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Welcome PHANTOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4–5 Who We Are . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6–7 The Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–9 Paddle Without Limits . . . . . . . . . . . .10 FRIENDS  Bark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12–13  Laird . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14–15   JM Paddleboards . . . . . . . . . . 16–17  Lopez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18–19   Channel Islands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20   Robert August . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21  Roxy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22   Surftech - French . . . . . . . . . . . 24–27 Paddles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28–29 Accessories/Auto . . . . . . . . . . . 31–32 Softgoods/Promo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34–35 Sales & Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36–37

Exceed your expectations. Slicing through calm morning glass. Long weekend training rides with the crew. All-out sprints to the finish line. Phantom riders absolutely live for this stuff. Since these paddlers are focused on performance, and driven by speed and the thrill of competition, these serious racers won’t settle for anything less, whatever it takes to cross the finish line first. The BARK Phantom in Quantum Carbon Construction by Surftech is stable, confident and forgiving on stretches of rough water, yet fast; accelerating and maintaining speed well and making the most of every paddle stroke. Phantom riders paddle hard and fast, relishing every minute they can keep the competition in their wake. These athletes spend hours on their boards, often in the brutal heat or chilling cold and wind, turning out every ounce of energy they can muster on their way to a new level of fitness, ability, and endurance in pursuit of a championship trophy, and personal best. That is why they demand complete performance: the Phantom’s combination of stiffness, liveliness and light weight with a hydrodynamic hull designed by Joe Bark–the most copied designer in race board history. Only Joe Bark could design the Phantom Series. Only Surftech could offer Quantum Carbon technology and construction.

PHANTOM 14 Q0002 w : 28.2” th : 7.5” v : 277.85L fins : single

PHANTOM 12’6 Q0001 w : 27.8” th : 8” v : 253L fins : single



Surftech is a hybrid of surf and technology. our name reflects our values. More than 20 years ago, Randy French brought groundbreaking technology into the surfboard industry. Our ongoing efforts have revolutionized the industry, encouraging a race in development that has raised the industry standard and what people expect from their equipment. We are committed to the perpetual evolution of creating quality surf and stand up paddleboards, and are proud to have had an incredible number of watersports pioneers join us in our passion. As a result, Surftech has a rich history that spans a diverse range of people, ideas and sports. It is what we love that unites and drives us, and when the world’s best designers choose Surftech to build their boards, they join paths with us in a quest to develop the finest, most advanced products available today. This is why industry icons like Gerry Lopez, Bob Pearson, Joe Bark, Laird Hamilton and many others have enabled us to produce the most unique and complete quiver that we can paddle and offer to our friends worldwide.

Our philosophy and standards are reflected in the foundational belief that R&D is an ongoing process. True performance is is the culmination of the finest designers working closely with pro athletes like Laird Hamilton, Jamie Mitchell and Candice Appleby in the relentless pursuit of perfection in everything we do. Surftech is proud to support some of the most outstanding athletes on the water today. These paddlers, surfers, family and friends share a common passion for the desire of excellence in what we do, and this kindred spirit binds us as we train together, and laugh together. In these pages, we invite you to catch a glimpse of life, and share in our in the Surftech family.


Mike Bond Gerry Lopez

Chris Lieto Leanne Darling Jenn Lee

Trent Carter

John Becker Micha Shaw

Chris Hill Candice Appleby

Reno Marcellini

Morgan Hoesterey

Alison Riddle Brent Allen





Larry Cain Kerri Stewart

Rand Carter

Matt Becker

Jamie Mitchell

Greg Welch

Ken “Hobie� Hoeve

Laird Hamilton Roch Frey Kanesa Duncan

Paddle without limits. We offer a wide variety of SUPs and equipment designed by experienced craftsmen who envisioned a specific purpose for their product. Maximize your fun and go above and beyond your expectations by making the right choice. To assist with choosing the right board for your activity, there are icons located next to each board in the catalog. Many Surftech boards are associated with multiple icons as they are fit for many functions. The icons will provide a general idea of how to best utilize each board.

SURF Surf SUP boards are designed by world-class surfboard shapers and excel in ocean waves

Find it fast! WHITEWATER Whitewater boards are constructed to withstand the punishment of boulders and rapids


New product/colorways for 2013 identified by this mark

FITNESS Fitness boards provide wide and stable platforms that allow you to more easily perform on-water fitness exercises and yoga



Touring boards are designed for fun and stability while gliding long distances across open water

Race hulls are specifically designed for maximum speed/ distance per stroke and first place finishes

Team workout in Tahoe, Ca : Mike Bond and Rand Carter (front)

Joe Bark Surfer, paddler, board builder, fitness freak, waterman, family man.

Joe Bark is the type of inspirational figure from which the sport of SUP was born.

Joe built his first prone paddleboard back in 1976, and has competed in every Catalina race since 1983 (winning twice!). As the sport of SUP emerged, it was only natural that Joe would apply his 30 years of prone paddleboard design knowledge into producing the best race SUP’s the world has ever seen. Joe’s lifestyle has always been one of paddling, freediving, spear fishing, fitness, and riding big waves. With his unrivaled experience, work ethic, and attention to detail, Joe remains the undisputed leading designer of race SUP’s. More races are won on Bark boards than any other brand!

