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Permeable Resin Bound Paving Solutions

TESTIMONIALS I would highly recommend SureSet. From my initial enquiry with the office staff through to the guys who undertook the final installation. All very professional which is hard to find these days.

South Derbyshire District Council

Totally professional service. I would not hesitate to use again.

Nutbourne Construction Ltd

I chose to use SureSet to surround my new sculpture at the hospital. I love the colours and finishes and chose a vibrant bright blue. I was incredibly impressed with the journey from initial contact through to installation. You couldn’t do enough to help me and make sure that the surface would compliment my project. It looks incredible and I wouldn’t think twice about using you again. Thank you.

Artist – Fieldhead Hospital

We would definitely use SureSet again, you are a “spot on” sub contractor. Keep up the good work.

Mid Kent College

A pleasure to work with, any request that was made was dealt with efficiently and politely. The Sales team were very professional and friendly and the Installation Team were excellent.

Renault F1, Enstone

SureSet have a very professional attitude and are always positive and friendly. The quality and appearance of the SureSet surface is excellent and blends in with the surrounding building. We were kept well advised at all times and we would without doubt recommend SureSet to others.

Gateshead Heritage Centre

Your men are a credit to you, the work was finished to the highest of standards and the quality of the surface is first class, a credit to your company.

Halley Primary School, Stepney

CONTENTS Perfect Paving

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Why SureSet?

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Specifying SureSet

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Bases for SureSet

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Bound vs Bonded

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Design Capabilities

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Product Range

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Tree Pits

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Case Studies

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18 Year Guarantee and Maintenance – 18 FAQ’s

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PERFECT PAVING We take pride in the fact we offer great customer service along with great products. From start to finish we can offer technical advice, full supply and installation and a 18 year guarantee to complete the service. Our resin bound paving solutions offer natural and recycled materials, unlimited colours, and a design flexibility no other type of paving can match. Unlike many traditional paving systems SureSet is permeable; this means that any proposal including SureSet demonstrates a sustainable approach to water management. As a market leader in permeable resin bound paving, we have the reputation, experience and innovative approach to make any design outstanding throughout the world. • Durable • Permeable • Quick and easy to install • Unlimited colours • Flexible design capability • Low maintenance • Smooth, hardwearing finish • Colour stable • 18 year guarantee

Visit our website to watch our videos or subscribe to our YouTube channel


WHY SURESET? Smooth Finish With No Loose Stone Seamless finish ideal for disabled access, children, pushchairs and bicycles.

Matching Reinstatement Can be successfully patched and repaired with an identical formulation.

Permeable Permeable means porous which means there are minute voids within the material. The voids in SureSet permeable paving allow water to pass straight through. This natural drainage eliminates puddles and contributes to flood prevention. The permeability of SureSet makes it fully SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) compliant.

Environmentally Friendly Laying method is a low energy cold applied process. Thin layer depth (typically 18mm) minimises raw material consumption. Can remove the need for excavation and replacement of existing hard surfacing.

Hardwearing Long lasting surface for pedestrian and vehicular areas. UV Stable Colour remains true in sunlight. Low Maintenance Minimises puddles, ice and the number of joints for weeds to grow through. All you need to do is brush or power wash the surface. Fast Installation Approximately 250m² a day can be laid over many existing surfaces. Design Flexibility Single or multi-coloured curves, circles, patterns and numbers can be achieved just as easily as a straightforward installation. Unlimited Colour Range For creative, innovative designs.

18 Year Guarantee We can lay our paving anywhere in the world and our installation is guaranteed for 18 years against: • • • •

Loose stone Cracking Oil damage UV degradation

• Colour fade • Frost damage • Workmanship


SuDS is an approach to water

management introduced by the Environment Agency in 2011 to address the increasing problem with flooding. The main principles of SuDS is to mimic natural drainage i.e. allow water to soak back into the ground. SureSet is one of 29 organisations including Defra and the Environment Agency supporting susdrain, an initiative that provides resources for anyone involved in delivering SuDS. Please visit for more information.


SPECIFYING SURESET TO SPECIFY THE PROCESS If you would like SureSet to provide you with a quotation we will need to know the size of the area in m2, the application type and the colour or aggregate you require. A SureSet resin bound surface consists of: • Aggregate Natural gravels, crushed rock, marble or recycled glass. • Crystal clear resin binder Which is UV stable and flexible. SureSet resin bound paving is a cold laid, hand applied process. The resin and aggregate are mixed together to ensure each particle is fully coated in resin, allowing it to bind together when laid.

