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Thursday 17 July 2014


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Geelong a suburb of Melbourne Dear Editor, According to a recent housing feature in the Herald Sun, Geelong is now a suburb of Melbourne! During the gold rush, the merchants of Melbourne were afraid that Geelong would become the capital of Victoria, so they issued a fake map showing Melbourne was nearer to Ballarat than Geelong. They entreated prospectors not to disembark at Geelong or purchase their supplies here. Today, most City of Greater Geelong residents and neighbouring shires would be pleased that we don’t have something the size of Melbourne sprawled across our landscape. So has Melbourne now decided to take us by stealth? Has anyone informed Ballarat and Bendigo that they are about to become the first and second regional cities? This year marks the centenary of the Eureka Stockade. Maybe Geelong’s colourful mayor should lead another rebellion to gain the rights and independence we have earned to stand alone as Victoria’s second city. It won’t take up much of your time, Darryn – the Eureka battle only lasted about 15 minutes and then Peter Lalor went on to a place in the Victorian Parliament and became Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. It has been said that “history repeats itself”! Arise Sir Darryn! We need you. Melva Stott Anglesea

Corporate spin breaks into a trot Dear Editor, The corporate spin that Alcoa trotted out in James Taylor’s article (“Alcoa rejects claim of emission

target failure”, Surf Coast Times, July 10) last week about its sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions at Anglesea was breathtaking. A few facts: • As the article correctly noted, Alcoa’s own 2003 plan stated from a base year of 2000, Anglesea Power Station and other locations must achieve 60 per cent reduction in SO2 emissions by 2010. • The Alcoa spokesman did not dispute that Anglesea’s SO2 emissions actually went up from a base figure of 32,899 tonnes to 39,000 tonnes in 2012-2013 (an increase of 6,101 tonnes) • An Alcoa consultant found in 2008 that Alcoa’s Anglesea SO2 emissions could be significantly reduced by installing proven SO2 scrubbing technology, however, Alcoa has failed to invest the money in Anglesea to install this technology and now wants to sell and leave. Apparently, Alcoa thinks that Anglesea residents should be grateful that it allegedly reduced its world-wide SO2 emissions by 62 per cent by 2010 while spewing out 39 million kilograms of the known respiratory irritant (the equal third highest in Australia) in close proximity to the Anglesea primary school and homes. People are not stupid and they can see through public relations gloss. They are also entitled to ask why Anglesea residents should be treated differently to people elsewhere in the world. Andrew Laird Melbourne

Heart bursting with pride Dear Editor, I was very proud to see my son Quinn on the cover of Surf Coast Times for his fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart (July 3), but I am even more heartened to say that Quinn has since raised over $1,000 toward the cause even after their commitment to “jump” had been accomplished. However, what Quinn got from the experience was not just the acknowledgement from the school, the Surf Coast community and the Heart Foundation but he got to hear personal stories from individuals

touched by the Heart Foundation and research that has saved their child’s life. He has a sense that what he can do can make a difference, a belief in social justice and gratitude for good health. His uncle and grandfather are “heart” doctors, so in turn he feels he has a deeper understanding and involvement. What a wonderful opportunity all around. And we meet more people in the neighbourhood! Michelle Buggy Torquay

Revealing front page story Dear Editor, In a revealing front page article in the Bellarine Times (“Moving On”, July 10), the newly appointed chief executive officer of Bellarine Bayside told a local business association that he “doesn’t know about the past and doesn’t have time to revisit it”. What a pity, because he might learn something of value if he were to do so. However, he does revisit the past when he states “the biggest project Bellarine Bayside will be working on during the next 12 months was a holiday park development masterplan”. The local community have been told at recent AGMs conducted by this organisation that “we will continue to give priority to the caravan parks, because that is where our income comes from”. It is precisely this past concentration upon tourism that has led to such neglect of environmental issues over the last two decades. No wonder so many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with Bellarine Bayside’s performance – it now appears that we are destined for more of the same. No doubt he is carrying out the tourism promotion plans of his bureaucratic masters – the Department of Environment and Primary Industry. Perhaps he is not aware of the environmental shambles which exists at Point Richards – what is he going to do to address that issue? He should be

Surf Coast Times: July 17, 2014  

Surf Coast Times: July 17, 2014