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A Historic Photograph during

WADe Asia 2018 Conference | Awards | Exhibition

31st August - 1st September, Hotel Pullman, New Delhi


Today and Tomorrow: A special photo captured during WADe Asia 2018 with some of the legendary archite of today, and winners of WADe Awards 2018, the probable

> 1000+ Delegates

> 15+ Mass Medi

> 900+ Architects & Designers

> 14 WADe Partn

> 150 Important Guests

> 7 Country Repr

> 55+ Jury & Speakers

> 3 Internationa

> 49 WADe Winners

> 2 Days of Conf

> 20 Hours of Networking

> 1 and only - WA

Asia’s biggest event Celebrating Women-led Development in Architecture, Art, Interior Design and Engineering!

ects of today like Raj Rewal, Namita Singh along with some of the well established design practitioners e & potential legends and design campions of tomorrow!

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al Media Partners

ference & Exhibition


be part of WADe Asia 2019 6-7* September Delhi

As Sponsor / Speaker / Jury, write to us at | * Tentative

editorial Opinions received from attendees reiterated the objectives of WADe Asia: Coming from a background where a woman is expected to comply with a defined set of tasks, WADe helps the whole community to garner a different perspective. Many of us still carry a good dose of guilt when as a woman we are unable to stick to the social norms assigned to us. The fact that we are unaware of our rights and importance. In such a backdrop, I feel an event like WADe is extremely important. It helps in redefining our legacy in a contemporary framework. It inspires us and helps us understand that we are worth it.

- Bandana Jain


The movement has begun! Conceptualized in 2013, initiated in 2016, the platform for celebrating Women-led Development in Architecture, Art & Design, WADe Asia, is working to document the contribution and progression of Women in Design. We are glad to add ‘Women in Engineering’ from 2018. WADe is the common ground for women in built space and creative pursuits to meet, network, learn and share, started with the following objectives:

"Perfect ocean of Opportunities, Connections, a Boon for students, amazing platform for Professionals – that’s WADe Asia."

- Sheen Pandita

"Listening to professional journeys of stalwarts awakened me. Interactions with Namita Singh, Revathi Kamath and Raj Rewal’s presentation are sure to be guiding lights for me. WADe Asia has been very inspiring and I am charged to take my projects ahead in great spirits."

- Anita Dake

• Ensuring visibility of Women-led projects • Bridging Mentorship

"Talking about Indian society it is difficult for women architects to gain the trust of clients. Knowing about successful women architects gives us the confidence to stand and take our work to a different level. The concept of WADe Asia is great!"

• Standing by those who want to return & restart • Encouraging, Sharing & Learning • Celebrating their Life, Work & Achievements

- Abhidha Jain

• Rewards & Recognition In our years of experience in the industry, we realised women hardly network. Something always comes-up that ranks above networking in a women’s priority list. WADe Asia is working to bridge this gap. There is a lot of need for women to meet and interact with each other. It is important for young ones to get an opportunity to listen to their Role Models. There is need for assurance that things are possible. There is a need to meet women in flesh & blood who have broken glass ceilings that others thought was impossible.

“WADe reconfirms that being women is our biggest strength. WADe makes women proud and also inspires the attendees to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve.”

- Deepali Mishra

"It is an amazing concept, WADe Asia, an amazing platform for me and my daughter. Thanks!"

- Manish Dinesh Shah

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Vertica Dvivedi expressing gratitude & thankfullness while the joyous gathering on stage looks on. Ar Raj Rewal is at the centre along with architects Namita Singh, Divya Kush, Prashant Sutharia, Sanjay Patil, Yashwant Pitkar, Prem Nath, Madhavi Desai, Anjali Lovekar, Anju Malla Pradhan, Bankim Dave, Sunil Patel, Dorji Yangki, Sushant Verma, Anuradha Chatterji, Nivedita Bose, Lalita Tharani, WADe team and more...

