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W Dear Women Architects & Designers of India, Federation of World Women Architects & Design Professionals is inspired by the thought of giving Women Architects & Designers the centre stage that will converge into a melting pot of women from different strata of the ecosystem flowing with creative energies, inspiring stories to learn from, tips for the younger lot, recognization of talent, and insightful agenda that will revolve around Women professionals in Architecture & Design of India. Register NOW to get information & invitation for the event to be held in March 2016. CLICK and REGISTER NOW: WWW.WORLDWOMENARCHITECTS.COM Opportunities: * A complete issue of magazine celebrating the work done by Women Architects & Designers of India, in association with Surfaces Reporter. * One day event & Award night in March 2016, in conjuction with International Women’s Day.



surreal sur surfaces This month February is almost universally celebrated as the month of love. Love, which is known to be the strongest emotion that a person can feel. When we relate this to design & products that revolve around our homes, interiors, architecture, nothing connects & binds us more than Surface materials. And why not? A surface is the first element that comes in contact with our senses, the starting point of visual & emotional relationship, triggering initial response & experience, breeding familiarity or otherwise. It's not the impression it makes; it's the impression it leaves on you! Thus, we have conceptualized the entire February issue on Panels & Surfaces. I am sure you will love to go through topics like Blurring Boundaries between Natural and Man-made designs; How some materials like WPC, Fiber Cement Boards and Corten Steel are slowly but significantly finding space in India’s architecture & interiors; The expanding world of Panels & Surfaces and how we at Surfaces Reporter are looking at the possibilities of some materials in near future. We have also compiled a series of Highlighter designs for ready reference. Sanjay Puri Architects have exclusively shared one of their latest projects with Surfaces Reporter – The Crescent. With the first look at the images, I was awestruck to see a sculptural ‘Corten Steel project’ in one of India’s tier –II cities, Surat. The last Corten Steel project we had covered was Ron Arad’s Holon Museum, Israel. Undoubtedly, our Tier-II cities are fast becoming the hotspots of progress in real estate activities. I hope they defy the current global slowdown and help India to emerge strongly with growth & expansion opportunities for the entire nation. In the month of January, Team Surfaces Reporter was present at 4 different exhibitions around the world – Domotex Hannover, IMM Cologne Germany, KBIS in USA, and Acetech Ahmedabad. We have a treasure of inputs to share from these visits, which we will keep pouring in coming issues. In the current one we have briefly published some innovations in Flooring from Domotex and the winning product designs from KBIS, Las Vegas.

Wishing you a month filled with love, health, growth & happiness!





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Make sure that you read. You will love that you did! FLOORING INNOVATIONS SEEN @DOMOTEX 2016





































grand selection monumental The longest laminate floorboards

synchronised FloorBoardsď€ 310, Arunachal Building, 19 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001 Tel.: 011-23321215, 23351818, Mobile: +91 9810053986, info@floorboards.in, www.floorboards.in

Solid Surface Magic

MARCEL WANDERS’ MAGIC WITH SOLID SURFACES LG HI-MACS® Ice Queen, Shadow Queen & Star Queen colours by Ace designer

“I am excited about all the possibilities these new colours allow. We named them after poetic characters full of personality: ‘Star Queen’ ‘Ice Queen’ and ‘Shadow Queen’. In their company you are free to explore a world of polarities: dark versus light, black versus white and the grey spectrum in between”. LG HI MACS Lucia Design by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders, ace designer who weaves his magic to not only design spendelous interiors but also create beautiful objects, has teamed up with LG HI MACS to launch its new 2016 colors in the LUCIA collection i.e., Ice Queen, Shadow Queen and Star Queen. The collection is a subtle combination of the depth of the material with playful tone-on-tone colours. The depth seen in the substance is accomplished by inlaying particles that bring out its organic appearance and create warm inner spaces. This new range includes ten colors - Ice Queen, Shadow Queen and Star Queen created by Marcel Wanders plus Cloud, Pistachio, Macadamia, Acorn, Lentil, Marron and Red Quinoa - and gives the world of design and architecture the freedom to create increasingly voluptuous, sensuous projects that people never tire of touching and admiring. With LUCIA, HI-MACS® solid surface retains all of its unparalleled qualities; versatile, thermoformable, durable, invisible joints, waterproof and hygienic. Loaded with character, the three tones created by Marcel Wanders, work with powerful contrasts. In essence, they reflect poetic notes evocative of moonlight flickering on dark, deep waters, sunlight sparkling on crystalline ice, and the misty tones of mysterious moonscapes.


MARCEL WANDERS “I am excited about all the possibilities these new colours allow. We named them after poetic characters full of personality: ‘Star Queen’ ‘Ice Queen’ and ‘Shadow Queen’. In their company you are free to explore a world of polarities: dark versus light, black versus white and the grey spectrum in between”, Marcel Wanders says. Marcel Wanders’ luminous textures vary from opaque to translucent and are a subtle blend of microparticles and coarser shavings which give them an intense luminosity. Marcel Wanders’ three new colors harmoniously complement the Lucia collection’s Cloud, Pistachio, Macadamia, Acorn, Lentil, Marron and Red Quinoa whose shades provide equal contrast and warmth. The LUCIA collection is available in India now, enhancing the broad range of colors, effects and textures that have made HIMACS® an exceptional material, which can be used in a myriad of ways. For more information, visit www.himacs.com & lghsi@lghausys.com.

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   

   

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NDTV DesigN aND archiTecTure awarDs by grohe An event to recognize excellence in the field

Renu Misra, MD, Grohe India, at the centre in black & white dress, along with winners & team


n India, there is a lack of falicitation to good work in the architecture and design fraternity. Keeping this in mind, Grohe, one of the leading international sanitaryware brands has announced the NDTV Design & Architecture Awards. This year, the third edition of the awards was successfully organized in Bengaluru. The awards have received a tremendous response to their last two editions and this year too, it offered a vital and powerful platform to India’s design and architecture community to showcase its compelling work and receive due recognition for the headway it’s been steadily making. The first and the second edition of NDTV Design & Architecture Awards were hailed as the best by the architect guild for its rigour, discipline, credibility and an impeccable evening event itself. This year too, the award ceremony received a tremendous response and was attended in huge volume by the bigwigs of architectural and designing industry including Manit Rastogi, Principle Architect, Morphogenesis, Sandeep Khosla, Khosla Associates, Renu Mistry, Mistry architects, Rengy John from Wilson Associates among others. The awards focus on the complexities of constructing a project from a design, keeping in mind aesthetics and sustainability, backed by a strong sense of purpose. And to do justice to each entry, Grohe India has ensured the jury

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 22

comprises the eminent personalities who are regarded as innovative trend-setters in the field of architecture and interior decoration. Renu Misra, Managing Director, GROHE India said, “We were extremely pleased with the stupendous response received for both the editions of the GROHE NDTV Design & Architecture Awards. This time, too, we are equally excited to offer an ideal platform for recognising path-breaking innovations and talent in the area of design, architecture and construction in both the residential and commercial spheres. Through awards such as these, we wish to provide greater impetus for India’s architecture and design professionals to push the envelope of achievement and creativity. ” Vikram Chandra, Group CEO, NDTV said, “We are glad to partner with a world-renowned brand such as GROHE to present the third edition of the awards programme in the Design and Architecture categories. With the Grohe India-NDTV Design and Architecture Awards, we aim to provide an important opportunity to every architect and interior designer to be duly recognised. The platform serves as the best way for them to reveal their talent and adds to the vibrancy of the industry as a whole.”



ELIGNA | U1301


ELIGNA | U1301 ELIGNA | U1301


138 X 19 CM

8 MM

138 X 19 CM 138 X 19 CM

8 MM 8 MM

138 X 15,6 CM

8 MM

138 X 15,6 CM 138 X 15,6 CM

8 MM 8 MM

120 X 19 CM

8 MM

120 X 19 CM 120 X 19 CM

8 MM 8 MM


Mumbai – 09619704733 /QuickStepFloors



www.quick-step.in Delhi – 09818372704 www.quick-step.in /quickstepfloors


Bengaluru – 09845319254



Product Post

Wood Never StopS GroWiNG Neither doeS MikaSa 11 new offerings in species from around the world

Mikasa Pristine- Oak Moonlight

USP- 11 new offerings that bring together the finest wood species from around the world within Mikasa. Made for the first time in India and with more than 100 unique products in an expansive portfolio, Mikasa showcases the largest selection of real wood floors in the country. Mikasa Pristine- Oak Moonlight, Oak Winter, Oak Summer, Oak Lumen and Oak Spring. Mikasa Arbor- African and Burmese Teak, Lapacho, Brazilian Walnut and Jatoba. Just as nature renews its treasures, so does Mikasa Real Wood Floors. Beautifying spaces with creativity and brilliance, Mikasa has been welcomed into Indian households with open arms. Reason why, Mikasa has now launched its new selection of a dynamic flooring range with 11 unique offerings that brings together the finest wood species from around the world. The latest additions in the Mikasa Pristine collection capture the natural splendour of Oak. Available in 1-Strip format and Matt finish, the selection is crafted to perfection and makes your interiors rich and majestic. The new offerings in the premium Mikasa Arbor range showcases ethically sourced, exotic tropical wood species. Complemented by Matt and Brushed finish, the exquisite finesse of the latest additions illuminates your room with its timeless magnificence. Mikasa infuses the natural elegance of real wood into the fine art of flooring. Mikasa floors are crafted using the latest European technology, engineered to perfection in a state-of-the-art plant. info@mikasafloors.com | www.mikasafloors.com | SMS <MIKASA> to 53030

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 24


how iMProPer aPPLicaTioN oF cLaDDiNg MaTeriaLs caN aggraVaTe Fire Is the Dubai Fire, a result of building material failure? How important is it to be compliant to Fire safety standards? While theoratically, its most crucial, in practicality, it hardly happens. We usually wake up only after mishaps, and even that bitting conscience doesn’t remain for long. In 2015, Surfaces Reporter had covered a story on rising fire incidences in Dubai high rises and the negligance of fire safety standards. And now, it has happened again.

The biggest problem lies with panel cores that are all or mostly polyethylene, a common type of plastic. The ones with 100-percent polyethylene core can burn quite readily. The panels themselves don’t spark the fires, and the risks can be lessened if they are installed with breaks between them to curb a fire’s spread. The panels’ flammability can be significantly reduced by replacing some of the plastic inside the The New Year Eve fire at The Address Hotel, Downtown panels with material that doesn’t burn so easily. The Dubai, has post a question mark on the use of Aluminium problem is not of Dubai’s alone - cladding fires have Composite Panels in the building construction. According struck elsewhere in the world. In 2010, a similar fire to the reports, the fire spread swiftly on the exterior of the building in a matter of no time, unabated by the cladding used at a Shanghai high-rise killed at least 58 people. An on the façade of the building. The reason, experts say those that apartment fire in May in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, killed 16. Another dramatic blaze hit Beijing’s TV have caught fire in Dubai and elsewhere weren’t designed to meet stricter safety standards and often were put onto buildings Cultural Center in February 2009, killing a firefighter. without any breaks to slow or halt a possible blaze. The problem is not with the material; it is the way it Made with two sidings of Aluminium with a core sandwiched in between, ACP is one of the most popular building materials particularly for high rises since it is light-weight and hence doesn’t put pressure on the structure unlike any other cladding material. Being economical and unlimited design possibilities makes it a builders’ favourite and it is one of the main reasons why it is being used in most of Dubai’s high rises and through-out the world.

is being made and used without any complaince to safety standards. If this is happening in Dubai, what would happen in India where the ignorance towards safety standards is touching the sky. The codes are very crucial if we are thinking of creating projects like Smart Cities but before that Surfaces Reporter wants to know, is India listening?

subsTaNDarD coNsTrucTioN MaTeriaLs iN aKhiLesh yaDaV’s DreaM ProJecT! The Uttar Pradesh Government had acquired the 26 acre land through the MDA for construction of the Herbal Park in 2015. Thousands of rare plants known for their medicinal properties have been planted inside the park. A Delhi-based laboratory has deemed materials used for construction of the 26-acre Herbal Park at Delhi Road as substandard. The report has infuriated the Moradabad Development Authority (MDA) that has blacklisted the construction company and stopped all further payments. The Delhi-based Sriram Industrial Research lab rejected the quality samples of the fibre coated pipelines sent to them, saying low grade material has been used in them. Interestingly, labs at IIT Roorkee had earlier passed the material used for construction of the road at the park. The MDA has now decided to send further samples of hydrological products used in the project to the Engineering Department of Jamia Milia

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 26

Islamia. The entire cost of the Herbal Park project is Rs. 15 crores, while the construction the park had begun in 2015. Chief engineer of Moradabad Development Authority, Indu Shehkar Singh, said, “Prima facie, the pipeline was to be of satisfactory quality as it carried the ISI mark. Pipeline samples were sent to the lab one and a half months ago, now all the pipeline will be excavated, so that it can be changed. The yellow bricks used by the company for the Park’s boundary has also been rejected by the Laboratory.” Now, the MDA plans to send hydrological products i.e. blocks made of cement, steel and iron to the Engineering Department of Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi. “Through razor scanning we would be able to know the exact quantity in which steel and iron have been used inside the cemented blocks, we have chosen the Central University’s lab for this purpose,” added Singh. Surfaces Reporter has picked this story from ET and we are glad that testing of Building materials is getting the due importance. Please share more such stories to us at Press@surfaces.in.


aN eVeNiNg wiTh ar. JuergeN Mayer BLOCK.BUSTER exhibition showcasing the work of the renowned architect

With the rapid growth of Indian economy, an increasing exposure to global construction technologies, greater awareness of style vocabularies and an enhanced receptivity towards ingenious ecologies, the world seems to be shrinking and fusing design sensibilities. In order to provide an arena for dialogue, an exchange of creative ideas, and bring international design to the country, mondo*arc india and STIR, along with Collaborative Architecture (Ar. Mujib Ahmed & Ar. Lalita Tharani, Principal Architects), the collaborating partner of J. Mayer H., has organized BLOCK.BUSTER. BLOCK.BUSTER is an exhibition showcasing the works of acclaimed German architecture firm J. MAYER. H and Partners. With a special focus on the intersection of architecture, communication and new technology, and as activators of public space, their work re-evaluates the

urban environment. During the opening night of the event, Ar. Mayer was also present among the other dignitaries and enlightened people about the projects showcased in the exhibition. The teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concentrated investment in expanding the material of architecture and the boundaries of the discipline gives way to the evolution of new media and new materials, which redefines understanding of space as a platform for communication and a catalyst for sociocultural interactivity. The exhibition showcased a deliberately curated collectio of their works that highlighted their design philosophy and artistic intent. Through a series of panels and abstracted models, ingenious design at the helm of a global style were presented. Distinguishing architecture through the looking glass of an international firm, the relationship between the human body, technology and nature form the background for a new production of space.

(L to R) team STIR: Manoj Mishra, Mujib Ahmed (Principal Architect, Collaborative Architecture), Mrinalini Ghadiok (Editor, mondo*arc India), Hardeep Gupta (Director, STIR), Architect Juergen Mayer H., Lalita Tharani (Principal Architect, Collaborative Architecture), Rajiv Dogra, Samta Nadeem (Joint Director, STIR), Amit Gupta (Director, STIR), Rajnish Kumar, Siddharth Singh february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 28 18


Complete Wooden Flooring Solution...

