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_______________________________________ Susana G贸mez-Randulfe. 2ESO. 2009-10

Horror at the High School Kyle Arnods Wyslom


Issy John is studying at William Shakespeare High School, the best one in the state of Colorado. Everything was going perfect for him. He got good marks, his relationship with his parents was cool, and they were the first in the football league. But one day, things turned wrong ‌ Classmates started disappearing mysteriously. John is now worried since his best friend Peter disappeared too. Somehow he got involved in a series of death, mystery and threats, without knowing he was entering a dead end corridor. Will he be the next victim?

-"Hey John! Have you seen Peter?" asked Katy -"Yes," I said. "He was in the bathroom like 10 minutes ago." -"Are you kidding me? That's impossible, I was there right now and nobody was there! The lights were off and there was a terrible stench." I was as scared as a gazelle being chased by a cheetah. Two classmates had mysteriously disappeared that week. I strode to the toilets as quickly as I could. What was happening and... why? I had been with Peter there only a few minutes before. Knock knock! I opened the door. I scanned the room quickly. There was nobody. I went upstairs, downstairs, to the gym, to our room. I thought I was going mad, and when I finally stopped, I knew with all certainty that my best friend was not in the high school. I was completely sure that he had been the third one of this strange chain of disappearances. I thought I was dreaming, but it was too real to be a nightmare.

I enjoyed reading this fascinating book. It combines mystery and the love story between John and Katy really well. Living together puts love to the test.

Alvaro Otero, José Luis Molina, Javier Sanjulián, Rafael Ruiz . 2 D

I didn’t like the book. It was quite boring. In my opinion, it needs more blood, more shots, more fights and more deaths. I really hate this book. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

A Very Long Day Brad Cleveland 22 of November 2012. Some scientists have secretly developed a new food for the American Army, and they have tested it on rats. But something went wrong. The food prevents the rats from sleeping and they become crazy and agressive like hunting lions. They destroy the whole laboratory and they escape to the city. David, the most important head scientist, is the only person in the world who has the antidote... Will he save the people from the rats?

-Steve, are you all right?- Lauren asked me. -I'm not sure... What happened? -Those crazy rats attacked you. I stood up from the ground and stared at the whole city for a few seconds. It was completely destroyed and it was boiling with small scattering animals. -What the hell are those animals? Are they rats? -Yes, she answered. Everything was ruined, as if a herd of a thousand wild elephants had stampeded through the city... I heard the angry squeaking of the rats. -And the police? I asked her. -Everybody's dead. You and me are the only people left in this city. In that moment I felt a mixture of anger, sadness and something else I could not identify at the time. I shouted. I shouted like I had never shouted before.

This is the best book that I have ever read. It is a mixture of terror, drama, suspense... I don't know how to describe this masterpiece! Just read it!

If I were Brad, I would consider myself the best author in the world! I couldn't stop reading the book! Congratulations, Brad, you're going to win a lot of prizes

Pablo Soto, Gabriel Conde, Carlos Santiyรกn, Jorge OItero. 2 C

Dieter’s Routine Emily Ashton Dieter is a fat German boy. He is 14 years old and new in an American High School. Nobody likes him, and he feels like he is the only intelligent boy in the world. He feels very alone. Dieter is the only child of a couch-potato man and a woman that left them just after the boy's birth. He falls in love with the most popular girl at school, Erika. The problem is that he isn’t considered cool and so he is marginalized and bullied by the other students. In his high school, to be accepted, you have to fail most of the exams (at least Dieter thinks so), but he is not like that. He usually gets tens. Dieter will fight to make Erika love him, and to be integrated, but... will he finally become popular? Will Erika, at last, love him? Or will he change his high school looking for another chance? This is Dieter's routine!

Iris slowly limped across the room first. The light of the torch fell upon the floor like an owl diving for a mouse hidden in the grass. The others went in tiptoeing and started taking every interesting thing they saw. David, Giovanni and Iris searched all the rooms. They opened another door and suddenly they gave a silent scream. There it was! The weirdest object in the world. It was in a glass case, on a red silk cushion as tempting as if it had a neon sign saying: "Hey, I'm here! Dare to steal me!" Giovanni composed an evil, funny smile. -Aaahh!!- I screamed, with my heart trying to jump out of my breast- Have I dreamed I was a girl called Iris again!? I got up with a terrified expression. When I regained my breath I thought: first, everyone hates me at school and, second, I have dreams in which I'm a girl! Why do I have to be so intelligent and why do I dream that I'm a girl? Why am I Dieter?

