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6,379 Covered Entity Social Media Sites and Counting: what to know and do before you join the list This webinar on the use of social media by covered entities will discuss the risks, compliance requirements, the effective policies and procedures that you should have in place when using social media.

Why Should You Attend: Can you pay loyal patients a fee for posting positive comments? What about a frequent patient discount? Are you prepared for the fallout from your workforce members posting of unflattering comments about you, other workforce members and even patients? What can you appropriately do about unhappy patients who generate ugly or possibly defamatory posts? Do you know what your written policies and procedures should say about social media use? What should you add to your sanctions policy? How to use social media effectively during a community-wide disaster? This 90-minute webinar will discuss the numerous legal and compliance risks that surround a covered entity’s creation and use of social media to attract and retain patients. Areas Covered in the Webinar: Why use social media at all? Why are the dangers of using social media to carry out professional functions with patients? What are the common sense limits of promoting the practice on social media? Why prohibit workforce members’ references to the practice when posting to their own or others’ social media pages? What should be covered in an effective workforce social media use policy? Gaining by-in and building workforce support for effective social media policies and procedures Trust but verify compliance Preparing for the worst: responding to vicious or even defamatory patient social media posts

Covered entity social media sites and counting  
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