Euro Flooring Pvt. Ltd. as one of the largest suppliers of wooden flooring products of India. Our products include laminated floorings, solid wood flooring, bamboo floorings and engineered flooring. All our flooring products are strictly made as per European norms to give our customer the best value for money and full satisfaction. More ever it is made according to Indian climatic conditions. Address : Euro Flooring Pvt. Ltd. 339/2, Anant Ramaiah Woolen Factory Compound, Mysore Road, Bapuji Nagar, Banglore 560026, Karnataka M: +919880589241, T: 080 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 33126364 E: customercare@euroflooring.co.in W: www.euroflooring.co.in

readers comments Hello Vertica, Congrats! We have been going through your publication Surfaces Reporter for the last several issues. Amazing effort and commendable task achievement. It’s looking good and getting better with every passing month. I know you must be getting a lot of these messages everyday, just sharing the thought with you. Keep it going. Wishing you all the best! Rohit, Founder Partner, Studio Parallele, New Delhi

I am a vivid reader of “Surfaces” and enthralled with the varied products intelligently put together!

I have seen Surfaces Reporter in a showroom and would love to explore more. Have flipped through the magazine briefly and found it informative. Taranjeet Kaur, Kloudbridge the Design Studio, Bengaluru

I run a showroom and was looking for a magazine centred around materials. I hope that Surfaces Reporter will help me to get the knowledge of industry & updates. Sahil Sahni, Diamond Decor, Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh

Brian J. Vieyara, House of Kyrav, European Designer Doors

You have created a new method of presentation, and the magazine is full of knowledge about new materials & applications!

I like the concept of the Surface Reporter very much, as it keeps us informed about the latest & trending materials available in the market & being used by people. Keep it up!

I am a manufacturer. I have seen Surfaces Reporter in our architect’s office and instantly liked it. So, I would like to subcribe.

Ar. Pratik Kotak, Rajkot

Akshit Tholia, Graphite Design Studio, Jaipur

Vishwas, Nutec Woodwonders, Yelahanka, Bangalore

Message from Ministry of Environment & Forest, Climate Change, to the readers of Surfaces Reporter Magazine:

es “The message from MoEF, Climate Cange, to the readers of Surfac the to Reporter is that, we should try and minimise the interference tenvironmental systems. Use materials which are more environmen ng evolvi keep to have you this; friendly. There is no fixed definition for s source able renew the technologies. Government is highly focussed on gs of energy. Wherever constructions are taking place and new buildin are coming up, if we can incorporate these things at the earliest stage able to itself, it will become easier for people to adopt to it and we will be n.” fashio mitigate the impacts of climate change in a much better Ravi S Prasad, IAS, Joint Secretary, MoEF, Climate Change, Govt. of India

Thank you all for your valuable comments! Write your opinion to us at- press@surfaces.in You surely inspire us!!! february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 30



Showcase / Bath

Coloured CeramiC basin by Globo Product- Felce Washbasin in Forty3 Collection Coloure palette- Bagno di Colore Forty3 is a collection created by CreativeLab+ to fulfill several needs. Versatile and manifold, this family of products is in fact suitable for intimate living spaces, but it can also be used as a functional passe partout for large supplies. The Bagno di Colore colour palette consists of 14 ceramic colours. Subtle, precious hues with evocative names stolen from Nature, full of the traditions and memories of ancient materials. From the warmer shades of cashmere, chestnut, chamois to colder shades such as agate, dew, pearl, mauve to matt white that perfectly blends with bolder shades like matt black and petroleum green. Contact- info@ceramicaglobo.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 34

Showcase / Bath

Tesla fauceT InspIred from BuTTerfly

Brand- Delta Faucet Company, India USP- First Delta faucet to feature a joystick and also includes optional Touch2O.xt™ Technology. When paired with TempSense™ Technology, an LED light at the faucet base changes its colour from blue to magenta to red, visually indicating the water temperature to the user. Set apart from the typical modern designs with its divergence from cool, straight lines, the Tesla™ lavatory faucet’s soft, contemporary and natural feel is inspired by the gently curved, organic shapes found in nature like a butterfly. This collection is created with urban high-rises in mind and fits naturally in any bathroom environment. The faucet boasts the optional Touch2O.xt™ Technology, which activates the flow of water with a simple touch anywhere on the faucet and/or via intuitive, hands-free proximity sensing when your hand moves close to the faucet. Options & Finishes- The collection includes single-handle faucet, vessel lavatory faucet and wall mount faucet. Available in Chrome and Polished Nickel finishes. Contact- www.deltafaucet.in february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 35

Showcase / Bath

l-Cube bathroom by Christian Werner Custom storage solution for bathrooms

Oleena Fidd The design character of L-Cube is defined by geometric lines. The interplay of horizontal and vertical lines creates a functional and structured look. The subdivision of the furniture fronts into rectangles and squares highlights the cubic appearance of the furniture compositions. A key characteristic of the range is a shadow gap that surrounds the fronts and sides of the furniture. This visual framing places the washbasin on a higher level – making it appear as if the ceramics, furniture and furniture fronts do not touch one another. Even with the console applications, the body and supports appear to be separate from one another. Thanks to the new tip-on technology with self-closing, the handle-free drawers come together to create a harmonious whole. The result is a collage-like arrangement of recurrent forms that offers a sense of visual calm. Available in 30 different surfaces. Finishes include Apricot Pearl, Jade and Dolomiti Grey in High Gloss and brushed dark oak finish with real-wood fronts. Contact- pradeep.nair@in.duravit.com february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 36

Showcase / Bath

u ComFort

toilet bidet seat

With mediCal


USP- A toilet seat which simplify the toilet hussle for patients of Haemorrhoids, Back Pain, Diarrhoea, Constipation and Piles, women in pregnancy, old age people or senior citizen, and the people who are into temporary or life-time disability. By using side control panel or wireless remote control, you are able to receive most effective into possible, once the water is penetrated into the lower portion of intestine’s anus rectum and the waste is loosen and relief is on the way.

Some of the beneficial features of U Comfort are; it would help alleviating discomfort associated with Constipation. U Comfort would provide great easiness to the mothers before and after giving natural child birth. It would reduce the soreness associated with Diarrhoea. U Comfort provides with an easy and very efficient way to cleanliness for the senior members of our family. These Bidets also reduce water usage by 75% compared to all other similar devices available in the market nowadays. Eliminating the use of toilet papers and power saving option for conserving energy, makes U Comfort more eco-friendly than other electronic products. The deodorizer function included in U Comfort helps to get rid of odour after using the washroom in weirdest stomach condition. Available in 3 models, i.e, UC 2000 manual operational Bidet without electricity, UC 3000 electronic bidet with side control panel and UC 3200R with wireless IR based remote controller function. Also, the brand helps you to attach U Comfort Bidet Seats to any of your existing Commode. Contact- 0261-6061777, 1800-8433-777(toll free) www.ucomfort.net; info.ent@universalalliance.net february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 37



Kitchen to be included from this special issue!



 

Bath & Kitchen event

kITChEN & baTh aT

Kbis las VeGas

OVERVIEW & WINNING PRODUCTs The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier annual event dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry. Going successfully since last 50 years, KBIS is known as the voice of the kitchen and bath industry. Most of the trends related to the kitchen and bath segment first displayed here and later on spread through-out the world. The event covers the entire spectrum of related objects that include furniture ÂŽ accessories and surfaces as well. SURFACES REPORTER , during its visit, found some interesting insights on the industry. In the coming pages, you will see 5 winning products from the event as well as 10 products picked from the Best of KBIS. Please note that we will be showcasing the second part of the event covering exclusive Bath & Kitchen segment in our upcoming Special issue on Tiles, Bath & Kitchen. The annual competition that showcases the best of the kitchen and bath industry! The Best of KBIS winners are: Best in Show: Electrolux for Perfect Steam Washer w/ LuxCare Wash and SmartBoost Best of Bath: Gold is DXV by American Standard for Vibrato Faucet Best of Bath: Silver is Robern for Balletto Vanity Best of Kitchen: Gold is Walker Zanger for Kaza Concrete Best of Kitchen: Silver is Liebherr for Undercounter Pullout Refrigerator

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 39

Showcase / Best of KBIS

FriGidaire ProFessional 30“ Front Control FreestandinG ranGe Company: Electrolux Frigidaire Professional 30” freestanding range delivers consistent results with powerful performance. The range boasts innovative features designed to crank up your kitchen such as the PowerPlus™ 2-in-1 Griddle & Burner, Temperature Probe, Convection and Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel that resist fingerprints and cleans easily. Frigidaire Professional® appliances are designed to fit into existing cutouts so you can have professional-grade appliances in your home without having to remodel. Price: $2499.00

Vibrato 3d Printed FauCet Company: DXV by American Standard Structurally sound, yet elegantly refined, the Vibrato is a part of the first collection of commercially-available residential faucets created with 3D printing. Distinguished by an eye-catching mesh of delicate latticework, it is printed using a high strength, lead-free metal alloy enabling fine structures of concealed waterways that converge at the top, before the aerator. The result is an unforgettable user experience, where water seems to magically appear out of the faucet spout. Price: $19500.00

balletto Vanity Company: Robern The Balletto vanity captures the legs and pointed work of a ballerina and translates that grace and precision into the legs of the vanity. This translation creates balance, symmetry and sophistication. With side storage on both sides of the vanity, little odds and ends such as makeup, razors, hairbrushes, hand towels and tissue boxes can reduce the amount of clutter in a bathroom. With thirteen colors and three leg finishes to choose from, this everyday classic embraces statement-making design.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 40

Showcase / Best of KBIS

studio moderne CeramiC tiles Company: Walker Zanger Studio Moderne is a groundbreaking collection of ceramic tile and stone created for Walker Zanger by noted interior designer Michael Berman. As a new, elegant extension to Studio Moderne’s initial rendition, this sequel is inspired by 1970’s Glam, Art Deco and Neo-Egyptian architecture- transcending the boundaries of the kitchen and bathroom. Studio Moderne provides beautiful tools to create new focal points in the home, using tile as architectural decoration.

uPr 503 underCounter Pull-out reFriGerator Company: Liebherr The new UPR 503 undercounter pull-out refrigerator ensures that fresh food is always within reach. Combining high energy efficiency with optimal storage space, the UPR 503 can be adjusted in height to match that of the countertop for perfect alignment with your kitchen design. The UPR 503 offers maximum ease-of-use thanks to its SoftTelescopic system of self-retracting and fully-extendable tiered storage compartments. This is the perfect spacesaving addition for any kitchen or living area. Price: $2199.00

10 Best of KBIS products picked from the vast array of beautiful & functional products exhibited during KBIS event at Las Vegas in January 2016.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 41

Showcase / Best of KBIS

the Palmer Vanity Company: Thompson Traders The Palmer Vanity is the perfect partnership for any bath. Featuring a variation of the Milan sink in an antique satin gold hand hammered 18 gauge finish with an added faucet deck, shortened bowl size, and unlacquered brass stock legs by Palmer Industries, the Palmer Vanity is a collaboration between elegance and functionality. Price: $4999.00

Photo: Surfaces Reporter

neolith Company: TheSize Surfaces SL Neolith, an all-natural, recyclable sintered compact surfacing material manufactured by TheSize Surfaces SL, is a luxury product for exterior and interior applications, including kitchen and bath countertops, flooring, sinks and showers. With revolutionary physical and technical features, Neolith combines raw materials with state-ofthe-art kilning, digital printing and finishing technology to create a slab that is hygienic and resistant to wearing, scratching, staining, heat and chemicals.

blanCo iKon™ sinK Company: Blanco America Inc The BLANCO IKON™ is the first Apron Front sink of its kind– crafted from BLANCO’s patented SILGRANIT® material which is ultra-cleanable, colorful, and extremely durable. BLANCO has been the leader in granite sinks for more than three decades and with the newest SILGRANIT® design, IKON, the brand now offers Apron Front sinks in three materials. BLANCO SILGRANIT® sinks are scientifically proven to be scratch, stain, and heat-resistant. Price: $1395.00

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 42

Showcase / Best of KBIS

undermount Glass sinKs Company: Mr Direct Int

Photo: Surfaces Reporter

MR Direct has merged the beauty of glass with underthe-counter installation to produce an exclusive new line of sinks for the bathroom vanity. These stunning, trendsetting designs are available in oval or rectangular shapes, each in seven distinctive colors. Structural integrity is evident in their fully-tempered, one-half inch thick glass, while their highly-polished interiors provide a nonporous, sanitary surface. The new UGM and UG1913 models are a smart, shimmering addition to any bath.

heritaGe Vormax toilet Company: American Standard Independently verified to clean the bowl two times better than conventional toilets, the Heritage VorMax delivers the cleanest flush ever engineered while using just 1.28 gpf. When the flush is activated, water is released in a single jet, creating a vortex scrubbing action to clean the bowl, including the hard-to-reach spots under the rim. For easy cleaning, this toilet offers a CleanCurve Rim, which omits the overhang and tiny holes inside of the bowl where dirt and buildup tend to hide. Price: $499.00

Photo: Surfaces Reporter

JouGor my-Wall mounted bathroom FauCet Company: Jougor Sanitary Technologies Co., Ltd Jougor MY wall mounted bathroom faucet IS designed by Michael Young. A unique and fresh approach to the wall mounted bathroom faucet set, this all-in-one unit fits well into any modern bathroom. Handles can be gripped and pushed easily to mix the water, the spout designed in a number of different lengths depending on environment.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 43

Showcase / Best of KBIS

aliGn® Pre-rinse sPrinG FauCet Company: Moen Incorporated Moen has engineered the new Align® pre-rinse spring faucet exclusively for the residential market, providing a pulldown fixture with a look fit for an industrial kitchen, but with the reach and flexibility required for residential use. The new Align spring faucet not only features an industrial-inspired look, but also delivers a more convenient kitchen experience every day. Its thoughtfully designed, pulldown hose provides extended reach, as well as a multi-function spray wand.

taPer Gunmetal FauCet Company: KOHLER Kallista’s popular Taper collection for the bath, designed by Bjarke Ingels of BIG and introduced at KBIS 2015, is now available in gunmetal, being shown for the first time at KBIS 2016. Overall, Taper reinvents minimalist design through shape-shifting geometry, making it already a contemporary design classic, plus black on white remains a timeless look and was pivotal in the decision to offer the collection in gunmetal.

delta® mateo™ KitChen ColleCtion Company: Delta Faucet Co The Delta® Mateo™ kitchen collection’s charming contours reflect the smooth, graceful curves of blown glass bottles. The combination of the sleek high-arc pull-down design with modern innovations, such as MagnaTite® Docking that intuitively engages the spray head to its docked position with a powerful magnet and DIAMOND™ Seal Technology brings to life a collection that offers enhanced reliability and performance.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 44

Showcase / Best of KBIS

Photo: Surfaces Reporter

Wilsonart hd laminate With antimiCrobial ProteCtion Company: Wilsonart All Wilsonart® HD® Laminate designs now include a silver ion antimicrobial agent that protects the surface from odor- and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Routine maintenance and cleaning is required. Wilsonart HD Laminate with Antimicrobial Protection also includes Wilsonart’s patented Enhanced Scratch- and Scuff-Resistant AEON™ Technology, making it the most durable enhanced performance laminate on the market. Price: $33.00

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 45

Kids furniture


furniture for kids A 2600 sq-ft showroom by Samek Impex (India representative, Çilek, Turkey) displaying thematic rooms in series like Football, Airplane, Pirate, Princess, Fairy and Champion Racer Car-bed series. From Pirate to Princess Kids furniture is a big market today with people wanting to decorate the room of their young ones the way it should be for a child rather than stuffing it with the furniture or accessories meant for adults. ÇilEk is an European brand, based out of Turkey. Here, you can find everything that is essential for your child’s room. From toddlers to youths upto 24 years, the brand caters to all with theme as diversified as Natura Baby for newborns and Football for teens.