TO SPECIFY THE EXACT SURESET BLEND AND DEPTH OF MATERIAL • Product code e.g. L1411/00. • Description Nominal size, colour and texture (crushed / rounded) e.g 6mm Barley Beach. • Depth of laying e.g. 18mm (dependent on application type). WHERE CAN YOU FIND THIS INFORMATION? Code and descriptions are labelled on the bottom of each sample disc. Recommended depths of laying are on SureSet specifications.

Contact SureSet Technical Sales on +44 (0)1985 841180 or download our specifications from the website


BASES FOR SURESET Asphalt (Ideal Base) Suitable for all traffic types (depending on build up). SureSet can be laid directly onto an existing asphalt surface or a newly installed one once it has cooled. The asphalt should be installed onto an appropriate granular sub-base, of adequate depth to accept the expected weight of use. Concrete Suitable for all traffic types (depending on build up). Existing Concrete Needs to be thoroughly cleaned and primed using a polymer based primer before SureSet is installed. Freshly-Laid Concrete A minimum period of 7 days must be allowed before installation of SureSet onto new concrete. The surface should then be primed using a polymer based primer before SureSet is installed.

Crushed Rock Suitable for areas of low pedestrian traffic with no vehicular access. Should be built in two layers of 4/20 free draining crushed stone base, and well-compacted to a minimum depth of 100mm. SureSet needs to be laid to a minimum depth of 30mm to compensate for the weaker base. SureCell Suitable for pedestrian and light vehicular areas (sub-base dependent). SureCell is a recycled plastic cellular structure which is interlocked and filled with compacted crushed aggregate to create a permeable and load bearing base-course. When filled SureCell has a compressive strength of 400t/m². As with all groundworks, local, specialist advice must be taken on the sub base requirements for each scheme.

Although SureSet is crack resistant, it will ultimately reflect any crack within the base. Movement joints must be included in the plans, and carried up through the SureSet paving where necessary. A sufficient depth and grade of concrete should be used to withstand the expected loadings in use.


BOUND vs BONDED There are two different types of paving systems that use resin to adhere aggregates to the surface, which although similar in name are very different in principle. They are the resin bound system and the resin bonded system. Both systems however do require a structurally sound substrate in order to perform to their best.

RESIN BOUND (SureSet) The resin bound system consists of a smooth permeable aggregate layer applied to the surface. The aggregate is mixed with a clear resin on site so that each particle of aggregate is completely coated with resin. Once the resin and aggregate are fully mixed they are applied to the substrate and hand laid to give a permeable, smooth and durable finish. When combined it is inherently a much stronger and a more durable finish. The finished depth of the bound system usually varies between 12mm and 24mm. The depth is dependent on the aggregate size in the mix and the application it is being used for. The resin bound system allows the mixing of different sizes and colours of aggregate to give a wide variety of appearances and textures which is not available with a bonded system.


RESIN BONDED (not supplied by SureSet) The resin bonded system provides a thin, impermeable, single aggregate layer to the surface which by its nature tends to have a rougher more textured finish. The aggregate sizes used in this system can range from 1mm to 6mm. A film of resin is applied to the substrate and then scattered with clean, dry aggregate so that the resin is completely covered. Each piece of aggregate is only bonded to the thin coat of resin which has been applied to the surface. This system is more vulnerable to differences in substrate levels, texture of the substrate, changes in the viscosity of the resin, the weather during application, aggregate quality and variations in application technique.

DESIGN CAPABILITIES Our wide range of colours and textures allows SureSet to blend in with surrounding materials or provide a striking contrast, depending on the creative vision of the designer. Resin bound paving has proved to be the perfect design solution for an extensive range of projects across the world. From schools, medical centres, bridges and hospitals to private homes and pedestrian areas, SureSet has brought to life designs of all shapes, sizes and complexities. We offer solutions for both exterior and interior applications – allowing designers to continue their design theme from the outside through to the inside of a building.

Whether it is a corporate logo, a welcome message to visitors or a school emblem, the material can be used to create a perfect, colour-matched representation of virtually any subject. Providing a unique design signature to any project. Our highly skilled team of Installers efficiently complete the project with focus on accuracy and attention to detail. The result is an extremely durable and highly attractive solution which will keep its colour and good looks for many years to come. Add the ultimate ‘WOW factor’ to your paving! Contact us with your design. We will then work closely with you to ensure the right solution is achieved.