Bark, hard at work. 1991

The crew in ‘82 At play in Puerto Escondido : 1995

Name Crossover

Candice Appleby



Length 11’0 12’6 12’6 12’6 Width 29.7” 27.9” 29” 29” Thick 7.3” 7” 6.5” 6.5” Volume 230L 230.2L 233L 233L Fins Single Single Single Single SKU E0013 E0012 E0010 L2024


Name Dominator Micha Shaw and Alison Riddle Candice Appleby and Matt Becker search for adventure

Photo : Nelly



Length 14’0 14’0 14’0 Width 28” 29.88” 29.25” Thick 7.36” 8.2” 5.2” Volume 285L 333L 235L Fins Single Single Single SKU E0011 E0014 L1823

Pearson, Bark, Hamilton

Laird Laird Hamilton is one of the most accomplished watermen on the planet, equally adept at windsurfing, surfing the world’s biggest waves, accomplishing incredible challenges on a SUP (crossed the English Channel in 2006), or simply blowing minds on a longboard at home on the North Shore of Kauai. Often referred to as the Godfather of SUP, Laird is widely recognized as the guy that brought this ancient Hawaiian pastime into the modern age. The Laird models from Surftech were the first production SUP’s to hit the market and he continues to push the level of performance in his latest range of boards. To design his surf SUPs, Laird teamed up with Bob Pearson, a legendary Santa Cruz surfer who started shaping in the mid 1960’s. As a lifeguard in the late 60’s, Bob competed in paddleboard races on boards that he built, and established quite a reputation through his success. In the 70’s, Bob moved to Hawaii and surfed the professional circuit while beginning to experiment with a variety of materials and construction methods. When the sailboard craze happened, construction technologies rapidly evolved, which for Bob led to making composite boards with impressive strength-to-weight ratios. Through the years, Pearson Arrow Surfboards has crafted boards for many of the top surfers in the world. Around 2002, Laird contacted Bob with an interest he and Dave Kalama played around with using big boards and paddles. Soon, Bob was headed down to Malibu to check it out and began shaping Laird Stand Up Paddleboards. Laird and Bob soon teamed up with Surftech to make the finest SUP’s in the world with a wide range of models from which to choose.

Name Slice

Race 12’6

Race 14

Length 12’6 Width 30” Thick 7.75” Volume 259L Fins Single SKU E0006

12’6 30” 7.75” 259L Single L2011

14’0 29.5” 7.5” 275.6L Single E0007

SHaped by Joe Bark with Laird Hamilton


For his race/touring boards, Laird collaborated with none other than Joe Bark, the legendary craftsman whose lightning fast shapes have dominated the race scene since the beginning. The boards that Joe and Laird designed together are the culmination of a staggering amount of knowledge and experience. As the worldwide SUP leader in design, innovation, and technology, Surftech unites these two oceansports pioneers as they challenge one another to create the best possible product for function and your ocean enjoyment. No matter what type of Stand Up Paddling you want to do, there’s a perfect match for you in the Surftech Laird Hamilton series.

photo : Bob Bangerter



Length 10’0 10’6 Width 28.5” 29.75” Thick 4” 4.38” Volume 129.4L 154L Fins Future/4+1 Future/4+1 SKU L2156 A L2158 A L2157 B L2159 B W0265 C


Length 11’0 12’1 Width 29.5” 31.5” Thick 4.37” 4.18” Volume 165L 206L Fins Future/4+1 Future/2+1 SKU L2160 A L2162 A L2161 B L2163 B W0264 C SHaped by Bob Pearson with Laird Hamilton


JM Paddleboards as a 16 year old in a neighbors garage in the 80’s; a kid who loved the idea of making his own boards. By the early 90’s he was sponsored and paddling competitively, and began working in the factory for a local Australian surf company. In 2003, after 10 years in the industry, he went solo. Adrian knew fellow Aussie Jamie Mitchell through the race scene, and that year he shaped Jamie an 18’ paddleboard, and their dynamic relationship had begun.

Kenny Smith

Adrian birse first started shaping

Jamie had won the fearsome Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championship three times in a row when he got on Adrian’s unlimited paddleboard designs in 2003. They collaborated to come up with an 18’ paddleboard that Jamie took through another seven consecutive wins to earn his place in history with an incredible ten wins. This proved to the world that their partnership and designs were a winning formula. In 2005, upon Jamie’s urging, Adrian took his knowledge of paddleboard design and began shaping SUPs. 2009 was a particularly good year for JM Paddleboards, as Adrian shaped winning paddleboards for multiple divisions in the Australian Nationals, as well as Jamie’s winning Molokai2-Oahu paddleboard and his Battle of the Paddle SUP. Jamie and Adrian continue to refine designs and see success and growth, producing top models in Surftech technologies.