I really like this book. My favourite part is when Dieter dreams that he's a thief girl. It's really funny! Well, all the book is funny. I recommend it to all teenagers. After reading this story, you will look at the world in a different way.

This is the best book I've read in my life. It is a mixture of fantasy and human life problems and it is also very funny. I would recommend this book to everybody.

Laura Zarraoa, Paula del Pozo, MarĂ­a Alonso, Eva JimĂŠnez. 2 C

Everything Started in Disneyland Peter Griffin This is Kendall Benson, one of the security members of Disneyland. Everything is fine until some teddies are delivered from China to the souvenir shop. Unexpectedly, they come alive and start killing the people of Paris. They plan to destroy all the human beings. Now Kendall has to save the world from the murderous teddies. The future is in his hands and in the hands of the security guards of Disneyland‌ Kendall will have to destroy Pokeberry, head of the teddies, who lives in the now scariest place in the world, the amusement park where everything started. And roller coasters with their superior intelligence and technology skills could become the most important allies in this fight.

The giant teddy bears were all around in Disney Land. At first, people thought they were 3D images shown by a giant projector hidden somewhere. "Wow! Unbelievable how fast technology is developing!" muttered a woman to herself. "Are you taking a photo of me with those teddy bears, mom?" asked a little red-haired boy with freckles on his cheeks.

This is the best book I have ever read. It is very original. It has a lot of interesting characters and so much suspense and action. I recommend this book to people between 15 and 40. I just really love this type of books!

"Ok, little porky face" – the mom answered smiling. The kid chased between a crowd of people after the first giant teddy bear he just saw. The woman pressed the button of her camera, click! She took a mind-blowing photo, with people squashed as little weak bugs under a teddy bear’s foot. After that, it was a mad chaos. People felt the fear and started yelling in panic and rushing through all the park just like gazelles running away from a hungry lion, while the kid stood paralyzed in front of the giant bear. The woman didn’t know how to react. She had to do something, but what?

I like action and suspense stories a lot because they make me feel as if I was a character of the book. However, some nights I couldn’t sleep because I am 13 years old and this book is recommended for older people. It really scared me!!

Miguel Martinez, Javier Lavín, Carlos Serrada, Alejandro Ferreras. 2 D

No Scruples John Coldman Sarah is a 13 year old girl with a lot of problems. Her father died in a traffic accident and then her mother committed suicide because she couldn't overcome the sadness. Now Sarah has to live with her aunt, Mrs. McQuillen, who is a very strange person. There are rumours that she was in a mental hospital. One day Sarah sees her father around her new house and tells everyone that he is alive. Will someone believe her? Are her parents really dead?

Later that night, when my aunt was sleeping deeply, I tiptoed into the "DO NOT ENTER ROOM" to recover the necklace that I had left the other night. I was just in front of the decayed door when I heard some odd sounds coming from outside. They were weak and spooky. I listened carefully. I went out. It was a cold night and somehow I knew that something was about to happen. Suddenly, a shadow appeared . The shadow was staggering slowly towards me and whispering something with a familiar voice. I bolted inside the house. *** -That's all. Now, tell me, do you believe me? -Well, Sara... Are you kidding me? -Why should I be lying about this? -You're my friend Ian, aren't you? You must support me. -Okay, I believe you. But now tell me, you took some documents from the room, right? What about them?

I felt so intrigued that I couldn't stop reading this book. I decided to read it because all my friends talked about it very well. I can tell you that it won't disappoint you.

Marina D. Kukurtçu, Elena Sánchez, María Pascual, Alba Rodriguez . 2 C I would classify this book as a mystery novel. It also has action and romance, which adds interest to the story, but without sidetracking us from the main theme, Sara's parent's death. It's fascinating!

The Curse Catharine Brashares Simpson This story starts as a typical fairy tale. Princess Catherine is going to marry the most handsome teenager in the world. And -as in many typical fairy tales- there is a jealous witch who transforms the princess into a horrible animal... an ugly mare!! Catherine needs to find a boy of royal blood who accepts to kiss her, so that the ''horse spell'' is broken and she can marry her handsome love. But as you can imagine, this isn't going to be an ordinary fairy tale. While she is searching for a prince, Catherine becomes murderously mad and scary. What will happen? will she find the prince?