Designed by Çilek international design studio, all the products are functional and practical with a lot of imagination and creativity from children’s perspectives, using non-toxic, non-hazardous material and keeping in mind the safety and ergonomics standard. Çilek operates in 5 continents, 66 countries and in 444 sales points including Japan, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, UAE and now exclusively in india. The brand deals in assorted furniture and accessories such as wardrobes, beds, dressers, study tables, study-unit, curtains, bedspreads, carpets etc.

The SL Princess series transforms your angels room into a fairy tale bringing perfect harmony and sync to a magical world. Balancing energy with the colour pink and adding softness of the birch pattern for little princesses. Comes in Cream and pink colour scheme made in HDF wood, lamination and 3D digital printing.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 46

Surfaces Reporter

Black Pirate- Discover all the treasures hidden in the deep blue seas. The laminated matte finish made in wood and polycarbonate material with 3D digital print of the pirate symbol and the leather handles ensure minutest details of a majestic ship.

Safari Natura series- The speciality of the series is the Baby Cot which can be converted into a bed and used by the child upto the age of 7-8 years. It comes with a changing station and storage for the convenience of the mothers to handle the baby with ease.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 47

Kids furniture

GTI Car bed in Champion Racer seriesThe GTI Car bed is a high end model with detachable speakers, Bluetooth and USB support for mobile charging as well as for listening music. The bed is equipped with LED lights and amazing sound effects. The series also includes complete bedroom furniture and accessories all inspired by Racing Cars.

Champion Racer Petrol Pump Dresser

Complete makeover in just one day! With our lives in the fast lane, our homes too have evolved where speed and hassle- free operations have become a necessity. In order to match up with today’s fast-paced life, Çilek can do the complete makeover of Kids rooms within one day done by skilled fitters, providing architectural solutions and services at your convenience. The products come in special packaging with a certificate of 5 year warranty coverage on any manufacturing defects. Çilek products are easily assembled and disassembled for easy transportation to re-locale whereever you go. february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 48

Surfaces Reporter

“One of the most trusted global brands for kid’s furniture, Çilek has decorated almost 5 million children’s rooms. At Çilek, we don’t want to produce furniture, instead we encourage imagination. Imagination keeps the child’s dream alive. It challenges the reality and inspires them to achieve more. Our message to the families is clear, that one day, your child playing in a Çilek room, may become a successful Pilot flying people around the globe or an engineer who designs those planes. Our message to children is to relax, dance, play, fly, race; be the princess or racer and even pilot you always wanted to be. The most important thing in real life is imagination. So live it and love!” SAURABH TAMBOLI

Football Dresser- The series is designed particularly for boys having the affinity for Soccer. From bed to cupboard, the series covers almost everything.

Director, Samek Impex (Master Franchisee, Çilek)

Çilek in India Çilek Room was established in the year 2013 by Saurabh Tamboli and Megha Tamboli at Raghuvanshi mills compound, Lower Parel Mumbai India with its first master franchise mega store. and many more. Çilek is a growing brand with already 9 franchise stores in cities like Pune, Surat, Rajkot, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Panipat, and more in the pipe line. Always looking forward for further expansions, business development and more association, Çilek World solicits franchise enquiries.

Football Bookcase For more info, visit, Samek Impex (Master Franchisee Çilek) P11, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (West), Mumbai - 400 013 Contact- 91-22 40043107; www.cilek.com february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 49

Showcase / Innovations @Domotex

InterestIng FloorIng InnovatIons seen @Domotex 2016 DOMOTEX 2016, Germany is one of the leading events for global flooring and carpet industry. With 1,441 exhibitors from 59 countries and 45,000 trade visitors from more than 100 nations, DOMOTEX this year showed great innovations being done in the flooring industry. SURFACES REPORTER速 presents an exclusive showcase of innovations at DOMOTEX. Send us your reviews at Press@surfaces.in and keep reading this space to see a more comprehensive coverage of the event in the upcoming issues.

Spina Modulare of Creator Line by Parchettifio Garbelottto

Modular formats of oak parquet (14 by 509.1 by 509.1 mm) makes innovative geometric herringbone and diamond patterns possible. The parquet is manufactured in-house in Italy near Treviso and treated with a water-wax solution. www.garbelotto.it

San Miniato Opus Lignea by Parchettificio Toscano

Since1930s, the company has been synonymous with high-quality, hand-made parquet flooring. In this product line, a variety of materials such as wood, leather, steel, copper, bronze, slate, stone and marble are incorporated in the form of artistic, exclusive intarsia floors. www.parchettificiatoscano.it

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 50

Showcase / Innovations @Domotex

Formpark Mini by Bauwerk Parkett

The special shape of these â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Minisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; makes it possible to combine them at right angles or parallel. Developed by Studio Hannes Wettstein, they consist of an oak-FSC mixture (70 percent) and are supplied in the sizes 380 by 190 mm and 570 by 190 mm. www.bauwerk-parkett.com

iDecking Easychange System + Ethermo Bambusdielen by iDeck

By simply turning a key, these boards are fitted on alumimium rails. The key is included. The boards are made from 100 percent carbonised and FSCcertified bamboo. Weather and water proof. www.idecksystems.com

Disegna Decking by Condepols

Blue, green or pink? Terraces are becoming colourful: these outdoor boards made from recycled wood composite material are supplied in shades. As the front sides of the boards are grooved and the backs are smooth, a decision about which is more suitable can be made on the spot. www.condepols.es

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 51

Showcase / Innovations @Domotex

Listone Giordano Biscuit Collection by Margaritelli Italia

The Spanish Interior designer Patricia Urquiola now also designs parquet: the rounded strips produce a lively effect on the floor, including a slight curve. Diverse geometric patterns are possible. The material is steamed oak on birch plywood. www.listonegiordano.com

Carving Club I by Mafi Naturholzboden

What looks good to wear, also looks good on a floor â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Scottish tartan, for example. The pattern is applied to the parquet by thermal treatment and is also free from chemicals, as the process is carried out using only wind, water and heat. www.mafi.com

Moor Ulme Fertigparkett by UAB Grigo Like bog oak, this wood is matured in water and earth for a long period. It is hard and permeated with a dark grey to silver shine. Although this parquet receives neither chemical nor thermal treatment, it nevertheless does not fade after exposure to the sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rays. www.grigostudio.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 52

Showcase / Innovations @Domotex

Driftwood Collection by Gerko Parket industrie

The markings and colour of these solid boards are reminiscent of 1960s driftwood. In order to achieve this authentic effect a huge amount of manual work is required. The boards are available either as solid wood or as parquet in lengths upto 3 metres. www.gerkoparket.be

Graphic Reclaimed Organic Painted Pine Chevron by Havwoods

The pine boards, which are reclaimed, having come from distilleries and aircraft facilities, convey a vintage charm. Supplied as boards or chevrons (with a 45 degree angle at the end), they can be fitted on the floor or a wall. www.havwoods.co.uk

Live Pure by Boen Parkett

Newly developed surface treatment, the wood appears to be freshly sawn or untreated. Nevertheless, its excellent protective qualities make care unnecessary. The three layer parquet is available in oak, ash and walnut. www.boen.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 53


















     

SURFACES REPORTER’S TIDBITS While you read serious articles and browse through designs, spend some lighter moments with our new section “Surfaces Reporter’s TidBits.” We have found a good place for Tidbits within the folded pages of our Separators...

UNUSUAL MATERIALS USED IN BRIDGES! Bridge made of Mortar and Egg whites! Puente de Piedra (Bridge of Stone) in Spanish but known as the Bridge of Eggs is a bridge in Lima, Peru in South America. The Bridge gets its name from the stone masonry mortar which was believed to have been mixed with egg whites from sea birds to improve its consistency. It was built in 1608 by architect Juan del Corral to link Lima with Rímac. It is believed that almost 10,000 eggs were used for the construction!

Bridge made of Plaited Grass! The Incas considered bridges to be so sacred that anyone who tampered with one was put to death. Among the most impressive Inca bridges were the Chacas, or rope bridges, that spanned great distances over gorges and rivers. They were made of plaited grasses woven together into a single cable as thick as a man’s body, and they sometimes extended for 175 feet. It took as many as a thousand people to build such a bridge, and many of these remarkable structures lasted more than five hundred years. The last and only standing grass bridge is Q’eswachaka or Keshwa Chaca in Cusco, Peru. The bridge spans 118 feet and hangs 220 feet above the canyon’s rushing river.



After 1980, you never heard reference to space again. Surface, the most convincing evidence of the descent into materialism, became the focus of design. Space disappeared.

– Arthur Erickson,

 Also look within the folds for Surfaces Reporter’s TidBits :)

Canadian Architect


Surfaces Reporter | FOCUS

GoinG hiGh with

HIGHLIGHTERS From the humble beginning with mud paintings on walls of our homes in rural India, to elaborate sketches & patterns of animals and flowers with natural dyes, to even more intricate works in fabric and grass braids pasted or hanging on entrances and walls, we Indians are in love with various ornate options for walls and doors. As people moved to bigger towns and cities in the search of better living, time and space did not permit to pursue traditional art forms. Slowly, easier options of white washing and painting the walls started making more sense. Then the trend of colour mix and match started where one or more walls were painted with highlighting or contrasting colour, which acted as a statement wall. The statement wall was usually adorned with photo frames and sometimes some shelves for keeping artifacts. Today, people are no more satisfied with just paints. With the new demand and rising aspirations, companies are doing their best to bring in the most unique and elegant wall coverings & panels from around the world, to serve the discerning Indian consumers. Thus, in different showrooms, you will find different variety of wall panels and highlighter materials. It all depends upon the taste of the person

who is selecting, his sources and also the kind of eye he keeps for understanding design and taste of buyers. Highlighters are usually easy to install with hassle-free application. They add a personality to an otherwise mundane space without actually giving the trouble of changing the entire dĂŠcor. We are seeing this trend of wall highlighters getting passed on to furniture surfaces as well where the top or sidings are finished with a subtle highlighter material. According to Surfaces Reporter, a highlighter material is a piece or combination of pieces/ panels which can be put together by nailing/ gluing/ binding to a surface (usually a vertical wall) that literally turns heads and emphasizes the essence of the room. A perfect eye-catching wall is very crucial in the decor of your space. It holds the entire design together. It is vital for the Highlighter to complement the rest of dĂŠcor, yet stand out in its own way. This article of SURFACES REPORTER focuses on showcasing some of the options available in Wall Highlighters, to help you to understand the types, and also to check and select as per your projects.

Voguebay Panels february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 57

Focus - Highlighters


“Wall highlighters are like fashion accessories. They should be used as the statement piece adorning the wall making the space look more glamorous. After all, every space and object plays into the conditioning of our behavior.”

reSearCH – Surfaces Reporter strongly recommends devoting time for research prior to choosing any kind of highlighter design & material. This will help in both understanding prices, availability around your area, also how others have used different materials successfully. Primarily, we suggest basic three levels of research - go online and search for the products available with various brands and outlets. Level two, talk to the other people, designers, showrooms who have experience & knowledge of the subject. Level three, visit the market to get the understanding of the look and feel.

Those who are looking for long term options, go for natural materials that do not bore us easily. We suggest, wood veneer, stones, finished brick and raw concrete combo etc. A touch of stainless steel may look great with both. Natural materials are like wine, their grace grow with age.

A much easier way is to follow Surfaces Reporter magazine regularly  Though the statement seems to be on the lighter side, we are extremely serious about lending a helping hand whenever the industry needs us, in terms of material analysis and information!

- Sandhya Maheshwari, Director, Surface Concepts, New Delhi

INSTaLLaTION – Most of the time, highlighters are easy to install, however, there are some that take longer time, like panels created with glass and other delicate materials. Sometimes, the surface on which highlighter has to be installed, need certain preparations. Without thorough preparation especially in case of damp/ wet wall, all your money will get wasted. If you don’t have much time to spare, then only after careful calculation of the complete installation schedule, you must go ahead with any design or product.

HIGHLIGHTING POSITION & area – Location is an

MaINTeNaNCe – Your statement piece should not be something which needs heavy maintenance. The best is, if simple dusting with a slightly damp cloth works. For e.g., Tiles and Laminates. Even wood panels need very little maintenance. Though the wallpapers today are very low maintenance with easy-to-clean surface, still dirty hands must be avoided from the wallpaper and light coloured panels to keep the beauty intact.

The area which the material will cover also matters. In a small room, if you use an entire feature wall with a dark 3D design, it might seem too overpowering. People sitting around may feel uncomfortable, as if the wall is going to fall on them. It also makes the room look smaller. In such cases, a mix of plain wall covering with a patch of elevated design might look better.

Do Not forget to ask for the composition and specification of products while selecting new materials. Ask about emission, lifecycle of product, recyclability, resale value etc. Remember that products which you buy for your home are going to be a part of your life. Always choose with care. Write to press@surfaces.in for your suggestions and queries.

important critiron while choosing the highlighter. Be it on the wall, ceiling or furniture, your eyes must be naturally drawn to that area after entering a room. For instance, a statement piece hung on a lesser visible wall or with poor lighting, no matter how good it is, will not be able to draw as much attention as it will impact if it is put on the wall just opposite to the door.

SIZe & THICKNeSS – Size is an important consideration when

it comes to highlighters. Designs that are thick, edgy and protruding must be avoided in a home with kids. Good for large surface areas as in Hospitality, Showrooms, Retail outlets, but must install such designs in a way that people avoid leaning against them. If you have space issue, you should go for low thickness products, may be digital wallpaper with a design that seems to magnify the space. A room filled with too many objects should avoid strong highlighter materials in large area. Rather, a centered smaller area will distract the viewer from clutter and help in focusing the vision.

buDGeT – Cost should be calculated in terms of the number of years

you want the design to stay, say 1, 3, 5 or more than 5 years. If budget & time, both are constraints and you like to randomly change the décor, then our advice is to start with a structured Paint, followed by Wallpaper the next year, then stickered wood mosaic panels. For those with no such constraints, we suggest hiring a designer and getting a customized Highlighter solution. It is not necessary that you limit yourself with the products available in the market. You may design your own panels or mix match with different products from the market. To add class, make sure that proper lighting should be given importance.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 58

TREND OF HIGHLIGHTER MATERIALS, AS SHARED BY AR. HARSHIL J .DHIRAWANI, MUMBAI The major consideration while selecting a highlighter is the setting. The use of highlighter depends upon the area it is being used whether residential or commercial, a banquet or a multiplex, a living room or bedroom and choices are made accordingly. For instance, if we have to design a reception area, we would use Fiber Cement Board along with a more exclusive stone like Onyx to highlight the reception table or the back wall of the area. It gives a very different design appeal to the surroundings. For wall highlighters, we are currently using MDF, Laser cutting and Solid Surfaces painted or laminated in various designs. With the use of MDF, you can have various textures on the wall with a 3D effect. For this, we use regular MDF with a bit of up-down of half-an-inch.

Surfaces Reporter Another popular trend for highlighter is the use of light within the panels. The backlit/ frontlit panels have become a popular choice. Right now, highlighters can be created out-of-any material. In one of my projects, using mirror, we have created a highlighter to fully cover a wall. Similarly, materials like ply or solid surface can also be used to create varied effects on the wall. It is just the matter of one’s imagination.

uSING INNOVaTIVe MaTerIaL: Today, the market is full of innovative materials being used to create beautiful highlighters. We also, as per the design perspective, the requirement of the client and the overall look of the project are using these panels. However, there is cost constraints also since these innovative panels are slightly higher priced than the usual lot. Therefore, the use of such panels has been very selective and limited to big luxury projects.