Name Mini Mitcho



Length 9’6 12’6 14’0 Width 26” 30” 29” Thick 5.6” 6.18” 6.65” Volume 136.9L 255L 259L Fins Single Single Single SKU E0017 E0009 E0008


Photo : Nelly


1964 : Bon

Ching, Rell

Sun, Gerry.

Hawaii State


Gerry lopez Known as “mr. pipeline,” Hawaiian Gerry Lopez’s performances

Photo: Darlin


deep in the tube at the world’s most famous wave have made him a timeless icon in the surfing world for over four decades. Gerry has been at the forefront of stand up paddleboarding as both a rider and a shaper. Drawing on his decades of experience building surfboards, the hi-quality craftsmanship of Gerry’s shapes is showcased in smooth, precise, and beautiful lines.

Photo: Honolulu


Gerry had made early contributions to the sport of windsurfing, and notably in the surfing world through the Lightning Bolt Brand in the 1970s. He shaped his first SUP upon Laird Hamilton’s request way back when Laird was the only one doing it. Like shaping his first surfboard in 1968, Gerry discovered that his lifetime of experience shaping surfboards and intimate ocean knowledge provided for him an easy and natural transition into shaping SUPs. Gerry continues to hone his skills by perpetually paddling, surfing and shaping, expanding his quiver into several different Surftech technolgies. Always cool, smooth, and stylish, Gerry remains one of the most iconic, admired and respected surfers of all time. 1969 : Shaping

Room Oahu

Gerry Lopez threads the needle at Pipeline. / Photo : Jeff Divine

Name Sweetie Pie Length 8’5 9’0 Width 30.6” 30.6” Thick 4.2” 4.1” Volume 121.6L 130.9L Fins Future/Quad Future/Quad SKU U0245 U0246


8’10 28.5 4” 114.7L Future/Quad L2000

Name Manu-Kai


Length 12’6 Width 28.25” Thick 5.75” Volume 282.5L Fins Single SKU E0016

14’0 28” 5.75” 325.4L Single E0015

Name Lil Darling

Surf Music

Surf Music

Big Darling

Big Darling

Length 8’11 9’0 10’0 10’6 11’2 Width 28.5” 34” 34” 29” 29.5L Thick 4.13” 4.25” 4.38” 4.25” 4.38” Volume 126L 157.8L 182L 142.4L 156.5L Fins Future/Quad Future/4+1 Future/4+1 Future/Quad Future/5-fin SKU L2001 L2023 L2022 L1998 L1999


Channel Islands Al Merrick began surfing in Encinitas at 10, sponsored early on by Surfboards Hawaii. Moving to Santa Barbara in 1965 and inspired by Dick Brewer and Bob McTavish, he picked up a planer in 1966 and never looked back. However, the world hadn’t yet discovered Merrick, even after Shaun Tomson captured the world title in 1977. Around that time, he started shaping boards for a local grom with a promising future by the name of Tom Curren who became Merrick’s prodigy and Channel Islands grew to colossal proportions. Channel Islands built momentum, but once his boards became Kelly Slater’s weapon of choice, every surfer had to have a quiver. Teaming up with Surftech over a decade ago, his unparalleled shapes, built in our proven Tuflite techology, have found their way under the feet of thousands of surfers around the world. As the incredible growth of SUP occurred, Merrick crafted a full range of SUP models that showcase his incredible shaping skills and understanding of what makes a board truly magic.

Al Merrick (M) with pro surfers Tom Curren (L), Rob Machado (R)

Name Caddi Length 9’1 Width 29.5” Thick 4.25” Volume 136.6 Fins FCS/2+1 SKU L1969


9’7 29.4” 4.25” 144.2L FCS/2+1 L1970

10’1 30” 4.25” 156.3L FCS/2+1 L1971

Morgan Hoesterey

Robert August Robert August was born into the surf scene. The son of Blackie August, a renowned lifeguard and one of the first to surf Redondo Beach, Robert was chosen as a teenager along with Mike Hynson to star in The Endless Summer, an iconic surf movie which took him around the globe. This priceless experience allowed him to be the first to surf in many areas where people had never before seen a surfboard. Back in Huntington Beach Robert worked in Jacobs’ Surf Shop, and began shaping in 1966. With the release of Endless Summer II, there was a resurgence of classic longboards in surf culture, which provided a shot in the arm for his legendary shapes. It was a natural progression to design SUPs and Robert was one of the first shapers to build his designs in Surftech’s proven technologies. Robert’s “What I Paddle” is the translation of his popular “What I Ride” longboard into the stand up world, and is what he paddles everyday.

