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Embedded Foundation Course Duration: 1 Month

Ready to Learn Embedded System

C Functions

Electrical Fundamentals n Generation, Utilization,

Transmission, Measurement & Control





Electonics Ic = 0 Ic = Icmax Digital

Electrical V= IR Electrical P= V1 Electronics


Ic = IB Analog

n Voltage, Current, Resistance n Relationship between Voltage,

Current & Resistance

n Relationship between Power,

Voltage & Current

n Simple Resistance circuits n AC/DC n Capacitor & Inductor usage in

electrical circuits

n Transformers & Relays n LPS & SMPS

Electronic Fundamentals n Definition of Electronics

C Language & C Programming n Declaration n Assignment & Initialization n Expressions & Statement n Decision Making & Loops n Functions & Storage class n Arrays, Pointers & Strings n Structures, Unions n Preprocessor n Programming exercises

n Electronic components - Diodes,

Transistors, Ics



n Simple Analog Circuits n Simple Digital Circuits n Combinational & Sequential circuits n Memory, Chip Select logic & Memory


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Embedded Systems - Basic Duration: 3 Months Theory Sessions Introduction to Embedded System n n Embedded System Hardware

concepts n Embedded System Software

concepts n 8051 / PIC Microcontroller


Mini Project Monitoring Input Devices Project (Switch, Keypad, Management IR Sensor, etc) Introduction to Embedded Controlling System Output Embedded Devices System (LED, 7 Seg Hardware Motor, etc) Embedded System Software

Junior Embedded Engineer

n Controlling devices using Output

pins n Monitoring devices using Input

pins n Controlling LED / 7Seg displays n Controlling DC Motor / Stepper

Motor n Monitoring Switch, Keypad & IR

Sensors n PWM Generation n How to do a Mini Project n Project Management

Practical Sessions

Controlling Multi 7 Segment n

Displays using Latch & Scan Method

n Monitoring Switches n Making a digital clock with


n Scanning Keypad n Controlling DC Motors n Controlling Stepper Motors n Monitoring IR & Ultrasonic


n Making a Robot

n Controlling Single LEDs

n Controlling LED Matrix Displays

n Controlling Bi-Color & RGB LEDs

n Designing LED Moving Displays

n Controlling Single & Multi 7

n DTMF Control

Segment Displays

n Controlling Motor using PWM

Project : As per directions given by the Coach

Embedded Systems - Intermediate Duration: 6 Months Theory Sessions Introduction to Controllers n n Functions and Controllers

SPI 12C Controllers and Interfaces

n LCD Interface n Timer Interface n Interrupt handling

Senior Embedded Engineer

RS232 (UART)

DAC and ADC Timer and Interrupt

LCD (Character and Graphic)

n Serial Communication

Synchronous / Asynchronous

n Asynchronous communication -


n GSM Modem Interface with


n Synchronous communication -


n I2C Device Interface with


n SPI Device Interface with

Microcontroller n ARM based Microcontroller


Practical Sessions Controlling LCD n n Programming Timers n Interrupt Handling n Interfacing I2C Devices like RTC n Interfacing SPI Devices like SPI


n Making a digital clock with RTC Chip n Interfacing ADC/DAC with ARM n Waveform generation

n ARM Variations - ARM7, ARM9,

ARM11, Cortex M, Cortex R, Cortex A series

n Light Sensor & Temperature n PC - Microcontroller Interface using


n AVR Processors

n Virtual Instrumentation

n ADC / DAC Interfaces

n PWM controller programming

Project : As per directions given by the Coach

Embedded Systems - Advanced Duration: 9 Months Theory Sessions

Embedded System Architect

Introduction to USB n n USB Device programming

on ARM controllers (FreeScale / LPC)

n USB Host Programming

on ARM controllers (FreeScale / LPC)


Wireless (Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi and GSM

RTOS Application

(Host, Device and OTG)

CAN Ethernet

n Introduction to CAN Bus n CAN bus Communication n Introduction to Ethernet n Wireless Communication

Practical Sessions

n Zigbee / Bluetooth / Wifi

USB Device Programming on n

n Introduction OS n Why OS Required? n Introduction to RTOS n Free RTOS

Task Management · · Queue Management · Interrupt Management · Resource Management

LPC / FreeScale ARM controllers

n USB Host Programming on

LPC / FreeScale ARM controllers

n CAN BUS Networking n Simple Wireless Connectivity n Zigbee Wireless Connectivity n Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

· Memory Management

n Wifi Wireless Connectivity

· Trouble Shooting

n Creating multiple tasks in

Comparison of various RTOS n like VxWorks, ThreadX, QNX, etc.


n Controlling devices using


Project : As per directions given by the Coach

Embedded Systems - Expert Duration: 12 Months Theory Sessions n Introduction to Linux n Desktop Linux vs Embedded

Linux difference

n Embedded Linux · Boot Loader · U-Boot · Kernel

Device Driver (Char. Block Network & USB)

Embedded Linux Application

Embedded System Expert

Interrupt Handling Debugging Techniques Linux Internals

Boot Loader Embedded Linux

· Devices Introduction · Driver Introduction · Kernel Modules · Ramdisk & NFS · File Systems · Memory Technology Devices n Device Driver

File I/O · · File Systems · Introduction to Devices · Accessing Drivers · Kernel Compilation and Kernel


· Writing Kernel Modules · Input Drivers · Char Drivers · Interrupts & Blocking I/O · Device Model

Practical Sessions n Building Embedded Linux

Build Tools · · Make · Cross Compile tools · Building UserSpace · Building Kernel · Building the Boot Loader n Writing Kernel Modules n Input Drivers n Char Drivers · 7 Segment Display

Project : As per directions given by the Coach

Advanced C Programming Duration: 6 Months





n Simple I/O Examples

n Solving Simple mathematical

Time & Code Optimization Projects using


Basic C Programming

Programming C Concepts Introduction to Programming Introduction Advanced to ‘C’ C Language Features Basic

C Programming


n Loop programs

n Programs using Pointers,

Arrays & Strings

n Linked List

Advanced C features Multi Dimensional Arrays n n Pointer to pointer n Array Pointers

n Function pointers

Introduction to Programming n What is Programming? n Programming & Teaching


n How to develop programming skill? n How to think in programming way. n Programming Languages n Basic Concept of programming


C Programming Language n Declaration n Assignment & Initialization n Expressions & Statement n Decision Making & Loops n Functions & Storage class n Arrays, Pointers & Strings n Structures, Unions n Preprocessor

n Writing Portable Code

n Various important Libraries

Advanced C programming n Data Structures – Linear & Non-


n Sorting Algorithms n File I/O operation

n Network Socket programming n Process control

Time & Code Optimization Optimizing Algorithm Optimization of Code Profilers Compiler/Assembler level optimization

C Projects Live Projects Project Handling Project Management

Project : As per directions given by the Coach

Professional Engineer

Project Practice

Internship Theory Audio Visual

Assessment Practicals

Embedded System Design Test 5. What is the expected answer for this code? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

#include <stdio.h> main () { char a,c; a = 83; c = ~a; printf(â&#x20AC;?%dâ&#x20AC;?, c); }

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