CuSTOMIZaTION IS THe Key: Customization is the key when talking about the wall highlighter segment today. People today are interested in getting something which has not been done before. Abstract and contemporary forms of designs are in vogue. The new panels and materials coming in the market are following this trend. For instance, there are aluminium sheets available in the market that can be customized as per the design requirement. Different textures, designs and colours all can be customized as per the choice and requirement. The flexibility of design in such materials also plays its part and let us design the way we want.


Photo: Surfaces Reporter

A ceiling Highlighter Fabric covering seen at Gauri Khan’s showroom in Mumbai

HOW are DeCMOre PaNeLS SPeCIaL aS HIGHLIGHTerS? “Art” has an innate ability to define emotions and is considered a core element in today’s interior designing trend. Therefore, Decmore Panels showcases out-of-the-way designs in finished panels, providing an unexpected look to your interior and is available in limited quantity. Since, each panel receives our individual attention and is crafted using the most extraordinary technology, each one is unique piece of art ensuring that your home remains as unique and individualistic as you are.

WHaT IS THe COMPOSITION Of DeCMOre PaNeLS? Most of the panels are available in the market is painted and lacquered or a plastic material. Decmore panels are designed & developed as art panel with high finish in three layers. Top layer of carving is done through superficial (superfine) resin layer to achieve clear design and depth. Second layer is an engineered wood material made by breaking down wood residual into wood fibers, used similar to plywood. Third is ruff bonded backing layer for better and quick installation with moisture resistance. Thickness is 4mm so that a interior decorator can easily combine panels with veneers and laminates. These panels are eco friendly, UV resistance, moisture resistance, anti dust, easily cut without cracking or chipping and also durable.

Fiber Glass Lamps for wall, www.karpa.pt february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 59


Stone ecliPSe

Available @Artefact Stones 9718124253; info@artefactstone.com

3d Stone Panel Having curve liKe a draPe Seta by Lithos Design, Italy Basic module size- 60x60x2 cm Curve and Curve Luce- 60x60x14 cm info@lithosdesign.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 60

a Fi ndi rs

aFi ndi rst

ime in I tT

Time in I


With a density of more than 1000kg/ m3 in pure wood, the 12mm thick Swiss CDF is equivalent to a regular 19mm board.

     

 

Available in numerous colours with varied thicknesses, SWISSCDF is for those who want to have versatility and strength in their design. Soliciting dealers/stockist.


Stone and Metal MoSaic Asia Pacific Marbles Contact- 022-2618 6975 info@asiapacific.in

Stone HigHligHter in a living rooM deSign

Project shared by Stonarts.D, Bengaluru Conatct- 080-22101010; www.stonartsd.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 62



Panel in onice FantaStico Natural Stone panels by Antolini, Italy al.spa@antolini.it

ligHt inFuSed in Marble

Bolla by Ceramica Incontro, Italy A multilayer and monolithic slab obtained by the overlapping and gluing of slabs of different glassy or synthetic materials, in order to constitute one unique block. Contact - info@ceramicaincontro.it

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 63

Showcase/HighlighterWall Highlighter/Panels

coPPer art Panel by decMore

SM- 1111 Interior Decorative Finished (IDF) panel | Range- Metallica| Contact- 999 739 4455; info@decmorepanels.com The 3d design multi use interior decorative finished Panels come with the thickness of 4mm which may be easily cut in any shape according to the design of interior decoration and also fixed with the combination of veneer and laminate. Products are eco friendly, environmentally responsible, moisture proof, good stability and easy cleaning which are particularly fixed with a normal adhesive to any wooden surface. The finish levels are very high with ruff bonded backing layer for better and quick installation. february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 64


3D Panel

HardWood PanelS by FiniuM information@finium.ca

3d baMboo PulP Wall


february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 66








CH 28

& CH

30; Si

ze- 8x


cHarcoalite HigHligHter FroM PartH international Brand - Charcoalite Thickness - 2 mm Charcoalite is a product from Parth International with a glossy and scratch resistant surface. Product is suitable for wall highlighting, wardrobes, pillars etc. Contact- 022 67978012; alok@metallino.co.in

Code- CH 31 Size- 8x2

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 68

AN ISO 9001, 14001 AND OHSAS 18001 COMPANY


Striped Walnut veneer HigHligHter by ZZ arcHitectS, MuMbai


ZZ Architects, Mumbai used Striped Walnut veneer to create beautiful highlighters at a Luxury Villa in Kerala

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 72


Wenge veneer WitH ligHt for HigHligHter Wall in reStaurant A project shared by Designers Group, Mumbai

A wall panel created with bold colours like black and red by Defurn Contact- 9167133246 / 8080811811

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 73

Highlighter/Solid Surface

resin panel

Solid Surface reSin panelS Product- Astratto by GLO, Mumbai

These are designer architecture panels created to enhance spaces with light, colour, texture and shapes. They are water proof, fire retardant and termite proof. Size- 8’x2’; Thickness- 6mm Contact- 022- 25006650 info@glowood.co.in

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 74

Showcase/HighlighterWall Highlighter/Leather

See how Faux Leather can be a perFect backdrop oF an oFFice or conFerence room

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 76


Lightings With Innovations

Enhance your Lifestyle

 Mechanical Locks

Pressure Pumps


  

Creating Your Dream Bath

Hardware Accessory


Hardware Accessories

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Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Fittings

EURO LIGHTING WORLD Contact - 9845027928, 26757762 eurofanworld@gmail.com

Plywood, Veneer, Flooring and Aluminium Composite Panel



Contact - 9036456788 stoneworld@galagroup.in


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GALA FURNITURE WORLD Contact- 9900710000 Info.furniture@galagroup.in

MAHAVEER CORPORATION Contact - 9739300015, 26746677 hcjainhc@yahoo.co.in

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American Designer Fans

Laminated Wooden Flooring


Contact - 9880589244 26750281 vridhiwoods@gmail.com

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New venture coming soon @R V Road, Bengaluru

 


HandMade tileS froM bagno StileS 011 - 25964445

Hexagon golden Metallic tileS

This fabric tile from Arizona Tiles is digitally printed and can be applied on floors or walls. Looks stunningly real. february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 78


metal/metal FinisH

ceraMic tile in gold coating

M Ti eta m Ne b l ti w er, le D K see elh ir n i ti N at ag Ma ar ng , al am

Code- Gold Mix 14x28 cm ventas@casceramica.com

Rustic tiles from the house of Voguebay february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 79

Highlighter/Other Panels

MOP panel by Surface Concepts, New Delhi 011-22046676; info@surfaceconcepts.in

Neon Panels by KLAS Designer Elements, Mumbai 022-26850521; info@klasdesignerelements.com

Stainless Steel Panel by DNV Design, Mumbai Size- 8’x4’; Thickness-1mm | 022-28611511; dnvdesigns@yahoo.com

A Solid Surface Jali by Anvi Luxury Surfaces 022-25472217;info@anvilifestyle.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 80

Highlighter/Other Panels


recycled aluMiniuM panel in copper finiSH

Moz Patina; Size- 48” x 96” and 48” x 120” Thickness- .040” -.125” | info@mozdesigns.com Tree with Indian-style metal facets on silver metallic background, Size- 3.5 m x 3 m www.elitis.fr

Stainless Steel Highlighter Panel, photographed by Surfaces Reporter at KBIS

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 81


tHe evolution of coatingS

A panel completed with Wood finish coating. Such coatings are in vogue and can be successfully incorporated over any surface.

bergerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S boHeMain Sky

To know about more paint colour styled by Designer Sussanne Roshan Contact-033-2229 9724 ; consumerfeedback@bergerindia.com

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 82


Wall deSign WHere you can feel tHe birdS flying


3d non- Woven Wall MuralS by gloob decor info@gloob.in

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 84


InteractIon between prInted and lIght

Carnovskyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s RGB Wallpaper, Italy carnovsky@carnovsky.com

wallpaper In an offIce cabIn by anIsh MotwanI assocIates, MuMbaI

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 85

Showcase/HighlighterWall Highlighter/Wallcoverings


decor of a HoMe Spa coMpleted WitH golden Wallpaper by deSigner raSeel gujral anSal

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 86


Scarabian adventure by aZZurino

Mosaic created with vivid materials like Lacquerware, Dichroid, Stingray leather, semi precious Stones,Shell, Wood, Glass, Paoaya leaves, Feathers, Metal epoxy, Silk, Agate, Botswana stones, Swarovski elements, fitted in aluminium frame covered with clear gloss epoxy, containing UV filter. Size- 30x30 cm per square pieces

glaSS MoSaicS by SiciS

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 88

The Essence of

Hz-Lauro Preto-Sap

Smoked (Larch) SD-21608-C

HZ-Smoked Eucalyptus

are available


More than


Loropreto SD-03401-CQ



AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY Customer Care: 09376327182 Email: info@silicon-group.com; coordinator@silicon-group.com Web.: www.silicon-group.com

Other product range: • Zero Maintenance Laminate • Ply, Board & Door • Designer Door Laminate • Romantic Veneers • Digital Laminate • Engineered Prelam Particle Board


Romanticism in Decorative Veneer

Smoked Larch Sap Hz-Smoked Larch-Rough Cut Smoked Oak Sap

Veneer Used: Hz-Cloudy Smoked Oak

blurring boundaries | surFaCes rePorter

Blurring Boundaries between natural & Man Made designs!

“What is natural and what is artificial?” For a common man, it is tough to make out these days. Buy a diamond and unless you get a certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by the right authority, it’s really difficult to know from the appearance whether what you have bought is pure or artificial. Another question is, “What do you actually mean by Natural and what is Artificial?” We have some interesting insights in this article regarding this. SURFACES REPORTER® has been studying this subject since months to understand the way Natural and Man-made designs are trying to cross paths and the series of impacts, market movements, and change in consumer behavior. Some more questions are in need of answers: Natural materials are limited so what is the future of natural products? Are we becoming more complacent towards man-made innovations which sometimes come at relatively lesser costs, and added benefits? Will there be a future where most natural materials will be replaced with more hi-tech man-made materials? And to consider about the sustainability and environmental concerns of using already depleted natural resources, is it not time to focus on alternate products? Are we finally going to land in a world with emotionless man-made products or may be, a more pertinent question would be - how to add life-like emotions in man-made products? SURFACES REPORTER® welcomes your views, arguments and more thoughts on the subject. Write to us at press@surfaces.in

Why is the world running after Natural products? interestingly, most of the trend in products where boundaries are continuously blurring between natural and Man-made products are seen in surface décor products. That’s the first point of our experience, either comfortable at home feeling, or nice but not as cozy, or may be surprising, or/ and better, if at all it engages and comforts at the same time. More the natural, more we feel at ease with the products. A glittery wall or floor may look good to go for a party or as a dance floor but given the choice of having the same in your bedroom (however luxurious it might be!), may not be welcomed by majority of us. we all want to finally get back to things which don’t make us bore too soon. That’s our intrinsic nature. as human beings, we are strongly driven by emotions. a natural product has intrinsic quality of emitting emotions close to our nature which brings along a sense of wellbeing and centeredness. well, these are just a few reasons why humans love natural products, while these

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 90

A natural product has intrinsic quality of emitting emotions close to our nature which brings along a sense of wellbeing and centeredness. are ample reasons why companies are crazily researching out of the ways to develop & design products close to natural.

What are Natural and Man-made products? a material that is used directly from nature or is derived from Mother earth naturally, not adulterated in composition by men, and used with minimum intervention of machines and chemicals, is called a Natural product. on the other hand, a material or product crafted/ processed/ developed by man is the Man-made one. it is usually done with the help of other materials, skills, technology and labor.

Surfaces Reporter

Guess the material in the images below?

Photo: Surfaces Reporter | Credit: VT Industries | Laminate: Wilsonart

“Well, most people would guess the material (1) as stone or from the family of stones. However, you would be surprised to know that the material perceived as stone is actually a laminate. The rest (2) & (3) are Quartz surfaces.”

Products which are getting closer to real Laminates that look like veneer, cement, wood, fabric etc. amongst all man-made materials, one surfacing material that is most widely used is ‘laminate’. it goes without saying that every project does use its share of this material. laminates were introduced as a cost effective, eco-friendly, easy to install and maintenance-free alternative to natural Veneer. They were, however, artificial and retained that plastic look for decades. Hence, the solution most people used to employ was to use laminates in less important areas while putting natural Veneer in priority areas like bedrooms or on high-end furniture & designs. owing to the economical cost and ease of use, they soon attained the status of one of the most sought after surfacing materials. as a result, the laminate market started growing and getting more competitive as well. Thus came the need to introduce more innovations in the laminate design and technology in order to tap a greater share in the décor market in both laminate as well as the Veneer segment.

today, we see special laminates with synchronized grain patterns which give them a definitive finish and feel similar to that of Veneer and even natural stones as well. Synchronized Laminate has a unique feature. The texture of Press Plates is Synchronized with décor paper pattern. “This is all new digital technology which makes ‘touch & Feel sensation like natural veneer’ possible” says Rakesh Agarwal, MD, Amulya Mica who has recently launched their latest range of synchronized laminates in the indian market. He further adds, “owing to better functionality and cost effectiveness, laminates are preferred to other interior surfacing material. and they are more ecoFriendly than Veneers. Veneers do need more deforestation in comparison to laminates.” since laminates are printed on paper, there is no limitation in designs and colours. is price range one of the factors for choosing laminates over expensive Veneer? Architect Rahul Mistri of Design Atelier disagrees, “i think design boundaries are definitely blurring. it is time and labour efficient but in the context of cost, i do not completely agree since some good laminates brands cost as much as expensive Veneer.”

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 91

Blurring Boundaries While speaking to Grace Jeffers, Material Specialist from New York, Surfaces Reporter was surprised to get quite a different & interesting opinion. Here it goes... as we look at ‘real’ materials versus ‘fake’ materials, much of the matter comes down to our perceptions and descriptions of value. How do we define ‘real’ and what values do we associate with that term? often our descriptions of ‘real’ are positive, for example natural, genuine, authentic and organic. our descriptions of ‘fake’ often use negative words like artificial, fraudulent, impostor, synthetic, imitation, and even cheap.

Grace Jeffers

Executive Vice-President and Business Head, Godrej Locking Solution and Systems

She asks, “Aren’t all building materials ‘synthetic’ to some degree?”

Aristotle once said “imitation is natural to man from childhood, one of his advantages over the lower animals being this, that he is the most imitative creature in the world, and learns at first by imitation. and it is also natural for all to delight in works of imitation.” imitations are as old as human kind. ‘synthetic’ drawings in caves depict how ancient occupants saw the events and activities of their daily lives. stone carvings of fruit on buildings replaced the perishable and expensive ‘real fruit’ used in earlier times as a form of welcome, and they are still beautiful today. in the period following the development and introduction of Linoleum, the new product was disparaged because it was considered to be a ‘fake’ stone floor. it eventually grew in acceptance to become its own class of material which in turn led to modern resilient floors. in fact, whether they are linoleum or not, many resilient floors are still referred to by that generic term. so in a way, linoleum made the unintended leap from being ‘fake’ to being ‘real.’ now this begs the most important question. aren’t all building materials ‘synthetic’ to some degree? and don’t all materials require human input and processing? Put another way, aren’t all materials ‘fake’ on some level? as we look at ‘real’ materials versus ‘fake’ materials, much of the matter comes down to our perceptions and descriptions of value. by manufacturing synthetic materials, we can make materials perform longer and better, thereby increasing their value. an example of this is the plastic wear coating on wood as well as linoleum floors. we can also conserve natural resources by using man-made materials instead of using natural materials in the first place. Man-made materials deliver better value and performance. That’s why man-made, synthetic materials often displace their natural predecessors in the first place.