Name What I Paddle Length 11’6 Width 31” Thick 4.3” Volume 198L Fins FCS/2+1 SKU L1872

Carmel, California

11’6 31” 4.3” 198L FCS/2+1 L1873


Roxy ROXY debuted in 1990 with the idea to unify female surfers in community and provide for them a brand that fit their lifestyle: “fun, bold, athletic, daring and classy.” Being born of Quiksilver and therefore with love for the ocean a part of their lineage, it was a natural step for ROXY to create a line of fun and attractive surfboards. In conjunction with experienced shaper Randy French, Randy designed and built a series of ROXY surfboards that are enjoyed worldwide. As stand up paddling grew and girls that love the water started experiencing the ocean through SUP, ROXY again looked to Randy to shape SUP boards that were better suited for girls to have fun on the water in a new and exciting way. ROXY SUPs are styled and shaped specifically for the smaller paddler that needs a board that she can handle with ease, because your next chance to have a good time could be right around the corner!

Name Roxy Length 9’6 Width 30” Thick 4.33” Volume 142.4L Fins FCS/2+1 SKU L2017


10’6 32.25” 4.25” 166.8L FCS/2+1 L2018

adlib Photography

Randy French Since our inception, surftech has teamed up with the world’s top brands, athletes and shapers. Our roots run deep, starting with our founder and in-house designer/

shaper, Randy French. His legendary background began in the 70’s as he honed his skills crafting surfboards and building a solid surf team. Next, he created the international windsurf brand Seatrend, where he pushed the construction and technology envelope resulting in faster and stronger boards for a sport that put big-time demands on it’s equipment. During this era, Randy learned how to make a largeboard go very fast and that knowledge has translated into crafting exceptional stand up paddle boards. In 1992, Surftech was created to bring new technology to the process of board building. Randy saw that the way boards were being made hadn’t changed for over 40 years. The old way wasn’t very durable, so a lot of boards ended up in landfills and the toxic materials weren’t kind to the environment. He made it his mission to bring revolutionary new construction technologies to the world. The Wood Veneer Series was the first technology, resulting in beautiful, durable, precise boards created with a seamless construction process. It was embraced by many legendary shaper/designers and continues to be used in select models today. Randy kept looking for better materials and processes that would enable him to exactly reproduce master shapes that were lighter, stronger and more ecologically sustainable. The result was the creation of Surftech’s Tuflite epoxy composite technology, which was a game-changer in the industry.

Dale velzy and Randy French with one of the early Surftech wood veneers

After years of research and testing, Surftech was proud to be the first to offer a real alternative to the fossil-based foam cores being used. The resulting “Natural Composite” skin material is made from a renewable cellulose fiber that is sustainable and recyclable. Unlike most competitors, our Fused-Cell cores are actually waterproof and have remarkable flex properties, retaining incredible structural integrity for years of enjoyment.

The evolutionary progression continues and Surftech has a wide variety of technologies that were each developed with specific characteristics in mind. Randy’s legacy of creating new technologies is why

Surftech continues to be the worldwide SUP leader iN Name Flowmaster technology, innovation and design. Length 11’6

12’6 12’6 Width 30” 32” 32” Thick 5.7” 5.08” 5.08” Volume 240L 279.9L 279.9L Fins Single Single Single SKU ST106 ST107 L2178


Name Fire


Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell

Length 9’0 10’0 9’8 9’8 Width 30.2” 30” 28” 28” Thick 4.33” 4.3” 4.25” 4.25” Volume 138L 142.3L 135L 135L Fins FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 Future/2+1 Future/2+1 SKU L2154 L2155 L1838 U0252

Candice Appleby


A B Name Marisa Miller

Micha Shaw

Name Bamboozle Bamboozle

Generator Generator

Length 10’0 10’6 11’6 Width 30” 32” 31.5” Thick 4.25” 4.25” 4.5” Volume 142.3L 166.8L 188.7L Fins FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 SKU L1928 ST128 A ST129 A BA0012 B BA0014 B





Length 10’6 11’6 9’6 10’6 11’6 12’0 Width 32” 32.1” 31.5” 32” 32.1” 33.5” Thick 5” 5” 4.64” 5” 5” 5” Volume 206L 238L 172.2L 206L 238L 258.3L Fins FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 FCS/2+1 SKU BA0006 BA0007 SA103 SA105 SA106 SA107




Length 9’6 10’6 Width 32” 33” Thick 4.5” 4.7” Volume 152.8L 186.9L Fins Single Single SKU ST116 A ST120 A ST117 B ST121 B BA0018 C BA0020 C Length 11’6 12’0 Width 33.5” 34” Thick 5” 5.2” Volume 211.8L 236.3L Fins Single Single SKU ST122 A ST124 A ST123 B ST125 B BA0021 C BA0022 C


Name Blacktip



Length 10’6 Width 33” Thick 4.2” Volume 185.5L Fins Single SKU BT0010

10’6 31.25” 4.75” 201.7L Single D0002

10’6 33” 5” 225L Rubber Tri i0002


weight: 22oz

blade width: 8.5”/ 10.5”

The San-O’s teardrop blade design moves smoothly and swiftly through the water, making it the ideal blade shape for SUP surfers. Choose the smaller blade for higher cadence on lakes and rivers. Blade features an ABS sidewall for maximum impact resistance. Cut to length. P0007: 89.5” / 10.5” cc blade P0019: 89.5” / 8.5” c blade P0010: 89.5” / 10.5” c blade

