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Quick Fix

Brief Over 2.3million roadside assistances call-outs are made each year and 7000 in the uk per day. The ojective was to provide a service/product to aid this common problem in the uk, in doing so reducing the difficulty of breakdown on the road side. To design a emergency toolbox that provides aid for road down assistances and a quick solution to a small fault also to show more awarness of a broken down vehicle.

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The quick Fix tool box is a unique design within its self, it’s a road side tool box which assists with breakdowns or small malfunction problems such as a flat battery, punched tyre/ flat tyre or and small engine problem. The tool box as also replaces the warning triangle which tell other motorists of a problem ahead. The warning triangle has been replaced in the tool box by the LED lights this is due to if the problem is too big to be fixed at the roadside. The unique shape of the triangle is due the angle of which the lights need to be angled so that light shines in every angle when turned on.

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Compartment Explanation contains battery chgarger and jump leads. tyer compresser and wheel rench

storage, contains wheel nuts and bults

Spanners Compartment

Allen keys compartment

emargancey lights, led bulbs

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Scale 1:1

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Plan view

How it works

When your car breaks down at night with no road side assistances, small faults could cause big problems and long waits for road side assistacne to reach you.

These lights are designed to emit light from every angle to show a brake down vehicle at the road side.

Showing how the light is pointed in many directions to show other motorists awareness of a broken down car.

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Double Glass

Design breif To design a table or chair using materials such as beech wood , oak wood or walnut wood, veneer could also be used too. A prototype of the proposed piece (scale 1:5), a technical report, and a CD or USB with all work should be entered for the brief .

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Modern coffee table designed to fit within the modern look of a living room environment. The design consists of two glass tops and three wooden legs. The bottom glass is designed to create more use from a coffee table as it can be used as storage and giving the table a different look. The design is made from MDF wood with english walnut wood for the legs of the table due to it being cheap to manufacture and looks effective. the top and bottom glass is a 6mm thick, lenth - 750m and width 520m with a radius of 10 on the edge. all parts would be attached together by a high strenght glue (Nano 470 200g) The main focus of the design was to create a modern coffee table design that fits in with the modern furniture.

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Materials used and Costing Walnut Fleece Backed Veneer

Wickes General Purpose MDF Board

250cm x 60cm (98” x 24”) and 250cm x 30cm (98” x 12”) 


18 x 1220 x 2440mm


Nano470™ IC80 High Strength Construction Adhesive is used for load bearing applications for glass -glass and glass-metal projects. 200G £58.00

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Duet Desk

Design brief To design a personal workstation that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. This enables focused task work but also offers the option to be reconfigured to allow for collaboration, suitable for both workplace and educational environments. The design should also include private study and reading, writing and sketching place. The design should also have features such as power, lighting and storage places.


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For this design brief I have designed a double desk, the aim of this desk is to promote well being and space. The two desk work of one another for support through the centre leg joining them both together also due to this the name of the desk was created (duet desk). As one rotates the other stays in one place. The desk is made for two people as personal work stations. The reason one desk rotates is for the user to gain extra space and a bigger table. When rotated there is still space on the rotated desk that can still be used and still have privacy when using these desk.

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This computer monitor is to give the user another screen to for research purposes and presenting work or other means of presentations. It has 4 USB ports and is can be connected to your laptop through Bluetooth or HDMI cable which is already connected to the screen and its mouse is controlled by the touch pad on the desk.

This touch pad is the monitors mouse control designed to control the monitor and search for things and present work. The mouse control is placed next to the lamp top stand so its not to far

The laptop stand is designed on the desk to create andW lift to the laptop for a better work position. Fitted with cooling fans its designed to keep the laptop from over heating and keeping it cool while in use.

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This desk light in fitted on to the desk and rotates to light up every corner of the desk, it purpose is to be used for drawing, reading or extra light when needed. Made from aluminium metal and bright LED lights

The charging ports are imbedded into the centre leg. This is so it does not get in the way and is easy to access. There are three plug sockets on each side as well as two USB ports in each plug socket area. The centre leg is made from aluminium for strength to support the desks weight.

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Team Chroma(indiviual designs)

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Group Design

Kiosk Design

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Phone Stand/Pay Desk

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Shop layout

Phone stand / Pay desk

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Bar Stool

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Shop Pillar and Phone Stand

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illumination Ball

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Materials Dark Walnut Veneer

LED lights

Tinted glass

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Model Scale 1:8


The illumination ball light is designed to light up every corner of a room, fitted with bright white LED lights the light is bright and gives the room a bigger feel. The light is made from dark walnut veneer to give it an authentic look as well as a being modern.

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Retro Camera

Nikon D7000

Design brief. The brief is to redesign a retro camera to make it more attractive and modern, use technology to update the look and features of the camera as well as redesigning the exterior look. Although no major changes should be made to the camera it should still look like a retro camera. The colours chosen for the camera should fit well together and create a theme throughout. The camera should be displayed with Good visuals of the camera and its uses with a clear description of the key features.

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31 12/01/2017 15:39:34

“Retro camera, designed to improve the picture taking experience and a high definition screen making pictures come to life�

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Description Settings Dial

Shutter Button

Screen Brightness

Auto Focus

Switch to front screen

Refresh Back Interface (Touch Screen)

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33 12/01/2017 15:39:34

Memory card slot

Switch to back/ Main screen

Front screen power button

Selfie Screen

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