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User Interfaces Design which Will Be In Trend In 2017 Changes are constant in app design trends—some gets outdated with time, while others continue to evolve and remain there. Most of them are worth considering, however, each new trend brings innovation along with it. Simplicity and effectiveness is what a good UI design takes. Because of this, web designers make efforts to achieve functionality—they want to produce navigation so intuitive that users fail to notice.

Besides, the UI design is a failure if users become confused and unable to perform actions. There is no appropriate answer to why design trends changes constantly but instead there are various factors. For example, the driving force of change in the year 2015 was transformation of hardware and the increased responsiveness of mobile devices.

The different mobile apps that appeared on the market quickly changed famous features into necessities. Adding onto this, we’re now living in a world where almost 90% of youngsters perform basic day to day functions over their phones. Other factors includes: culture, tradition, branding trends, and individual features of some mobile devices. WELL THEN, WHAT MUST BE EXPECTED IN THE COMING YEAR? 1. Invisible Menus Invisible or hidden menus are not new. They represent things which have long been going on behind the scenes. Designers are finally ready to disclose the secret project and meet the customers’ expectations. Don’t let the large screens fool you, mobile apps never had less space as compared to the desktop. They started hiding functionality to economize space for viewers. There are various tools which are available for this job. The trendiest tools work as navigation drawers which are used only when required and are virtually invisible when not needed. There are many online menus which contain options related to a particular task or situation at the moment.

2. Touch ID Will Rule Touch ID was earlier used to unlock devices. However it soon became the tool of the future. In 2015, apple presented its play mobile wallet which made clear that they are working on something big.

3. Blur Background Images Today’s small screen mobile devices don’t stop designers from gaining attention. They often blend attractive & accessible content generating greater conversions. 4. Wearing Will Replace Carrying UI design and fashion find out that wearable technology & devices are excellent partners & the market is benefitting most from the same.

5. Card Design Will Be More Frequently Used

For mobile friendly websites card design has proved to be an efficient tool. Helping the websites adjust to mobile technology was its original purpose of creation. Cards help divide the content, place them in proper parts & associate them with related information. Apart from this, the users can choose actions through cards therefore indicating that a designer totally targeted on their needs. Thanks to the cards, users can upload the multimedia & attract more traffic to the website.

6. Customization & Entertainment Culture can be a driving force to the changes in the design of the interface. New apps can be entertaining, when tapped with bold colors, joyful copies & playful panels. Dialogue boxes with funny messages and notifications containing quotes. These means apps are more than performers. In modern world of tech, people look for authoritative apps which properly execute our time, work & needs. Complicated technology finds no place in their daily schedule.

About The author The article is written by Tanuja Dongre, associated with SureVin , one of the leading service providers of BPO, ITES, Skill Development services, Digital Solutions & Marketing, Data Enrichment & Management Service, Training solutions and HR Consultancy to our clients. With the right balance of technical expertise and vast industry knowledge, SureVin strives to create customer satisfaction considering the nature of work with an innovative approach maintaining integrity and confidentiality of the business.

User Interfaces Design which will be in Trend in 2017  

Changes are constant in app design trends—some gets outdated with time, while others continue to evolve and remain there. Most of them are w...