By applying a colourless sealant, the resin bound flooring can also be used in internal areas that require a water resistant solution. Our product also provides designers the opportunity to create intricate and detailed designs using stencils or metal edging within the surface.




Autumn Tan

Barley Beach






Norwegian Bronze

Norwegian Pearl


Tuscan Barley Beach

Tuscan Terracotta

Forest Green

Primrose Yellow

Sterling Forest

Winter Frost





Lemon & Lime


Tutti Frutti







Smokey Rose





Aqua Blue

Bottle Green

Bright Orange

Candy Pink

Chalk White

Clay Brown

Daffodil Yellow

Emerald Green

Gunmetal Grey

Lemon Yellow

Mint Green

Red Orange

Red Oxide

Sky Blue

Traffic Black

Traffic Red

Ultramarine Blue


Water Blue



Crushed Ice









See something you like? other colours available upon request at

APPLICATIONS SureSet Permeable Paving is available in many different materials and colours which are suitable for all applications. We advise discussing each project and application with us individually but here is a guide to our recommended usages.

Natural Aggregates Application




















Access Road

Car Park

* *

* *

* *

Internal Use

Roof Deck






Tree Pit Swimming Pool Surround




* As not all materials are suitable for heavily trafficked areas, Fusion blends need to be discussed for each project.

Spectrum 3mm


INSTALLATION Your SureSet permeable resin bound paving installation will be carried out either by our in-house Installation Team or one of our fully trained Approved Installers. Our Operations Team will handle all of the arrangements for your installation; supporting you through the process and doing everything they can to make it as easy as possible for you. CURING TIME • Needs a curing time of between 6-8 hours for pedestrian traffic applications, and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic (weather dependent). • Can be laid in temperatures as low as 0°C. • Can be laid over existing surfaces. DURING AND AFTER INSTALLATION Our Installers will work tidily and with respect to you and neighbouring properties. All adjacent areas will be protected during the installation to minimise the risk of resin contamination. They will clear up behind themselves and take away any rubbish.

SERVICES TRADEPACK® A SureSet TradePack is ideal for tradesmen or experienced builders who want to create their own projects using permeable resin bound paving. TradePack’s are made up of a number of kits containing aggregate and resin specifically measured out to install a total area of 30m² at a 16mm depth. DIY KIT® For smaller projects or intricate feature work, our DIY Permeable Paving Kits provide the perfect solution. The easy to use Kits come with full instructions, taking you step by step through the simple process of mixing the material and then laying it with a trowel. Each kit contains enough specially formulated resin and aggregate to complete ½m² to a depth of 16mm. SURECELL® SureCell is an interlocking structure which provides the ideal base for small areas whilst being extremely durable and eco-friendly. Laid directly onto compacted stone and then in-filled with gravel, it provides an incredibly strong and stable surface ideal for heavy vehicular traffic and footfall whilst allowing water to drain back into the ground. SureCell is also available as a TradePack.


TREE PITS Resin Bound Tree Pits Tree pits are often an easy target for casually discarded litter, requiring disproportionate time and effort to keep these areas in pristine condition.

Non Harmful to Plants All SureSet products cure as an inert material, meaning that they are environmentally friendly and of no danger to plants.

Our permeable resin bound tree pits need little maintenance, enhance the environment, eliminate the need for unsightly and costly metal grilles and are much less likely to be vandalised.

PH values will remain unchanged by SureSet and our tree surrounds can often act as a filter layer protecting the underlying soil from contaminants.

The unique resin bound structure maximises the voids between aggregate particles, allowing air flow and water penetration whilst remaining tough and durable yet with enough flexibility to allow for growth.

Heat Reflective SureSet can be heat reflective and its voided structure allows for the absorption and evaporation of moisture combating the Heat Island effect.

SuDS Compliant SureSet is fully SuDS compliant and therefore is often the first choice for Councils as a tree pit solution. Our permeable surfacing allows water to return to the natural water table. With issues surrounding flooding and pollution, a permeable surface is becoming essential.