Having said that, natural Products like Veneer have their own timeless appeal and will continue to wow its users. Aditya Kejriwal, Director, Garnet Ply, while agreeing that laminates are definitely getting closer to Veneer in terms of design, patterns and feel, that doesn’t mean that the veneer market is getting affected. He listed down the following advantages of using Veneer over laminates:

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL- Laminates can be made in any quantity. Whereas in veneer, smaller quantities can be processed, thereby, adding exclusivity to product.

Veneer has some major advantages that laminates doesn’t possess even today.

similarly, while the laminate market is getting innovative with new technologies, Veneer manufacturers are not being left behind when it comes to innovation. other than Mixmatch, book match veneers are still in trend. other than that, smoked and textured veneers are also in vogue. decowood has recently introduced digital Veneers with some stunning designs. limited only by imagination, these veneers can add life naturally to any mundane interior.

EXCLUSIVITY- Every veneer is unique in its own. It can’t be replicated or reproduced in real terms. More so, with the advent of Mix-match veneers, every manufacturer has some designs that are exclusively available with them only. The exact mixing of two or more veneers with exact color, grain pattern and measurement cannot be replicated. Recon veneer and Smoked veneer are good examples of Mix-match style. dYNAMIC- Veneer has lots of options now-a-days with every brand coming up with its own variations. EVERLASTING- Veneer has lot of scope and can never be outof-date. Earlier, there was not much focus on veneer. However, innovations in veneer started on a large scale ever since laminates came into the market and now this trend is growing.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 92

BEST BUY- Though laminate is maintenance-free in comparison to veneer, but a smart & tasteful consumer cares more about the aesthetic value rather than maintenance cost.

at the same time, “Keeping up the pace is need of the hour,” says Shankho Chowdhury, Director, Century Ply, Veneers being a natural product gives an unlimited scope to innovate and expand. “we at Century Veneers, look for new technology and processes for giving something new to the market. our design cell works continuously to give new design and combination of Veneers. For the first time in india, we launched Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Natural Veneers. also, our natural Veneers comes with 7 years warrant against borer and termite attack.”

Surfaces Reporter

Wallpaper that looks like Leather

Tiles that look like fabric

Some Latest Innovations in Veneer shared by Century Ply:

Natural Stones, Tiles and Stone look-alike

 Revoluzion Series: This is a revolutionary design handcrafted from widely accepted natural Veneers like american walnut, barkburn, etc. The brand has spliced the veneers in a very unique pattern to showcase pattern to bring out symmetry in asymmetry.  Shimmer Collection: They have recently launched a new range of shimmer collection whereby they are filling gold, silver and Copper in our Veneers. it is the only company that is offering an entire range of filling. For the coming festive season, the brand is expanding its range by adding 3 new colors making it a range of 6 fillings.  Era Collection: This is the latest range of aged-by-design veneers. natural veneers undergo a special process in the stateof-the-art facility and these veneers exhibit aged, grey shades in regular species. In an attempt to provide conclusion to the discussion, Ar. Dhruva Samal, Dhruva Samal & Associates, Mumbai, says, “There is no doubt that the design of laminates has made rapid progress in recent years. These designs have greatly altered our views of what the look and feel of a laminate should be. There are a diverse range of options for surface textures and an overwhelming number of selections available which resemble the appearance of wood. He further says, “I feel that the charm of veneer lies in the fact that it was a part of the tree that has lived a life before it is being used to fulfill another purpose. no two sheets of veneer will be exactly the same. The variations that exist from one sheet to the other only serve to add to the charm. bearing this in mind, i feel that no matter how much laminates develop over time, the natural feel of veneers will continue to hold a timeless charm. My preferences are more application based and if we had to focus solely on the subject of wood appearance, they lie in the use of veneer. besides, i also love the smell of a well polished veneer, something that a laminate fails to provide. on a technical level, due to the current thickness of the laminate sheets available, the edges tend to be sharp. As a result, the corner of frequently used objects often need to be substituted with other materials.”

other than wood, another popular material which is deeply loved and immensely replicated is natural stone. with the advent of the digital technology, tiles have never been the same old ceramic material. They come in amazing range of design and color options with some porcelain tiles becoming the replica of marble and stones. (surfaces reporter has done an exclusive story on digital technology in tiles in one of our past issue. You may request for the same at Press@surFaCes.in). The only constraint that people had earlier was of the grout lines which has now been successfully taken care of. it has opened the world of immense possibilities wherein there are also thin tiles available today having marble design and matching texture in slabs of 1x3m and more. CMC has started an association with the international tile major Levantina for marketing its product Techlam, the ultra thin, large size porcelain tiles in india. techlam, the 3mm thick, large size slab collection with features like durability, hygiene and flexibility, has become a versatile product for multiple applications such as backsplashes, countertops, interior and exterior walls, façades and flooring for residential as well as commercial applications. The large size format (1000x3000mm) is low on porosity, and has anti graffiti properties. a collection of over fifty products with wide array of colors and patterns meet the functional and aesthetic needs of majority of the spaces and provides a seamless look to any area. similar products in big size and natural look are neolith, lapitec, laminam etc. agreeing to the fact that artificial materials are becoming more and more innovative but focusing on the importance of natural product like stone, Amit Shah Director, Classic Marble Company says, “natural stone is stronger, durable and of course, a very beautiful substance. educating and making our consumers aware of the variety and the architectural reasoning of why a natural stone should be considered over an alternative or vice versa is one of the things we attempt to do in our course of business.” He also said, “Natural marble is an aspirational product. There is a steep cost variation that comes with regards to natural stone, laminate or digital flooring, due to which consumers switch to look alikes like digital tiles. CMC imports

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Blurring Boundaries Why among all kinds of surfaces materials available, Solid Surfaces is fastly becoming a preferred choice?

Nehal Shah,

Product Head - India & Middle East Neonnex Solid Surface (India representative office)

It is true that the boundary between natural and man-made material has thinned out with materials like solid surFaCes where there is a lot of possibilities of getting finishes and designs resembling natural materials like stone, wood etc. in solid surface, people today are looking for designs and finishes like italian Marble or solid wood and veneer.

Another aspect of this argument is the concern for environment. While using natural products like wood create environmental issues. but if similar finish can be obtained with an artificial material like solid surface without any harm to the environment, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

Currently, the solid surface is only partially (almost 40%) recyclable. However, researches are going on and very soon, we will be having solid surface which would be around 70-80% recyclable if not 100%. The recyclability factor gives the ultimate edge to the artificial products like solid surface.

Easy and faster application along with low in maintenance also provide an edge to the factory-made materials like solid surface.

its natural marble from over 40 countries. natural marble gives an awe-inspiring feel to your interiors. it is exquisite, durable and everlasting. interior designers and architects are informed professionals in the industry who do the job of justifying the application of a stone or a tile. The physical characteristics of these two materials are entirely different. This very basic distinction is enough for one to understand the reason for not substituting a natural stone over any other material.” STONE VENEERS are another popular product that is taking industry by storm. Created out of just a thin slice of stone, veneers are a great way to get an exact look and feel of stones without actually taking the trouble of using natural stones. Lokesh Arora, Managing Director, Richter India, says, “stone veneer is one layer out of hundreds of layers a thick slab of stone can reveal, retaining the same look/aesthetics of the original slab. The usage of stone veneer leaves much of the stone for future generations, thus minimizing depletion of natural resources. Processing this new material also reduces scrap because requiring tons of stone to be quarried, transported, mined, or processed is not necessary. it is a harmonious integration of natural resources, technology & human skill, easier to handle, clad/fix/install, use and maintain.

“Natural marble gives an aweinspiring feel to your interiors. It is exquisite, durable and everlasting. This very basic distinction is enough for one to understand the reason for not substituting a natural stone over any other material. ” do is to copy the expensive, difficult to handle and install, stone slabs for convenience of looking close to the natural material and easy to fix. we are offering the market true natural stone but as easy to fix as a laminate or veneer sheet. and how much ever with the technology available today you may get close to something real, a Picasso is a Picasso.” RICHTER akustik & design is a German brand whose revolutionary product, NanoStone® (having just 0.1mm thickness) will now be used for creating innovative interior finishes in one of world’s biggest luxury cars Bentley.

stone veneer itself is very new to the stone markets of the world. what innovators in the laminate industry have tried to

as natural stones are becoming an increasingly niche product with their limited supply, high price range and exclusiveness, engineered stones like engineered marble and quartz are also getting good response from the market where they are in great demand.

Big size Tiles that resembles Marble (Neolith)

ENGINEEREd STONE is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive, (most commonly polymer resin, with some newer versions using cement mix). The two common stones used in producing these products are marbles and quartz, the application of this product depends on the original stone used; engineered marbles are typically most popular as flooring materials for large commercial projects such as hotels, shopping centers, business lobbies, while the quartz based product is used primarily for kitchen countertops. Engineered stone is less porous, more flexible, and harder than many types of natural stones. since it has a uniform internal structure, it does not have hidden cracks or flaws that may exist in natural stone. Caeserstone is a popular quartz product worldwide which has been recently launched in india by Hafele. its polyester resin binding agents allow some flexibility, preventing cracking under flexural pressure. They do have their share of downside too for example, Quartz engineered stone said to be less heat resistant

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Surfaces Reporter than other stone surfaces including most granite, marble and limestone; but is not affected by temperatures lower than 150°C. Continuous exposure to uV can cause discoloration of the stone, and breakdown of the resin binder. other than these products, one of the most popular products with an immense potential is perhaps SOLId SURFACE. invented by duPont in 1967 by the name Corian, it can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, and can be joined seamlessly by a trained craftsman. typically manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished products, solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes, including sinks, shower pans and bathtubs. sheets can also be heated and bent into three-dimensional shapes using a process called thermoforming, which adds to the versatility of the product. Color and design flexibility are key factors when choosing engineered composites over natural stone.

Mathios Stone another interesting product which is being marketed by aeon surfaces delhi is a hand-made stone Veneer for interior & exterior application. it is a reproduction of natural stone made from Portland cement, light weight natural aggregates (volcanic) and iron oxide pigments. it can be easily applied on thermal insulation systems. as per company, it is formed in pre-defined shapes for easy installation with no debris on site and noise pollution from cutting tools, does not fade over time and can be applied in all kinds of surfaces (brick wall, gypsum board, cement, wood and even glass). Ar. Aditya Yamsanwar, Founder and Strategist from Team One says, “we always recommend ‘green and eco-friendly labels’ which include ‘green’ paints, stone strip applications, recycled wood, bricks to name a few. Thanks to the new techniques due to which these real-look effects of layering and textures are now possible!”

Surfaces Reporter’s MATERIAL METER - Natural vs Man made REAL or Natural materials


A material that comes from Mother Earth naturally, not adulterated in composition by men, while used with minimum intervention of machines and chemicals.

A material or product produced & processed by man with the help of other materials, skill, technology and labour

Example of Natural materials in Architecture & Interiors are natural Stones, Wood and wood Veneer

Example of man-made materials & products in Architecture & Interiors are Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles, Laminates, Wood & fiber composites, Solid surfaces & more.

Needs lot of maintenance

Needs lesser maintenance

Durable but prone to staining, rots, cracks & decay

Processed materials are usually more durable


Depends upon the composition & processing

Timeless appeal, touches our emotions

Doesn’t touch our senses as the Natural does

Since processing & sources are limited, so price is higher

Price generally lesser than Natural ones

Limited designs

Unlimited designs

Innovation is possible with human intervention

Has immense possibility of innovation & upgradation

Natural form even with imperfection is loved

Designs imitating natural products are most loved

installation is usually quite time taking, wastage is an issue

Usually made for easy installation

SurfaceS Take Overall, we feel that the innovative work happening in the material market is a welcome move towards the development of newer materials and technological innovations which shows that design boundaries are definitely blurring. However, it is unlikely that the man made products will take over the natural materials completely. Natural materials have an unsaid connection with us which will remain so in future as well. The beauty of a natural product, its feel and its appeal will continue to awe us. No matter how much work artificial intelligence or robots are able to perform for us, there are areas where human touch remains top priority. Same is perhaps the case with natural surface décor materials. While the innovative artificial products continue to gain momentum, natural products are likely to become even more exclusive, rare and with extremely luxurious niche. Probably, in distant future, only the most discerning design enthusiasts will be able to afford them and use for ultra luxurious projects. Luxury being defined by exclusivity and rarity, opulence defined by being Natural, is what we foresee.

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Expanding Horizon

Panels & Surfaces

Expanding february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 96

Horizon... february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 97

Expanding Horizon

Unlike other product categories, the world of Panel and Surfaces is not limited to one or two materials. That makes this category not only limitless but forever expanding. For accentuating areas, starting with veneers, wood panels, laminate, wallpapers, today the world of Panels and Surfaces has reached to unlimited options for most creative gratification. Designer products are mostly imported from countries like Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany and China. The world is turning into a global village. One of the major reasons for the expansion of Panel and Surfaces industry is because of the growing aspirations among people who are well travelled and want to highlight interiors in most unique fashion. Thay want to have similar kind of design and décor at their home or work place like the ones they see abroad. Luxury has taken new dimensions. This has given rise to the need of having surfaces that are not only beautiful to look at but are eco-friendly too. As the market is getting flooded with more designs & products, it is important to enquire about Specifications, to know the composition of imported products, to understand how such materials would affect our living environment. Panels & Surfaces include the top layer of our interiors & buildings thus are subjected to maximum exposure, impact, contact and wear & tear. SURFACES REPORTER® believes that it’s time we should understand the importance of having healthy & hygienic materials for better living environment. It is pertinent to know about material lifecycle, ways of disposing, emissions, durability, while you check looks, price and maintenance. It is one of the missions of SURFACES REPORTER® to promote awareness about Materials, in terms of availability, applications and specifications. However, in the scope of this article, we are limiting the topic up to enlisting various types of Panels & Surfaces available today in India. The companies mentioned here are mostly operating on national level.



ood oh wood! How much we love to have the warm and cozy feeling generated by the presence of wood! Natural wood is something that never goes out of fashion. With growing concern for environment, the use of real wood is limited. This has given rise to a number of Engineered wood based products, starting from the humble Plywood, to Particle boards, HDF and MDF, Engineered wood is the major raw material for almost all the Paneling work done throughout the world. Vastly accustomed to using Plywood, application of Particle board is fast expanding in India. Action Tesa and Associate Décor manufactures & distributes Particle Boards throughout India. Novopan is said to have pioneered the concept of Prelaminated Particle Board way back in the year 1979.

Starting from humble Plywood, Particle boards and MDF, Engineered wood has become the major material for most of the Paneling work done throughout India.


material to create decorative panels (used in cabinets, shelves, wall highlighters, furniture etc), also engineered flooring, carved surfaces, false ceiling. It is a super substrate material and due to the varied thicknesses available, comfortable price range, availability throughout the country, carpenters are getting more and friendlier towards this material, and of course the possibilities that a smooth surface and uniform structure offers.

MDF & HDF (Medium Density Fiberboard & High Density Fiberboard)- Made from wood fibers extracted from chips and pulped wood waste, the MDF and HDF industry has actually revolutionalized the way wood is perceived so far. The possibility of engraving, embossing (using CNC machine) and laser cut MDF to curve out desired shapes have made it a favorable base

HDF on the other hand is a more dense & compact material, primarily used as a base for flooring, kitchen shutters, furniture parts. Best and Popular MDF brands are Green Panelmax MDF and Action Tesa. Topan has different range of coloured, Fire Retardant and thin MDFs. Valchromat is also a wood fibre based panel. It has full body coloured, available in many shades.


