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Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo picasso

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Now,How do I live? No-

body knows and I can’t tell anyone where I lived also. I know only the point that I stand is the difficult world that no one can’t reached, if they would not open their heart and understand it. However, this world can make me happy on the point which I stand in that world. If you want to know, I will tell you that I am taking adventure in the imagination. A moment that I hate the most is the moment when I wake up and use my life on the continent where the sun is working because using of the sun is a time that human use the life repeatedly, driving japanese car to face with a traffic jam on the way like a parking lot on department store, Working at 9 a.m. with a large monitor of computer until stop it at 5 p.m. , And use the modern life in shopping mall, eventually go back home to sleep and wake up again to and the old life as yesterday.


is very boring to me. Accordingly,I try to find a chance to use my free times for thinking of many stories when I was young and close my eye to remember the floating stars in the wide black space that called as UNIVERSE Moreover, I think I’am not only one child who watch Star War or Star Trek movie surely. I believe that each chid had ever watched about space movie like me and have a dream to so just one time as well. Nevertheless, Who will go on? One of one thousand million of all people? Right, we are not Neil Armstrong, We are just only a teenager who spend one’s life with a range between dream and fact. Finally, remaining small time intervals, I want to travel and float in large space and a big solar system of my imagination as long as possible.

Want To Trances In The Universe

when i wake up in the morning, I feel disappointed about finging that my brain will faded away from my imagination, my dream at night and have to face with the real life that i should and. so, i try to close my eyes again and think of the stars in the sky.

i don’t regard as using the life, finding many incidents of each day is the great adventures because i enjoy to drink deep with imagination so as to take adventure in my world

Nothing’s gonna change my world

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