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ClickBank (CB) is a large marketplace that aims to put together vendors and affiliates for those products. As an affiliate you can gain between 30% and 70% of the final sales value of the product. As it can handle up to 20000 products that offer affiliate commissions this could potentially be a large and lucrative market for affiliate marketers. Yet, their whole business model is based on putting marketers in contact with affiliate salespeople. Now, ClickBank to offer a data feed of their products, which is updated every day. But this feed is all based around affiliate ship rather than marketing the products themselves. Which is a shame, as it could be so much more. Now, it is possible to take this data feed and to create a nascent products directory around it. But offering the feed as it is would be useless as the data would simply drive potential purchasers away. As a purchaser you don't want to know how lucrative a product is to an affiliate, or how good the conversions are. It's all useless and redundant information. Now, if you have the programming skill and a couple of weeks' time then you can take the data feed, parse it into a database and use the link information to perform screen scrapes of the thousands of site provided to create a description of all the products on offer. None of this is new, in fact, as these the techniques are used as the basis for several ClickBank-based businesses. The only problem with this methodology is that Screen Scrapes can yield total garbage and once again this can put potential purchasers off. The only way to maintain quality is to actually visit each site and to create the sales text based on what information the site provides. Again, it's all entirely possible and has been done. There is also the opportunity to take a screen shot of the site so that any potential purchaser can see an image to go with the blurb. Now, this process would take a long time. But once the first pass at generating the text is done it's still a question of tracking the changes in each release of the ClickBank database and ensuring that any site based on this is kept up to date. As you might realize doing this process properly will both take time and will require a fair amount of programming expertise. Yes, you could do it

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==== ==== Proven System for PASSIVE Online Income.... ==== ====

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