WADe Asia is committed to bring joy, hope and inspiration! WADe is committed to bring joy, hope and inspiration to every eye that designs & dreams, by bringing in a common platform, unsaid stories of women who made it possible and how they made it possible, 3rd edition of WADe Asia was held at the Pullman Hotel from 31st August to 1st September in New Delhi. Attended by more than 1100+ people, WADe Asia's annual event was filled with knowledge sessions, WADe Award ceremony, special keynotes by Raj Rewal, Namita Singh, Revathi Kamath; Product exhibitions, project displays, live jury sessions, student workshops, live performance by India’s 1st female ghatam player, storytelling and workshop on universal design, ably associated by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and supported by Indian Institute of Architects, Bhutan Institute of Architects, Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs and Society of Nepalese Architects. My heartfelt thanks with a bow to esteemed WADeJury, WADeSpeakers, WADePartners, WADeGuests, WADeSupporters and the WADeTeam. All have been working towards one mission - to make WADe Asia 2018 meaningful for you as an annual event

and as the platform that works throughout the year for the same causes. Looking forward to connecting with more women from the fraternity and walking together with more people who #SupportWomenLedDevelopment. Rise and Shine #AsiaArchitectureDesignArtFratenity #WADeSisters #MenWhoSupportWADe #WomenArchitectsArtistsDesignersEngineers

VERTICA DVIVEDI Editor-in-Chief, Surfaces Reporter, Founder, WADe Asia,

readers' reviews Thank you readers for the responses! We can be contacted at

Love pouring in for WADe Asia 2018 WADe is the only award that does not quantify quality of work with its built up sq.ft. And that is the only reason I showcased the smallest institution designed by my firm. We have worked on nearly 400 Government primary Schools in India to improve learning and built environment under the program called 'Anandshala'. The methods of operation to conceptualising spaces to building them take a completely different path then usual architectural practise. Thank you for recognising this fact that excellence in design is not only based on the quantum of work! Thank you for creating such important platform! - Ar Brinda Parth Shah BPS Architects, Rajkot ASIA

What you have created - the space, the energy, the team, the immense possibilities of exploration and exchange - all of this is incredible. May you go from strength to strength. - Sumana Chandrashekar India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore

Dear Neha & Deepshikha, my sincere gratitude to both of you and your team for all the arrangements done from the day of my confirmation as a JUROR for WADe 2018 till the event. Your perseverance and persistence to complete work till it is successful is a rare quality - worth appreciating. - Ar Bankim Dave Bankim Dave Architect, Surat

I really enjoyed meeting some stellar creatives. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be part of WADe Asia. - Ar Pallavi Dean Design by Roar, Dubai

WADe is quite a platform! Doing wonderful job of supporting and nurturing many talented women in architecture, design, arts and photography in Asia! It was inspiring to listen to some of Asia’s leading creative women. Special thanks to Madhurima. - Janie Airey London

Hats off to team WADe! Vertica, you were so warm, welcoming, and unassuming. I am amazed with your organizational skills. Thanks to Deepshika and her team. - Nivedita Pande N+U Design Studio, Delhi

WADe Asia is a courageous forum for bringing women in design to voice and express about themselves and their work. - Ar Bhavya Kenkare Co-founder, Arch-Aid, Mumbai

Your gentleness and ability to move mountains with your mission are admirable. I take back lovely learning and memories. Thank you Mahurima and team!

Outstanding concept! Multi-faceted! WADe is a movement. We are not far from WADe WADe-Asia – WADe-Global

- Ar Annkur Khosla Annkur Khosla Design Studio, Mumbai

- Ar Pooja Khanna Tyagi Zenith Designs, Delhi

readers' reviews Thank you readers for the responses! We can be contacted at

It’s very good platform for women designers. If I get opportunity to help from my side definitely will do. Congratulation to team WADe! Congrats to Vertica!

WADe Asia helps us (delegates) with a lot of knowledge & keeps us updated to what market leaders are doing & their thought process. Thank you so much!

- Pallavi Anchuri Anchuri Design World, Hyderabad

- Yogesh Kumar Studio U+A, Gurgaon


Conducting discussions, competitions, awards are organized very well by Vertica, Madhu and Neha in a very prestigious and respectful manner. New generation took a lot back from the talks by legends. - Ar Sarojini Sharma IIA Women Committee, Shimla

I like working or doing things which gives me good vibes, and YES WADe Asia had a lot of good vibes! For me it has been a great platform, a wonderful event that I have ever participated in.