For futher information on tree pit bases and for specifications contact SureSet Technical Sales on +44 (0)1985 841180


CASE STUDY MANCHESTER CITY FOOTBALL CLUB Background SureSet resin bound permeable paving was contracted by Masonbarn Ltd to completely revamp the outside surfaces at the famous Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City Football Club. The surfaces outside the Colin Bell stand see some of the world’s best players and VIP’s stride over them and the club decided they desperately needed upgrading. The previous surfaces were breaking up and lifting in certain areas and were painted in road marking paint which had faded. Manchester City contacted SureSet directly for a permeable resin bound solution that would fulfil their requirements. Solution We were contracted to install 530m² of our ‘Sterling’ blend to form the main vehicular route, and a striking contrast of ‘Light Blue’ coloured recycled glass for the pedestrian routes. The most exciting part of the project was the 2m x 2.5m Manchester City Football Club crest which was incorporated into the surface directly outside the players


entrance. This was entirely made up of our own coloured resin bound glass paving and was created by the use of CNC cut stencils and the skill and experience of our specialist Installation Team. Result From the day the installation began it marked a historic day in the Stadiums life. The vision is that on match days, the coach will pull up on the ‘Sterling’ areas and the players will walk over the iconic crest, and through to the ground. The finished result looks fantastic and has drawn a huge amount of attention from fans, players and rival clubs alike. The intricacy of the logo has left people stunned that this has been created in resin bound paving! A spokesperson for Manchester City Football Club said “There has been a huge amount of public interest with everyone taking photos of our fantastic entrance, let’s hope it looks this good on TV”.

CASE STUDY DURLSTON CASTLE, SWANAGE Background Durlston Castle is located in Swanage, Dorset, and dates back to the 1800s. This extraordinary Victorian building has been completely refurbished and is now home to a new visitor centre for the Durlston Country Park and National Nature Reserve, which stands as a gateway to the Jurassic Coast. The huge refurbishment, funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, completely transformed the Castle and the surrounding grounds. SureSet was chosen to complete the final landscaping stages which put the finishing touches to a project which was first started eight years earlier. SureSet was chosen for the project due to its proven track record providing sustainable surfacing for other heritage sites across the UK; including St Anne’s Church in Wandsworth, Isleworth War Memorial in London and King John’s Castle in Odiham.

was laid on pathways, courtyards and observation areas within the castle grounds. The solution also included small sections of Norwegian Bronze which was selected to accentuate the areas of Dorset Fawn and further complement the buildings impressive facades. Result The result is a truly striking surface that complements the rest of the refurbishment whilst preserving the traditional look of the historic building and grounds. Our client was extremely pleased with the finished solution and we are very proud to have been involved in this project. Durlston Castle will remain a landmark for many years to come with the grounds enhanced by an attractive, hardwearing, permeable surface which is resistant to oil stains and weed growth and will keep looking good for years to come.

Solution The desired solution needed to stay true to the traditional look of the castle grounds whilst remaining sustainable for many years to come. A bespoke mix using a locally sourced aggregate was developed specifically for the project which was fittingly named Dorset Fawn. Over 900m² of SureSet permeable resin bound paving


CASE STUDY REMBRANDT SQUARE, AMSTERDAM Background Amsterdam City Council had previously used an epoxy resin tree pit system to surface all the tree pits in Rembrandt Square. This proved to be unsuccessful, with extensive degradation of the resin creating problems with loose stone and potential trip hazards. The City Council sought a solution and asked us to carry out a trial involving two tree pits using a SureSet tree pit blend of their choice. The trials performed to the City’s satisfaction and the decision was made to surface a further 20 large tree pits in the square using the same treatment. The finished result gives a durable, low maintenance, sustainable and ecofriendly solution to the problem of tree pit surfacing in this particularly attractive and popular part of the city. Solution Our skilled Installers travelled to Amsterdam taking all tools and materials required to install the SureSet and oversee the smooth running of the site. Using the existing tree sand as the base


we added a crack reduction membrane as a precaution to minimise potential cracking due to movement of the base. Approximately 120m2 of the specified 10mm Charcoal tree pit mix was installed incorporating SureSets’ ‘flexi-zone’ material to allow for further tree growth. At an average 50mm depth the Charcoal material was laid flush to the metal edging surrounding the pits to add a seamless and pedestrian friendly finish. Result The tree pits were completed to a high standard and on schedule. The Charcoal material perfectly compliments the surrounding block paving and the Rembrandt statue’s plinth. The success of this installation resulted in Oudekerksplein square the request for several more tree pits being installed in Thorbeckeplein, JD Meijer Square.



Since 2005 the BRE Innovation Park in Watford has attracted thousands of visitors to the emerging and innovative approaches to sustainable design and build on display there. Companies, like SureSet, join to test their technologies and capabilities in a live environment.

