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Surface Design Association 2013 Student Member Exhibition June 6 – July 31, 2013

in•ter•face: Linked Up June 6 – July 21, 2013 UTSA Downtown Gallery San Antonio, TX .

As part of Surface Design Association’s 17th International Conference

SDA student members were invited to submit work for competition and exhibition to showcase cutting-edge uses of fiber.

Judged by fiber artist Ruth Tabancay, this exhibition presents innovative work created by SDA student members who link together ideas with any fiber technique. Work can explore a variety of processes including, but not limited to, surface design, weaving, quilting, knitting, stitching, papermaking, three-dimensional forms and the use of non-conventional materials.

Online Jurors

Nancy Crasco

Jean Dahlgren

Carolyn Halliday

Mary Ruth Smith

Photography provided by Ansen Seale & Marci McDade All images in this presentation are subject to copyright. Please note SDA’s Terms and Conditions at:

SDA would like to thank everyone who contributed to this event and presentation including: Mary Ruth Smith, Student Member Show Coordinator Jean Dahlgren, Student Member Show Assistant Molly Boyce, Presentation Design SDA Executive Director, Diane Sandlin SDA Website Manager, LM Wood Published in 2014 by Surface Design Association P.O. Box 20430 Albuquerque, NM 87154 707-829-3110

Find out about judge’s criteria for choosing winners + comments from winners themselves on SDA NewsBlog at: /sda-2013-student-members-show-who-won-why

The universities represented in this exhibition include: Arizona State University Baylor University Navigation: Index of artists, additional photos East Carolina University Georgia State University Iowa State University Special Thanks goes to: North Carolina State University San Diego State University Tennessee Tech University – Appalachian Center of Crafts Tinghua University, Beijing, China University of Hawaii, Manoa University of Missouri – Columbia University of North Texas

Juried Artists

Viviana Belmares Weaver Street 30� x 50� Cotton and hand-dyed threads / Woven using a Theo Moorman technique

Julie Bilbro Self-Portrait 12� x 12� Found backing fabric, hand-dyed raw silk / French knots and applique

Shirley Boudreaux Holding on by a Thread 64” x 24” x 12” Thread, Solvy, Water Stabilizer / Sewn and dissolved in the stabilizer


J.P. Burton Ph (Potential Hazard) 6” x 9.5” x 10“ Wire, handmade paper, pig intestine, paints and dyes / Technique created by artist


J.P. Burton Teal Egg Nest 9” x 5” x 5“ Wire, handmade paper, pig intestine, paints and dyes / Technique created by artist

Elizabeth Christensen Inner Context 36� x 72� Fabric, dye and embroidery floss / Thermofax stencil printing, embroidery

Julia Feldman The Wall 14� x 14� Vintage cotton fabric, thread, cotton and silk fabrics, sequins and a screen / Applique and embroidery

Julia Feldman Who Goes There 17” x 25” Linen fabric, thread, papyrus, paint and dyes / Hand and machine embroidery


Sophia Frisell Map 12� x 20� Paper and thread / Scoring and stitching

William Billy George Secret 11” x 11” x 4” Paper, raffia, and thread / Pressed, folded and stitched

Kelsey Gill A Wild Floral Paradise 34” x 38” x .75” Digitally printed image, paint and beads / Hand painted, embroidered and beaded, machine freeform embroidery and transfers

Katherine Hobbs The Phenomenology of Impairment 23� x 29� x .75� Watercolor paint, paper and silk organza / Hand painted and laminated

Betty Jarvis Family Value 36” x 5” x 3” Yarn, cotton core, doll arms and legs, and paint / Coiling, netting edges, and painting

Morgan Kuster Reflections 48“ x 48� (in 2 panels) Linen and cotton / Marbled and watercolor paint

Ying Ma The Rhyme Between Landscapes 54” x 72” Plant dyes, fish tape and silk fabric / Gradient dye and sewing

Kelcie McCurry Crystal Disco: the other Mother of Pearl 30” x 48” x 1.5” Sabra silk resist, dye, India ink and silk paint / Resistance and paint

Tamryn McDermott Punctuated Equilibrium 96” x 8” x 24” Mixed materials / Deconstructed, re-made, machine and hand stitched

Tamryn McDermott In Anticipation of Tomorrows 24” x 24” x 3” Ballistics vest, fabrics, paper, cardboard, plastic, thread and paint / Cut, manipulated, painted, stitched, printed and folded


Nora McGinnis Slide I 36” x 60” Sheer silk habotai and dye / Screen printed

Melanie Merlo Metamorphosis 40” x 7” x 6” Handmade kozo paper, embroidery thread and konnyaku / Printed, hand embroidered, casted in flex wax


Melanie Merlo Nostalgia 11� x 28� Handmade kozo paper, coffee grounds, black ink and embroidery thread / Screen printed and embroidered

Analise Minjarez Natural Dye Study 2, Iron Mordant 14” x 11” x 2” Natural dyes and threads / Dyed and woven

Sam Panter Bent Balance 4” x 20” x 20“ Bent wood, fabric tape and yarn / Laminated, woven and knotted

Brittany Roetman The Heart of the Black Hills 22”x 14” Charcoal, dye pastel, map and thread / Stitched

Karen Schmidt Fall 40� by 22� Cotton canvas, reactive dye, discharge paste, thickened dye and pigment / Machine stitched with metallic thread.

Julie Shipman Dissection 32” x 72” x 1.5” Old door, cellulose fabric and Payerpol / Cut, covered with Payerpol, and layered


Delaney Smith Knebix 72” x 74” x 3” Repurposed paper / Manipulated

Eva Zuzuarregui Luminosidad, Densidad Obscura 8” xy 11” x 2” Wood fiber, thread, bamboo thread and leather / Wet felted, hand sewn, and embroidered

Gallery Views

For more information on becoming an SDA member go to: join-sda-great-member-benefits

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Check out the 2013 Student Member Exhibition held in conjunction with 17th International Surface Design Conference in San Antonio, TX. On d...

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