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About Wizard Enterprises  Located in Hawthorne CA (Los Angeles)  22 years in business  2 Studios  Committed to Environmental Practices

 Owned and Operated by Michael Meager

Green Info: Wizard Enterprise Closed Water System – no dumping allowed into the sewer system. We reprocess all our scrap clay so there is no product discharging. All scrap tiles are brought to a recycling facility to be ground and used in roadbeds.

All packing materials are from recycled sources, we also use corn starch peanuts for packing. 95% of all our cardboard boxes and packing are produced from recycled goods. We have been operating under the Southern California Air Quality Management systems stringent guidelines for over 22 years. They are the strictest in the nation along with California being the most aggressive state to operate in a ‘green’ system.

Wizard Tile Lines

Hawthorne Hawthorne In-Stock

Wizard Wizard In-Stock

Hawthorne In-Stock Inspired by glazed French terra cotta. Rich mottled glazes and irregular surfaces make Hawthorne installations soothing rhythmic textures. • Most orders ship within 3 days • 5 Field Glazes • 9 Accent Glazes • 40% Recycled Content

Hawthorne Field Parts •3x6, 4x8, 6x6, Hex Field •2 Bases •2 Caps •2 Liners •5 Stock Glazes

Hawthorne Accents •1x6 Bar Liner •.5 x6 Dome Liner •9 Glazes

Hawthorne Made to Order •Any part in any Glaze •3-4 week lead time •40% Recycled Content

Wizard In Stock • Most Orders ship within 3 days • 4 Stock Field Glazes • 9 Stock Accent Glazes • 7 Stock Liners • 5 Caps • 2 Bases

Wizard Made To Order

• 100+ Glazes • 15 Standard Field Shapes • 13 Mosaic Field Patterns • Many Liners & Borders • Many Caps, V-Caps and Bases • 4 to 6 Week Lead Time • We welcome custom work

Bisque inventory First production stop for orders

In stock bisque assigned to order Tile not in bisque is ordered from clay department Only when all bisque is complete the order then moves to the glaze department

Clay Mixing Clay comes dry; We mix in 28% water using all recycled water Clay rests for 1 week until used in production

Extrusion All profiles are extruded Extrusion are 30” long Extrusion “rest” overnight Cut to length the next day

Pressing ďƒ˜All relief designs are pressed ďƒ˜Molds are pressed at 30 to 100 tons of pressure


•The tiles are trimmed from the plates for use

•Scrap clay is recycled


Corners are made by mitering Desired corner detail is cut Pieces are fitted for pattern alignment

Slip clay is applied to bond Dried slowly

Finishing All tiles go to finishing Imperfections are repaired Badly damaged tiles are recycled Sponging smooth the tiles for glazing


Tile must be dried slowly or will warp or break

Tile is dried for up to 10 days Dry tile is called Green ware Excess heat from the kilns are used in drying the tile

Bisque firing Green ware is loaded into kiln Tiles in setters and trims on top Daisy kiln fires roughly 7000 sf per firing Bisque firing takes 18 hours to a top temperature of 1950 degrees

Glaze Development ďƒ˜Wizards hallmark of over 14,000 different glazes are used. ďƒ˜These Glazes are in our library and are a reference for custom Glazes

Glaze preparation Dry frit and stain are weighed Ball mills mix the glaze for 1 to 8 hours Mixed glazes are kept in stock

Glazing ďƒ˜Most glazes are sprayed

ďƒ˜Tiles are weighed for gram weight of glaze to maintain color control

ďƒ˜Tiles are stacked into setters and loaded onto Kiln platforms for final firing.

Glazing: Washes & Handpainted Washes are under glaze applied with a brush on the bisque Hand painting is also done with under glaze Transparent glaze is then sprayed over the wash or hand painting

Pre Shipping Inspection Orders are unloaded and collated

Rough inspection for quantity and color When order pass this point they go to final inspection


Glazes are carefully compared to control boards

Each tile is individually inspected

Tiles are packed with cardboard dividers

REWORK SAMPLES AND ADD ON EXPEDIETED! All departments work together for speed and accuracy Most are done in less than 1 week, MOST OF THE TIME!


UPS orders are double boxed A complete copy of the work order and every numbered box with it’s contents is retained

Orders over 3 boxes are strapped to pallets and shipped via truck.

Michael Meagher Hands on Owner Operator Mechanical Genius Glaze Guru Pilot, Captain, Gentlemen Farmer Wine Expert

Jorge Gomez Production manager • All production scheduling •Customer inquiries

12 Years at Wizard!

12 Years at Wizard

Rolando Ortiz Shipping manager

Quality control

Karim Motawi Marketing & Sales • Marketing Support •Training •Product Development •19 years Experience

Mauricio Razon Clay department manager 22 Years at wizard!

Quality control

Rafael Cortez Glaze development and preparation 15 Years at Wizard!

Quality control

Luis Gonzalez Glaze department manager 15 Years at Wizard!

Quality control

T h a n k s W i z a r d

Wizard Enterprise Intro  

Company Introduction

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