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Lead A Healthier Life With Organic Foods Organic foods are extremely useful for keeping the body fit and healthy. Though most of the people around the globe are aware of the benefits of living life using organic products, they are extremely lazy and fail to make changes in their daily food habits. The convenience and attraction of artificial and cosmetic food items find greater popularity among the people than organic foods. However, the increase in the number of problems and diseases arising out of the consumption of improper food items has forced people to resort to food items grown organically in different parts of the globe. Food items grown by utilizing natural resources such as dried leaves, animal manure, plant base substances, animal dung and other natural substances are termed as organic. Organic foods do not use any kind of artificial fertilizers, harmful chemicals, dirty trash, dangerous food additives or deadly pesticides at the time of cultivation. These items are gaining a lot of popularity in cities where modes of leading a healthy life are few. Organic food in Bangalore is extremely popular in different parts of the country, especially due to the wide range of benefits it offers. Though many experts regard organic foods as natural food items, it is extremely necessary to understand the fact that both of them are completely dissimilar. While natural foods may be cultivated using man-made chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, organic food products strictly prohibit the use of these substances.

Non organic food items are cultivated using artificial pesticides, harmful chemicals and deadly fertilizers which are used for protecting them from bugs, insects and parasites. However, these chemicals stick to the surface of the foods and enter our stomach on consumption. Organic foods ensure that the consumers lead a healthy and happy life with stronger immunity and greater ability to fight diseases. They can also be used for maintaining the freshness, glow and charm of the skin. Researches show that the increasing demand of

organic products has resulted in the growth of organic agriculture in different countries across the globe. Producers of organic items rely heavily on biodiversity and stay away from GM varieties of animals, seeds or plants. Neither do they use any kind of fertilizers for increasing soil fertility, nor do they use pesticides for protecting the plants against insects or pests. Organic agriculture has always been an integral part of Indian crops and is one of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of organic food in Bangalore. It is regarded as a holistic method of farming and works by maintaining, enhancing and restoring ecological balance and economical sustainability generating harmless, non toxic, tasty and healthy food, medicine and other products. Organic food items are a great way of eliminating the use of preservatives, artificial colors, antiseptics and maintaining the natural composition of foods.

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Organic food in bangalore  
Organic food in bangalore