Recognizing the works done by women and uplifting the talent that need to be brought forward in the country, is getting spread around the Globe. - Vibhanshu Garg Studio Sthapatykala, Meerut

It is an amazing concept. Congratulation!!! WADe is not only well organized and very informative - but at the same time never boring –it was fun! - Dorji Yangki President, Bhutan Institute of Architects, Bhutan

- Shah Vashvi Manish Archaid, Mumbai

A great concept of bringing women on one platform! Needs a bit fine tuning and some more people to work for WADe Asia. WADe is a huge endeavour, needs a lot of manpower! - Nivedita Bose Shreya Architects, Hyderabad

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WADe Asia 2018 The Conference hall - WADe 2018, Hotel Pullman, New Delhi

1st platform for recognizing & celebrating Women-led development in Architecture, Art, Design & Engineering

WADe Asia


Surfaces Reporter

STAGE-A: A special photo captured during WADe Asia 2018 with some of the legends and some extremely established practitioners of today, alongside winners of WADe Awards, the probable & potential legends and stars of tomorrow! In the photo are designers, artists & architects: Raj Rewal, Namita Singh, Yashwant Pitkar, Prem Nath, Sanjay Patil, Prashant Sutharia, Madhavi Desai, Nela DZoysa, Dorji Yangki, Nivedita Bose, Samuel Budiono, Sunil Patel, Anjali Lovekar, Lalita Tharani, Anju Malla, Pradhan, Mitisha Vora, Aditi Pai, Anuradha Chatterji, Mona Doctor Pingel, Avitesh, Anchal Choudhary, Chiranjivi Lunkad, Sushant Verma, Kavita Murugkar, WADe team and WADe 2018 winners


he recently concluded WADe Asia 2018 at the Hotel Pullman New Delhi from 31 August to 1 September 2018, ended with brimming smiles, delighted faces, new associations, refreshed relations, massive networking among the veterans and the newbies, and an elevated stature for the feminism in architecture, art, and design. WADe Asia is Asia’s 1st platform for celebrating Women-led Development in Architecture, Art & Design! WADe is about documenting the progression of Women in Design. It is also about a common ground for women in creative pursuits to meet, network, learn and share. The event was overwhelmingly received by the 1100+ fraternity and was graciously graced by the crème de la crème. Not only from India but the prodigies from Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Indonesia, London, and Dubai also graced the occasion. There was participation from the Government ministries including National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and NIESBUD. Founded by Vertica Dvivedi in 2016, WADe was launched as WADe India which expanded to WADe Asia. In its 3rd edition, it were two days of star-studded exuberance, knowledge sessions, exhibitions, project displays, live jury presentations, films and more. Personalised mentorship and keynotes from the architecture and design influencers from India and across the Indian sub-continent gave the event a new meaning in itself. One of the key intentions of the event is to highlight and establish the eternal spirit of womanhood in all walks of art, built spaces and design which boldly reflected through different happenings at WADe.

“Live Jury meetings during WADe Asia were intense! There were some incredible engaging sessions to decide the final winners. My salute to WADe Jury and I congratulate all the winners of WADe including WADe Excellence, YoungWADe, Best use of Colour and WADe Artists.” Madhurima Chowdhury Associate Director, WADe Asia

Highlighting the key points of WADe Awards 2018, Madhurima Chowdhury, Associate Director, WADe Asia, said, “Live Jury meetings in WADe Asia were intense! There were some incredible engaging sessions to decide the final winners. My salute to WADe Jury and I congratulate all the winners of WADe Excellence, YoungWADe, Best use of Colour and WADe Artists. Namita Singh who received WADe India Lifetime Achievement Award has dedicated her life to Architecture. Yasmeen Lari who is recipient of WADe Asia Life Time Achievement Award is Pakistan’s 1st Women Architect. Revathi Kamath, known as a pioneer in Mud Architecture is WADe Sustainability Champion 2018, Sonali Rastogi is the WADe Role Model of the year while the latest categories, WADe Woman Engineer of the year and Young WADe Sustainability Enthusiast were received by Annie Sinha Roy and Bandana Jain respectively.” Power-talks from the who’s who in arts, architecture and design, panel discussions with eminent guests and delegates, talk shows with the mentors, genuinely edifying one-o-ones, masterclass from the design maestros, the multiple award categories, and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gel and network with the authorities, relevant and an enthusiastic troop were just a handful of highlights. Neha Barua, Associate Director, WADe Asia, thanked the speakers of WADe Asia and said, “During WADe Asia event, one person came up to me and said, ‘More than in design & architecture colleges, students and even seasoned professionals