Surfaces Reporter

Cocomosaic Panel

“Wood Veneers which are thin slices scraped from natural wood, are like a blessing for the wood lovers, since they retain the real grain of the wood, without much hampering the environment.”

natural & reConstituted Veneers The best option and a blessing for wood lovers is Natural wood veneers. They are the thinner slices scraped from the wood which makes them retain the real grain while not actually hampering the environment. Even with so many Covering options for interiors today, majority are of the opinion that Wood Veneer is still reigning supreme. Just like real wood, no two veneers are alike. The veneer market is also seeing many innovations that have opened new design avenues. With techniques like dying, smoked, Mix-and-match etc., there are veneer designs like Embossed and Laser-cut Veneers. Ventura International’s Interart is one such example. The latest in the line of innovation is the DIGITAL VENEERS. With Digital Veneers, it is possible to print any design on veneer. Recently, a series of such Veneers were launched by Decowood, a brand of Greenlam Industries Limited. Other brands operating in Decorative Veneers are Duro’s Nature Signature, Timex etc. Also read our story ‘Blurring Boundaries’ (in this issue) for more information related to Wood Veneers, innovation in veneers done by Century Ply, and more. Reconstituted Veneers on the other hand are made from fastgrowing tropical species. Raw veneer is cut from a log, and dyed

if necessary. Once dyed, the sheets are laminated together to form a block. The block is then sliced so that the edges of the laminated veneer become the “grain” of the reconstituted veneer. Sanzura Reconstituted Veneers from Century Plywood and Alpi veneers are available in India along with a host of other companies operating in different capacities.

Wood plastiC CoMposite Wood Plastic Composite are composite materials made of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastics. While initially used in decking, today WPC is being used for a varied number of applications including flooring, paneling, railings, fences, landscaping timbers, cladding and siding, park benches, molding and trim, window and door frames, and indoor furniture. In terms of Indian market, it is still a very new material launched here few years back. People are still trying to comprehend its various usages. One important aspect of WPC is its density. Higher the density better would be the quality of the material used. It can be moulded into various decorative panels. We have covered some good players operating in India, in an exclusive article on WPC in the following pages.

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Expanding Horizon

Latest Laminate design Cipollino Grigio by Wilsonart

laminate, PaPer & PVC SurfaCeS After paints, Laminate is the other surface material which has gained immense popularity due to many factors like easy availability, economical, unlimited designs, and possibility of mass production of same designs, water proof, stain proof, long life and much more. With the use of proper substrate as base, Laminate has actually become a great alternative to wood. The possibilities of using it where wood cannot be used like wet areas of bathrooms and kitchen and over the façade (High Pressure Laminate) makes it an even more versatile product today. Today Laminate is available in almost every finish and design, namely, wood, stone, marble etc. Not only that, it can also be printed upon and customized as per the choice. It gives the freedom to have limitless and exclusive designs. While they were considered a cheap imitation of natural product, the development in technology and improved quality of paper has led to the development of more sophisticated designs to get the look and feel with the similarity of grain and finish that compels to think twice before deducing the difference between what is natural and man-made. Merino and Greenlam are among the most popular brands.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. PVC has found its usage in many applications; from pipes, wall paneling to doors and windows, it is widely used in varied thickness. The design possibilities and creating various finishes is another positive factor of PVC panels. Majorly used for interior application, due to its low endurance to external weather, it is not advised for exterior surfaces.

Wallpapers Earlier, due to the limitation in technology, wallpapers were not considered apt for certain areas like wet areas of bathrooms or kitchen where stain possibilities are higher. With the innovation in technology, you can now have wallpaper that are easy to install, clean and doesn’t even hamper the wall while putting down. Not limited to paper, wallpapers available today include, Vinyl wallpaper, Blown Vinyl Wallpaper (with tiny air bubbles to have embossed look), textured vinyl paper that can be repainted, Relief Wallpaper, Woodchip paper (usually for covering wood defects) and Borders (narrow rolls of printed washable or vinyl wallpaper used as a contrast to the rest of the wall finish). The most notable development in the field of wallpaper is the advent of Digital Wallpaper. From 3D to cartoon characters to even customized, creating any kind of design is now possible on wallpapers. Wallpapers are generally imported and available with online stores like Fabfurnish, Snapdeal and through various showrooms and suppliers in every city.

“Today Laminates can also be printed upon and customized as per the choice, giving freedom to have limitless exclusive designs. Digital printing has brought in the biggest revolution in Laminates.” february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 100

Surfaces Surfaces Reporter Reporter

Natural stone application by Antolini above; cutout shows Stone Veneer

natural & engineered StoneS If something equals Wood veneer in popularity, while with much wider application areas extending to interior and exterior, it is Stone. While the panels created out of stone are most durable, meant to last for a lifetime with the unmatched aesthetics, they are sometimes discouraged because of the wastage incurred during processing, time & difficulties in application. Yet there is no denial to the fact that stones are the choicest of materials and some issues in applications are accepted. We have a wide variety of stones available at our behest that include granite, marble, limestone and sandstone etc. With stone processing techniques like laser etching, sanding and CNC routing, various designs can be created on stone panels depending upon the choice. Classic Marble Company, Marble City and Stonex India are among the top suppliers of natural stones. Odyssey is a good option when you are looking for something exclusively custom decorated in stones.

QuartZ surFaCe

Just like the material they are created with, Quartz surfaces is one of the hardest surfaces with Mohs scale almost 7. Unlike stones, they are resistant to scratching and heat. Quartz is produced in many colors and patterns, depending on the colorant and how coarsely the quartz is crushed. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is non-porous and since they are engineered, can have consistent patterns. Many designs and patterns can be obtained with Quartz surfaces. However, they require skilled team of people to work; otherwise there are chances of having to get the installation wrong.

stone Veneers and stone Wall papers

They are some interesting developments wherein one gets the benefit of aesthetics, price, and application ease because of reduced weight. However, more careful handling is suggested. Marble City has a good range of Stone Wallpapers.

Granite stone

engineered stones

Another breakthrough in the Panel and Surfaces industry is the advent of engineered stones. They are usually a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive, (most commonly polymer resin, with some newer versions using cement mix. Engineered Marble is considered a great alternative to the real marble since it is economical and can be produced and applied on a large scale where recurring design is desirable like hotel, restaurant, office space etc. CMC deals in both Natural and Engineered stones.

Natural Stone & Engineered stones Quartz surface february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 101

Expanding Metals for Facade Horizon& Roofing

CeramiC & PorCelain tile SurfaCeS Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles need no introduction. These are surfaces materials wherein majority of innovation is taking place, be it coatings, textures, designs, colours, finishes etc. Also in size or strength, every aspect of tiles are seeing innovation in one way or other. Glazed Vitrified, Polished Glazed Vitrified, Double Charged, Full body Vitrified etc., are some of the types of tiles available for various usages. In terms of size, big sizes are available which are as long as 3000x1000mm with thickness ranging from 3-12mm (Laminam, Neolith, Lapitec etc). While earlier Outdoor tiles were not given much stress, today they have also come in limelight. Hard as stone, slip-resistant, full-body vitrified tiles with a thickness like 16mm and 20mm are the latest rage for outdoor application. Some of the brands that have come up with these tiles are and Elevation Tiles by Orient Bell, Grestek HARD STONE by AGL, and Durastone by Somany. The latest development is also in terms of shapes. From the regular squares and rectangles, now we have hexagonal tiles available for wall as well floor application. The geometric pattern on tiles brings a sense of playfulness and personality while creating a striking design element. Interesting shaped tiles like triangle, rhombus or hexagonin monochromatic tones create visual interest without overwhelming the space. These tiles also provide a way to add vibrant colour and pattern on floors and walls that can create the ultimate â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;wowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; factor. Combine dynamic patchwork tiles with a simple palette of materials to balance the space. Hexabon tile from AGL Photo: Surfaces Reporter

These are triangular Tiles with ample opportunities to arrange, launched by Ann Sacks in KBIS event at Las Vegas this year!

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 102

Surfaces Surfaces Reporter Reporter

A building with aluminium facade

aluminum & other metalliC PanelS The biggest reason for the popularization of Aluminum is despite being light-weight, it is a strong metal, not prone to corrosion, non-toxic and ultimately durable. ACP is one of the most popular forms in Aluminum. This metal is also sometimes called as the ‘High-rise’ metal owning to its omnipresence in some of world’s tallest buildings including Taipei 101, Taiwan. The weight of Aluminum structures is one half to two-thirds the weight of steel structures and up to one-seventh the weight of reinforced concrete structures with the same bearing capacity. The first building in which Aluminum was widely used in construction was the Empire State Building, New York skyscraper in 1931, the tallest building in the world until 1970. The famous fresco on the lobby ceiling and the walls are made of Aluminum and 23 karat gold. Another major reason for its popularity and its increased usage with materials like iron, concrete and glass! Aludecor, Viva and Alex ACP are some of the brands operating in ACP segment. Copper is one of the fewest materials in fashion since the age of pyramids. Renowned architects including Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright and Renzo Piano have been in love with this metal. Also called the metal of 21st century, Titanium is one of the most coveted metals of all. It is almost immune to the environmental attacks, can survive in any kind of environment, lightweight (- about 60% that of steel, half that of copper and 1.7 times that of aluminum), a lowest thermal expansion and posses a great compatibility with dissimilar metal as they cannot attribute to its galvanic corrosion. Guggenheim Bilbao is one of the most famous projects done with Titanium.

PaintS and CoatingS India’s history in painting is very old, going back to 10,000 BC in the time of Cave painting. Since civilization developed, whitewashing or painting the wall used to be the only source to make the walls beautiful. Click to modern times, the painting today has developed into a full-fledged industry. From the non-washables, the paints today are completely washable with higher resistance to stains and longer life. The exterior paints are being made to endure the weather extremities and are available in numerous designs and shades. The Textures Paints have brought a revolution in the paint industry. You can have textures and finishes from stones to wood, to motifs on your wall using the texture paints. Today, many paints come with a protective coating that keeps the finish intact for a longer time. Paints are made sustainable too and have now come with low VOC emissions. While most paints today are oil based, there are also options for Eco friendly paints. They come in various types, i.e., Natural paints, Zero VOC paints and low VOC paints. Natural paints only natural elements in the ingredient list – water, plant oils, resins, plant dyes and other essential oils. An identifying factor of natural paints is that it does not smell unlike oil based paints. Brands like Asian Paints, Nerolac and Dulux have the option for eco-friendly paints.

Coatings - The coatings are not only available for wall; today we have coatings for various surfaces including wood, glass, stone almost every surface. Not only that, today with the help of various available coating options, you easily get a stone or wood finish on glass or PVC surfaces. There are Lacquered coating, UV coatings and UV printings so a lifetime guarantee comes with a coating.

The 24th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, Zinc has not been into the architecture arena for long. Now, the use is growing in interior spaces like restaurants and bars for their countertops due to its antimicrobial, mildew- and mold-resistant properties, off lately it has proved extremely beneficial as cladding for contemporary architecture. VMZINC deals in Zinc and some of their projects are stunning ones. Stainless steel today is used in curtain wall and roofing, masonry and stone anchors, bollards and safety railings etc. Some of world’s famous projects have been attributed to the use of stainless steel including the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles and Marina Bay Sands Art and Science Museum, Singapore. In combination with other materials, it adds beauty and character, when used intelligently. Steel that comes with a rusting coating is known as Corten steel. Discovered in 1930s, the material is also known as weathering steel. A special article on Corten Steel and a latest project done by Ar. Sanjay Puri with Corten Steel, are part of this issue. Don’t miss to read. Stained Glass surface february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 103

Expanding Horizon

ConCrete & Cement SurfaCeS

Crocodile Antique Brown leather

leather One of the most premium surfaces of all time, leather is synonymous to luxury. From fabric to tiles and flooring, leather is being used everywhere. Available in formats such as hair on hide, textured etc., leather is most prominently used in the form of furniture or tiles for interior décor. For the purpose, instead of real leather, Faux leather is used as it can be made into any type of color or texture, which can be more fashion forward and allow people more freedom when decorating, and it generally costs less. While there is no match to the look of natural leather, Faux leather is easier to clean, and usually only needs an occasional wipe with a damp cloth, while real leather needs regular conditioning. Additionally, it can be very durable. Baron Leather is one of the suppliers of leather in India.

Once associated with a mundane look, today, the natural look of concrete is one of the most sought after. Concrete panels can reach an interesting decorative look when mixed with other aggregates. For instance, lightweight Masonry takes the form of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete block (AAC). With sufficient structural capacity to be used as low-rise bearing walls, AAC block greatly reduces masonry partition wall weights for elevated slab construction. Masonry construction is also making a new visual statement with the use of colored grouts. The pigmentation of white cement is helping architects provide a new unity or contrast look to the typical brick and mortar façade. Adding optical fibers to a concrete mix generates translucent concrete meant for decorative purposes. Reactive powder concrete is extremely workable, durable and yields ultra-high strengths without using coarse aggregates. Reaching compressive strengths of 30,000 pounds per square inch (psi), this new-age concrete also has tensile strength with the inclusion of steel and synthetic fibers. Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) eliminates the need for mechanical consolidation and yields a smooth surface finish without mix segregation. SCC and computerized precision color are revolutionizing the precast industry. Ultralite panels are being manufactured with Carbon Cast, a grid of carbon fiber reinforcing.

Solid SurfaCe A wonder material with almost seamless application! Composed of a combination of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic, polyester resins and pigments, earlier Solid Surface (best known as Corian as invented by DuPont) was only meant for countertop installations. Much has changed since then and it has been experimented upon for a lots of applications including wallpanels, furniture etc, by the likes of world renowned designers like Marcel Wanders and Karim Rashid. Surfaces Reporter has published numerous articles related to Solid Surfaces so far. LG-Himacs® and Neonnex are among the other brands available in India for Solid Surfaces. Panel by Kaza Concrete february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 104

Surfaces Reporter

Fiber CeMent board An eco-friendly product made out of nature friendly fibers, Portland cement and silica. These are light weight boards and can be easily cut or engraved in any shape, giving them a distinctive design edge. Since they are easy to use and available abundantly, they are used for application like wall paneling, false ceiling, façade cladding etc. Everest Industries and Vboard of Visaka Boards are into Fibre Cement Boards in India.

glass Fiber reinForCed ConCrete (gFrC) GFRC or GRC is a form of concrete strengthened using fiberglass. It’s made by combining a mixture of fine sand, cement, polymer (usually an acrylic polymer), water, other admixtures and alkaliresistant (AR) glass fibers. Just like regular concrete, GFRC can accommodate a variety of artistic embellishments including acid staining, dying, integral pigmentation, decorative aggregates, veining and more. It can also be etched, polished, sandblasted and stenciled. If you can imagine it, you can do it, making GFRC a great option for creating concrete countertops and especially three-dimensional concrete designer elements.

light aS a SurfaCe material Usually people do not perceive Light as a Material and many just take it for granted. However, for designers and architects, light not only illuminates, but creates new surface designs. In one of Surfaces Reporter’s earlier articles, we had called Light a Material and explained the reasons behind. You can never like a poorly lit place, whereas, a place or an object can immediately come to life with the use of right lighting. The crucial function of light makes it an inevitable part of the Surface and Panel industry. Other than the individual lighting equipments like LEDs, Lamps, Chandeliers, Object lights, Focus lights etc., light is also installed within the panels or on the sides to enhance their look. Backlit panels where LEDs are installed within the panels are very much in vogue. A play of dark and light shades coming out of transparent & opaque surfaces can make any back drop or horizontal surface more fascinating.

