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4 Powerful Kamadeva Love Mantras For Attraction,Vashikaran or Fulfill, Enhance Sexual Desires Usually in today's fast life; we come across couple who always feel there is lack of Love, affection in the personal relationship because of stress and other factors of today's life. Individuals start finding there peace of mind and affection outside home, which in turn increases the difference in the personal and physical relationship. The Sex life also gets disturbed, which becomes cause of many major decisions we are forced to take related to personal relationship. Saint of India have given solution to these problems through Mantras in Vedic Astrology. Use this Kamdev Gaytri and Shaabar Mantras - 4 powerful, miraculous mantras for attraction, captivation, vashikaran. Mantra which helps you attract lost Love, increase fame in society and make enemies your friend. Please note these mantras should not be used for selfish reasons or just for the sack of it. Its not for fun, do it only under supervision of an expert, if being not used for genuine purpose and actually for helping someone, this may lead to sever ill effects to, because of anger of God. Use these mantras under the able guidance of an expert astrologer. For more information click here

Different Mantras, Remedies for Different Problems, Har Alag Samasya Ke Liye Alag, Vishesh Mantra

Different mantras for different problems. Vedic Astrology gives us the power of mantras to solve almost all problems of our life. Remember vedic astrology is a science which helps us to understand the effect of different planets in our life and helps us to have insight about our present and future too. The most effective and positive part is the remedies for different problems. Every single problem that you can thing of has a solution depending upon the planetary position at the place where you was born during that particular date and time of birth. Along with the current planetary position. Know few of Mantra from many, for different problems but take an advice of an expert astrologer who can guide you about the correct reason of the problem and then you can choose which remedy to be done by you in particular. Self medication is not always useful, and doesn't mean the medicine or remedy was not correct, maybe it was not correct for you at that particular time. For more info please click here

Mantra, Astro Tips To Attract Money & Wealth Become Rich Astrological Tips to attract money and wealth. Want to become richer and richer as time passes, follow the ritual of doing this Mantras of vedic astrology to attract money and wealth. Are you worried and tensed because of financial crisis, credit card bills, car loan, house loan, personal loan, then you actually require the help of an expert astrologer who can guide you about the best Mantra from these to come out from this financial crisis and build your own wealth to cherish for life. You can try few on your own too, may be you are the lucky one to do exactly the one needed for you. If its not the exact one too, it will not harm rather will show just less effect than if you could have tried the best suited according to your astrological chart during birth time and the one now currently effecting you. All the Best.... Keep Doing and Enjoy The Freedom from Financial Crisis. For more information please Click Here

Mantra to Control Your Enemies Fed-up from official politics, enemies all around. Friend who were always there to help have suddenly started feeling jealous and behave differently. Colleagues talk ill and misbehave, though you always want to do good dead. Not to worry, it happens at times because of certain ill planetary movements in the current transit..... We normal human being don't understand but it is all because of our body reacting to the radiation of planets above in the sky/ universe. Take an advice of an expert to know the correct reason/ planet that's causing problem and do the related remedies. Meantime try these mantras to control your enemies and safe guard your self from ill effects of negative planets. These mantras will show effect to all having difficulties with relationship with friends, family members, professional relationship, colleagues, staffs etc. For more information please click here

Astrology Tips for Malefic Mars, Know How to Use Mirrors in Vastu With Tranquility Astrology and Vaastu Tips to remove the effect of Malefic Mars. There could be problem in your life because of bad positioning or degrees of planet mars in your birth chart and current astrological chart. This remedy related to vedic vaastu shastra will help you overcome the ill effect of Malefic Mars. Have you taken an expert advice of an astrologer and have been guided for remedies related to Malefic Mars then try this method of using mirrors to solve the problem. Know how to use mirrors in vastu with tranquility. Very effective method to control Malefic Mars. For more information please click here

What To Do In Pitru Paksha, Pitra Paksh, Mahalaya, Festival to pay homage to our ancestors (Pitras). Pitru Paksha also spelt as Pitr paksha or Pitri paksha, (literally "fortnight of the ancestors") is a 16–lunar day period, this period corresponds to the dark fortnight of the month Ashvin. Pitru Paksha is considered by Hindus to be inauspicious, given the death rite performed during the ceremony, known as Shraddha or tarpan. In this period it is considered that departed souls of our ancestors come back to earth amidst their respective family and loved ones. So this is the festival to remember them and feel them around us. Perform Shraddha and donate food, water, cloths and many more things in their memory, which in turn you may feel, will give satisfaction and feeling of fulfilment to our ancestors. In other words, this the festival of remembering departing souls of our family and loved ones and pay homage in different ways. Once these departed souls get satisfied by our deeds for them they bless us, which in turn brings prosperity and fulfilment in our life too.

Remember each day of this period has its importance and is meant for different type of relations. Know more on, when to do, what to do and how to do rituals during this period, in this video. For more information please click here

Powerful Sapt Chiranjiv Mantra for Longevity This mantra consists of the names of seven Chiranjiv Chiranjiv, the term is a combination of chiran, or 'permanent', and j朝vi, or 'lived'. It is same as amaradeva, which refers to true immortality. At the end of the last Kalpa, a demon attempted to become immortal by swallowing the Vedas as they escaped from the mouth of Brahma. The scripture was retrieved by the first avatar of Vishnu, Matsya. Incarnations of Vishnu also later fought and killed two other asuras, Hiranyakasipu and Ravana, who tried to become immortal through obeisance to Shiva. In Hinduism, immortal does not mean eternal, as all physical bodies are foretold to become immaterial at the end of time, along with Brahma himself. There is specific way of doing this mantra, so caution is required, to do it under able guidance of an expert vedic healer. Very effective for the persons who are suffering from serious illness. Remember this should be used for healing purpose only, what ever is destined can't be changed but for sure can be moderated to certain level, with correct guidance at the correct time. Know more about it NOW !!!!

Powerful Fire, Agni Gayatri Mantra To Beat The Heat, Hot Waves Summer is here and how can we not talk about strong, hot and dry summer afternoon wind from the west which blows over the western Indo-Gangetic Plain region of North India and Pakistan, termed "Loo". Due to its very high temperatures, exposure to it often leads to fatal heatstrokes. Surprisingly, there is remedy in vedic astrology to safeguard you from this too. As we all know, precaution is always better than cure, so why not to know more about this miraculous mantra and chant it as explained by world renowned Astrologer and Vaastu Expert, Acharya Shri Vaibhava Nath Sharma. Watch this video and Try it NOW !!!

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