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Best Practices of Defensible Workplace Investigations This HR compliance training will teach best practices for conducting effective workplace investigations. Attendees will also learn how to minimize Workers Compensation fraud.

Why Should You Attend: When a complaint is received, regardless of from whom, or how, the employer has been put on notice that there may be a problem. However there are also many types of workplace investigations that never start with a complaint. Many companies don't have a person who does investigations as their job and so the few persons who are pressed into service as investigators certainly don't look forward to doing an investigation, may not be trained, and may not do enough. Investigations can uncover unexpectedly ugly aspects of people and/or even of the company so untrained investigators may not do nearly enough to uncover the problem, be easily dissuaded from doing anything at all or not protect complainants and witnesses from being retaliated against. This webinar will not only cover current best practices in investigations, it will cover common mistakes including failing to plan which is an often overlooked aspect of internal investigations. Areas Covered in the Webinar: By participating in the webinar attendees will learn: Taking complaints. Investigatory best practice policies, procedures and protocols to have in place. Interviewing witnesses, including uncooperative or angry ones. How to handle physical, testimonial and documentary evidence. Best practices in writing investigative reports. Preventing and handling gossip, retaliation and interference. Indicators of professional investigations. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to: HR Generalists HR Managers Plant Managers Management Business Owners Those with Employee Relations positions

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Best practices of defensible workplace investigations