They are talking about me, I feel it. The tall man, with a gibing face is saying something about a princess who has completely changed. In that moment I think about the witch. She's changing my arrogant personality. Then, the other man, the one ridiculously short, starts chortling, "and all that about the princess occurs at the same time as the mare which is killing everyone appears... Imagine that mare is the princess! Impossible! They roar with laughter like drunk men in a night party. If they think that's funny, they're completely wrong. They will soon learn they are my next two victims.

I couldn't stop reading it. It's amazing how this book is written. The words and expressions make the characters vivid and real... and the end is totally surprising.

I recommend this book to teenagers from 12 to 16. It starts as a common fairy tale but then it changes in a way kids could not understand and parents could laugh at.

Maria G贸mez, Gracia L贸pez, Raquel Otero . 2 C

The Mad Battle of the World Harry Thomas Jones It is 2025. It seems that there will be another huge war involving all the countries in the world. This war will be a silly war. Cannons will shoot dirty socks and instead of wearing uniforms, soldiers will wear pyjamas and slippers. Samuel, the captain of the Spanish Army, will collect all the dirty socks as ammunition and will celebrate a pyjamas party. The prisoners will wash the socks and the pyjamas after the party. Will this war have a happy end?

Hey, what’s that big deep rumble? The Spanish army is crossing the French border!. Help! The Spanish Army is coming! The soldiers are loading the cannons with dirty socks. The second official is giving them the last instructions. The battle is going to begin: Socks out! The two armies are face to face. They fight. All the socks swarm in the sky like birds flying free and the sun is a round captain like a leader in the sky that illuminates the battle field.

The book is great. It is a mixture of fantasy and humour. It’s a good pick to read when you are sad, especially if you are between five and seven.

I think that this book is perfect for children who like gentle humour. It tells us many good jokes and silly things. You will have fun and relax together if you read it to your kid.

Pablo Tejero, Enrique Pescador , Javier Marcos . 2 D

The New Robin Hood Kristen Patinson Everything in Raul’s world has gone upside down. His main support died. His brother, Orlando. "It was a road accident" the police said. But Raul knows the police can change anything in the so called justice, just by bribing them with a juicy share of money... Along with his friend Billy, he decides to take the law into his own hands. But, what if the girl you’re in love has something to do with the murder of your own brother? A turbulent story set in the Brazil of nowadays and seen from the point of view of the poor people living in the favelas.

Raul could not stop thinking about Ruth. She was as beautiful as a sunrise seen from behind the barred window of a prison. She had blonde hair with braids that hung to the waist and Raul felt his heart strangled by an anaconda when he looked deeply into her emerald eyes. The only obstacle was her father… “Are those 50 dollars OK?” Billy interrupted his daydreaming. He had been like Raul’s brother since his real brother, Orlando, was killed 3 years before and left the factory to Raul. Billy was Orlando's best friend, that was why, now that Raul controlled the fake money making business, he was the second in charge. What Raul really did was saving people from corrupt policemen that did not mind breaking their arms just to show how powerful they were. Raul carefully looked at the dollars. “Good job. They are perfect!” Raul said. “Thanks. I gotta go, there is a lot of work to do today.”

This book is the greatest book ever. The main character, Raul, has to take his own decisions to follow his heart, to take care of his illegal fake money factory and to escape from Ruth’s dad. Of course he has to defend the truth about the death of his brother and it is so exciting; you can’t stop reading it.

Cristina Ávila, Alejandra Castillo, Leire Froufe, Ana Millanes. 2 C I really like the book. It has everything you need in a story: love, action, adventure, crimes, mystery... It is original. I think everyone can enjoy it. It is perfect!

The Resistance Williams Robert 2193,t. The aliens have come to the Earth and conquered it. Most humans are now slaves. But there’s a light in the dark. Chernov Petrenko and Alexander Kalashnikov are the leaders of The “Resistance of the Earth”, a group of people that fight against the alien rule. Chernov was a teacher before the war against the aliens. When his family died in the war he enlisted in “The Resistance” for revenge. There, he met Alexander Kalashnikov, a lorry driver before the invasion, who also drove cars in illegal races, and who joined the Resistance immediately. The Resistance is causing a lot of problems to the aliens and every day more and more people join it. It’s a hard way to walk before the victory, though.

The bullets whistled over our heads, I was paralyzed with terror and felt like a dead stone. I was sure I was going to die. There was a helicopter trying to land and take us to the base, but one of the alien missiles hit it. It sounded like a thunderstorm over our heads, dust and burning pieces pouring over us. We were alone without any help. I could heard those horrible sounds they produce that freeze your blood; I saw the sinister expression of their greenish leathery faces. Someone had told me that their chief weapon was terror and it was true. I started to pray and somebody whispered, “This is the end, my friend.“ But then…..”