(Below) The Spare Kitchen, Mumbai where Light has been intelligently used to create an interesting highlighter like wall design, by Ar. Hoshedaar Eruch Carnac of HEJC ARCHITECTS COMBINE, Mumbai.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 105

Expanding Horizon

Some new materialS on the bloCk

Glowood’s Charcopanel

CharCopanel- Made from Charcoal and Polystrene, these

panels do not possess an MDF base. The use of styroform makes them resistant to warping. They are waterproof and fire retardant. Aesthetically, they can be easily casted into various designs and can easily achieve 3D patterns currently in vogue.

resin panels -Various kind of resin based panels is available in the market. These Panels are basically panels of wood, glass, stone or solid surface with thermoplastic resins of varied colours inserted in between. They can be translucent for backlit to create the special effect. Some of them are also made of recycled materials and hence are eco-friendly too. An example of Resin Panel is Astratto by Glowood.

organiC panels - Made from organic waste materials like rice husk, wheat, grass, barley etc., these panels are completely ecofriendly material. Even the binder used in these panels is usually organic. They don’t emit any harmful fume, easy in maintenance and provide thermal insulation and acoustic solutions too. The Organoid panels by Arnold Laver, UK uses a process where an inflatable inner form shaped as desired is placed under pressure and covered with a vacuum film. Then biogenic materials (e.g., wood chips, reed, or straw), ground to various degrees of fineness and combined with a natural binder of the required strength, are sprayed on. Next the still-damp and flexible material is covered with another vacuum film and hermetically sealed. With the application february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 106

of a defined negative pressure, the biocomposite is compressed and then hardened into its final form. It’s an award-winning panel at INTERZUM 2015. Likewise, there are panels made of banana leaves, natural flowers & leaves dried and made into sandwiched panels.

Edge Terra

MagnesiuM oxide panels - Magnesium oxide, more

commonly called magnesia, is a versatile mineral that when used as part of a cement mixture and cast into thin cement panels under proper curing procedures and practices can be used in residential and commercial building construction. Terra exterior & interior grade panels by Edge from Asiatic Corporation is an example of such panels.

Carbon Fiber - Strong yet flexible & light could probably be

the shortest description for ‘Carbon Fibre. It is twice the stiffness and five times the strength of steel. Alternatively called Graphite Fiber, Carbon Fiber are the thin filament of carbon atom packed closely acting as a base bound together with plastic polymer (epoxy) resin (which can also be thermoplastic, polyurethane, vinyl ester, or polyester) by heat, pressure or in a vacuum thereby creating a composite material that is both strong and lightweight. While it was known to man since late eighteenth century, it has found its niche for product designing just now. The strength is attributed to its weave; the more complex the weave, the more durable the composite will be. Most carbon fiber has a tensile modulus of 33 million pounds per square inch (MSI) which looks like a tree trunk with deep fissured bark. As compared to glass fiber, Carbon fibers have high elastic modulus and fatigue strength raising their potential. They also are highly chemically resistant and have high temperature tolerance with low thermal expansion. Each fiber of the composite is 5-10 microns in diameter as compared to one strand of spider web silk which is usually between 3-8 microns. The composite is highly regarded in fields like aerospace and sports equipments giving special strength and light-weightiness to the equipments. Many racing cars today gain speed thanks to the material. Several structural engineering applications utilize carbon fiber reinforced polymer because of its potential construction benefits and cost effectiveness. The usual applications include strengthening structures made with concrete, steel, timber, masonry, and cast iron; Retrofitting to increasing the load capacity of old structures like bridges; to enhance shear strength and for flexure in reinforced concrete structures. Other applications include replacement for steel, pre-stressing materials and strengthening cast-iron beams. Designers are using Carbon Steel for furniture and general interior work because of its flexibility and ability to take any shape.This is truly the material for future.

Surfaces Reporter

Surfaces Reporterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s MatERIaLS MEtER on Panels & Surfaces Most loved Interior paneling

Natural Wood Veneer

Most used exterior paneling

ACP with Glass

Evergreen natural Surfaces

Wood and Stones

Most promising substrate material


Most Researched surface material

Solid Surfaces

Most versatile yet economical man-made surface materials

Laminate & Tiles

Powerhouse of Possibilities

WPC (The pros & cons are discussed in Special article)

Class but not mass

Natural Leather

Most loved contemporary Surface

Raw Concrete

Inspiring unlimited ideas

Solid Surface

Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it!


Coming up with article on Fiber Cement Board soonâ&#x20AC;Ś

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 107


Wood Plastic comPosites W

ood is one of the most versatile surface materials that can be used for varied applications. Due to its naturally warm and pleasant feeling, wood has been the first love of architects and designers all over the world. However, the growing concern over environment led to the development of many alternatives of wood. One such material is WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE (WPC). The material had a humble beginning as an alternative choice for decking. But as the years passed, it matured and is now being used widely for wall claddings, indoor-outdoor furniture, sidings, pergolas, doors etc. With the growing popularity of the material, SURFACE REPORTERÂŽ decided to probe a little deeper to ascertain its properties, possibilities and probable future.

Materialâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beginning WPC is said to have been invented in Japan about 30 years ago as a substitute for wood made from softwood waste and recycled polymer resins by EIN Engineering. As the name suggests, Wood Plastic Composite is a combination of wood flour powder, saw dust, fibre fillers like pulp, hulls & bamboo and thermoplastics, which mostly include new or waste plastic from materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene etc. Polyethylene based WPCs are by far the most common. Additives such as colorants, coupling agents, UV stabilizers, blowing agents, foaming agents, and lubricants help tailor the end product to the target area of application.

MaKing OF WPC Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) are produced by thoroughly mixing ground wood particles and heated thermoplastic resin. The most common method of production is to extrude the material into the desired shape, though injection moulding is also used. Extruded WPCs are formed into both solid and hollow profiles. The first extruded forms of the material were solid boards, however, later on, hollow profiles were also developed. The boards became lighter, tougher and easier to install, making it possible to enlarge the cross section and in turn the load bearing capacity. A large variety of injection moulded parts are also produced, from automotive door panels to cell phone covers. In some manufacturing facilities, the constituents are combined and processed in a Pelletizing Extruder, which produces pellets of the new material. The pellets are then re-melted and formed into the final shape. Other manufacturers complete the finished part in a single step of mixing and extrusion. Foam extrusion is another innovative technology, wherein composition of special resins allows the boards to weigh as little as possible while retaining all the qualities of durability and high mechanical resistance exhibited by hollow profiles. Extruded foam WPC is ideally suited for high quality thermal and acoustic insulation of facades besides other application.

Wood Plastic Composite is a combination of wood flour powder, saw dust, fibre fillers like pulp, hulls & bamboo and thermoplastics, which mostly include new or waste plastic from materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, etc. Polyethylene based WPCs are by far the most common.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 108

Metalab / WPC

Outdoor Deck floor by Indiana

Ms. Gayatri, MD, inDiana international Corporation FloorinG pvt. ltD. www.indiana.co.in

PrOPerties & Features OF WPC Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) deck flooring consists of 45% of highly selected wood flour and 45% of pure PVC. Additives, improving the characteristics of the product, are 10% of the raw material composition.The combination of wood with plastics ensure formation of a durable material that preserves its high performance characteristics for many years without the need for maintenance, oiling and painting, resistant to water and changing weather conditions. Durability: The WPC composite technology ensures durability and the highest resistance. The deck flooring is resistant to abrasion, external mechanical forces, weathering and biological agents, salt water and chlorine. It does not require maintenance and service work, so that you can save time and money. Versatility: The use of composite WPC is broad: from balconies through pool and pond borders, along with sailing piers. Aesthetic appearance: The material is perfectly straight, free of knots and cracks, in addition to non-deformable and non-bulging. With mounting clips, there are no visible screws and nails, which improve aesthetics. Color depth: Through the use of high quality pigments and UV filter additive, developed in collaboration with renowned world producers, unprecedented colour depth is obtained in our WPC products.

Co-extrusion: Co-extrusion or multi-layered product is an innovative technology that offers both superior dimensional stability of the product, as well as colour stability. The individual layers contain special additives: the inner layer, apart from the highly-selected wood flour and pure PVC, contains an admixture of components which increase deck flooring’s strength parameters, while the outer layer, using the company’s long-term experience, contains additives that increase resistance to sunlight (UV). Do not require maintenance or painting: The deck flooring does not require any impregnation, and yet they do not lose their properties over time. Safety in use: The surface of the WPC is grooved on both sides. With grooves running lengthwise along the deck, draining water from the surface is done quickly and efficiently. You can walk on WPC without slipping even when they are wet. Unusual visual qualities: Through the use of the latest advanced processing techniques of materials, we have obtained a perfect brushing effect of the composite deck. It perfectly imitates real wood. Incombustibility: The product is made of non-combustible and safe material which is suitable for universal use. It has the highest possible fire reaction class Bfl – S1. It is a European product. Environmental performance: They are environmentally friendly, have all the necessary approvals and can be recycled.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 109


Metalab / WPC

Outdoor decking by Indigo Enterprises

WPC used for building facade application

“Let’s face it -wood deteriorates. It cracks, it rots, its splinters, and the list goes on. As an organic material, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and a hearty meal for termites and other insects. From an environmental standpoint, wood cannot be recycled, and its production leads to deforestation.” Ganesh. M, Ceo, e3 extrusion inC alternative For WooD – WpC, BenGaluru www.e3extrusion.com E3 Extrusion Inc. (Trade name E3 WOOD – Eco-friendly, Effective, Elegant) is a manufacturer of Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) in Bangalore. Rare trees in tropical rainforests require several decades to reach full maturity. Wood has been a standard building material for centuries. However, with the rise of global warming and deforestation, wood-alternatives are increasing in popularity and use. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to create a product that will decrease the need for wood materials. WPC can be Recycled. WPC is a blend of waste wood / waste natural or agricultural waste and virgin or waste plastic. It an alternative of Wood! WPC is Water resistant, Termite resistant, Recyclable, Good nail retention, high Colour stability, Paintable, Polishable if required and it is suitable for both Exterior and interior applications.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 110

Metalab / WPC sanjay GulvaDy, ManaGinG partner inDiGo enterprises, Chennai (everWooD) Introduced in 2011, Everwood (a brand of Indigo Enterprises) offers 18 profiles in 6 colours for external Wall Claddding, Deck Flooring, Pergolas, Railings, Louvers and other applications.

WPC MarKet in india, Quality, internatiOnal brands and eXPOrt WPC as a material was introduced in India only 10 years back and at the time applications were limited. When Everwood was introduced in 2011, awareness about WPC was still non-existent and we were one of only a handful of branded WPC available. Sanjay Gulvady Managing Partner, Indigo Enterprises, Chennai www.everwoodwpc.com

WPC manufacturing in India is still in its infancy stage when compared to overseas production. Domestic manufacturers who started manufacturing 5-6 years back didn’t understand the need for high quality raw materials and products failed. Today, with the availability of imported raw material, products are more stable in our demanding weather conditions. Manufacturing in India will evolve very fast with collaborations and it’s a matter of time before we are producing high grade WPC. Brands like TREX from the US and Einwood from Japan are world leaders simply for their quality & innovation. We are behind international grade WPC producers in Korea and China whose core competency is manufacturing and quality. Their products are a result of highly evolved manufacturing technology and product research. China is the largest manufacturer of WPC today with over 70% of their production being exported.

“WPC will become a ‘compulsory’ material for carcass applications in near future. We are projecting a total of 100 lines during 2016 in India.” harDik panChal, DireCtor, harDy sMith, ahMeDaBaD

WPC MarKet, its grOWth in india, and MaJOr Players WPC as a subject was launched during 2011, officially with a few players during the first year. HARDY SMITH brought this subject into action during this year with its very first three projects DURAPLAST, PLAMADERA & LIRCO. At the same time EWOOD, ECHON and TEXPLAS was serving to the market. Initial players took enough pain to set the material with their machines. Availability of raw materials and chemicals took almost a year to settle down from the country. But all these players did a good job in spreading the product across the wood and allied markets. Samples of WPC sheets and profiles reached up to Plywood counters and people started taking interest in the products. Today, there are set players in the market, although they are mid-size as of now but they have already expanded their capacities. Echon is a major player with largest capacity in WPC boards and doors. Plamadera is one player with boards and Door frames. Alstone is a player with more than 4 board lines and Oligo UV coated WPC panels. Similar capacity is followed by Duraplast with an Edgeband making line. Century ply also has started promoting and supplying WPC products in the market with brand name HECTOR. WPC CENTRE also is an entity that is supplying total WPC products and applications for interior and exterior segments. WE ARE PROJECTING A TOTAL OF 100 LINES DURING 2016 IN INDIA.

Hardik Panchal, Director Hardy Smith, Ahmedabad www hardysmith.org

Logically, the country has seen a continuous growth in last 5 years with at least 12 new players every year. There are many dealers and distributors now those are stocking and selling WPC boards and door frames. There is a parallel growth seen in WPC door frame markets too and now WPC decking is picking up through architect channels at a rapid pace. A specific annual growth of WPC market as per HARDY SMITH is rated around 25%.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 111

Metalab / WPC saMeer srivastava, viCe presiDent oCean therMoplastiC elastoMers pvt. ltD. (WooDteC)

PriCe range OF WPC WPC is just a material. The price range depends upon the product made by the material. Currently, WPC is available in numerous forms, i.e., from normal boards to designer doors, flooring, cladding, it has numerous application. So price range also depends upon it. The highest selling item would be an 18 mm thick WPC Board which cost something around Rs. 110/- per sq ft.

Sameer Srivastava VP, Ocean Thermoplastic Elastomers Pvt. Ltd. www.oceangrouponline.in

Quality COnsideratiOn OF WPC Higher the density, the better will be the product. The screw holding capacity, the resistance capacity and flexural strength all depend upon the density of WPC material. The minimum density required for a good quality WPC is .60 gm/cm3.

“WPC has a much better and wider scope in the plywood market due to its various features over conventional available boards – the main being water proof, termite and borer and insect proof and fire retardant features. It will be the people’s choice in the coming few years. WPC will be the face of the wood applications.” paWan GarG, ManaGinG DireCtor alstone inDustries pvt. ltD.

This approach of giving under quality material to customers is killing the material’s future scope and growth.


desPite being a PlastiC COMPOsite, Why is WPC Called a green Material?

A manufacturer of Wood Polymer Composite, the product range includes WPC Board, WPC Art and WPC Doors. Alstone has launched Oligo recently. It comes in various choices and designs in High gloss and Matt finish. One can choose any wooden, marble or flower design over WPC boards and later can have it in High Gloss, Matt and Texture Coating.

MarKet share Today WPC has a market share of approximately 0.7% of the total plywood market. The number may not seem large but for a product that has come in the market just a few years ago, it is a big achievement. It shows that this material has been successful in breaking the traditional mindset of customers to look for something better than Plywood.

Quality OF WPC in india Quality is a major issue in the WPC manufacturing. There are very few quality WPC board manufactures. 70 % of the total players are in producing under quality material. february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 112

Very well said, despite being a Plastic composite, WPC is called a green Product. The WPC is not just Plastic, it is Wood Polymer Composite. To understand this we need to look into two aspects – its raw material and its destruction. In WPC manufacturing, wood is not required so the need to cut trees and destroy greenery is itself eliminated. Secondly the products made by WPC have a longer shelf life than usual Competitor materials due to the various features it has. It goes on for years without much maintenance and wear and tear. And when it is replaced because of any reason, it can be converted into plastic chips through grinding and is again ready to be used in another form. Thus it is non -biodegradable but it is recyclable and reusable. Thus, WPC does not deplete the environment of its natural resources unlike other materials and hence is known as a Green Product. Further, we are also working over our technologies and R&D to find an alternative to the PVC which is being used at present.