“During WADe, one person came to me and said, ‘Students and professionals can learn a lot more from the knowledge sessions in WADe Asia than in most of the design & architecture colleges.’ This was one of the best reviews we received about the sessions. While we cannot deny the wonderful teachings of some of the best schools, all are welcome to get up-to-date through presentations & films during WADe Asia. WADe will continue the work through smaller events in various parts of India.” Neha Barua, Associate Director, WADe Asia

STAGE-B: Live presentations before the WADe Jury -WADe 2018

Some of the WADe Jury members (Yashwant Pitkar, Brinda Miller, Sonali Bhagwati, Jaine Airey, Yatin Pandya, Payal Kapoor, Nela DZoysa, Sanjay Patil, Anjali Lovekar, Anju Malla Pradhan, Bankim Dave, Prem Nath, Prashant Sutharia, Sunil Patel, Dorji Yangki, and WADe Partners from Orient Bell Limited, Greenply, Sesa Plates, Alstone, Virgo, Aica, SuperSurfaces, Godrej Interior, Wipro Lighting, AIS Glasszperts, Airolam, Wallgreens and more, along with Vertica Dvivedi, Madhurima Chowdhury

can learn more from attending WADe event’. This was the best review we received about the sessions. All thanks to the speakers of WADe Masterclass, Women Leaders in Design education, Women in Photography, Messages from Architect parents to their daughters, City & heritage, Future of Design, Business Intelligence in Design and more, including the special keynotes by Raj Rewal sir, Revathi Kamath and Namita Singh.” There were thrilling and ‘wow’ moments when the women in photography, story-telling, and ghatam artists enjoyed the purest attention of the audience. The theme for workshops in WADe Asia was to support in designing spaces for all, highlighting the needs of the specially abled. Vertica Dvivedi shared her opinion, intent and vision about WADe Asia. She said “Engage, edify, and empower. That is the mantra which is driving WADe since its inception. I strongly encourage women to take extreme pride in their endeavours and to be be vocal about their accomplishments, failures, to be open to inspire and understand, the responsibilities of the next generation is upon us. I also urge the females of the fraternity to get engaged with WADe on a more personal level adding momentum to the WADe movement.” An enthusiastic participation from the sponsors – Orient Bell Ltd and CIAMBIZ India (Associate Sponsors), Ultratech Cement

(Built Space Partner), and Co-Associates like Greenply, Wipro, AICA, Sesa Plates, WallGreens, Alstone, Virgo Group, Airolam, Supersurfaces, AIS Glasxperts, and Godrej Interio among other supporters gave WADe Asia all the support and strength. Zee Business is the television partner accompanied by Feministaa, ADA, Archiparlour Australia, and Spaces, Nepal as media partners. WADe Asia which happened in association with PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry was also the important launching ground for PHD Women Entrepreneurs Committee on 1st September 2018. Led by the President Anil Khaitan, PHD announced Tripti Singal Somani as the Chairperson while Vertica Dvivedi and Priyanka Raina as Co-Chairpersons. The event was also advocated and supported by the Indian Institute of Architects, Society of Nepalese Architects, Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs [India], and Bhutan Institute Of Architects. WADe Asia is believed to have positively impacted and connected 4000+ design professionals so far with direct involvement & association and has permeated to millions throughout nation in terms of inspiration, crossing borders and dissolving boundaries.