This book is very interesting and tells a good story about how arrogant we are. It teaches us that we are not as clever and powerful as we think.

This book makes no sense. Half of it is violence and the other half tells how horrible the aliens are.

Daniel Díaz Ferreira. 2 D

Troubles with Bubbles Elisabeth Tyra Sandy, an ordinary teenager from California with a monotonous life of high school and swimming, is having dark scary nightmares related with water and sheer bubbles. ''I was on the bottom of a lake and swam towards the surface, but something caught me at my ankles and I started drowning'' She knows they are not true, but someday she will start mixing dreams with real life. Her coach Emma is also her best friend but when Sandy starts having troubles, Emma looks distant. How will this affect her dreams?

My legs are just trembling like canes stirring in a stiff breeze. I have not enough energy left to run forwards. I just feel tired, so tired, exhausted. Ten meters of water are going to surround me. I am not going to touch the sand with my tip-toes, or have mum to save me. It is completely dark. They will find me drowned in this horrible place, at the bottom of this steep, rocky, scary cliff.

An enjoyable story with a lot of fantasy. I think it is an original idea for a plot to use bubbles as the main element. People will like it.

There is not another option. I will do it. Splash!

I love this book! My favourite part is the last chapter, but no plot-spoilers, sorry!

Lucía Cobián, Isabel Ciudad, Silvia Otero, Sofía Herrero . 2 C

War in the Street Ronald MacDonald The story starts one day when four year old Henry, our main character, didn't want to make himself clean as he had been taught. He refused to wash his hands and face. He stopped trimming his nails, taking baths or combing his hair. All of a sudden Henry looked really messy. A Chinese boy, Chin-Chan-PĂş, who is Henry's best friend, is willing to help him defeat The Bath Tub army. But The Bath Tub army is determined to fight to death to make the boy clean again.

In Shower 3 campsite, in Dr. Bath's domains, the first pot army was being encouraged: "We don't need a tactic. We are going to fight, and that's all. We are stronger, we are better, we are the winners!" Doctor Bath, the general of The Bath Tub army, is a hungry lion fighting to get his goal. In the security of his secret cave-campsite, Henry was also preparing the battle: "They are stronger, but we know that they don't like dirt... so they are going to receive dirt!!" At the same time Chin was searching for something very, very dirty. "There should be something round here to face them, something as dirty as a pigsty...One moment, THAT'S THE SOLUTION!!" And with a Machiavellian smile he darted to explain Henry his DAWP (Dirt All the World Project)

It's a weird book but I've enjoyed it very much. Chin-Chan-Pú has lots of comic scenes and I couldn't stop laughing. It's a crazy book where a boy and his friend, Chin-Chan-Pú, fight against a bath! It's an incredible book where comic scenes and action are everywhere. Dr. Bath and his evil army are organised like a real army!. The story is very funny but a little bit complex for a small child.

David Velarde, Guillermo Noblejas, Javier Ruiz. 2 D

It was All Hidden in Shallow Waters ?????? She was found on the road crossing Shallow Waters one cold morning. She was about two years old. She had no name, no parents, no house. She was welcomed by the local people and she grew up at Mrs Jacqueline’s house, running through the narrow streets in Shallow Waters. Abbie is now 15 and when she meets John and he tells her his amazing stories, she begins to suspect that her past can be related to a horrible story hidden in the town . Much more than what she can even think of. Together, they’ll turn up Shallow Water’s ruins to be entirely trapped by the most dangerous shadows.

“Well, you must be kidding!” Abbie laughed. But John’s face kept serious. “Trust me, I don’t think it is good to joke about this.” “Yes, but you know, it’s really weird. I’ve been living here for years and don’t think I haven’t tried to find my true story. Actually, you can’t imagine all those times I tried to figure out who I might be. It’s just that there’s nothing to find out” John said nothing. He just kept sailing those blue eyes that were now looking at him, completely innocent. He would never forget those eyes. In fact, he had never forgotten that he once saw them sparkle 15 years ago.

It’s a really interesting book. You first get to know the characters and then see them change throughout the story and you can’t imagine the unexpected reactions from them Clues to the story are introduced little by little, and the author challenges the reader to follow them and build your end, which is finally completely different from the one you expected.

Inés Martín Mesa, Paula Miguelsanz & Natalia Fernández. 2 D

2009-10 fake books  
2009-10 fake books  

end product of a 3 month creative writing project for 2ESO (Spain)