective marketing channel, connecting your brand to our customers.

PROMOTIONS & COMPETITIONS Opportunities At present we are launching around 2 competitions and/or promotions weekly that are either consumer competitions or GWP offers attached to a value on products purchased. OUR AIM: To provide exclusive money can’t buy prize experiences to our customers to create hype around your key marketing messages. COST: This opportunity is available at a cost determined by you for the promotional items and/or competition prize pack. There are two requirements for running competitions through our marketing channels: n Imagery and promotional material must be either provided and/or approved by you before it goes live. n The competition must be highlighted across your social channels (We will provide the Tweets and posts for you, they will just need retweeting and sharing) Obviously, the more you promote the competition, the better the uptake will be.

SOCIAL MEDIA Opportunities Our social media campaigns currently cover Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+. On Facebook and Twitter alone we have over 10,000 followers/fans allowing for large and speedy exposure for your brand. The average post on Facebook gains over 8,000 views and most importantly drives consistent revenue to the site and your products. Provide us with any clips that are exclusive, viral, or funny that promote your brand to maximise our social platforms. OUR AIM: To increase your brand’s exposure by engaging and interacting with our customer base across all the social platforms.


Reaching your target

We currently send out over 30,000 packages per month, so this is a great opportunity to market any events you may have coming up. If you send us enough flyers to send out before your event, we can send one out in every package. OUR AIM: To increase the exposure of your key marketing events through our current customer database.

ON-SITE PROMOTION Opportunities Your brand pages and products are of great importance to us, therefore we want to showcase them in as much detail as possible and with the best chance of selling. As we do not have the benefit of POS that a high street store would have, your imagery and product videos are very important. We can embed relevant product videos onto the site for you and this increases the conversion rate and time spent on your product. Please send us videos you would like uploaded to We also require a seasonal update on lifestyle imagery and logos, so you get the best possible brand page. OUR AIM: To enable your brand’s personality to be reflected within our site.

E-CATALOGUE Opportunities AW11 e-catalogue

Stand out!

We’re currently developing our inaugural customer e-catalogue for AW11. The e-catalogue will be a fusion of a catalogue and magazine, hosted online. It will offer straight product features as well as editorial snippets to showcase Surfdome’s brand and the lifestyle in which we operate. There are various opportunities within the publication for brands, including background image and logo placement, editorial, front and back cover as well as straight brand ads. The functionality of the e-catalogue will allow your brand to stand out with special effects and video inclusion.

Snow e-catalogue Similar to the seasonal e-catalogue we will be producing a dedicated snow e-catalogue. This snow e-catalogue will be the focus of our snow digital campaign, to which all display and social efforts will be driven. This is a great opportunity for us to give deserved attention to a key department for the AW11 season. It is important all our key snow brands are a part of this marketing piece. The same opportunities for your brand to be involved exist within both e-catalogues. OUR AIM: To present our product offering and lifestyle messaging in a creative format to drive the sell through of key brands.

SURFDOME COMMUNITY Opportunities We are the proud owners of an entire community site, yet to go live.

Reach out!

This is an extremely large part of our strategy for 2011 onwards and will be the place to come online and view our sports and brand videos, images, news, events and competitions. All we require from you will be to email the following to n Press releases n News from your brand or riders n Videos (exclusive if you have them) including viral, lifestyle, team, etc n Photos – riders, amazing scenery, competitions, events, new products, etc n Events – imagery, e-flyers, links to your event and tickets to giveaway The more content that you can send, the greater your exposure will be across the community. We are also commercialising the entire site with key related brands, looks and product placement, all of which link back through to and your products to boost your sales. OUR AIM: To be the centre of the action sports community and drive sales through integrated product placement.

EVENTS Opportunities We have some exciting opportunities for an events schedule involving our top brands. A separate proposal will be put forward initially on Freeze which is on the 28 and 29th of October this year.

Take part

Events we’ll be targeting next year include: n Boardmasters n NASS n Beach Break Live n Paddle Round the Pier n Freeze OUR AIM: To devise a unique events strategy providing a platform for further exposure of your brand.

CO-OP ADVERTISING Opportunities There may exist in the long term some opportunities for co-op advertising within specific publications and or outdoor placements. We will approach specific brands when the relevant and exciting opportunity arises. OUR AIM: Present key co-operative advertising opportunities for increased exposure when the opportunity arises.


Autumn/Winter 2011 marketing opportunities