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Tengo muchos folios sueltos de tareas, trabajos… y no tengo ningún sitio dónde ponerlos


I look for the information in the internet, in this webpage: omo-hacer-una-carpeta-de-carton



MATERIALS: -Carboard -Magazines -Buttons -Elastic -Paper Bag -Drawings

TOOLS: -Scissors -Glue -Punch

And finally it looks like this:

I check that in the folder fit a folio size DIN-A4.

I check that when I put a folio I the folder it doesn´t fall.

Good points: I think my folder is very original and it is made only whith recycled materials.

Bad points: Inside the folder fit few folios.

Improvements: I could make the folder a little bigger and as well I could also put cardboard

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