Each of the 37 shades was a SureSet bespoke mix that was skilfully hand laid by our creative Installation Team. There is also a feature for SureCell; this is a porous sub-base provided and installed by SureSet which negates the need for asphalt or concrete and reduces the build up required, and when overlaid with SureSet leaves a fully SuDS compliant surface.

Under BRE’s ‘Innovations in landscape architecture’ category, designed to benefit people, ecology and the environment, our permeable resin bound paving installation is directly outside the Barrett Green House. The Green House, the first to be built at BRE by a mainstream house builder, meets the governments Code Level 6 for sustainable homes and their criteria for zero stamp duty. Installed in three phases, our installation demonstrates our unique ability to combine outstanding attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability. Phase one of our installation was a 28m² Rainbow Pathway. Starting with red and finishing with ultraviolet, the pathway consists of 37 different shades of the colour spectrum, creating a truly eye catching addition to the external area.

Phase two really pushed the creative boundaries of our permeable resin bound paving and the skills of our Installation Team! But it was worth it - 8.57m² of resin bound material in Midnight, Barley Beach and bespoke blends of five shades of brick and seven shades of grey went into creating our visually stunning 3D steps installation. The third phase was laid on a beautiful autumn day and consisted of 100m² of Barley Beach laid to a ‘main area’ which incorporated our SureSet logo. We are delighted with the feedback we have been receiving from both BRE and visitors.


18 YEAR GUARANTEE AND MAINTENANCE Our permeable resin bound paving installations are fully guaranteed for eighteen years from the date of application against:

The guarantee is conditional upon a suitable base having been used, and the advice in the SureSet Aftercare and Maintenance Guide having been followed. Usage SureSet surfaces are intended to be used by normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic for which they have been designed. Protection should be provided against abnormal usage.

• Loose stone • Cracking • Oil damage • UV degradation • Colour change • Frost damage • Workmanship SureSet is dedicated to providing the highest possible service with the highest quality product. The design technology of our resin bound paving system gives us the confidence that, when installed in accordance with our quality standards, SureSet will be a hard wearing durable surface which can withstand traffic loads from light pedestrian to vehicular access roads, easily coping with the stresses of power steering and heavy axle loads.

Routine Maintenance Keep the SureSet surface regularly swept clean with a stiff broom and hose with clean water. Washing Washing can be carried out using a portable pressure washer to remove dirt, grime and moss.

For full terms and conditions contact SureSet on +44 (0)1985 841180


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How much does a SureSet surface cost?

Each project is priced individually depending on the location, size of area, application type and aggregate choice. Contact us with this information and we can provide a quotation for you.

Can heavy vehicles drive over SureSet?

SureSet is suitable for use in car parks and access roads and can be driven on by lorries and maintenance vehicles.

Is the resin toxic?

No. Once installed SureSet is an inert material.

How is it permeable?

SureSet is carefully mixed to ensure each particle is well bound to its neighbour whilst allowing the maximum void space between them for drainage.

What depth is it normally laid at?

The depth of SureSet will vary for each project, this depends on the type of application and the size of the aggregate used. Typically the depth of SureSet is approximately 18mm.

Can I lay it myself?

DIY Kits and TradePacks are available for smaller areas. We recommend using a SureSet Installation Team for larger projects.

How long does it take to cure?

SureSet will be suitable for use after 4-6 hours for pedestrian traffic applications and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic. 24 hours would be ideal where possible for heavy use to ensure a fully cured surface.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes. SureSet is very low maintenance and easy to look after. It can be cleaned with a power wash or simply a stiff broom.

How long will it last?

SureSet comes with a 18 year guarantee, however the resin technology suggests it will last in excess of 25 years.


Specialising exclusively in permeable resin bound paving, SureSet has been manufacturing and installing high-quality projects for domestic and commercial projects since 1997. Our resin bound paving solutions offer natural and recycled materials, unlimited colours, and a design flexibility no other type of paving can match. Keep up to date with the latest news from SureSet via the Blog and Newsletter. You can see SureSet at the NSBRC in Swindon and BRE in Watford Now you’ve seen what we can do, scan this QR Code to request a FREE Quote.

SureSet UK Ltd 32 Deverill Road Trading Estate Sutton Veny Warminster Wiltshire BA12 7BZ

T: +44 (0)1985 841180 F: +44 (0)1985 841260 E:

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