Choose the Nautical series as your premier flat water paddles, designed to pull a maximum amount of water with every stroke. Whether connecting swells on a downwind run or battling it out in a lakeside sprint, the Nautical is the blade you want for optimum glide.

weight: 23.9oz

weight: 26.4oz

blade width: 8” / 9”

blade width: 8”

blade width: 8”

Nautical Carbon

All carbon. 89.5” oval filament shaft. Cut to length P0046: 8” blade / 20.4oz P0045: 9” blade / 21.8oz

Nautical Carbon Adjustable

All carbon. Push pin adjustment system. Round filament shaft. P0047: adjusts from 68 – 88”

Nautical Carbon 3-piece Travel

All carbon, locking three piece paddle P0048: adjusts from 76 – 88”

Graphic Nautical Carbon

weight: 20.4oz

weight: 22.9oz

weight: 34oz

weight: 35.2oz

weight: 41.5oz

blade width: 8”

blade width: 8”

blade width: 9”

blade width: 8”

blade width: 8.5”

All carbon. Cut to length P0049: 89.5”

Nautical Adjustable Fiberglass

All fiberglass. Variable length. P0056: adjusts from 66”– 78”

For another high performance option, try the Surftech Ventana. Featuring an ergonomic oval shaft for comfort and control, and a translucent laminate fiberglass blade. Cut to length. P0050: 90”

The Venture is the perfect paddle for newer paddlers! Excels in both flat water and wave riding. With a strong, lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum shaft, “T” grip handle and a 12° angled durable polyproylene blade with a tapering spine for stiffness. Fixed length. P0029: 70” P0031: 78” P0033: 86” P0030: 74” P0032: 82” P0034: 90” Surftech’s Adjustable aluminum paddle offers a strong, lightweight aluminum shaft with sturdy ABS blade. Perfect for those who want one solution to answer the need for a longer paddle for touring and a shorter paddle for surfing, or just want to lend their paddle to a friend! Variable length. P0009: adjusts from 67”– 83”

LEGEND C:  Carbon


CC:  Carbon Composite

ABS: Highly impact resistant, incredibly rigid and durable thermoplastic EVA:  Soft yet tough waterproof foam

weight: 22oz

blade width: 8”

When supermodel and fitness fanatic Marisa Miller paddles her 10’ Pro Model SUP shaped by Randy French, she knows that her signature paddle will allow her to achieve her fitness objectives. Full carbon means it’s super lightweight, yet strong enough to last! Cut to length. P0036: 84”

‘Laird designed by Quickblade’ paddles. Designing and making paddles since 1989, Quickblade products are the natural evolution of paddle performance founded on years of competitive racing by Jim Terrell.

ALL CARBON fiber construction, ABS edges, ergonomic EVA wrapped palm grip, dihedral power face. Full carbon. Cut to length.

weight: 20oz

blade width: 8.7”

blade length: 17”  blade area: 100in2  blade angle: 10° P0041: 86”

Adjustable ALL CARBON fiber construction. Adjustable handle with 8” of adjustment. ABS edges, ergonomic EVA wrapped palm grip, dihedral power face. Cut to length.

weight: 21oz

blade width: 8.7”

blade length: 17”  blade area: 100in2  blade angle: 10° P0044: adjusts from 76”– 84” (easily depress dual-headed spring button)

CARBON / BAMBOO HYBRID construction, ABS edges, ergonomic EVA wrapped palm grip, dihedral power face. Cut to length

weight: 21oz

blade width: 8.7”

blade length: 17”  blade area: 100in2  blade angle: 10° P0042: 86”

The signature blade has been thoughtfully designed to maximize (4) phases of the stroke while the subtly curved tip makes for a clean, fast catch. A slight dihedral contour in the face keeps the blade from twisting during the power phase and keeps vibration to a minimum for a better recovery. To this day, Jim is obsessed with hydrodynamics and has decades of experience with scientifically testing paddle mechanics and strain gage force analysis, and has an extensive background in composite technology applications.


Candice, Matt and Jamie cruise Carmel. shots : Nelly

A ccessories + A u to

Coil Leash reduces drag by keeping your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water. Extends to a maximum of 11’. • Max-strength double swivel urethane cord • 7mm urethane cord • Triple wrap rail saver • Precision molded fittings

lsh0029 : ankle cuff lsh0030 : calf cuff (larger)

EZ Handles are ideal for added carrying options for your SUP, canoe, kayak, and other marine craft. Features durable, weather-proof rubber handle and webbing, and strong nylon cord. Adhesive EZ Plug mounts attach to curved or flat surfaces. • Holds up to 45 pounds. • Flat handle which lies on surface • Curved handle is soft and contoured handle for ease of grip ez003 : curved handle ez004 : flat handle

Bomber Leash is built with patented EZ Plugs are an easy way to apply Techlock rail saving design • Double thermoformed Breathoprene ankle liner • 7mm urethane cord • Precision molded fittings/stainless steel swivels • Hypalon ankle standoff reinforcement.

lsh0010 : 9’ lsh0011 : 11’

Paddle Cover keeps your paddle safe. Have peace of mind that your gear will stay in top condition because of design features like padded walls, reinforced seams and heavy-duty zipper. Great for traveling long distance or just tossing your paddle in the back of the car. acc0007

SUP Sling makes carrying your

surface mounted accessory attachments to your board. Customize your SUP with handles, webbing, D-rings, carabiners and more! Application is quick and easy using a 3M high-bond glue adhesive.