Metalab / WPC â&#x20AC;&#x153;Manufacturing of WPC in India has a number of technical limitations. Till now, there is no defined quality aspect, licensing or regulation for making WPC products, but the importers already have some specifications which the Indian manufacturers have to follow as those are well-known by the Indian customers. Still, I would say that when the competition will be healthy, the quality points will be checked thoroughly & this will improve the standards of this Product at manufacturing level.â&#x20AC;? nikhil ChouDhary, DireCtor suCh iMpex pvt. ltD. (viCtor Floors) www.victorfloors.com

aPPliCatiOns OF WPC Indoor: WPC can be used in modular furniture segments like vanities, wardrobe, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Partitions, Doors etc. WPC can be used as a replacement of wood for making customization of product with traditional carpentry skills.

Outdoor: WPC is widely famous and applied widely in India for Outdoor wall cladding, Floor Decking, Gates, Pergolas, Surrounding swimming pools, fencing, porches and docks, siding, railings, window frame construction etc. WPC has very lower maintenance which is a very key factor. For WPC boards the Frosty white, walnuts & the darker colors are much in, & for Outdoor applications the traditional colors Chocolate, Coffee are much suitable colors.

WPC flooring by Victor Floors

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 113

Metalab / WPC “WPC is used exactly like plywood by the carpenters without the need of any new tools while any other material which is termite and water proof must be handled by the skilled technicians. Market share of WPC is increasing tremendously.” ajay GarG, DireCtor, aDvanCe polyMers, neW Delhi (e3 WpC) www.e3panels.com

testing and CertiFiCatiOn OF WPC Right now, in India, we don’t have a lab facility to test the quality of WPC. Indian government currently doesn’t have an ISI certification for the material. As there are no scientific methods available in India to check the quality, Nail test for surface & Screw test for strength can be done manually.

Why is WPC gaining POPularity?

Material Properties and more... Wood plastic composite commands a fair share in the International market and it is slowly gaining momentum in the Indian domestic market as well. Other than having the looks of wood, WPCs do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot, decay, and marine Borer attack. The WPC panels can be easily shaped using conventional woodworking tools. With a higher flexibility, WPC can be bent and fixed to form strong arching curves. WPC are also available in a wide variety of colours eliminating the need for paints. Ganesh M, CEO, E3 Extrusion Inc. says, “Let’s face it — wood deteriorates. It cracks, it rots, its splinters, and the list goes on. As an organic material, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and a hearty meal for termites and other insects. From an environmental standpoint, wood cannot be recycled, and its production leads to deforestation.” Nikhil Choudhary, Director, Such Impex Pvt. Ltd. believes that though Price is a bit expensive due to the higher production cost, but still the advantages of WPC go much over the prices. WPC is precisely economical than plywood and MDF for panel furniture making, as per Hardik Panchal, Director, Hardy Smith WPC. He says that any plywood or MDF needs surface protection and majority panels are covered with HPL on both the sides for furniture making. No plywood, MDF, particle board or wood can be used in its natural form. And surface protection in form of HPL, coating, painting or lamination is must. For WPC you don’t need any such practice, as it is 100% moisture proof and 100% termite proof. You can directly make Carcasses from a WPC plain board by use of Cyanoacrylate binder. It literally welds to WPVC surfaces. Thus as per him, it saves surface coating cost, labor cost and time. It is 100% recyclable, thus we sell it with buy back guarantee. Any time in the future, WPC material in plain condition can give equal value to the client at the price he purchased. One can get at least 20% of its money back, if furniture is made with WPC panels.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 114

Being created with wood fibre and having plastic inside, there are suspicions about fire performance of the material. However, tests have shown that fire retardant treatments can reduce the potential contribution of the wood-plastic composites to a fire.

After all these assured cost advantage even the price of WPC boards matches to the cost of marine plywood in plain condition for a retail user. Cost of a WPC solid door matches to the conventional wooden Chaukats and cost of WPC Deck floor matches to the solid wooden flooring.

WPC and Fire rating We all know that wood supports fire. Being created with wood fibre and having plastic inside, there are suspicions about fire performance of the material. However, tests have shown that fire retardant treatments can reduce the potential contribution of the wood-plastic composites to a fire. Studies showed that increasing the wood fiber content in wood-plastic composites significantly improved the fire performance to that of the plastic alone. As per experts, adding fire retardant chemicals, particularly ammonium polyphosphate, was also shown to be effective in improving the fire performance.

Metalab / WPC

Future oF WPC in india WPC has a huge market today with players having great expectations from the future. As pointed out in the article above that with a market share of just around 0.7% of the total plywood market, the number is still encouraging since the material has entered India market recently. This indicates acceptability of the product in general. Sameer Srivastava, VP, Ocean Thermoplastic Elastomers Pvt. Ltd., says that the future of WPC is bright since there is shortage of wood and in the coming times shortage will continue to increase. WPC is a strong contender in providing a solution to the situation. Sanjay Gulvady, Managing Partner, Indigo Enterprises feels that looking at the growth trajectory of WPC worldwide, it will continue to follow that trend over the next few years. He foresees tremendous and non-stop growth in the coming years for a wide and innovative range of applications. As Indian firms gain manufacturing experience, quality will improve and with some government support, India can be a big player on the global market. However, the downside will be parity products commoditizing WPC. In an earlier article of this magazine, SURFACES REPORTER® has called Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), ‘A Powerhouse of Possibilities!” However, we will not refrain from the fact that WPC is yet to go through a lot before the tag becomes a reality. There are severe issues related to Quality which is hampering the progress of this product. There is no way how a common buyer can differentiate, check or compare Quality of two WPC products. Even no testing parameters are set. There is hardly any awareness drive started for this material in a significant level. It is a known fact that once someone experiences

There is no way how a common buyer can differentiate, check or compare Quality of two WPC products. Even no testing parameters are set. There is hardly any awareness drive started for this material in a significant level. bad quality, the material gets a bad name forever. Price is on a very higher side. India is a price sensitive nation; moreover, we already have products which are tested, tried and price effective in the similar application segment, especially for base materials. There are also issues regarding fire retardant properties of this material. There are questions related to density of the product, content percentage of wood etc. Also, Surfaces Reporter wants to draw the attention of current and coming up manufacturers about the case of Trex Company, a global industry leader in WPC Decking. Around 2008, Trex had to replace over 37000 decks in regards to some claims and quality issues. Finally, they had to change their ‘maintenance free’ claims with ‘Low maintenance’. It is good to be excited about new materials and products; however, every step should be taken with care and every action with responsibility. In the coming issues, you will see us covering these aspects deeper along with views from the actual users and architects. Surfaces Reporter is a magazine dedicated to information and analysis about materials & products. We believe in learning, informing and growing. Do guide us if we missed anything significant and send us more details. Know that we are big fans of readers who write their reviews about our articles and we appreciate both criticism and information. Contact us at PRESS@SURFACES.IN

Surfaces Reporter’s MATERIAL METER - Wood Plastic Composite (+) Pros

(-) Needs improvement

Looks like wood so people preliminary acceptance is high.

There is no way how a common buyer can differentiate, check or compare Quality of two WPC products.

Resistant to rot, decay & borer attack.

Price is on a very higher side.

Easy to work with conventional woodworking tools.

Some issue regarding fire retardant properties.

Can be bent to form strong curves.

Questions related to density of the product, content of wood etc.

Available in colours so painting or lamination is not necessary.

No testing parameters are set.

Can be recycled.

A booming market has encourages ‘XYZ’ to enter market causing drop in quality.

100% Termite proof.

Strong need of big and good players to enter the market who do not compromise with quality & awareness.

Saves surface coating cost, time and labour when used in its original form.

95% consumers still use the tradition Ply products.

More versatile application than its competitors because of its moisture resistant properties.

Lack of proper promotion & technical understanding. Local carpenter needs training about PVC solvent and easiest joinery system, also about screwing, fixing and assembling mechanisms.

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 115


A metAlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s monologue

Barclays Center, New York USA


was born in the stable of a famous U.S. based steel factory, known as United States Steel in 1930s. Known as Corten or Weathering Steel, I am programmed with some of the unique characters which separate me from my clan and give me a distinguishing texture and ready to use rusty look. My constant rust like body also keeps me away from the chemical paints and I am adored by some of the most acclaimed architects and interior designers of the world for my sui generis features and longevity as a metal.

ProPerties that differentiates I am known for my robust built and durability. Also called the weathering steel because of my stand apart chemical composition which keeps me camouflaged from the climatic pangs. The corrosion-retarding style has developed within me by an even distribution of certain alloys which provides me an extra protective cover known as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;patinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. A tailor made oxidation process gives me a reddish tinge and also strengthens me from the core. The rusting process in me starts in a normal way and forms a permanent layer which adheres more firmly to the lower metal base. A particular combination and concentration of alloys like Manganese, Sulphur, Chromium, Copper, Silicon and Phosphorus, Nickel etc., creates the protective layer that keeps me away from the corrosion.

Being dear to architects & designers I possess all the qualities which make me adorable and useful for building some of the most coveted structures of the world. Minimal maintenance, shallow construction depth and stylized end product are some of the positive qualities that can be achieved with my proper use. february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 116

Angel of the North, Gateshead, UK

I am like a bottle of a wine, as my texture & flavour gets better with the passing time. Today, low maintenance architectural constructions are highly applauded all over the world. I am such a material which is a perfect problem solver for all the architects in the world and thus their best buddy while constructing some of the landmark structures in the world, built for public benefit such as bridges and railways. Though the use of weathering steel initially soars the project cost, but the real effect comes in the operational cost with the low maintenance feature. The high value constructions such as bridges constructed with my use makes it durable, increases its life and brings in considerable reduction in the indirect and direct costs. It also helps in maintaining the normal civic amenities. Inbuilt colour keeps me away from external colouring which further helps in reducing the cost of colouring and also corks the time needed for a normal construction made with the help of normal steel and external application of colour. I am like a bottle of a wine, as with passing time my texture and flavor creates an aura and makes me more eye candy. Most of the edgy constructions built with the use of Corten Steel have proven their mettle with passing time making me a considerable stronger metal irrespective of my weathering looks.

Surfaces Reporter During my nascency in 1930s, I was used vividly in building coal wagons and bridges. With the evolution of technology, Corten Steel is used for varied purposes. Today, I can be instrumental in creating wonderful facades and sculptures. Corten steel can be used in making grills, structural beams, onsite wielding, ornamental iron work, security gates, railings, fire escapes, spiral staircases and in restoration iron work. I am glad to have created many ripples since birth and became very popular amongst the best known architects of the world. I was used in abundance in creating some of the most beautiful outdoor sculptures. Many sculptors through-out the world are mesmerized by the beauty of Corten and created famed sculptures including the famed Chicago Picasso sculpture and the Angel of the North, Gateshead, UK. However, taking care is important while welding, grinding and mixing other materials with the weathering steel.

The challenges of being a corTen If I have multiple advantages, there are drawbacks too associated with me that require careful consideration. Any structure installed with weathering steels must be equipped with a proper drainage system to pass the water out through a proper channel or else it will lead to a higher oxidization in certain pockets that will eventually

cause decay and might destroy the structure. I am prone to salt laden environment; saline air decays my inner composition and crumbles my chemical composition by enhancing the corrosion process. The classic examples of Corten failure were the Hawaii Aloha stadium built in 1975 and Omni Coliseum built in 1972 that never stopped rusting and soon massive holes appeared in their bodies. Staining is also a major issue wherein my rusty look causes rust to permanently stain the nearby structures. Corten Steel is mostly being used for the public structures. However, it is really hard to remove spray paint graffiti from it. Corten steel must always be used in conjuncture with the similar metals. Connections to dissimilar materials, such as zinc or cadmium plated bolts, should be avoided as it accelerates my corroding process.

corTen sTeel in india Apart from TATA Steel, several other companies in India are producing Corten steel since independence. The Indian Railways procures massive chunk of Corten steel for wagon construction. Though my usage in architecture is not very elaborated, still people are opening up to the idea of watching a building with the rusting look that is actually strong enough like other metal building. Good Architects know how to get the best out of me and I feel safe & happy in their hands. Presenting a latest project done with Corten Steel as exterior covering by Ar. Sanjay Puri, for a beautiful office building in Surat.

General Technical Specifications Steel grade


Applicable thickness range (mm)


Hot-rolled sheet and plate: 6≦t≦50 Shape: 6≦t≦38

Unpainted specifications For welded structures Weathering steel product COR-TEN 570

Hot-rolled sheet and plate: 6≦t≦50

Highly weathering steel COR-TEN A product

COR-TEN B Unpainted specifications For welded structures Weathering steel COR-TEN B-QT product COR-TEN C


Hot-rolled sheet and plate


t≦100 t≦25


Main applications

 Because of its high weather resistance, this grade can be used without painting.  Because of its high weldability and notch toughness, this grade is recommended for use for welded structures.

 Bridge  Steel frame, steel tower, various platforms  Crane and other industrial machinery  Flood gate  Low-pressure gas holder, water tank and other large-size vessels

 Because of its high weather resistance, this grade is most suitable for unpainted application.

 Sash, panel and other building exterior members  Outer plate for rolling stock  Marine container  Steel tower, etc

 Because of its high weather resistant, this grade can be used without painting.  Because of its high weldability and notch toughness, this grade is recommended for use for welded structures.

 Bridge  Steel frame, steel tower, various platforms  Crane and other industrial machinery  Flood gate  Low-pressure gas holder, water tank and other large-size vessels Source: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Meta

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February 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 117

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THE CRESCENT @SURAT By SAnjAy puri ArchitectS, MuMBAi

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february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 119

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Covering an area of 4905 sq. ft., and situated on a small site abutting a road junction, this single level office building creates a sculptural presence. Overlapped curvilinear volumes orient each of the internal spaces towards the north in response to the location of the site while creating a semienclosed north facing courtyard between the office spaces. The siTe is loCaTed in suraT, GujaraT where TemperaTures are in exCess of 35째C for 8 monThs of The year and The sun is always on The souThern side. The north facing courtyard infuses the inner spaces with indirect light, with vertical north facing incisions for the internal spaces thus reducing the heat gain substantially. A curvilinear path along the courtyard links the office spaces while seamlessly integrating the internal circulation with a shallow pool of water within the courtyard. Built entirely in a steel frame structure with a metal roof and Corten steel sheets forming the external walls, the entire office structure was completed within 3 months. The design creates an energy efficient building in response to the climate of the location and a distinct identity.

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Ar. SAnjAy puri, on Selection on corten Steel for the project: “Corten steel has an amazing organic nature changing in shade and textural quality over the time, rendering the building dynamic. It was chosen for these reasons. We also like to work with other natural looking metal façade materials like Galvanized Iron sheets, Bronze sheets and Copper sheets etc.”

Ar. Sanjay Puri from Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai

february 2016 SURFACES REPORTER 121

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Some more images from the project, The Cresent

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Surfaces Reporter February 2016  

A special edition dedicated completely to Panels & Surfaces. The issue covers the story of Corten steel along with The Crescent, Surat, a Co...

Surfaces Reporter February 2016  

A special edition dedicated completely to Panels & Surfaces. The issue covers the story of Corten steel along with The Crescent, Surat, a Co...

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