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Information about Decision Support Systems Seminar paper by John C. Andrews McMaster University Decision support systems (DSS) are software tools designed to accumulate data regarding a particular situation. Comprehensive analysis of the situation is then performed. The result is then used to undertake the proper course of action. Function and Purpose There are many types of DSS, and they can be used in different situations. Some may be created for individuals who are uneasy about using computer technology as a component of decision making. Frequently, the program will utilize databases or spreadsheets to input data. Data entry procedures are simple. It will also have other aids as data is placed into the fields. After the data is entered, queries will be possible. You may now post questions to the system. This enables the user to assess different courses of action. It will also be possible to analyze the potential consequences if a particular course of action is taken. Applications The decision support systems can be applied in situations where managerial and executive action has to be taken. DSS can also be used by site managers, department heads and supervisors. DSS can be a handy tool when everyday decisions have to be made at the workplace. DSS can be designed to function in virtually all situations that require dealing with labor. HR personnel can utilize DSS that have the information concerning their labor force (i.e., laws about employee rights and protection). This will make it easier to implement promotions and dealing with absences. It will also make it easier to implement disciplinary action if needed. DSS can also be used by supervisors. They can be a good way to identify employee weaknesses and strengths. This can remove a lot of the guesswork involved during employee evaluation periods. Business Intelligence Systems In certain quarters, DSS has become known as business intelligence systems. But many people who have used the software for years still call it DSS. Whether it is DSS or BIS, their function is still the same. It is aimed at assisting a group to assess the information about the prevailing situation. Of course, having the right information is just one component. The group must also be able to use the information correctly. The DSS can be used to bolster one’s problem solving skills. Other Information

DSS is often utilized when major decisions have to be made. But the system can also be implemented for regular everyday work. Aside from the instances stated earlier, DSS can be used when analyzing quantities of raw materials to buy or evaluating sales profits. The passive DSS present the information without being involved in the decision. Active DSS offer solutions based on the data provided. The importance of decision support systems cannot be underestimated. By applying DSS properly, potential problems can be overcome. References:

Decision Support Systems - An Overview  
Decision Support Systems - An Overview  

DSS or decision support systems are used by companies to analyze situations and how to resolve the problem. Various types of DSS exist, incl...