“I strongly urge women to take extreme pride in their endeavours and to be be vocal about their accomplishments & failures, be open to inspire, add momentum to the WADe movement, and understand, the responsibilities of the next generation is upon us.” Vertica Dvivedi, Founder, WADe Asia Legendary Architect Raj Rewal was present in WADe Asia 2018 along with wife Helene. Seen here receiving the WADe momento from Ms Dvivedi

Lamp Lighting by dignitaries, Jaisim Krishna Rao, Vijay Garg, Yashwant Pitkar, Prem Nath, Ashwin Lovekar and Chetan Vaidhya

The participants from across the nation got their fair share of wisdom, the curious creators received their accolades, the students were satiated by seeing and interacting with their role models, the fraternity came closer through networking, and celebration of Womenled development in art, architecture and design was reinforced – mission successful & satisfactory, and looking forward to meeting you all again in WADe Asia 2019, with the tentative dates of 6th and 7th September 2019, Delhi.

Raj Rewal

Namita Singh

Jaine Airey

New Delhi



Sonali Bhagwati

Sheila Sri Prakash

Anju Malla Pradhan

Jaisim Krishnarao

Sanjay Patil

Yashwant Pitkar

Prem Nath

Prashant Sutaria

Sonal Sancheti

Babu Cherian

Samuel A. Budiono

Sangeet Sharma

Seema Puri

Brijesh Saijal

New Delhi





Payal Kapoor New Delhi






Miki Desai


Pallavi Dean Dubai


Yangki Dorji President, Bhutan Institute of Architects, Bhutan

Alfaz Miller


Madhavi Desai Ahmedabad

Revathi Kamath

Brinda Miller


New Delhi


Sonali Rastogi

Maria Aslam

Sunita Kohli

Pratap Jadhav

Yatin Patel

Dean Dcruz

Sunil Patil

Yatin Pandya Ahmedabad

President, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi

Annkur Khosla

Vivek Gupta

Sabeena Khanna

Manish Kumat

Hiren Patel Ahmedabad

Gita Balakrishnan

Anuradha Chatterjee

Tushar Sogani

Anjali Lovekar

Kohelika Kohli

Madhav Raman

Chiranjivi Lunkad


Divya Kush

President, IIA New Delhi



Nela D Zoysa

New Delhi

National President IIID, Pune




New Delhi


New Delhi





New Delhi

New Delhi


Anil Khaitan




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Vijay Garg President, Council of Architecture, New Delhi

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Rangnath Chandra Senior Adviser, Mentor Support Network, NIESBUD Noida

Sanjay Goel Ludhiana

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Charvi Mehta

Bandana Jain

Neena Shah

Advisor, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship New Delhi



New Delhi

Nivedita Bose

Nandita Abraham

Tushar Desai

Tushar Kothawade

Kamalika Bose

Shreya Architects Chief Executive Officer Pearl Academy, New Delhi Hyderabad




Vibhuti Sachdev

Dean (Sushant School of Architecture) New Delhi

Poonam Verma Mascarenhas

Mona Doctor

Aahana Miller

Pinaki Nandy

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NSIC, Ministry of Mirco Small & Medium Enterprises New Delhi

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WADe 2018 Winners

Winners of WADe ASIA AWARD 2018

Recognizing Women-led Development in Architecture, Art, Design & Engineering

Revathi Kamath

WADe Sustainability Champion 2018

Rujuta Mody

Bhavana Hameed

Revathy Raju R

New Delhi


G u r ga o n

Shana Fathima

Divya Jyoti

Anchal Chaudhary New Delhi

b a n ga lo r e

Mitisha Vora

Amruta Daulatabadkar

Chiranjivi Lunkad Kondotty

ma l apu r am


Anita Dake

WADe Woman Engineer 2018

India’s 1st woman Tunnel Engineer

Swanzal Kak Kapoor

Mona Doctor Pingel A u r a n ga b a d

M um b a i



Gayathri Shetty



YoungWADe Sustainability Enthusiast

Annie Sinha Roy

WADe India Role Model 2018

Pioneer in Mud Architecture

pu n e

mum b a i

b a n ga lo r e

Pakistan’s 1st woman Architect

Sonali Rastogi

Nivedita Pande

Aditi Pai

New Delhi

Yasmeen Lari

WADe Asia Lifetime Achievement Award

New Delhi

Namita Singh

WADe India Lifetime Achievement Award

Pankhuri Goel

Ankita Sweety

T r i va n d r um

Vibhuti Verma

Ahmedabad New Delhi

b a n ga lo r e

Anshumala Mishra

New Delhi

Ja i pu r

Greena Joy Kallingal

Poojan Gupta

Huma Parvez

Gold (Winner)

