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I BELIEVE IN GENDER EQUALITY……. Surabhi Rai No this isn’t a feminist speech or anything so men need not shy away. I am a trifle old fashioned so I am not so much into the woman’s lib stuff and all and anyway I am too lazy to fight for my rights contented to listen to the one who wears the pants in the house. (Incidentally he wears pants out of the house as well). Well, it is ok as long as I come before the dogs and cats and furniture in the list doesn’t really make a difference I stay happy anyway. I didn’t give much of a thought to gender equality till Hindi came my way………….. They say English is a funny language but I would say Hindi is funnier [with apologies to all the Hindi speaking people]…now why on earth should everything have a gender? From the sun and the moon and the stars to birds and bees and flowers to books and pens and nibs to combs and brooms and washing machines whew! Everything has a gender…I cant understand why all the birds are female and all the airplanes males……… having never been able to decipher the intricacies involved in assigning genders to vehicles I am never able to enquire about buses at bus stops. ……… It isn’t that I haven’t tried ….I have come from the days of singing “Tu patang hai kisi aur ka” (meaning you are someone else’s kite) instead of “Tu pasand hai kisi aur ka”(you are someone else’s beloved) to this day when everybody compliments my hindi… “Hey no accent, perfect pronounciation, where did you learn those words”…except when it comes to assigning genders..There I make a mess and have people laughing at me……thus I decided to believe in gender equality…… Anyway what is in a gender? A bus by any gender will take you to the same destination…………….

I believe in Gender Equality  

Light Humour

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