SUP to the water easy as can be! Side pocket for storage, adjustable straps, and keeps your hands free. • Exterior velcro straps to secure paddle to sling (board/paddle not included)

ez001 : single pack ez002pck : two pack


Rail Tape is designed to protect the

Paddle Guard is designed to pro-

rails of your SUP from nicks, scratches, and dings. In addition, the textured Rail Tape provides excellent grip when carrying and handling the board. Protects without affecting performance. pdl-02

tect the edges of your paddle blade, the rails of your board, and your body from damage. Protects without affecting performance. pdl-01

Deck Rigging Kit provides versatile SUP bag is an ultra-tough board bag

Quick Grip is a clear spray-on slipresistant coating that provides durable traction on SUP Boards, Paddles, Longboards, Sailboards, Skateboards and all other Fiberglass, Epoxy, Wood, Carbon Fiber, or Aluminum surfaces. Ultra-Lite clear traction for SUP, longboard noseriding, paddle, sailboard and skateboard decks. • One can is good for up to three boards and three paddles. quick-grip

on-deck storage and accessorizing options. Easily installed on boards via threaded inserts or with adhesive EZ Plugs. Includes simple instructions. pdl-03 : threaded 6 insert kit (left) Six Piece SUP Pad is easy to apply, • Six round deck line guides • Six 6mm x 16mm stainless steel adhesive, black six piece SUP pad. machine screws • Soft diamond cut texture for comfort and traction while you paddle 20 strokes • 11’ of 1/4” bungee cord • 4mm allen wrench or 20 miles. • 25” x 80” ez-007 : adhesive 4 ez plug kit (right) acc0011 • Four adhesive EZ Plugs • 11’ of 1/4” bungee cord • Simple instructions ez-008 : adhesive 6 ez plug kit • Six adhesive EZ Plugs • 11’ of 1/4” bungee cord

is designed to withstand anything you might encounter as you transport your SUP. Padded, heat and corrosion resistant. Features exterior storage pocket, removable tarpaulin changing mat and padded, removable shoulder strap. • 10mm foam padding • PU-coated ripstop nylon • 3/16” rail guard around zipper to guard the tail • Heat reflective tarpaulin bottom • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant zippers bb0073 : 9’6” x 34” bb0074 : 10’6” x 34” bb0075 : 11’6” x 34” bb0076 : 11’6” x 40” (wide) bb0077 : 12’6” x 38” bb0078 : 14’0” x 34”


Rack Pads work great on any bar rack system! Rack Pads have 5mm of foam to protect any board on the roof of your car. acc0001

Tie Downs are made with one inch wide nylon webbing and heavy duty push button attachments. acc0002

new for 2013: All auto rack pads Widened to 30”

Tailgate Pad fits on any truck tailgate. The 5mm pad works to secure and protect your board from getting damaged while hanging out of the back of your truck. acc0004

Single Soft Rack w/Cam Lock

Double Soft Rack w/Cam Lock

is simple and strong. Don’t spend your session trying to figure out how to put your boards on the racks. acc0005

is simple and strong. Be prepared for any conditions with the ability to bring multiple boards from your quiver. acc0006

starter inventory packages sun cure epoxy ding repair kit

tuflite ding dough™ epoxy repair putty stick is a quick and

Personal Flotation Belt allows

Rack Pads with Straps combine our 5mm Pads with 1” wide Tie Down Straps to secure anything to the roof of your car. acc0003

paint repair package: • 13 colors spray paint • 13 colors touch-up paint ding repair package: • 6 Sun Cure epoxy kits • 6 Professional epoxy kits • 12 Ding Doughs with counter display ding & paint repair package: • 13 color spray paint • 13 color touch-up paint • 6 Sun Cure epoxy kits • 6 Professional epoxy kits • 12 Ding Doughs with counter display


is an ultra-clear fiber-filled epoxy resin that cures within minutes under direct sun. When using this product you will not need to mix or use added cloth. It is the perfect product for travel, or for small cracks and dings that occur to surfboards. 310-r-b-sc-wht02-epoxy

easy to use fiberglass reinforced “doughlike” compound that is designed to cure in or out of the water. It’s a perfect for travel or at home repairs and it works great on both epoxy and polyester surfboards. Just three quick and easy steps: pinch it, knead it, smooth it and you’re back in the water. acc0012

convenient and easy compliance where PDF’s are required. Reusable mesh storage/ carry bag. Fits most adults over 80 lbs. Not approved for children under 16 years of age. U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type V Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device PFD with Type III Performance. Inflatable PFD’s are not recommended for non-swimmers. • Easy quick-pull cord for rapid inflation • Adjustable belt strap • Easily reloadable CO2 cartridge carrier pfd0001