WADe India Best use of Color

Silver (Runner-up)

WADe India Artist

Bronze (Commendable)

K B Mamtha

Neha Nair

Vandana Druva Kumar

WE= WADe India Excellence Award

Udiksha Nagaraj kapini

Su r at

G u r ga o n mum b a i

Ira Gosalia

Stuti Kumari


pa n c h ku l a

Bhartti Verma

Shikha Prasad

Bu l a n d s a h r


Ja i pu r New Delhi


Sonali Chaudhary

Sheetal Chitlangiya

Jasmine Kaur

Srishti Rana Menon



b a n ga lo r e

Va d o d a r a K o l kata

Tania Chatterjee

Sarah Sham

Dolly Kabaria

Vidhya Thaigarajan

Taniya Chetan Vaidya

b a n ga lo r e

Navya Aggarwal P U NE

Deval Shah

M um b a i

New Delhi

M um b a i

b a n ga lo r e

Jesal Pathak

YoungWADe India Emerging YA= Architect, YI= Interior Designer

BA= Architect, BI=Interior Designer PY= Painting (Young) PE= Painting (Excellence) PA= Photography (Amateur) PP= Photography (Professional) S = WADe India Student Award

WADe 2018 Winners

WINNERS OF WADe AWARDS 2018 SPECIAL WADe INDIA and WADe ASIA AWARDS 2018 WADe India Lifetime Achievement AwardNamita Singh, SNA Architects, Chandigarh WADe ASIA Lifetime Achievement AwardYasmeen Lari, Paksitan’s First Woman Architect WADe Sustainability Champion of the YearRevathi Kamath, Kamath Design Studio, Delhi WADe Role Model Of the YearSonali Rastogi, Morphogenesis, New Delhi WADe Woman Engineer of the YearAnnie Sinha Roy, India’s First and only Woman Tunnel Engineer YoungWADe Sustainability EnthusiastBandana Jain, Founder, Sylvn Studio, Mumbai WADe INDIA STUDENT PROJECT AWARDS Winner - Udiksha Nagaraj Kapini, RV College Of Architecture, Bangalore Runner-Up - K B Mamtha, Sneha College Of Architecture, Palakkad Commendable - Huma Parvez, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi WADe INDIA YOUNG ARTIST AWARDS Painting (Young) Winner - Sheetal Chitlangiya, Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Arts, The IIS University, Jaipur Runner-Up - Bhartti Verma, Freelance Artist, Delhi Commendable - Anshumala Mishra, Industrial Designer & Artist, Delhi Commendable - Poojan Gupta, Student, The IIS University, Jaipur Painting (Excellence) Winner - Jasmine Kaur, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, SCET, Surat Runner-Up - Srishti Rana Menon, Visiting Faculty at NID, Gurgaon Commendable - Nivedita Pande, Architect Planner & Artist, Delhi Commendable - Taniya Chetan Vaidya, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara Photography (Amateur) Theme: Indigenous Art of India Winner - Greena Joy Kallingal, School of Architecture, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur Runner-Up - Shikha Prasad, Graphic Designer, Ghaziabad Commendable - Stuti Kumari, NID, Ahmedabad Theme: Light & Shadow in Indian Architecture or Interior Winner - Vibhuti Verma, Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture, Patiala Runner-Up – Avitesh, Assistant Professor, Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon, Theme: Women of India Winner - Sonali Chaudhari, Software Engineer, Hyderabad Commendable - Neha Nair, CEPT, Ahmedabad Photography (Professional) Theme: Indigenous Art of India Winner - Vidhya Thiagarajan, Founder & Principal Photographer, Butterscotch Creations LLP, Bangalore Runner-Up - Vandana Druva Kumar, Co-founder & Partner at TEEPOI, Bangalore Commendable - Dolly Kabaria, Alternative Photography, Pune Theme: Light & Shadow In Indian Architecture Or Interior Winner - Ira Gosalia, Partner, PHX India Imaging Services LLP, Mumbai Theme: Women of India Winner - Tania Chatterjee, Co-Founder & Mentor of Fotorbit, Kolkata