Surf Ghetto

S oft g oods + P romo

SKU: FLexFit-Mesh-Cap

SKU: Surftech_Super-visor

SKU: Surftech_hat_Surf_Ghetto

• 6-panel, structured mid profile fitted style cap • 3 1/2” crown with 8 rows of visor stitching • Fused buckram sewn into front of crown • Black/White

• The most comfortable visor you’ll ever wear • Aqua Trans elastic band for fast moisture transfer • Quick-drying Coolmax fabric shell and terry headband • Black/White



Bucket Hat

Phat Chance


SKU: Surftech_hat_Phat_Chance

SKU: ACC0008

• 6-panel, structured mid-profile fitted-style • 3 1/2” crown with 8 rows of visor stitching • Fused buckram sewn into front of crown • Permacurve bill • Black/Red logo S

• 6-panel, structured mid-profile fitted-style flat bill • 3 1/2” crown with 8 rows of visor stitching • Fused buckram sewn into front of crown • Sand/Brown bill trim

• Quick-dry micro-fiber • Adjustablte chin strap • Water-shedding foam reinforced rim

SKU: Surftech_Hat_Lipper

• 6-panel, structured mid profile fitted syle cap • 3 1/2” crown with 8 rows of visor stitching • Fused buckram sewn into front of crown • Navy Blue/Red/Black




Wasup   stck-wasup : 7” wide

Bar Logo

Surftech Flag

Surftech Pop Up

  pop flag-1   • 144” x 28”   • Nylon flag   • Printed on two sides   • Collapsible pole   • Comes in carrying bag


pop tent-1 • 10’ x 10’ • 7’ overhead clearance • Aluminum adjustable legs • Nylon canopy

Stacked Logo

 stck-3 : 3” wide  stck-6 : 6” wide


 stck-08-2011 : 8”  stck-18-2011 : 18”



T e c h n o l o gY

Not all epoxy boards are created equal

BUILT AROUND THE CORE After years of research and testing Surftech were proud to be the first company to offer our “Natural Composite” construction, made from a renewable cellulose fiber that is sustainable and recyclable. Water enthusiasts are acutely aware of the effect mankind is having on the planet, that’s why our recyclable EPS Fused-Cell cores offer a real alternative to the fossil-based foam that is being widely used today. Since the cells in our foam are fused, the Surftech core is waterproof. Even if you get a ding in your board, it will not take on water!

Tuflite As the world-wide leader in composite surfboard technology, Surftech revolutionized surfboard construction when we introduced Tuflite sandwich/ epoxy construction. Since that time Tuflite has become the often copied, but never duplicated benchmark construction for SUP customers who insist on boards that easily handle day-to-day use while offering the performance advantages of light-weight precision shapes. Lighter, Stronger, Proven! *features recyclable, water-tight Fused-Cell Core. Use for: Surf, Race, Touring, Fitness

Pro-Elite Serious competitive SUP racers demand the lightest weight, highest performance boards and that is why Surftech has created the Pro-Elite series. Surftech’s Pro-Elite series crosses more finish lines first than any other SUP’s in the market today! This ultra light-weight construction utilizes high strength-to-weight materials like biaxial/carbon and high density aero-space sheet foam over the lightest foam core available. *features recyclable, water-tight Fused-Cell Core. Use for: Race

ASA/Softop Surftech’s legendary Softop construction has earned a loyal following with proven performance and value. Softop SUP’s are safe, easy to own and maintain and provide you with a versatile board whether you ride waves, paddle for fitness or explore nature with your family in a favorite waterway. *features recyclable, water-tight Fused-Cell Core. Use for: Surf, Touring, Fitness, General Recreation


AST Surftech’s AST technology allows for a lighter, stronger construction that focuses structural reinforcement where it’s needed most. Durable and reliable, perfect for everyday use at the beach or at the lake. *features recyclable, water-tight Fused-Cell Core. Use for: Surf, Fitness, Touring, General Recreation

Natural Composites/Bamboo Surftech pioneered this greener technology almost two decades ago. Combining the latest low-ecological-impact composite materials with one of nature’s most renewable and resilient structures: natural bamboo, Surftech is able to bring you SUP boards that are as durable as they are beautiful. *features recyclable, water-tight Fused Cell Core. Use for: Surf, Fitness, General Recreation

Wood Top-level hand-craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of natural wood blend effortlessly with the most progressive aero-space composites and board designs by the world’s top shapers to create Surftech’s Wood Series. These boards truly offer proven performance and unsurpassed style and class. *features recyclable, water-tight Fused Cell Core. Use for: Surf, Fitness, General Recreation, Art/Display

Blacktip 2013 / NEW CONSTRUCTION The Surftech Black Tip is soft, safe, and easy to own and maintain. Capable of riding waves or charging the rapids, the Blacktip’s proven versatility makes it great for beginners and families with kids. The newly redesigned 2013 Blacktip is shaped with a single concave to vee out the tail and smoother, progressive overall rocker for improved paddling efficiency. Blacktip 2013 also includes a grooved EVA standing area. Use for: Surf, Whitewater, Touring, General Recreation

B-1 Surftech has teamed up with Bounce Composites to develop the most exciting, innovative and practical SUP construction ever! Utilizing our exclusive new patent pending technology, the B-1 features a thermal composite fiber-fused polymer, resulting in a hi-performance SUP with unmatched strength to weight ratio! The Surftech B-1 is highly impact resistant, the resulting durability makes it easy to own and maintain. Use for: Surf, Whitewater, Touring, General Recreation

Ultraflx With Surftech’s deep roots as a surfboard technology company, Ultraflx grew out of a desire to create a “flex-match” that closely mirrors the performance characteristics of a standard polyester surfboard, but more durable and offering a longer life-span. We have carefully chosen high quality materials that will maintain the crisp flex and soft feel that many wave riders prefer. *features water-tight Fused Cell Core. Use for: Surf


D omestic National Sales Manager

New England

Mike Bennett O 831 479-4944 x 21 C 831 247-4889

Gregory Levy C 401 952-2425 F 401 223-4878

Mid-West: MN,WI

Texas Gulf Region

Chris Bank C 612 963-8888

Layne Losee C 281 948-1626 F 281 437-0584

Mid-West: IL,MI,IN,OH

Mik Deboef, Team Maxem, Inc. O 269 629-4759 C 269 806-2927 F 866 929-7279

Northern California


Robert Hyland O 714 847-1250 C 831 332-2338 F 714 847-1226

Jim MacVicar O 360 573-7980 C 503 860-7274 F 360 576-3986 Hawaii, Pacific Basin

Steve Cranston O 808 596-8693 South East & Florida

Joseph Mosquera C 828 713-3301 F 843 737-4224


Mike Coover C 831-212-8487 Southern California

Central East

Mark Neustadter O 609 568-5816 C 609 442-4009 F 609 568-5817

S ales + S u pport

I nternational

UK and Netherlands



Freedom Sports Av. Mohedano de La Castellana, Qta. Sandheath, Caracas Venezuela PH 58 212 2663352

Holy Sport srl Via Provinciale 231 55041 Camaiore (LU) ITALY PH 0584 913743 FX 0584 913714


RAJAbra Estrada da Barra da Tijuca, 1636 - loja C Rio de Janeiro - RJ - 22641-003 Brazil PH 21 3087 6195 FX 21 2491 4751 Costa Rica - Nicaragua Panama

Hang 10 Distribution SA Tamarindo - Guanacaste Costa Rica PH 506 2 653 6328 FX 506 2 653 63 67 CL 506 8 868 0017 New Zealand

EXIT SURF PRODUCTS LTD 1020 Ferry Rd, Ferrymead, Christchurch, 8023 PH 64 3 384 2789 FX 64 3 376 5680 Uruguay - S. America

SUNVALLEY SURF SHOP 1128 Juan Benito Blanco Pocitos - Montevideo 11300 PH 598 2709 8807 FX 598 2707 5440 Norway

Western Europe

France, Andora, Guyana, Reunion Islands, Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Morocco S.A.S. Hoff LE Forum – Rolute des Pontots 64105 Bay PH 00 335 59 57 10 77 FX 00 335 59 31 97 80 Skype Sylvie_achat_hoff Caribbean Islands from Bahamas, Cuba Dominican Republic

Velauno Paddleboarding 2430 Calle Loiza Punta las Marias San Juan, Puerto Rico 00913 PH 787 728 8716 Tahiti FP

619 Distribution PH 689 33 8624 Israël

Almog Surfboard lTD-Inter Surf PH 972 3 682 0729 FX 972 3 681 2843 Sweden

Dexus AB PH 46 70 262 2058 Peru

The Surf Commission PH 44 120 572 2745 FX 44 120 572 2753 Japan

Surftech Japan PH 81 475 42 1361 FX 81 475 42 1362 Australia

Surftech Australiasia PH 612 4226 1322 Philippines

Aloha Boardsports Inc. PH 632 837 0118 FX 632 837 0019 Taiwan

Eastrange Development Corp PH 88 62 2501 5085 FX 88 62 2501 4680 Greece

BoardTech PH 302 10 973 9384 FX 302 10 970 0362 México

Reacción Outdoor S.A DE C.V. PH 11 52 624 142 5933 FX 11 52 624 142 6604 Baja Waterman Baja Waterman Brothers S de R.L. de C.V. Col. Costa Azul Km # 29, San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico. CP 23406 PH 624172 6110

Manuel Soto Planet Snow AS PH 511 617 6616 Hertzbergsgt. 34 Dubai 2318 Hamar Surf Shop Dubai Norway Thailand PH 971 4 379 1998 PH 47 91307733 Palm Marine Co. Ltd PH 011 66 76 381 065 37

2013 SUP Catalogue  

2013 SUP Catalogue

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