Best Use of Color (Architect) Winner - Rujuta Mody, Connect Four Design Studio, Mumbai Best Use of Color (Interior Design) Winner - Mitisha Vora, Mitisha Vora, Ahmedabad Runner-Up - Chiranjivi Lunkad, Studio Infinity, Pune YOUNGWADeINDIA AWARD Emerging - Architect Best Architect of the YearJesal Pathak, Creative Lead, M9 Design Studio, Bangalore N’ Architect of the YearDeval Shah, Principal Architect, SAGA Design Architects, Mumbai Emerging - Interior Designer Best Interior Designer of the YearSarah Sham, Principal Designer, Essajees Atelier, Mumbai Most Innovative Interior Designer of the YearNavya Aggarwal, Partner, Studio Wood, Delhi WADe INDIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS Commercial Commendable - Chiranjivi Lunkad, Co-founder, Studio Infinity, Pune Jury Special Award - Revathy Raju R, Principal Architect, Attic Lab, Malappuram Educational Winner - Aditi Pai, Co-Founder, The Purple Ink Studio, Bangalore Runner-Up - Jesal Pathak, Creative Lead, M9 Design Studio, Bangalore Jury Special Recommendation Award – Mona Doctor Pingel, Principal Architect, Studio Naqshbandi, Auroville Healthcare Winner - Divya Jyoti, Associate Architect, PMA Madhushala, Pune Commendable - Ankita Sweety, Director, Studio An-V-Thot Architects, Delhi Hospitality Winner - Anchal Chaudhary, Founding Partner, rat[LAB]INTERIORS, Delhi Runner-Up - Bhavana Hameed, Founder Partner, Playgroup Studio, Reis Magos, Goa Landscape Winner - Amruta Daulatabadkar, Amruta Daulatabadkar Architects, Principal Architect, Aurangabad Runner-Up - Gayathri Shetty, Principal Architect, Gayathri and Namith Architects, Bangalore Runner-Up - Mona Doctor Pingel, Principal Architect, Studio Naqshbandi, Auroville Public Building Winner - Pankhuri Goel, Partner, Studio Lotus, Delhi Runner-Up - Bhavana Hameed, Founder Partner, Playgroup Studio, Reis Magos, Goa Commendable - Anita Dake, Director, Vector Designs, Pune Retail Winner - Pankhuri Goel, Partner, Studio Lotus, Delhi Residential(Upto 3000 sq. ft.) Winner - Amruta Daulatabadkar, Amruta Daulatabadkar Architects, Principal Architect, Aurangabad Residential(Above 3000 sq. ft.) Winner - Shana Fathima, Attiks Architecture, Project Architect, Kondotty, Kerala Runner-Up - Swanzal Kak Kapoor, Principal Architect, Saka Studio, Gurgaon


7 Women Leaders in Architecture and Design Education

Thought Provoking Design Journeys of 4 Leading Women Designers

WADe Masterclass with Mentors

The Future of Design

City and Heritage - WADe Asia

Is Housing Becoming More Than Shelter?

MESSAGES FROM Architect Parents to Their Architect Daughters

Business Intelligence in Design

Final Judgement - Jury at work - WADe Asia 2018

Ar Yatin Pandya Ar Vivek Gupta

Ar Ponni Concessao, Ar Babu Cherian Ar Bankim Dave and more... during WADe 2018


Jaine Airey and Prof Yashwant Pitkar

Ar Prem Nath, Ar Manish Kumat, Ar Sanjay Patil, Ar Sunil Patil, Ar Yatin Patil and more...

“I really enjoyed the open juries prior

to the awards as it is not common to see fellow professionals share their work and have an audience viewing the work. This additionally enabled a very transparent process for all the participants.� Swanzal Kak Kapoor, Saka Studio, Gurgaon Ar Prashant Sutharia with other judges Ar Yatin Patel

Ar Anjali Lovekar

Ar Nela DZoysa and Brinda Miller Ar Patil and Ar Sangeet Sharma ASIA

Ar Hiren Patel and Ar Manish Kumat

Ar Sonali Bhagwati



Food Area (top) and Exhibition Hall (below)


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Surfaces Reporter October 2018 Preview  
Surfaces Reporter October 2018 Preview